Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 09, 1905, Image 1

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NO. 10,
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That growth mnl lii'ttfi nn'iit- lu
.millions which occurred years iipi
allowing counties to develop by
1.1. ......I
ie HlOW proci'iwn in mvih.m-mi.mi
use. Im now treated by alt progress-
e communities an no progress at
II (food fortunes, which ire not
ii result of Intelligent, iKixIstent
flort, are things of u day, gone Jor-
ivir. The commuuiry wnicn in inis
Intury waits lor something good
come without going for It, and
uinpelllng It to come, niuy expect
ii we the prizes go the other way;
l i... . ii ... i. I
ItHWH UJ l u vuv ifllirr nivar
Hvery established productive busl-
Ivvuker ami lent remunerative, unless
oincthlng Is done to push utmig, by
iNpiring citizen.
(renter productions; ( 1 1 f k and
heap men iin of transportation to
uiit'ketH; tlicMe niv the protihniH that
ippeiil to our metal, and we shull
li'iniMiHtrate our tHueHrt for a place
ii the rail ks of those worker who
ire driving the world forwnnl, by
Ictermiiutig iiiHii i line of policy and
a (irk in this connection, and dogcd-
y iiei'HiHting in it till we hme won.
Here Im ttie plainest, broadest way,
hi the multiplication of population
md wealth, now otened to Lake
We tin ve IIOO.WHi acres of urid land,
worthies la It present state. We
must see that It Im Irrigated, This la
i lie only basin of growth for Lake
view. The water is lu our streams
Hi be stored; the government has the
money, held In trust for us, to do the
work. The money Is ours if we
miike km; wn that we have pructlc
dile lan upon which It nwiy Ik) ex
I'ended. rive thousand thrifty
'inner i.,r,d their families, of ten to
twenty tliiiUHiiud people are ready
i') occupy the land and catie ncb a
O'aiiHfoi'c.atloii of rural landscape
1'or the dull, stupid suiiiciichh of
Hie gray hngebrush plalu, now a fit
habitation, for the mangy coyote,
we should have the verdure of the
alfalfa, meadow, field added to Hold of
golden grain, acres upon acres of
oweot, ordorous fruit farms, sections
of sugar teet; sugar factories and
''luuerh. juodern daries and cool
"'liars tilled with uutty flavored
golden butter; and, certain as the
needle points to the pole, railroads.
Will you only ask for this? it not
""'y will not cost you money, but
l,000,(m) will bo expended In Luke
'oiiuty lu building the works. Js
"'re lu our isouls none of .that spirit
of aspiration for something Utter
''J which these facts appeal? They
'ire tacts.1
There is lu It all, but one element
"f uncertainty, and that is, a sulli-
lency of water.
(u the Chewaucan, even this con-
'agency has Ikh-u eliminated, and
earelu possession of facts which
'ndlcate plainly that' tin- l'nited
Mates Intends to ju.t from seventy
"ve thousand, to one hundred thous-
and ucres of rich, virgin soil, under
water, in the neighborhood of Pais
ley. What other significance can lie
In the act of the government disal
lowlng the application of the state
for 12,(HK) acres of that body of land,
under the Cary act?
The Irrigation of one hundred
thousand acres of land in that local
ity will insurthe addition of three
thousand people to the population
of Chewaucan valley. Population Is
wealth. The very highest form of
wealth, the wealth that benefits
everybody; that benefits the public,
and compels public' Improvement,
and makes public improvement easy.
Men are money, and more than
, ,, ,
money. They are a living energy,
, n-ii. 1L ,
force, power. " ith the accessions of
men, which Irrigation will make
possible, Lake county may choose
w hat else it wants, and take it. Is
this not worth striving for? If we
go for all of it, we cannot fall en
tirely. Tart of our hopes will lie
realized. Organize, aud WOKK.
You are not asked in this to spend
money for what may turn out to be
, . , ,
a gold brick. ou are simply asked
. .
to talk, write, demonstrate and
... .
prove to the government that we
... ... ,, .
have schemes of Irrigation which are
. , ,,
feasible, aud thus realize our own,
, . , , , .
.1 n. 111. .It ! In. '( UU tllUV llA tnilf.ll
CllIU n Ull II Ullll mnv mnj
delayed, and without which the
work might ! done in such a way
as to prove very unfortunate to
some of us.
Future Outlook Encouraging.
11'. 11'. Bcott, special agent of the gen
eral land office, arrived here last week
from Klamath lulls, where he has
spent most of the winter inspecting ap
plications and entries. Mr. Hcott be
lieves there is an exceptionally bright
future for Lake aud Klamath counties.
The fact that capital and railroads are
looking strongly this way warrants such
belief. The Heed road is most certain
to build to Klamath Falls, and there in
ulHotnlkof the road branching off at
Merrill and one line running to Lake-
view. J his niav oe aone n nenner uie
road irooi the rvitl or U.u uuu Uilil
the South extend to Lakeview or make
demonstrative efforts to do so in the
very near future. Lake county needs a
railroad, and its vast resources will at
tract one from some point, especially if
irrigation ia taken up by the government
wlthiu our borders. .
Road Fund.
15y an act of a former legislature,
the S per ceutum of receipts by the
United .States, from sales of public
lands lu Oregon, paid to tbe State,
was set aside as a road fund to be
apportioned among the counties' of
the Rate.
A 'Viuall bill" In the late legislature
was designed to repeal this old act
and was surreptitiously passed by
the House. ,
On discovering the fact Dr. It. K. L.
Stelner and associates followed the
bill to the Senate and secured the eli
mlnatlon ofthe obnoxious prpvlsiou.
Thus our roud fuud will lie aug In the sum of about 5.100.
x , , .
Tula amount wuueu 10 our cuuuiy
road fuud and properly used will be
helpful to our roads.
A library and reading room for the
public benefit in Lakeview is going to
be made a success.
Those who have taken this work in
hand have shown from the start, that
it was no mere impulse. They have a
well defined purpose of public benefit,
and they are not going to submit to
"We are now situated tc conduct a
reading room for two years, well sup
plied with the best literature," said one
of the active promoters, "and we intend
' to make this so good, and the place so
6 ' r
pleasant from the start that every paA
, J r
tron and visitor will be glad to contrib
ute to its growth and usefulness."
This spirit is sure to win success.
People si -a ays recognize a good thing
when they eee it. and never fail to. give
aubstantial support to' every altruistic
It has already been fully recognized
i aa nf lli is Viq riptpr anil a .niril. nf cim 11
lHtion of who shall do moBt for it clear-
ly manifest. Dr. B Paly has assured
' . i '
the workersxhat they shall have, free
tof rents, or charges ol any kind, rooms
. ,
for their accommodation. Anthony and
Keller, the firm which supplies electric
' '
liuhts for the town, have given assur
ance that the rooms shall be well light
ed free of all cost to the management.
Thus the ae60ciation is full of confi
dence. Everyone they meet is asking
"what do you need?" What shall I do
to help your enterprise on?
It is understood, that Ahlstrom
Brothers and J. E. Bernard & Son are
contending each for the honor of put
ting gratuitously two nice stoves in tbe
building. It has been decided to allow
them to divide these honors equally by
accepting the gift of an elegant stove
from each of them.
There are now flWl in the fund to
promote the scheme. At the meet-1
ing Tuesday evening much was oc-
ocuipllshed toward the desired end.
The constitution and by-laws were
i '
tkppiu'lU. . ' "j
Graham's Baud honored tbe meet-!
ing with some of their fine selections,
which shows the spirit of the town
in this work.
Think of This.
From Lake County ia taken annually
about $1800; possibly much as $2400
to pay expenses of persona residing in
this county, attending schools in other
parts of the State.
Tbe latter sum is sufficient to defray the
expenses of a high school at home, save
the money for home business channels,
and put three times the number of per
cons in high school. This ia worth
thinking about.
New Telephone Line.
j t Is learned this week that a tele
phone line will be constructed from
Lakeview to Adel and thence to
Plush. The Hue Is to bo connected
with the LakeCounty Telegraph and
Telephone Co' line running from
Lakeview to Silver Lake, and belong
to tbe same company. Tins is a
convenience ouee enjoyod canuot be
iHspensod with. It will put Warner
valley in ready communication ntth
all other parts of the county.
Heretofore It has been necessary to
send all messages by carrier, requir
ing from 12 to 20 hours to get a mes
sage through. In cases of sickness
or other Important communication
the delay necessitated by the slow
process of overland travel has lacon
venienced many and even endanger-
ed the lives of people. We congratu
late the Warner people in their good
fortune, and welcome quick commun
ication with our neighbors
It isa
! great convenience to us. also.
A Safi Death.
Last Saturday. March 4. 1905, at the
H. R. Ileryford ranch, 2 miles north of
Lakeview, Ollie L., tbe beloved wife of
A. II. Hammersley, died after an illness
of five weeks, daring which time she
suffered continuously. A baby was
born lb Mre Hammerslev five weeks
80. Ollie would have been 21 years
old MftV 12 Bne as married a little
over a year ago. lie was a Iakeview
raided girl and jas well known and lik
ed by all. She was the second daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Heryford.
The funeral services were conducted
at the Heryford home.
Mrs. F. O Ahlstrom, sister of de
ceased is taking care of the baby. Mrs.
Heryford was at Pamona, California
when her daughter died.
The Examiner joins in the expression
of sympathy for the bereaved husbapd,
kn.l .llt...,tt '
niiu 1 1 ihii vo
No Canal Legislation.
Conferees of .Senate and House on
the Canal bill have agreed they can
not agree, and have asked to be dis
charged from further consideration
of tbe measure.
Thus the.authorlty of the President
to govern In tbe Canal sone after the
4th of March, is in some doubt. '
Tbe only difference that could not
le harmonized was the determina
tion of the House to abolish the
the canal commission, and the equal
ly firm purpose of the Senate to re
tain It.
A Dia;reenient. ...
There seems to bo no prospect of
ugreement between the government
and the Klamath Canal Company
upon the value of the company's
property and franchises which are In
the way of tbe execution of the gov
ernment's project of Irrigation in the
Klamath basin.
The company wants $,j00,000,
while the government believes 50,000
would fully compensate them.
Bought Lakeview Saddle.
A week ago F. Ahlstrom received a
telegram from Mr. L. M Folsoiu of
Merriville, Calif., ordering a saddle.
Mr. Ahldtrom shipped the saddle and
yesterday received the following letter.
Mkkkivillk, March 5th.
Mr. Aiii.stkom :
I received the saddle in due time, and
can say it is just exactly what I wanted
in every particular. The material and
woikmanbhip is first-class.
I bought two saddles from other firms
the for part of the winter, and can say
for them that they were no good in any
way, so I think I can appreciate the one
I bought from you.
L. M, Folsou.
On the evening of the 11, In con
formity with a published call, there
Is to lie a meetlug of the people at
the Court House In I akevlew for the
PW organizing a development
or promotion league.
Do you believe there is necessity
for this? Do you believe there la
some common benefit which maybe
had by unity of action that may not
be attained without organization
and community of purpose?1 Have
j'ou sonie enterprise of public better
ment in view, or some practical
scheme for the promotion of the gen
eral welfare that you ttelieve may be
advanced and made successful
through the energy and persistence
of an active central body? '
If you believe that harmonious
movements of masses of people pull
ing the same way, striving for the
same' goal, along chosen lines, can
acccmplish some good, which will
never lie reached while each person
pursues his own ends without
thought of the coiunm weal, then
goto that meeting on the 11, with
your thoughts and purposes ntatur-.
ed, and prepare to state clearly,
what your convictions are, and pre
pared to enter h.'Wrtly Juto the or
ganization of a league, which will .
take up some work, and push It o
final success.
The Examiner has repeatedly said
it had no fad or hobby. For the
league, we are anxious. We have
not failed to advocate that ou all
proper occasions. Wo bellove this
Is a crucial period in the history of
our County. We believe that a unit
ed effort of the people at this time,
acting through an organization in
which their power Is concentrated,
will bo effective in securing somo
great aud lasting public lieuefits.
Our readers know that we regard
irrigation of our arid lands as of su
preme importance, and that we be
5!f?v? thf peoble mlaht do something
to insure tbe certainty of this under
taking by the government, and to
hasten tho beginning of this work.
There are more than three hundred
thousand acres of arid land lu this
county that we believe may bo irri
gated. It this land were litigated
and put In cultivation la crops of
any kind, at a low valuation, it
would be taxed at seven dollars per
acre, or two millions one hundred
thousand dollars. More than the
assessed value of tho entire property
In Lake County now, This to be
had simply for tho asking, if It can
lj had at all. This is worth auy ef
fort we can put forth to secure It, or
expedite It. When It Is begun, Lake
County's future Is assured.
We are ready, however, to take up
any local work. Will work with
any others, for auy public advance
ment, or convenience. We know
that with growth and progress of
production and Improvement lu
I.,ake County we shall grow and pro-
(CoUcIiiJlJ ou Uut '
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