Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 13, 1905, Image 1

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IV M''t "nr "l,,t' l"ll-v w,wi
Is the nocount of the death uaoppear
i' In the Ashland Tidings:
S. A. I). Porter, a stockman of
Silver Luke, Lake county, died at
tll' llolDC of IllH tllntli..r.l .!.,. f...
,d Into chaos a Httle after 1 I . ..... ,,
iroeU i"1" , M. .1. Krlttrldire. nenp il... iiuiu.i..-.
wfc Monilav. wIkmi screams were,-,,.,, .,
UocS. "". .school house, nenr Aslil.mrl T...,u,i..
an! ut tli" ISrauthicht residence, ',,,., . , '
ul .. . eMM,lnK. 'icomilleatlonof.llMevH,.H
i men running In that oirectlon . .., .,,
rimrn rum" h following an attack of the measles.
,aDd u-ie lantlac it bver for ,,,,
rM&Sc l;taP-.'1J "' ''"(brother. C. ,, ,.orteP, ftntl tM
kiammoiii ' j famllleH. arrive,! her., i... ......
... I.'.. 11..- 1.1. ...It,..,- (.,. 1 '"ln"
1 "lla.vHairofr.niSilv..rl.L- i
Ill on his arrival, having contracted
la grippe enroute, which with the
Candidates for 1'nited States Sen
ator will I. expected to announce
their cnndldacy before a state legis-
J In faror of Sll rerjLake. Sellers pitch
led for Silver Lake and Schroder
caught the first few inning. In the
first they made two runs and Lake-
view one. In the' second both shies I " almost the stroke of 11 o'clock
failed to score and In the third Silver! on the nlfht ot 3u? n1 tbe iuri' la
! Lake made one and from that to the theC08e of Un,tetl States Senator
lature Ih nominated, in order to give ; wventh they cot1), nntniake a talleyi I John II. Mitchell returned a verdict
candidates for the legislature an op
pcrtunity to state to the voter their
when lialley went Into the box.
I Three runs were made and In the Nth
position on the Senatorial cutest. j tll fulle(, .., Th(.n wlt r.L-.
and in turn give the voter au equal!
than a doxcn ghastly knife!
Lumls. .1 tin Purlin. Win. (iunthcr
i n-Hn..r Vtii.l,.- U'i'IV fill lirst lm.
m """ measles
r, tin' scene .'iii'l M'iiiniirii me two
T1R. flylit commenced In an up
itirnroom in the brnutlaeht lioiise.
alVr lid.! gone there a few minutes", it is alleged, to see about get
y tH'tnc lisht buggy rolM'S washed.
,rt!y utter Fuller entered the
,w, Kraiitl.'irlit eaiue in and went
i,iir iii'l. h'-nKoges, tipuli trying
enter n room, found thedoorlock
Ami lie fnther says that he
iril tlie ilmir oen, and saw his
ifiitid Kull'-r in the room. Then
there, it is said, t lie cu t ting coiu
:h'1. l'.r;i i: i I.h Ii t n;id a pocket
aiel I'n.l-r. tiring una rni"d,
j-M he I. it t ie cold steel pliiugilig
.i !.. ! -". grasped l'.rntltlnchl '
;:irtt!! and struggled tniwilr.
"irKsV ! 1 the two men lovn
'.:!(! ut in tli" yard. Mr.
vjMae'st i- a c-ry strong inin and
..r:i- ;:ij.ii .' to ward off the
ai.'l 1 th time Ii itli leaehed
show with his rights as who shall
represent the state in congress. It
Is true, a few aspirants for the IT. S,
and heart trouble with ! Si'iiato announced their candidacy
which he had Ix en afflicted for sev- j at "e state election proceeding the
em I years, caused his demise. He ! 'aMt Senatorial election in lilOl, when
wn aged 4.", years, and is survived J the choice of the people was not
by his wile, who is in delicate health, I heeded, but times have changed,
and two young children, making the I John H. Mitchell was in power then
view 11 to Silver Lake's (i, the situa
tion began to look shakey and
Bilyeu went to the pitcher's box and
Bailey U'liind the bat. Two men
were out ami a confusion accurred
and they run in five men. This tied
the score with Lakeview to have the
last. However, they failed to talle.v
and a 10th inning had to be plnytfl,
which resulted a goose egg for both
of guilty as charged.
The Jury recommends the defend
ant to the mercy of the court.
The charge Is that Mitchell, while
occupying a high position, accepted
pecuniary compensadon for practic
ing before the federal departments at
There was little belief that a speedy
verdict would be reached.
A few minutes, before 11 o'clock the
bailiff, as he had been a number of
times before, was summoned to the
rather sudden and unexpected j ,ll"l ow his influence counts for sides. Silver Lake went to the bat I iury- room- A moment later lie reap-
oeatn or the father at this time pur- nothing, and as a consequence of f(,r the 11th inninir and run in 4 . I't'n'J and communicated to those
i ium liimewew laueu io laiiev. i lie
j score by Innings was as fallows:
the j Siiver I.nke-l'-O-l-ll-O-O-.-WJ-.VO-l la
j Lakeview -n-L-0-l-U-i'-,-)-0-U-0 11
. tleuliirlv m.I I til 1,.... .......! -i .i . . .
, i""11- I'eopie are pro- j and Lakeview failed to tallev.
I he deceased was a member of the elaiming they have learned a lesson
.Masonic iratermty and also of the: I lie following is taken from
Woodmen of the World. The funeral I regoniaii:
was conducted last evening, the ser
vices being in charge of Ashland
lodge. No. i'.:. . F. & .. M.. and the
interment in the new City View cem-eterv."
In waiting that the jury had agreed.
Judge De Haven, the attorneys,
mid the aged senator, whose last
days were to be crowned with dis-
Williamson's Trial
'oiixrvsstu in Williamsons trial is
next on tli docket in the federal
court. A venire of :i jurymen was
down from which to select the
men to h -ar the trial. The venire for '
the Mitchell cnc wan relieved, and;
ail new ones drown. There were
The end of the trial of Senator j pine Creek and Lakeview were to ! Eraw were summoned, and in au
.John il. Mitchell gives fresh impetus j play on Friday, but the Pine Creek ' i,lc,'t'(lil,'-v short time they appeared,
to political di.-cussion, and men w ho boys were anxious to get home and j Ju,'K'e I)e Haven, ascending the bench
take an interest in public affairs are the game was called off. j without removing his overcoat, di-
t r in o to siz" up the situation is it; Alturas won first inonev ' rt'c'tlMl that the jury be brought in.
campaign opens Silver Lake second, S1.-.0 and Lake-' T1"'-v fiU''1 in "ni1 tuok tlll'ir 11'lth in
will exist when t he
about, six months hence,
' the jury box. Captain J. A. Sladen,
i view third S"i.
I'mler the plan of the direct prim-! There was one ot her game but it : cll'rk of t,K' c"urt' wns handed the
ar.v mw, tne next l. nited states Sen-
- i't to MjMtate tlieln,
tf'e") Weal-., from loss of lib
Fuller none from Lake county for the se
iod. to coinl trial, 'l he cast.' went to trial
''wtJ liim taken to the hotel.
Vbout 20 cutH in All w-re inflicted,
two of which were ghastly and
f"l to ! M-wed up. The flesh
funli.i resistance. Had the
Llailf be. Ii a balf ineli lom.'er.
i.r would probably been killed on
Mix Ilniutiachl was also Ht ibbed
t :be breat, said to have been done
'Jile xhr was trying to separate the.
'Jiwn. Her wound Isnot thought
' dangerous.
fuikT hs taken to Ahlstroms
ulinp, a couple of blocks, dls-1
ator from iregon may b , in effect,
chosen by the people. The law pro
vides that candidates for the Senate
may be voted for in the primaries
and that candidates for the Legisla
ture may state on t he ballot whether
or not they will be guided bv the
voice of the neonle when thev vote I Lxaminer reporter this week
was so one shied that the result was' "MllLl ineiorman, anil, opening
hardly worth mentioning, that be-! it' 1"',"-'t,l',U'' to ,vaa ifc mI'1 tlle
twten Hi.lwell cind Pine Creek Thurs-' cras1' thu riUtU' of '''t'-works ex-
day morning. The score was some
thing like !." to nothing.
ploded in the streets on all four sides
of the court house.
taptian Sladen spoke low, and,
Hay Crop Short. 1 with the din without, but two sen-
Assessor W. I). West stated to tin . tences of the verdict were audible,
hut "guilty us charged," and "recom-
i he following jury was secured the : f;JI. Fnitcd States Senator. Inquiry j ll,l-v ''''"i'- '" tnt' Silver Lake coun-1 mended to the mercy of the court.
first dav ami one witness put on tin
The Jury
August I'.inns, grocer, lleppner,
Morrow County.
August Carlson, manufacturer,
Portland, Multnomah County.
Webb Maat, fanner, Coos County.
Itaruey May, merchant, Harris
es here 1 r. Hull saw him and burg. Linn County.
M. . lhouias, farmer, null nun,
Clackamas County.
i. O. Walker, farmer, Walker, Lane
J. L. Heukle, merchant. Philomath,
til . 1 . . I . .
""'"i Ineanns were tlwp slasli- j Lenioii i ounty.
WortwoUing about lucl.esl w- restaurant keeper,
? IVrc were thn-e tabs hi the ! Sal,M"' M'irlon ''"Ul,,'-
11 m"J l" J.W.Williams, farmer, Junction
'"part of the back; two in the1,,,,, , .,....,.
S. L. liurnaiigh, farmer. ICIgiu,
t niou (.'ounty.
(). I. Flook, farmer. Olalla, Hong
las Countv.
W. O. Cook, bricklayer, L'ugene,
'""t which went through the
oiih just under the left
"'Wain ranged toward the heart,
r mining timt vitil hMjt ,(J
..Hi, i (
.., au.i one, a most serious
b.iu the biH-k, Is-Ueen the neck
1 f'fc'la shoulder, which went
Xrli lutotheluugs.
H'uds are of a very serious
Mfs.aud the warm weather makes
i er' difficult. However.
e8'J to press he Is resting easy
''h are entertained that his
vitality win aid hi... through,
ottarht gave himself up to the
r:ff'iud the same evening waived
'"""itl-m iinl b(),s Wt.ri. ,l)tll.,.,j
.tl,ecii;,r,.,. ....,o., .....,
'' " kill
'ywruing, and ilrautlacht re
ut the brewery.
adDevis, .f .1... .1....... . . . ...
t. - hkj ueuiii oi one
Cull.....'. . .. .
nest ciuxeim reach-
..."WtKuuduv. N. A II Po..,.r
'Lake. Mr .'. "
"It I van I iiLn
' LUdeatU will Is- a nail
weapon with In-
Lair was furnlshe.J
llane I
fwo Hottest Days.
The two hottest days or tins
year, so far, were Suturduy and
Sunday. Ou these days theCiov
eminent thermometer at The Ex
aminer office registered 104 and
105, respectlvly. This Is where the
weather record, published every
week bv The Lxamlner, comes In
made among prominent men here
shows that the opinion is practically
unauiinous that candidates for a
seat in the I'nited States Senate will
make the run in the primaries and
that nearly all the candidates for the
Legislature will pledge themselves
on the ballot to support the man
who wins In the primaries.
There ure u few who do not take a
favorable view of the Idea of pledg
ing a candidate for the Legislature
to vote for the man who receives the
largest popular vote. Prominent
residents of Salem, sitting In a group
discussed the direct-primary law a
few days since.
"If I were a candidate for the Leg
islature," said one, "1 would not
pledge myself on the ballot, but
would tell the people that I would
act on my best judgement when the
time comes."
Then you would not go to the
legislature," declared another, who
has a state-wide reputation for
political sagacity. "When any man
asks the jieople to vote for him for
the Legislature and says he is not
willing to pledge himself to vote for
the people's choice for Senator, ho
will be left ut home. The people will
say to him; 'If you are not willing
try this season would be light.! The aged senator received the ver-
It is to be hoped, however, J diet with fortitude. Severe and evi
that owing to good range, which , dently unexpected as was the blow.
will enable stockmen to keep
he showed no outwurd sign save by
their stock out till late and bring I a ghastly palor and a nervous strok-
handy. One can keep a )'wlrl t() trust u we will not trust you.'
The man who asks for the support
1; lutl
"'y his relatives, but
mt friends. Following
weather record at no expense ami
the question of the hot test or coldest
day frequently comes up. Last year
the hottest day was on the "lb day
of Auiriist, when the thermometer
registered lOl.
New Secretary of State.
Llilm Koot has l'cn appointed by
President Koosevelt to succeed the
late John Hay us Secretary of State.
Lllhu Koot was appointed secretary
of war by President McKinley und
severed wuy Into Koosevelt's term of
oliice, when ho resigned. Koot has
frequently lieen spoken of for presid
ent;! u I WW.
of the people must give thu people
Credit for having enough Intelligence
to elect a Senator."
The Last Mall (lame.
The last game of the tournament,
played Thursday afternoon between
Silver Lake and Lakeview was about
the most Interesting game of the
week. It was not the best played
game, but as much interest was
shown and us largo a crowd witness
ed It us any game played. At the
them to the feeding grounds fat and
strong, and a good supply of hay
left over from last year, there will be
plenty of feed to winter all stock.
Conditions are not ut ull alarming'.
Stockmen understand their business,
and will not undetake to hold over
more stock than they have buy for,
when they can be made fat on the
range and can be put on the market,
at prices that prevail throughout
the buying season. It is a little ear
ly yet to say just what the price of
beef will be, but the price of mutton
has been established, and It Is good.
And we are told by men who are
qualified to slate, that good beef will
command a fair price, alno that the
Lake county beef will be fat this fall.
Men have also told us that with tho
surplus of hay left over from last
year, even with a light crop this
year, there would be tho usual
amount of hay on the feeding
grounds tills winter. Then let us
say again, that there ie no cause for
Moore's Comedians.
Moore's Comedians, also known
as Kastern Oregon's Favorites,"
haw gone on down tho Hue, after
playing in Lakeview seven nights to
big houses. The last play, tho best
on their list, was given for tho ben
efit of one of Lnkeview'ti most de
serving charitable Institutions, the
Public. Pending Loom. Au uccount
of this grand affair will be seen in
another article.
Mr. und Mrs. Moore always have
u good troupe, and this time was uo
exception. They aro better equipped
this year than ever before, and are
giving the best of satisfaction. The
Moore company are always welconi-
end, whli h was at thrf end of tho' ed to u town and leave a good liu
I tli Inning, the score stood 11 to 111 presslon.
ing of his beard that he felt the blow.
As Captain Slanden concluded,
Judge Do Haven said: "Uentlemen,
is this your verdict?
"It Is," responded the foremau.
Clerk Sladen polled the Jury, and
Judge De Haven directed that it be
discharged. When these proceedings
were complete, Judge Bennett arose
and, on the part of Senator Mitchell,
moved for a new trial.
Judge Do Haven directed that the
motion bo continued till next Mon
day and declared tho court adjourn
ed. All morning and a portion of tho
afternoon was consumed by lleuey
la flshlug the lust argument of tho
prosecution. He devoted a largo
part of tho time In demonstrating to
tho jury that Mitchell must have
known where the alleged illegal fees
came from. In alluding to Mitchell's
age and long service, he compared
him to Lord Paeon, who in his old
age, notwithstanding his services to
his country, greater far than Mitch
ell's, was tried and convicted by tho
house of lords, uni sentenced to bo
Judge Do Haven delivered tho
charge to tho jury immediately on
the conclusion of Honey's speech.
The charge was fair und satisfactory
to both parties. Ho toll tho Jury it
was its duty to convict if tliero was
no reasonable doubt au to his guilt,
otherwise the verdict should be for
ucqulttul. Tho gist of the matter
was whether Mitchell knew ut the
time tho money was paid what and
wherefor it was paid, and whether
ho had done work before tho depart
ment expecting compensation. This
fact was for tho Jury to decide.
The case went to the Jury ut 3:30