Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 18, 1905, Image 8

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Lake lew An J ici n't
. ! I-'
' !iein :it A !,!- f. .in J:p
!. Meter Ha- ii. town Tuesday.
Ii' reports crops looking fine. iies nui children 'n shoes utl'l
-i:;.;.eis jiit mt: ve.J yt Alilstroin
!'.! is.
Mrs. ( aAii and da tighter Jessie are
expected hume Iroiu the t'ity in u
couple of weeks.
Try a noda flavored with fruit
juices. Nothing better, ut Cloud's
Ice Cream Parlor.
Harr Haileton goes to Cedarvllle
this week to begin work on the
High School building.
J. Ileeder, the Plue Creek black
smith was dolm; buolaesn la our
town first of the wik.
Our customers have come to expect the Best from us
We've been selling the lust quality poods so long. You
tell us what you want we provide it to you.
Incomparable with anr other Pre
serve - Bishop's Medallion Pre
serves. They lead the world la
quality because it is possible only
in California to put up such de
licious Preserves. Made from the
choicest of fruits and pure sugar.
Their purity is guaranteed by
We would lihe every houXttpr
ja- of Medallion Preserves we Know
order the second one from us. All
If four particuitV to Aop Good Cofit. ordtr
. J . '! I,- ,
a t . . -1 .1 a ' e t lie . . ; 1 1-i
VA in. i i ar -.v ai.d liiinJ.i iajmi.I to
start lor Irelund in June. (They will
Iprohulily o by water part of the
I Jeff parish informs us that rodeo
in' if oi. r outcast, and that they
'will soon coi:i!ii. -ii.-e working cut lie
! there.
P. llutidwiu, proprietor of the
Pulslej hotel, has n new phonograph
ut the express office. One of the
large kind.
Nuu Patterson was released on
bail last Saturday, It is probable
that bhe will never be brought to
trial again.
C. K. Morris Is moving from the
Moss rauch, iu Chewaucan, to his
rauch on the West Side, lie brought
his cattle down Tuesday,
to try on
she will
Kinds of
from tu.
t.. .it 1
Prof. Jliliy, county school stijier
intetideiit of Harney county, pnswd
through J-akeview Sunday en route
to the Willamette valley on a visit.
He will visit the fair.
Ir. T. '. Hall returned from Sun
l'raiicisio last Saturday. Miss
Pearl Ha II, t he 1 ir's sister, who has
lieen in Chicago attending college
since last August, returned home
with him.
At the anuuul meeting of the War
jiier Valley Stock Co. laet eek. the
j following officers and directors were
elected for the ensuing year: C. A.
I Cogswell, president; Dr. Kober, vice
j president; D. I. Browne; Secretary
and treasury, directors, 8. O. Cres-
sler, C. A. Cogswell, Jr. Koljer, J. V.
Prow ue and Y. M. Green.
lr. calif.! to Wnnirr
yesterday to sec the Stromburg ulrl
'. In. whs burned last w.vk.
J.I. Mellck of Vlstillis, wa In
l.akevlew last week on buslnes. He
reports everything In tine condition
In his section of country.
We understand that Dr. It. E. I
Stelner am! wife will visit the Lewis
& Clark fair lit July, am! from there
will go to Japan for a pleasure trip.
The Oregon lKvi'lo.ntent league
am! the Oregon tlood Bond Asso-
cintion met In a Joint assembly at
Pendleton on Monday , May and
lasted t wo days.
Ilerl. 14-wl returneil home on a
last week from Burn, where
he 1 1 us t--ii working In a livery
stable fur his mu le, Simon 1 w Is.
He star e,l bm-k to Burns Tuesd... v.
tie... .lolies, who ha Is-eli sick nt
his home near Paisley, came down
last week to remain in 1-akeview fur
n time. He 1 getting Hyinr very
well. Mr-. W. 11. . 11 i. .-r a'Voiiijl.iu
her (at her.
. u r pe. ;' sh ui. n.t 1 ie itit'-rt t
li. t!
I . ii rn 1 1 i :i 1 . 1 '.,
ir; h. K ei r. ; hut
!!'.! l r'.t- .1 !.-f. -I Ti.
II 1 lit' I
( 1!
1 !''t''' !. al
! ri ! ; t t-ui T .
A. M. r.-i ;
a : i r-: . - r ...
1 m
T-i- i U(1
poi.-.m- 1 a:.l , is ;,:, arm
swelled dear to his i , , , . j ,., Moj..
day he came to see a doct or about
, It. and is getting along nicely.
j All old soldiers are reijusted to tip.
js-ar at the oHIce of Justice V.
; P.ft.vley on Saturday ut 4 o'clock
P.M. for the purpose of arranging
a program for Decoration Day, May
:imh. All ladies interested are also
requested t(J attend the meeting to
j arrange for music and other appro-
' prlate exercises.
j W. M. Harvey sold a fine bunch of
'about 40 head of horses to Johnnv
Patterson of Cedarvllle, lat week,
and will soon go up Into Harney
county lu search of auother bunch,
which he will take to market la Cal
ifornia after haying. T. li. Mettker
will probably accompany Mr. JIar
rey ou his trip north.
Below we (live s report ol the wajj
" r"or,l T " wnmrat .s.thM
bureau station at The Examiner Offi
This wport is chsngsd ssch k,,JJ
our readers with to keep s yearly rreonj
weather conditions for future r
i nc c,,t ont th wPorl "long the bUck
; line and paste it in s scrap book n.
week after another. This reord wiUJ
taken on Tuesda- to end each seek and
, on Wednesday for the neit week
Oovernment Weather Bureau Ru.
lion at LAkertew, Oregon,
C. O. Hmni, Local Obserrer.
j Week ending Tuesday, May 16, lag
Ij jmti 'mtn.
prreip n' I thinwe
(isiioo fall o( 4tj
1 1 nur , M j o,. , 0 -M r(H) , L
1 1 - 1
frid'yi fl liti 0.12 j on j
! v X JM j' if
' L J:' 1 11 I " I 00 i
.".4 I 11.011
! pi. el ih
Public 5c boot Closed.
..... . ..
.'lie in 1 lie 1 it .i-l siiccessliil terms
i.f seh. ol ever taught in t lie town ul
i.:iKi vie.v n.isjiisi cii.sei. 1 iiPenU
.hi. I !. U f.-el the ye.-ir ba
I -. n i iie i if n-.i t ii.l . iiuv-ue nt.
J he examinations w. re ricil.
VI !!' :i i r. in. i.le sle nii. (.,!,.
I !llH i.V I he prolielelii'V i .f t h.' IMIJlils.
: I H.'u v ! 1 -w e.-.-;-' ; ei, .
" '- in.. I I. rr.o i:,,' th.
; .- 1 . I'!.,.-..- .. , !s;
i I - i ;i'.;.- ,!"i.fitr. .lur.
i ' I i' iiv I. i-tn. t i.e ,ariiiu,t
i ' i .1.;. ! t 'im.uIi ; i.e . I :':.Ti i,t
i- .t. s. s;. ;!,.;, .1 v
' - . .f t l,e i,i;,2
I " I , I ill s t'.l'W
a i... i;..- i t:. i..r m ti..'
!'-' i r : i 1 1 eir r- ! l..-
I 'i i .- i r
: -' l li .i . ' i"
'V. I.. - Mel '. I . . k. ;.. .V, Hv.T-tf
'!' I .i.e,::. pi-opr;, t'.r ' '
' "t;:u ): .'. i a i.l !iery t-1 . Mc i
' ' l.-H ide. i.l o'i.'.hl the J.OWC 1 ll'.'l-
t Co. to l.akevievv Monday. Mr-
of! man returned home Tuesday.
We Mill deliver you s loud, of
leiiulh, at any pines in Lakeview,
day you want it. Booxs & Mclkkv.
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selected materials j