Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 01, 1905, Image 1

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NO. 21.'.
Illl'llt tn lmllil tlic two lines I.,. t with
I Ih-iii en mi- nntiinill.v.
It Im uIh. iiinlcrsii.inl from good
i ;iiit in.riiy, though Mr, v,,rihiiigtnn
j will make liu Ht ,i t ciin n t on the mil,.
, j'-rt, t lint tin- general iniiniiui r ml.
Y7;11 Rind Roads in! v,,('"'"1 "" "strum,.,, ,,f u
W lu
flif liiim-i-v (t d ii mm 1 1 1 tct 1 1 1 -1 1 1
tt.lfi M c.ini', ;i ml it I glM'li nut
i,v tin1 rn i 1 r-- i I magnates tliiit cmi-i
inii'liiin mi 1 1 1 .ewlst i in-1 : i 1 1 1 1-i 1 1
Bi-toii-' r:i ugc tiii' Hi"' "i tnr
Wtliern I ' j 1 1 i : t ' "ill be begun fit
anil hurried t Ii r nn li tn coiu-
iWimi iik r;i pi' li.v n 1" immi ilr.
At till' N.'llllC ! i UK' II is ji M 1 1 it m-i- I ,
.i II.. .1... I !...
tlmlCli Hut i 1 1 1 " 1 1 1 i ! A , I ii.'i i a j' inn
.Trt'llll'lll 111- '! 1K" I 'I 'I'll filtered illtn
twi'i'ii tin' I iii"ii I 'a 'die n ml t lit-
Nun If -I'll l'M'-ili- I cmist nut ;i lit i-
Imiii I limt iiii; I ui down llif Snake,
lliwr ii" rli possible f'.r ."..Mi
lllil' til lilMIUi' iill', "f I 'lll-lll'-S.'IC,
T l-'.-l f II t I-. wliirlii'Vcr place 1 1 1 1 1 ,v J
ni'iVr tin- li'l iml iii-cini'ii I s in t he way
.iiii r m : 'I l in lini' w iJ In' liiiilt in ,
.1 r.iriliiin'f s ! Ii I iiiniil m llic s a nd
:inli. .'iliil will i. i nwa.val last Willi
tin' liiinl 1'iiil v . - r tin' l'.hie M mi ii-
liiitiH, ch illi; ,'i water grade fmiii !
lliinlinirt'iii iut 1 1 rnriliiml I .- way j
( I.t wistuti n ml the i r.-t-tf ti t . H. I
A N. grade ulnli t In- 'nlmulil.i.
Tliin lint' will Cnst clnse In .l-,OOU-
" ami work will Ik- commenced:
pull it lit i !!( 1 l it understood ;
tlllll till' line W iil follow IIII ('lit il'i'l.V i
ii"H' Hiirvc.v, .'Mill will lie (i Hiin ii lii't-!
t'Tniiiti' than anything heretofore
It IH UlI'll'lK I 1 that I M it It lilll'H
"ill U liiiilt by tin- (). II. A: N.,
tlmtiuli there is jin agreement be
i''ii tlu two companies Hint tin
"wt ui tin-lii jiii-i vllli' Hue Khali be
'""i"' l'.V the .N'.i-llii'ni Piiellic.
''' Mill f these lines to l'nrtliitul
mn nut he estimated, utul the men
"Im Iiii vh been laboring for so long
"'il tin- Clearwater uml Lcwls
'"Dtuiiutry tn railroad triuisporta
iun with Portland iiiv greatly lat
nlovi'r the outcome.
The const ruction of the lines means
"tot the Northern Pacific will ultl
"mU''y buve terminal property lu
''wtlmitl, and that the bulk of the
,,,uKt' from that dlnti'U t, Instead
"fMtijhaulcJ over tUo luouuUiua
10 Kl'attl uml Tucoma, will come
low" tbe witter grade Into Port
i i . ...
i,ew imi .11-1 . 1 1 111 t i.t branch sunn after
j coming tn I'm tl.n, ,,,! ii,, lt
j fiTniiuiu'Miia t inns a yivnt ileal
of j lull! in tile lilltc nlni'.
' A lintel her, till' ileiisinn is t.'lkellas
a area! iilntv ,y t,e ail vnr.i tes of
i tli'1 iu'wIn' applied ri i it i 1 1 li that the
onl.v WHY to eet a tiling in the rail.
' roa 1 1 line is In -n , ,l( after i and
, fniee the hands of the r.i ilrnads.
Thi'V think they ha ve fniced theileal
n in I are, therefore. corri's imd'nmly
; happy.
A New York dispa teh adds:
"The anivonii'iit N the result i f
Hill and Killin, hneh I'n.'s i;. 1 lini;
together to show llai riniaii 1 mild
lint run I'liinn rariiie alone. Ilarri
tii. in ave in it h a imm maee le n
his hankers refused to help him in
I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 any line to invade Hill ter-
irilor.v. The agreement ends 1 he dis.
J i lite bee, Ull I let Ween .i el . 'l a II' 1 I '.II ft .
w hh h was l.rmmht t n a -! . f . r-1 i i
t line u heii 1 1 ill, Mnrya 11 ami ilarri-
; ma a limuht pressure In lien r mi t h-
two. presidents and or.erei t he
llirlll stopped ill 1''1. illllll"di:iteiy
; liel'i .re t he purehas.' i if the Northern
j 1 'acilie li.v 11 ill and .More, a n.
i I is a sii k man and looks
worn nut and weal;. The I jpiit a hie
J-il'e mw and the troiiMe ith hank
ers have pulled 111 lit dow n. It issaid
here he will o to Japan for live
iiimil hs, sailing from San I'rani'isi n
.1 1 1 1 v W, hv the Tni-ilie Mail.
paper inan'H friend, and reporters'
cim net a hit of irooil iiewn whenever i
he coineM to town. The Examiner !
reporter huh reail.v to Impose on hln
Kooil nature mill gleaned from him
t he follow I im Interest in ir statemi'iit s:
"jTwo Quarantine Sta-!"1 ,,mh,,r,,to,',l'H,,w,,,il,,,,",tt,i'"!Tcn Cents a Vote for
tions at the State
There is no Innu'ef liny iplestinli
alimit Mnallpox south of f.nkeview.
Tuesday I'ine ('reek w ai i ua ra lit in
eil against l.akeview, and .Moi4oc
eoiiniy had alread.v placed aiuaran
tine station near the state line.
I .ake eniinty has also put a station
in l he Colvin lane to jirevent tiny
person from Alturas, Cedarvllle
or A iin coniin Into I like coun
ty, as .-ill nf tl.ese places are infected
Your Choice for
the Honor.
i ,
KiHimrs of Itil.iiuii.iliiil loans ha in !
heeii liiuidated In t h" market arei
said to lie a yrnss exayKera t i"ti, hut
it is umlerst'ind th.'it some heavy I
loans have
I n voluntarily taken
Ihe. to a certain, extent, uuex-
l'd dwUlon of the two compau-
t" build the t wo Huvh Im tukea by
"l0 who lutve Ui'u Lehlud the
l0rt'8 roud puui for opening the
('ol""iblaUHtllL llrHt frultM of that
urk. which K jllHt e.Ln.iete.l. Jt Ik
UrBUed ll'"t the portag.. rod open-
driver to J.ewlHton. ami thtm
"""fled water competition, to both
- It. H S. ami the Northern
,ufiom that point tlown to the
lu,u,t' This l,,.j.. t nu. Ihere wan
"""BlurthetworotulH to do In
-niNul.iitto build. TheNorth
rn Pucliic imil to 1(JU, uy.vr th0
utlnH In lompetltlou with the
Jrt"Kt'uml iu ,lot.t( w,,lu the ().
N- bud no tuleipuute counectloii
'"ttt tuuntry by which lt could
tlK' '''l'lit waltltii; there to
"Mural destluatlon here. Jt wtw
Hill is still here and looking happy. I
lie says he does not control any rail J
road at all and never did. He says I
he ow us less t han I'd per cent even of j
the tireal Northern and is content i
with that.
up to both Interest to do
Wrong to Take the Plow res
Parlies have eon plained lately of
haviiiK certain graven in t liecemetery
mutlated by reiuovliiK Hie flowers
and other ornamentation placed
ubout the grve at considerable cost
and labor. ue or t w o instances we
have heard of the the past few days
lu quite aniioyiiitf. Indeed. The par
lies have worked faithfully for years
to plant trees flowers on graves and
It Is w rong for some one to go and
pull up the valuable bulbs und plants.
Whether lt la doue for the purpose of
decorating other graven or for uuy
purpose whatever, it In not right.
The lielief in that them' act have been
done by Htnall children who were
perfectly Innocent of any wrong,
lu Bitch case, parent Hhould not al
low children to visit the cemetery
unaccompaiiu'd by older persons, or
caution very strictly agninst molest
Ingtiny grave.
Over fc'iilO li'iw "ecu Hp''"t 111 l,'",ltl
fylug the cemetery in tbc Jc'al'
and everyone should appreciate the
work that has been done, and en
deavor to keep the grave yard in as
neat and pretty lpe a possible.
There are couveleutalleyandi'treets
lu all portion of the cemetery, and
partle going there should be care
ful to keep in these street ud re
frain from touching the flower or
ornamentation placed there by
w .! :i .-tun
There tn--- i hive cases at PiueCreek,
I ami as tV town is uader strict
: 'U.i i a til ine. if a II part ies w ill st rlctly
i iiis. i e t he rules for t wo weeks, the
period of disinsection, till can be re
leased, cx'-cpl inn' those w Im are act
! i m li.v sick, im it if t he pei .pie disr. ga rd
l ne hi w a ml i i n , i:ie ivnul i tiom
t In .V will he nmier i m. r i lit iue ;i!i
i similiter.
i A Ii mails a re t horniiglil.v l'u mina t
: ed before arriving in I.akeview, ami
il is hoped that the disease will not
get scattered here. There is one
limise here under quarantine, and
Iiun been since the very first symp
toms of smallpox showed itself.
The quarantine rules have been
strin ly adhered tn here ami the dis-
ctise lias not neen anowen inscaiier.
'1'he st rictest quarantine rules tire
iu force tit both the stations at the
state line, not even a team and wag
on is allowed to pass. Judge Daly
and the comity phyiaciau, however,
have made arrangements for the
keeper of the station on the Califor
nia line to come to the station on
1 his side every morning at !) o'clock
and receive and pass all teams and
person not exposed ami for the keep,
er of the station on this side to visit
the otner at M o'clock each morning
and receive persons uml teams, not
exposed coming tliis way.
I said .Mr. (ieiber, "mid have bought.
latin he.i i of '2 ami ."l-year-old wethers '
i from C. A. liehart. at. Jf and ipl'.r.O,
: delivered at the Mulkey corrals on
the West Side next week." Mr.
(hrlier also stated tiiat he had
iiougiu -.a iiiyiu ni nun 4-vetir-oni i
stivrs from I'.. M. I'.rattaln fi r !? J7.ri) I
; per head. I le will drive the cat tie tn j
; Klamath coiint.v and put them with
i . '
, some lie alreail.v lias and prepare
them for the .Inly shipment.
i Mr. (ierber has been in cointnuni'-n-
Itioii with a wealthy farmer living
near Sacramento, who wanted to
; buy (i,(M(l head of ! and :!-yenr-olil
.wethers, if he could get them for
fL'.L'.'i. I ie wireil t he yi's
terday morning, and he is expected
here in a day or two. (ieiber thinks
there w id be JO.lluo or ."iu.uuu mmton
siieeji tor ra ie lu re as soon as shear-j
ing is over.
In speaking of the Klamath iiri-j
gallon project. Mr. (Ierber said that i
thegoverntneltt had set aside .! .01)0-! tm' wt'ck stands us follows:
'ol ing boxes were placed in each
business house in town last week to
receive votes for (ioddess of Liberty.
Any one tuny vote as many times as
they choose, and for whoever they
( house, by placing their vote in one
j of the small envelopes mid ten cents
I for each vote cast.
The votes will be counted every
I Tuesday evening, so that every one
I interested can see how the votes are
i running.
j Watch The Kxnminer each week
! for the vote. We will publish the
j vote as counted on Tuesday even
! ings.
The vote for (ioddess of Libert v
nun wilh which to begin operations,
ami that about per cent of the
land had been sigi.ed over, but the
government would not turn ashovelj
full of dirt until at 'least !W per cent
wtis signed over. ;
Fannie Tnnnlngsen
Josie Harvey
(ienie Snelling
Bums Went On
The two bums, who hare been
working the country south of here,
arrived in Lakevlew Monday. Mar
shal Whorton had beeu warned by
the t hief of Police of Keno and sev
eral other towns to look out for
them, and when one of the men
limped and walking witli a cane
asked to peddle lu the City limits
Whortou refused him the privilege.
The fellow remarked that lt was "a
h of a note a cripple could not have
the privilege of peddling." Whorton
told him a cripple could, and led him
to the drugstore, and Dr's Daly and
Steiuer examined the gentleman and
found that his leg were the same
length, lie wa advised to throw
aw tiy his cane, knock the high heel
off his shoe that made one leg appear
shorter than the other, and get out
of town iu 'M minutes. The fellow
took the latter purt of the advice.
(ierber Huyes Sheep and Cattle
L. (ierber, the Klamath county
stock man, arrived iu Lakevlew
Monday aud will remain here all
week looking into the cattle and
sheep situation.
Mr. (ieiber is always the news-
! Reading Room and Library.
j All those directly interested lu the
Heading Kooiu aud Library are
J greatly encouraged by the number
of cards that have been sold, the
j Keuding lioom, requires very little
j for its maintenance, liut the Library
must have a fund to meet the small
expense, of Librarian etc, and also
for the purchase of new volumns.
A letter to Carnegie, will be present
ed to the Coucil at its next meeting,
certifying to all the present condi
tions aud asking hi donat ion. Iu all
probability a number of books will
be given. Since the Heading Uoom
was opened to the public, the solicit
ingcominitteehave not asked any sub
scriptions, yet there are some who
have expressed a willingness to add to
the fund. Those desiring to do so
can give the amount to Miss (Jar
ratt, which will be very thankfully
Quite a number of the young peo
ple who go to the Heading Ituom
would like the prevllego of getting
books. All parents should Interest
themselves, and consider the price of
a membership card money well ex
pended. In fact there should be
very few homes lu Lakevlew whose
members cannot have access to the
Since lust week the Alturas Republi
can aud Pacific Coast Traveler's
Association have been added to the
Heading ltootu.
Womans Brass Band. - -Lakevlew
1 always ready to start
some thing entirely new that shows
Now it is u"Voniuns Bras Hand."
Mr. Duffy is a very capable leader
aud is willing to instruct all those
who may become Interested in this
organization, There are a number
of young ladies who could not do
better to Improve their musical abil
ity for the practice will develop tal
ent. All those desiring to become
members will plerse meet at Harry's
Hall next .Saturday at 2:110 p. in.
whera arrangement to perfect the
Woman Hras Duud w 111 be made.
Lulu (iarrett (!
Klsie Thruston G
Lottie Ahlstrom 5
Nell Simpson 5
Ethel McKee 2
Lydlti Stanley 2
Mabel Laird '. 1
Ida, Howard ."
Linnie Small 7
Katie Messner 5
Voting contest will close at fi
oclock June 2."ith.
riemorial Services at M. E.
The memorial sermon delivered by
Hev. .Snyder Sunday morning was a
truly able effort and one thoroughly
appreciated by the audience. The
few members of the O. A. H. who
were present were undoubtedly
thrilled with a just pride wheu the
reverened gentleman alluded so
pathetically to his text. " Who died
for us."
Hev. Snyder pictured the horror of
the War, the North aud South each
loyal to their convictions and where
brother fought brother for a cause
which seemed Just. The text was
emphatically illustrated by the re
cital of that beautiful poem, "Civil
War," by Chas. I). Shanly.
A very touching tribute was paid
to the wives and mothers of the
heroes, for they to, did suffer. An
appeal wus made for the U. A. H.
whose rauks are being depleted.
Each year sees tho number of those
who fought for "old glory" becom
ing les, yet the true spirit of patriot
ism exists aud the "tie that binds"
will hold until the Dual summons
comes to each. The memory of
those "who died for us" will al
ways remain.
Will Sell Timber.
A dispatch to the Oregoulau states
that the Forestry Bureau has Issued
a circular announcing that the ma
ture timber of tho national forest re
serves Is to be offered for sale. The
supervisor of each forest is author
ized to receive requests for the right
to cut timber.
"K. tind the resultaut ugree-