Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 13, 1905, Image 8

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A DOLLAR, goes a long way
It will give a good account of itself here.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
awn W-'- -n hcxr. sold in past 12 months. ThlS Signature,
A Good Aove.
At tin' Ktoi-k owner'n meeting Sat
urday eveiiiiii;- u rejoin tun wan
( aswd askinf; the Koard of Super
vLiiirn tn uiiikf mi appropriation to
dofrny expenses of a uonwiiittee of
three to attend the opeiiinp of Nov
:da'h j:reat irriiratioii i-aiuii. A i:on-
f.'i'f-'.siiiital ( oiniMit ti
l:iake a tour of tin
went will he
attend. nice and the Committer-from of the Medfoni Crater hake rall
this rnuuty will endeavor t. iinlui-t- road was turned on April Ith, at the
them to visit Modoc. Mr. han-ill.' juui'tion of the new line with the
.:'ed this matter, sayinj; th.U. if 1 Southern J'm-iti'-, three-ipi.irters of a
I iodoc I'otmty seeiii-eil money for if-. miie from tin- Medfoni depot. Mrs.
nation jiiirposrs we inimt ankforit, : A. A. Davis turned the lirst Hhovel-
mid kn-p on asking. Tin- hoard of, ful mi'! uddies.seh were made I v
Supervisors in si-ssion this week set
Kfiide the sum of jf.'AK) to defray ex-
-eases of tin.- Committee f:-om thin
co'inty mid assist in entertaining tin-(iipr-.-Msionnl
Committee while here.
"Vlie Committee appointed by tin-
fHo..-: Assoeiation consist.i of Hon.
t -t-r 1-eterson, (iifij. 11. Hayley and
Co!. Thompson of this paper. II e
.:li"v.- the money will U well rx - - er:d. - '!,
espeelally if the lioiisivssion-
v LakovK
c liavc (lcci'i(.il to make mi tlic ioliowin LOW
: PRICES ior an unlimited time-; for Cash only:
I -lour )cr hundivd pounds
huijar 12 pounds 1
I'ncy head Kiev Impounds 1
Aiacaroni per hox
U'.-aiis 17 pounds 1
i 1iverjKiol Salt fifty pounds 1
H.df-round Stuck salt one hundred pounds 1
l Tennis I-'lanntl ten yards 1
Lye per can
'1 ouiato'.-s iwo and on-lialf pound liest jirade
Canned corn 1m-sL ;rade
Washing soaji jer har
Ten la rre candles
K'olled oats fifteen jiuunds 1
lest table syrup per gallon 1
I'ive lb can roud coffee with cup and saucer
Five pounds best table salt
These arc the Lowest
Y made by any Firm in Lake County.
lirin i ii i ir i o
At a moderate expense if you will allow us to
fit you out in our hand-tailored, ready-to-wear
clothing. You get none but fashion
able clothes here, that is the only kind we sell.
Try us on your next suit and see how per
fectly we fit you and how well the clothes are
Menfs suits from $6.00 up.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
ill Committe can be inditeed to visit
UH. If they cannot, then only a
Hinall portion will lie lined. AlturiiH
Ground Broken for New Koud.
With inncli pump and t ereiiioiiy,
and in the pri'senre of many lniudivd
peoiile, aemlilel from all hei tions
to of .laekson county and Soiitherii
in , Oregon, the lifht dirt in the unuliiiK
many prominent Oregon men.
Prominent Southern i'acilic ollicials
were also present, amont; them be-
in W. I-;. Cmnun, general freight and
j pusseuger ugent.
i Kvery luiHiness house in Medfoni
j closed its doorsduringtheafternoon.
.The band inarched to the 'Junction"
; ut 1::J0, ami the ereuiony opened
'l witli an address by Holbrook Wlth -
1 ington, attorney for the company.
- vv, Oregon, March K! 100."
$ :
Prices that was ever
o it o m
when properly spent.
Cures Crip
in Two Days,
on every
box. 25c.
Lakeview And Vicinity
Will KoiihIi wiih down from Clover
Hat Monday.
A fine line of Muslin I'uderweiir at
Lakeview Mer. Co. Store.
Frank Wilmin wiih in town last
Saturday from Crooked Creek.
C. 11. Norton, the mining man was
up from Willow Kunch last Sat inlay .
Hell Iirattaiu spent several days in
hakevien tile past week from Pais,
Cost A- King keep the very best
wines and liiiuors to be had hi hake -
view. (i-tf
Frank huke lias been on the siek
list, but was reported better lirst of
the week.
W. J. McKee ami family were up
from the ranch down the valley last
H. F. Harnum was in town last
Saturday and made final proof on
his homestead.
.1. H. Farra. the l'aisley livery
stable man spent a few day s in huke-
view last week.
M. Mauslield came in from the
range last week ami spent several
days in our city.
II. 11. Street, sheriff of Modoc coun
ty, is in hakeview as a witness in
liie .diner oc hu. iaml sun..
Most towns begin in April to ar
range for their Fourth of July festiv
ities and races. Iet hakevfew begin
at once.
hos-r An open-face gold watch,
on the streets of hakeview hist Sat
urday. Finder will please leave at
this ollice.
We understand that .Mrs. Harry
liailey contemplates a trip to San
Francisco In the near future lor ear
Al Farrow of l'aisley, who has
1 n here for medical treatment for
HcM-ral days, expected to start for
home t o-d.i v.
W. hayley has a good, roomy
dwelling on Main Street, large lot
with barn and other outbuildings,
1 for sale cheap lor cash. l .'t
j Tin' F.xmiiiner has from time to
, time reported '-Grandma" Hammer-
sley very sick, and wo urn pained to
report her oven worso this week.
II. h. hiinlup Is building an uddi-
I Hon to his residence on Main wtreet,
'norm oi tno .Masonic building, oc
X i-Uiie(l by S. O. Cressler and wife.
New Ti iniimnu ill I.Hkcview Mor. Co.
Menu Oxford Tie Hi I.nkcvicw Mi'r
For soothing refreshments go to
I'oHt At King, (i tf
Nate Smith runic down from the 70
much Monday.
T. K. Stewart of Itcno was here
first of the week.
W. 11. hrclter was down from Sil
ver I .ilk i' Monday.
('nil uf I.akcvlcw Mer. Co., and hit
their new llni'M of Shoes.
S. W. Vineyard 11 in I (1. Clnrk were
here frnn Warner this week.
Another In rjjri- lim- of Sliiuli'il r 1 1 t 1 1 h
jiiHl arrived ill I.nkcvicw Mer Co.
i. F. mid .I.T. Mnuplu are over
from South Warner t his week.
It. howling of jiiiiirivcr, Nov., I
here on t In' hinil case t Ii'in Hri'k,
. Fine, F. licit y. mid Clay liniiilio
ru mi-ovi'i-from II a rner Mi iml.-i .
Win. Ilenioof l-:.-iale llle was ri'U-
itereil at Hotel l.iikevli w Moliiliiy. i
.lohii llui-knliy of .NorrowN, liar-I
l ley enmity is here on the land eiine.
Mi'hkih. Ciiiinii vV Kill-hen are here ;
from Montana lookiim; for sheep to I
W. I'. Moulder mid Mr. Courteney
were over from I'IiikIi (irt of the
I'lne UeiHiered I'eri'hei-on Stal
lion for no lo. I',o lllis, Ashland.
Oregon. . 11-17
Mrs. F. K. llm-riN went to Sumtner
huke yeMterdny to vIhII her Hlster,
Mrs. C. C. iiurriM.
The iiiiihI popular hiiIooii In hake
view is I'oHt iVc Kind's, where the
U'Ht of everything is kept. ti-tf
The Trenmirer of Klmuath county
has advertised for the lads for the
building of a i:;,Ml)U hih sehool.
W. 15. Snider has jji.ue to rortland
as delegate to tlieCrand I.odeA.
i l - w- wliieti meets there today,
j .lohu liilehrist representative of
j Miller & hiix, is here in the interest
j "f ,',irn' 1,1 1 '" l'"'ldiog liuid caw.
IM. J. Callow, i'. h. Allen, (i hngo
' a"(' M'- i hee are here fron Meiiio,
1 0r,'un "" Miller hux laud
! ''i1'-
AI!l!h.ST WITH Till: TIMF.S.
Veil can get a good big cool glass of
lieer for in- cents at the Iirrwury
Saloon. tf
J. T. Met.ker intends starting up
the Camas sawmill soon. He will
go out tills week to straighten
things up at the mill.
C. S. hoveless says sheep shearing
will Is-giu about the L'lith, as soon
as the machinery arrives for the
machine shearing plant.
Mrs. Joe Howard mid daiighter
cmne in from hrews valley Monday.
Miss Howard was looking for a
place tii stay and a ttend school here.
W. 11. StiH'le, who took his wile as
f:.r n Kin ninth 'r',o ,vt wci;
her way to 1'ortlmiil, returned home
Monday, driving from Klamath Falls
in one uuil u half days.
Tlie San Francisco liulletln is en
titled to tin- thanks of the hakeview
people for thut paper's liberality in
donating a year's subscription to
the hakeview heading hoom.
That was Arvo Coleman wearing
the fur overcoat around on the
streets of hakeview Monday. He
did not mean to knock the town,
but came from a. warm climate.
W. l, Tracey was in town from
Drews valley last Saturday. He In.
formed us that Miss .Myrtle Smith
was teaching a very successful school
at the Drews valley school house.
The heading hoom is undergoing
a general overhauling, Hi,, books
will be here shortly ami Is expected
by a week from Saturday all will lie
in readiness for the (irand Opening.
lkirtha Keynolds fainted and full
down the stabs at the hcIiooI house
Tuesday and it was thought fr u
while that, she was seriously hurt,
hast accounts she was out of
I danger.
Itolow we jrivo h report of the weather
iin recorded by tlic (inveriiuient wimhtr
hutciiii Hint ion nt Tim Examiner flin
This report in chanifed earn week, nmlij
our readers -inh to keep h yearly rncord
of weather condltioiiN for future refer,
enee, rut out the report nlonic the black
line Bnd mHte it in (wrap book on
week after another. Thin reord will he
taken on Tumula- to end each week nd
lie-in on Wednesday for the next week
Government Weather Human Sti.
tion at Lakeview, Oregon,
C. O. Uktzkkr, Iooal Obaerver.
Week ending Tuesday, Apr. 11,1905
I my
mux :nitii(i iirtM-lp
cl iljr
tin ;m
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M I'h'iir "
(Ml L'h Hi, y"
"ill) pt
fnd'.vl ii7 :!I
hii t v j .'! :u j
Nil II. ."l7 L'.'l j
mon. r:i l'7 j
t iii-h. I tin I '"l i
The I ; 1 1 1 1 1 nf .Iiih. Mi-Shlllie, vm
I ha ve lieeii li niu at the llarvev I'uiirh
in iiiiiuier Lake the past whiter.
I'liine ditwii lii'Nt of the week, Mr.
Methane Ik lil'lnuinn the lliuvry
sheep to I he head of the valley In
hinili and hlii ur.
Pioneer Gone.
hast Friilny morning at 7 o'l'lotk
'(,'ncle" Viiiyard as he Is known, uf
I'ine ( reek, an old ami resperted
resident of (ioose hake valley piiHseil
away at theuue of 71 years anil II
days. Mr Vii.yard was a true chris
tian and has proclaimed his faith In
( iod from I he pulpit.
lie leaves llrhlldren to mourn IiIh
death, a wife and 'J rhlldreii having
gone before. He was a member uf
the Masonic Lodge and was burlisl
at Flue Creek at 'J o'clock last Satur
day under the auspices of that order.
For lurk of rorrei t history of thin
pioneer we are prevented from pull
lisliing a more deserving write-up
this week, but by next week we Initio
to have a full history of Mr. Vlnvaril.
lluglcs tlntertain.
One of t he most enjoyable enter
tainments given in hakeview fur
some time was given Tuesday nilit
by the Kimlcs at their hall, liui'h
member invited a lady friend. A hunt
Ml or '.Ml guests were in attendance
mid partook of the elaborate spn-iul
prepared for the occasion.
Miss Hatlie Nyswnner sang a few
selections, which was appreciated I)'
all. After hiinchcon was served tlie
room was cleared and the hakevit'K'
Dance Orchestra furnished excellent
music for the dancers, who enjoyed
themselves in the mazy whirl until
about two o'clock. The Kugk'
hodge, thou new one in hakevien,
Is rapidly coming to the front us nil
Disgraceful Affair.
Monday evening a disgraceful
fair took place Iu the street hack !
the hrewory Saloon in which ulff
white man Indian Maggie
Indian John were the participant.
The episode ended iu an altercation
between Indian John and the White
John Murphy was arrested for dis
turbing the peace and lined .'. On
Tuesday the district attorney, after
an Investigation found that u wore
serious crime had ben committed
and a warrant was issued for Mur
phy, charging him with Indecent ex
posure. Ho was given a trial yen
terday before Justice hayley hiiiI""
represented by J. M. liatchehler. Tbf
evidence was conflicting as to Iden
tity and Murphy was discharged.
""L., !.""""". "in Milium.! iin"
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