Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 22, 1904, Image 8

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    1.1 MJ
pr. 11
'! I'll'
m rf.-nr....l ,J , V- ,.,. M "'
I llltMItt t:l'.(', n 'i-,. s :'
il 1rf"Mt' Oeek
U 3 E F U !.
hint .smidnv
t'.llt .Vnlir -1lia-. lilnncP Hi
For flan
For Child
Those seeking the latest and Choicest Holiday
Goods will certainly not be disappointed here, and
prices are most surprisingly low for such absolutely
reliable goods.
Our store is filled to the brim with the practi-
I cal and useful things that men and women and
! children would like to FIND IN THEIR XMAS
Ladies Dress SkirtsChi Idrens Coats Dress
Patterns Neckwear Mufflers Gloves--lce Wool
Sha w Is Fascinators--Umbrellas Hand kerchiefs
IVti- 1'if.t wa on tin' hI'K ' "n '
. ! unitHkni. .......I:., j
... KWTKiiiiimg lor
entt., .mt. it,, r,.nir, .1.
It. Jttintnou came over 1 linn unit jHt it In u m'ri, I
mk ficr miaor. Tulu
list laMt week.
Warner Sunday
V.. S. MorrlH
unlay from Drew
Clnv itumbn wan here from Warner ! ' J.ktv'cw.Oi. ,,1,,
:iHt week on Innil htiMlncNH. j
wan in ,ow 1,,-t SHt. !ak?M " JU,,f'U V" ",'11
1 1 ''" n edncdny ff tie nn, ,.r
I'WMl'ni k. r..v,riinitnl V.ulUir lim
The Kail mipiht at Hotel I.nkr-j Wwi
view will he a grand Nprcari.
k -ending Tu.-mlny, K,.tf. j
Tom and Jerry and cggnog at Hotel
Lakeview on Christina day.
Itl'llU'llll'IT tin Monk
J j (reck on tin' iiijjlit or Heeeliiiicr j (ri,j'v
5: Miiki Ntrliilln m uh laid up inuxt of.ti'v
J liiMt wi-ck with mi littiu'k of grlpie,
'.all lit 1'lne --J-
i iiur
mm jniln,
Wed. I 4-t i .Ui
i ! .1. I.. MorriM wan a I.nkovlcw vU-
t 1
. j Itor from the Wei side !ut Nutur.
' I tf.i....,
'11 i 4,',
an i h
Tilt ! VI. j 1 iiii
' I "1 i0"lHi pHll
4-V f W" o iii iTiHrt
.IiiIiii ISi'Ui'h whm up from IiavU
I'iri'k l ist wxt'K unit ri'inaiii".) a few
W. I!. Ilnrliarlrk. itmIwIiII,. hi-.-.
hiiiH li of !'ln Cni k wiim In La',-, ',.
. L JL s- Li 1 v
111'!! i,iNi
. . - - . ,. - , ,-, . A A a a a Jfc A A A A A A AM A . . W". AAWArtl I
yrMirnln v.
U'c Uuil.-IVtHI:.! I lull ii r.iw
' Vtr-- l:- I"''" W"H vUilliu In tl-mii'. WOK clivud.l.Ml ill IHiic fr
, lak-i. ir.nn i'.H. i r..'K lirnt I ' liHl w.t'W Hiralln.1 tUv i-Mll.ii..-,. ,4,
IKitt tiiKcll li'-uorc In Unit turn
l.r.i.'U-' A.VIV. IniM lltt'-.l lip (Ml ' I' I'l'UI VV Uilt f I'nb Ifnl-il (III' M:: .':;.
1 a-.'iy uliu r, liinl ih pi ,'mn ;! In P-t h! runri. no). Hillifii hiin.! t
' nil otv. i li)!nlrr 1 1 10 1 i In mif ,-:
'i i k.'Im an- ii. .w mi ni. m tin- Uovvi-vi r, iiii- roiinty Cun t
V Muiio-rnlii f..r (In- liraiul Mank M,'fU, 1 ,,al u'r-
' I ' It 1 . '1 .. . . M'-.ll I I :
o.iii. . I 1 mirir.v 1'iiiiiuT nun inc jniitf
l inni..rpi...i iw ; Crtswk : l"',,l,"'r !.-feiv!s'.r. s:iis;.!
t'liarl'-.v wa unfli'i nic from it.v;h-
The Equitable Life Assurance
..Society of New York..
ASSETS $381,000,000 J. L. SMITH,
SURPLUS $73,000000
Special Agent
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Ltixclsve; rJromo Qsimne Tablets.
This si;nature,
Curs Crip (
fo Two Iays. I
or every
n- cl l ir 12 months.
tTrzrtrz bux. 25c.'ijv,' AikI v icinitv
VAN- ON :i.M) A r HE
I I:
..Lakeview Meat Market..
JOHN WLXDKLL, i'r.,prie'or
1 ,
!H MSI. ..
ll'IW ll,.1
"fjiu'li;" Wliortoo U wrlonxl.v ill
wltb piKunionlH nt lila lioum In
(ii'o. T. ilutipln, tin? AVurner valley
nliwp nmii chiiiu to Lakevtow ou
btiHiueH liml Friday.
Harry Hurkur, tin Southern atago
limn Hp.-nt m few duyH colli-ctlujf In
Lakeview IiimI wek.
Jeff cirlh und C(t:.M. Lulirutigi'l
i-aine over from Warner. Jeff reeent
ly reliirneil Iroin (.'nllf.
i Iiiik. I.(ir-H. .i"' i')il?i"y Htni;ej
li iv.-r, i " 'i i i i ii.: .i'l- in i.ur ii.'i.'ii- j
I.' ' Uvz tovi i' iniprovin-:. !
i.- ., 'll v. Ii I.I.V Ol 11 )!i.-l L. ' .
ii V. '. .it In' j l' ;.(!. (I ,t m' v- 't'l'lli
!l In'. . I' I TV (III C 'II ll III. ;-i .i;t V. " '
Ian of the lienil ol Hume mu li
inent, nod faults here Ui Iw
(.'liarley Iniigtilngly miy m Job ol
Taipieru Ikmm gave lilm tlie
U'ftd. He Jotilten iklmut It. uotwlti
mandlng hln Intenw utiflerlng.
H. C. Norton the PaUley mirr.
who Iiii Ixwn In Ohio to .- bb
partner, who vu HI, returned lasi
Friday, an'd went ou up to hi rulut
Monday. What linmneim lie tmn
lu-ted, If any, mhttv In the r.iwt, w
do not kilo, luit our reaili'm umj
i 1'Xpwt to learn tlironnH i"ir eolimuu
of mi,' iiiiporlal.I ilevi'lopini'iit l.itli"
I 'a 'mli y in!tnM.
Ili'luid, V 1 .i:.I.M:'i"ilO
f..i..'e5 tutti lifW l'iiii ', ii'i.' '.v.,!-.
W rit, ',ii "n r, nlu'luv i tni iii.'J.'.','!
):.i!;.inl in a Siituv ln v irf- i r
j it. ir iii I ,it!.i. U-w.
I . TicketH on hale for the MiihU Dull
I at the Mtino-.'ain. $.
Ij Next Monday nlcht at the Opera '
? lloiiMe; tin: MuMk dance. llartzoi-, the Pine Crtt k powt.
iiiiucr l.-iix.' ii rouiii.' ui nanilli
i:. i l '.mi- i ituie ov. r frmn llic ' in hin jj.t i, owuer V. e hpjs! .Iw
71' raiieh in Warner 'Monday to i will prosper, iiikI uIho leijie mir w-
npeni t'hi'Uuiuin in l.n:.HVew. i hiiioim lll eonilnne to Im tliV
J. M. Curry wax In town Monday have Im-u la the pnxt, We will m
mi a wltnetw for Mm, Ituttli; Chand- deavor to tnulnlaln the even tew
ler lu prov Iiik up on her dew-rt land
I ....
I here Wll- (J!!te U (TilVVd attended
General Merchandise
B Water Street - Lakeview, Oregon
State Line Topics.
flu .'kiiey'H freight team got In (1rt
of the ck frmn the railroad, a
good t rip I.- r ; .i n !.
!':. i:..l' -i- .!o- 'i u J
ui. lilurtoii and J. Lurkln went
to Alturim Hnnday to tuke Mr. Hod
er to the hoHpltal.
:;w i i In- time to wt .yoiir SU,.
ipii-i-cS.i.- riil! lur t lie Iml! tin- -'i'ltlr
inn 'ier wn here Simday.
A ' I. ml I he !ny-i. mi .. . .; ;
I. i I l.i- I inn- o.' ,S iiur ,;.;. i
- '.;i".: ami 'Coin ion! ,1,-r,- '
' ' .1 .i- ( i : '. i . . l.; .
... ..,f iitnieiM. eiuii" '.
lliv Ii fl i.lii I'lii.-l.-y '1 u,-sin, j
1 ... ... .
-j ixg i iiiiritnniH ilianer at liniel
I.akevle on ChriHtniiiM day,
Al Moore of l'alley In down from
there to have Home dental Work
MIhh Grace tiall epeut lat Hnnday
vUltlng at the MeKee ranch, down
the valley.
The Ilnll Hiiiioer will lm .ri,,,, ...
Hotel Lakeview for the Mimk It.ill
Di-temlM-r With.
Andy MorrlH wan over from -Ariel
Sunday. He reports thing oulnt In
IiIh H.-etlon of country.
the inlet ion Hale lant SuMirdry', hIiimi
; Toiii llninll.-y m
i hh.
(),.e i.f.lue A li.l.l is,.'n iitt;.
I 'i e. I ,lll , .., v j; ,,.
of thliiKH at li iiMt.
We nre lla-llned to feel .ad over tl
demise of Th'-' 'l".'wa'-','!M' ,,'.-,l'ler
an exUtanee i ti. arly four year.
I ,ii..'r in J Virii-
ary ui
fn.'i; i l.v.
A roei.d
! a- 1 i l .M-.niJ.iy.
tl.'iie " u given i ' tie.
I'!" - '.V I I- J -I- i: i ! t'lM '' .".' , ,:t
i;--r of 1',..- r e'-;.
M'fr. ';i:i'.-i;.- and 1 Vmrning ; ,I((. ( Mr. ui;l Mm.' Iilurtou il
went to Iikeview liiwt week Fl-lil-i ,Ji,y night, which wH el a.ttflldtd
.uh.S ou u IiuhUich trip uU,iuH j TUto u th,k uf u Wl.,,li;illf jn
' Summer time thin winter lu tliUj Creek in the near future.
vicinity now. . Frank FarrinKtou left hfio foJ the
Oliver Charlun und la-other I van . lower country lant week.
ttarted for 'J'onopuh TueHday.
Jno Vluwcut and.hlH mother left for
ChlcolaMt week via, Red Bluff.
The funeral of Thuiua llendemou
wim I'reachi'd at the Iiahtixt Church
l lid ay.
W. K. McCoi-niiw-rf and J. Mc
I'onaal were heie it;,u, ralHley u
couple tif day hint week attending
to IiuhIiichh mat tern.
W, u. Khlrk returned u few dayn
ago from u two weekn trip lu the
HteluH MonutaluH country, where he
went on land IiuhIiic.h.
No ouo who 1h not nnuiled will We
allowed to daiii-M at the Mwk flail
until ufier 11:.T0. tirand March Imj
glim at 0 o'clock Hharp.
Koy Wmidward ofPaUley piiMHed
through Laknvlew laHt week ou IiIh
Mr. Harrington of lliihvell, fm her j "'"' Auilni-ofi, tj,ilf,,riila, wtere
if ,'iln.. Jack iiiu ry, In here vlii Iiilt ! ''" Ml" He) n in'. v.
I hin Ii....,,-!,..!.! ! HavlliK KUU-led t-
! . i .... i .... i ... .a .... n n t 1 1 r
I I rei II ll'l v. . n
..... ...,ir niLtnr...lV w
. . ful-iiicl a i.lvis.r. tor h and v. til..' a
v.i. ,.,i.r iM
oiwii. kiw ii,iN icinnv vjtK r '" - " .-.. - '.,":?'7"'
kiiii" trade, we huleil in "' " ,
. 1., ..-.ii..'
iM"oiit. Nome nay it nan oi. h
tonlet'p, but why It nhoiild nhf.' "
proper Htippurt to keep It allWCOiiM
m had wu do not know.
coii-dili'ivi My l.ct.lirr.
Illchard, the four-year-old 'o "
W. F. Heed, tin? Hly potitnittntcr unil
hotel keeiwr, had the mlnfortuno to
wllp und fait with hln arm Into ft Jr
of ladling hot lurd that had UD
emptied from tlie rendering kettle
but A few minute. Walter took li
Hon to klaiuttth FulU for trcntim-nt,
and tlio Dr. than' think he can vo
the arm, but the burn will leave j
bad mark.
lllrd Wade and A. Jaiot weut
over to the Went Wide to Ixik for the
LoHt (.'uplu inineM (irt of the week.
ISwrjj jtu,iw
llrltt won the big fight TtumHuy
uigbt la the 2Utb round.
; li in dnoKhter nnil family,
j l. H. llarUug wan a pleaHiiut vik-
itorln our city lnt Saturday from
hln farm down the valley,
Light & Harrow,' proprietor of
Hotel J,ukevlew, are preparing an
elaborate ChrUtma dinner.
J. W. HlhhliiH wih a vlnltor lu
Lakeview hwt Hu turd ay' ami Hm.
day from the utate Hue town,
A. J', Coleman hua au udvortUu
inent lu the Hum puper. a pioprl
etor of the Caldwell barber .hop m
11 urn.
li.H order W. it. Snider unA ed .
town unfe into t ii.- He city hu IMt,
Sunday, and he will nmKii hi hend
ijuartur. theie iu i,he tiittire."
Louie Urautlacht had the uu-.
tune laHt Saturday evenlug whll
ulllliig to everely npraln hi uuk'
and he ha mIiico been on crutche;
A free cholurMhlp lu the VAeJirW
lltiHlne College of Albany, Oivlon,
will be given to a number of yTung
men und young ladle. , AllapillcuU
Ion for free cholarh!p imit be lu
ly iHweutU-f 20th. fit-15
g copper rrrcica
4 m-
h..X :.
, j
( - j
; (
- I v