Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 06, 1905, Image 1

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NO. 27.
Game Was the Best Ever Played in Lakeview
Neither Side Having More Than
One Ahead at any Time.
Tbf ball game commenced Sunday
July 2d.
The first game wki played lK-teen
I be Indian team from Bid well and
Ukevlew In the forenoon.
A large crowd was present to
wftUta the content. The same start
nl off good, the Indian went to the
lt first and Freeburg the
hall In euch sha- that the nil skins
wew unuble to touch It. One, two,
thrw and out.
Lakeview made one In the first,
follow lug Is the score:
Bid well 0-0-0-0-0-2-4-1-0 T
Ukfview-lV'.-O-l-J-O- 12
la the afternoon Silver Lake and
I'lneO-ek crossed bats, with the re-
Jittlillt I'ine Creek was badly bent
mi. in a scire nf :M to .".
I ik1 , i- t
, .. - ; i
the latter winning In a score of H to
14. The score stood as follows
Bid well -(MMWMMMMMt-S
Silver Utke -O-tt-O-O-O-O-O-O- 1 4
In the afternoon Alturas and Lake
view crossed hats. The game was
the most Interesting one played so
far. and an immense crowd was on
the ground to watch the contest.
Alt urn played good from the start
with Dag Banister In the box. Free
is'rg pitched for Lakeview. First
Inning, Alturns to the bat, made
two, and Lakeview nothing. Altur
ns tallied ctne in the second and Lake
view two. In the third Alturas
handed in three and Lakeview two.
It was seen then that the game was
j going to lie clone and both sides got
down to business. Goose e-e
ut tv h.iiiiV'l nut equal ti l""t
1 i; ' m . .! it. a '" to 7
! - . ;,v .
The big championship fight which
took place In Reno on July 3d, be
tween Marvin Hart and Jack Root,
has made a new world's heavy
weight champion prizefighter. Mar
vin Hart won the fight In the
eleventh round. Below we show the
two pugilists In their favorite attitude.
v H I
' t t 9 V
.V" ... A
Judge Benson Says it is Unsurpassed In Any
Inland Town on the Pacific Coast
Everything Was a Success.
The celebration of the Fourth of
July in Lakeview this year was oue
that will always be rememliered as
the le8t ever held In the town. It
was apparent that more Interest was
taken than at any previous occasion.
The floats were handsomely gotten
up and were many.
The firing of anvils at Sun rise
wakened the people of Lakeview to
the realization of the fact that the
Nation's birthday was toherelehrat
ed The music by the Lakeview Brass
band was no small feature of the
day's entertainment. The parade
was n long one and consisted of the
Liberty wagon with the Goddess of
Liberty, Angel of Peace and 4" little
girls representing the 1'nited States;
The Brass Band; and the float of the
va ii. hi s M. Tcli a nts, boy- n nd iA - i :i
Ihc. ; -. .' vl i :.t: " ou;, j. .'. :i . "
tlon in an Inland town on the Pacific
Coast. "I am proud of you, as I have
always been," he repeated. He re
ferred touchlngly to the old soldiers,
and sent the memories of his listeners
flying back over the 120 years of
history of our Natiou, the greatest
on earth, and naturally to the
bloody battle field where brave men
laid down and died that the country
become a nation such as It is.
"Why not revere the flag of the
United States?" he said, ,"and let the
eagle scream. Patriotism is not
dying out, ouly in the heurts of those
who forget themselves."
The Judge's remarks were to the
point, enlightening and only too
brief. Many were the remarks that
never was u better oration delivered
to the peoule in Lakeview.
' i'.v t ! i i ; t k .J lliv,n-.
' I'. . ' :..r:i .'1 :ii-J-
, ;;;., . dif
. ' '. .' i it
'.'(I -! u i ;i , i , . ,. Slor..i;i in. I'.. c.
V. B. Schr.ider, '. Bilyi w. s. M.
Uiley, F. BoU rtson, C. ix-e, W. S.
'iBg, Ed. ( arroll. Frank Sellers. Ld.
1'iirks, Sum Ward weU'. '-, .
J. W. Gibbins, (). Smith, Wm.
kuljht, W. Clark, Io. Mulkey, I.
"th, J. Brolli. H. Cook, L. Veruon.
U Blake, Farley A uble, Jas. Neg
iBugn Wuruer, Forest Ie (ievire,
"w. Blgley, Warner Clark, Al Bauls
"t. HarryMilirath.
AlUtudeuu of theUtdw. II, fallfor
. Indian School
Bid well played against Silver Itke
""the morn lug of the Second day,
- - .:ii:r;is
-. ! . f..r II
. : , .! Were .,
;l :-
Hit.' ;i- l ii Icalns made 1 1 j ot
the i.eJ players in California and
Oreguti. fJowan and Stephenson
played with Alturas, Stephenson
caught and ijowan played first
base. FreelsTg played with Silver
The game was a close one all the
way through, and up to the last
luniug It looked like victory for
Silver Lake, but In the last Alturas
made two runs putting them four
against three.
The score by Innings follow:
Alturas t-0-0-2-0-0-0-0-1' i
Silver Ike-n-l-O-0-O-2-O-O-O-3
To day, July eth, the first game in
the morning will be between Pine
Cik and Alturas aud in the After
noon between lakeview and Silver
Jack Koot, defeated la tbe 11th round.
in . : 1 1 a 1 1 1 . i v
t 'ii' : :. M red ,
and I'Ovn ,i or.ition.
j I n l lie li ui.iniiig he said lie was
proud of tin' people of Lakeview and
Lake county. He said he had never,
In all his life, seen better arrange
ments for the celebration of the
Fourth of July had never seen a bet
ter turn out on such, or any other,
occasion, a more enthusiastic people,
and in fact a more complete celebra
nt Pilsley Ball Tournament.
1be "uU of the base ball tourna
'" at I'aUley last week a sort of
""Trine to some. It was hardly ex
lted that the Lakeview and Paisley
''"'M would I w, badly I-aten by
Oliver Inkers.
flre were three teams tried for
JJIIvw luke, Lakeview aud
ley. There was a big crowd at
to witness the games, most
"fuin the northern part of the
There were uot as many
tfroin lakeview as was thought
uulU'o, but it is said the attend
was good from up couuty.
first gume played was lietween
"Luke and Paisley, which re
aio v.tory fur the northern
",B Pasture of 17 to 4.
w nett game was bet ween Lake-
Rn1 Hllvcr Iike, whl. h also re-
vk-tory for Silver Iake;
this time by a score of tea to no
thing. This decided who should have first
money, a purse of f HO. Paisley and
Iakevlew were then to play for
second money, a M purse, with the
result that Paisley wa defeated In a
score of 1 to The game was a
good one, resulting In a tie In the 9th
liming, but when another Inning had
to lie played to decide the game
Paisley fell down aud Lakeview run
In 'J nicu.
The scores by inulngs follows:
Silver Lake-0-0--l-4-l--WJ-17
Lakeview 0MM)-4-(HMMM)
Silver Lake--l-3-0--3-0--0--lU
Paisley -4MMM-0-0-0-2--0-:
Running From Forest Reserve.
I Perry McUanlel came over from
Lake City last week, where he has
had bis sheep for some time. Mr.
McDaniel says the forest reservo has
driven him out of Modoc county, and
will drive many more sheepmen out.
He advises the people of Lake coun
ty to bitterly oppose tbe creation of
a forest reserve here, as it will force
from 60 to 75 per cent of the sheep
out of the county and will also re
duce the number of cattle materially.
Mr. McDaniel may be oue of these
"transient" sheepmen that we hear
about, but he pays taxes on his
sheep, aud the county that can fur
nish the range will get the taxes.
There are likely to lie many more
"Transient" sheepmen wherever a
forest reserve Is created.
More Settlers Coming.
Mr. Geo. Hammersley and Mr.
King, who are here from Roseburg,
are looking over the country for
lauds suitable for farming. A party
of 15 people will be here in a couple
of weeks, or as soon as these gentle
men secure suitable locations for
them, who want to go on farms,
others are coming to secure timber
These men have inadu a pretty
thorough mtrcn over the state and
say this county affords better oppor
tunities for homebullders than any
uectlou they have visited, and that
the land Is more reasonable In price
than anywhere In The whole West.
i 1 ' ' .. r i - , ., ;.. er.
'1 ii" ii.nid played "l'i.;i-" and other
familiar and a ppn pria Le uirs.
The exercises In the afternoon met
the expectations of all, and were en
joyed by the largest crowd ever seen,
in Lakeview.
The grand ball at night was a
success as was other features and an
Immense crowd attended. The sup
per was elaborate.
Engineers Will Come.
While S. G. Bennett, the supervis
ing engineer of the Reclamation
service for the district covering the
water shed of the Sacramento river,
was in Lake county last week, he
assured us that the projects in this
part of the county were favorable to
Irrigation. He could uot make pub
lic his report, or state what It
would lie, but from hts general con
versation it was apparent that he
believed the government would send
engineers and surveyors here to
make surveys and determine pos
itively whether or not the schemes
were feasible, and that so fur as his
Investigations went the projects
were very favorable.
He found aa excellent reservoir
site ou Cottonwood, and believes
the waters of Thomas Creek could
be diverted to the Cottonwood reser
voir. The capacity of the reservoir
is sufficient for both streams, aud as
there is ouly a low lidgo separating
the two streaais In one place, where
the distance Is not so great as to
make it expensive to bring the two
streams together, it Is more than
likely that li the government takes
bold of the project one large reser
voir wffl ;tw made to answer the
purpose of storage of the surplus
waters of both Cottonwood and
Thomas creeks.
The soli he says U very rich and
productive. He was also astonished
at tbe adaptability of fruit to this
climate, and Its keeptug qualities.
It is the belief here that when Mr.
Bennett left he went away with the
Impression that It Is only a matter
of the sufficiency of water that
makes any question of government
irrigation in the Drews creek and
Cottonwood sections. It Is also
believed that there Is plepty ot
water, and this will be one of tho
cheapest Irrigation projects In the
West for the number of acres of land
An editors' Reunion.
Oue might think that an Editor's
reunion was being held In Lakeview
to note the visiting editor R L. Hloss
of the Alturas, modoc County, Cali
fornia, New Era, B, M. Bailey of tbe
Crook Countv, Oregon,' Journal, L.
N. Kelsay of the Silver Lake, Lako
County, Oregon, Oregonlan, are all
with us this week. Lakeview may
expect either a good write-up or a
good roast, when these qulllpushers
get home, according to how they are
Impressed with us. We hope the
boys can go home with a warm spot
In their hearts for Lakeview,
Secretary of State May Dead.
Secretary of State John Hay died
at New berg, N. II., on the morning
of July first, at 12:25: Ills demise
was sudden auB a surprise to those
who were watching the course of
bis Illness.