Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 15, 1904, Image 1

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Sis- i t
NO. 50,
has ordered (IihI the representatives of
t ne ifnston paper Khali le denied ao
CORRESPONDENT , cp to all Government office in Wash
! inirtmv Tlio nrJiip oarrino tltii atwl
Tlie President 1 everyday uusy man to reail
The l w o great topic of conversation
disgrace of disbarment.
I he President's Message.
Presidents messages are generally
too voluminous for the common
ing For the Past Year Better
Times are G)ming
1.. this ci.v are opening ..t Congress and ' ki"'1 to ' Your correspond-
, A 11 T- 1 K W 1 1 r1 : the Inauguration, which is mt . :
usiness in All Branches Make Good Show-:t,.ive week. w.yand Pr.,i.e. lol, . e'n.uh..hmi(lr.rllto.n the
fc .... . . t'ftrk. Am nrilWlv m l f0tt anv
ail UDKUHilv imiMini; arwi RUii'nfitiH J ' '
'affair. Were are five great questions ; fi"e "'"' ' " ' hoi-ses. one
! for tlVo-gr, t0 ulspo.e of-lnrrifi ! 8 '''- tl,e
i .. i . . . dent a.ndMri ltoosevelt drlye up. The
revision, merchant marine subsides, re. . , '
ciproritv, how to increase the revenue ' P,Me" U," m,U'8 fro,n l,,e ,,,te IIoU8e-
!a..dhowto keep down expenditures. ! The pm",lwl 8W nis lw0 hundred
!-. :n :.. , i.... n .i pounds, lightly from the carriage, usual-
Lake county,, in good shape; ;ir s i -m --
I able legislation must go over until next j as-isis no. .seven to HiigiiT, Helps
j Deeemlier. Whil uianv Congress men, her to her horse and elves the horse
rati tnl fctiirli mi ll in .",(! O.H) (10 ill.- . V.
i nnm uepnuliean. ami leiii"rts, arejunlp0f (injjRr
pi mi i m iu,i i.v;i. ( culling at the While lloiixe to extern! J . . . . ,
,, , , ' . " , ., . , , , - horce a Inuip of mgnr he mounts nd
Sliiteinetit of the coudit Uli of tlie Breetiii!S to the rreKident. they take the
' J i : .1 rt a ii i i i i - . i
,,:- ,.:!,, I l,,ey riui -uii ai a wiiik loiioweu oy ine
HhiT eoiilitlt'H inljultiliii; Luke
mity re 'xiuhIIiiu- nhniit their
mm," xv hlle old I .like In nlleiitly
;iiyinr nil the prMiei it.v tint, n
miiitiiilty could iMUly n.k for.
Take It on all hide, xve xvlll i j-
lit the eitHt Hide, and you can hear
HortH of wild rumor of tintioiitid-ilt-vflopmc
tit, Hcoren of new liulld
.m, InitneiiHO rrojia and Inff and
uttoii mhIch, and milieu and rail-
ailn, and In fact every Imaginable
inil of improvement report of
imiiiM almoHt HiHIIi letit to Ktartle
quietude of our resident1 and
am? them to ke- an eye on the
lie nveuue of ecajie, the eat.
rcordliiK our Imnk HtatemeiitK,
iiK-k Miilen, HhlpnifiitH of merchau-
Into the country from the rall
ad, and In fact the reporu of
iH'tiil litiHltwHM In every hranch,
Likeview ard the county, rljtht to
ly, Ik doli-fj more IhimIik'm than
iv other town ami county m
nit liiiiHtern On-poll or Northern
illiiii-uia, nt'cordini; t o ltn pupnlu
ill. Iloxv run we prove thin
l livt. Xatlonal flunk of Klniuiit h , l'l,"rt,)"l,-v lo
I-'iiIIn, at the chme of litiHli.i'HHNovetn-l-r
(, l'.MM, nhow real eiitnte and
flxtures f4, !!."(;.!. ciihIi on hand $7
A'M.'X. due from liankn 17.472 11.1,
opinion I
ahiut tairii'f revision, Mr., of 'orderly ut a diHtanee of ahont a hundred
j Washington, ay that, in Iiih state the 'steps.
ItepublicaiiB preached prosperity, giving
the eredit t n protective tarriff. He Do Away with District Attorneys
adcls : "We cannot have revision lor a : (j,.,,,..,,, i M..,v.rr nmri.tmh-i,
there are many who perune their
paragraphs and rellshlngly devour
their content, sentence by sentence,
there are others who simply glance
over the moro vital recommenda
tlotm. President Roosevclts niOHfage
to congreHH -which was read before
that body lust Tvesday Decern lVr
6th, Is a strong American document
and emphasizes the character of its
author and justifies more fully the
confidence reposed In him by the
American people. The president has
carefully dealt with each phase of
our gox-ernment policy and fearlessly
states his attitude upon the great
questions of the day to be solved.
He did not mention tariff revision.
1 1 ri ' 1 I . V . v ...I. 1... . i t.n
c t .,..,. rr., , " ' 1 in-ie IH Illlill ILUlllOI ll V iur lilt? .
capital stock paid In jr,.(HH..H). de-; ' l-i-""- from Columbia county, is planning '
posits f:),02S.83.
The buslneNs of bun lis represents
the general business of the county.
T he showing of our 14 general mer
chandise stores, besides several
candy aud stationary stores. Jewelry
stores and drug stores well we
must admit that there are but three
of the latter in the county must be
seen to be immense. A "knocker,"
no matter how much influence he
may have, must possess a terrible
nerve to buckle up against such
reliable statistics as brink state-
rouftri I uticu. tfm Viul V'irivlnia bi .1 . ,
t 1 . . I Ml t .1..' f I
tariff is needed or desited in that I l" ,uln,u"l': cul,,lnK chief aim and hope in the prosecution
Plate. Senator Fulton, of Oregon, takes , session of the state legislature pro
the sauie view. Senator McCoinas of viding for doing away with the
Md. ressrds an extra fesMon a-nnneces-1 (rR.eB f state district attorneys,
fary. Thus far the weight of opinitn , ... , ., . , ,
, . ,. . . . .. and providing In their stead the
made public is against revisun ,
before next December. But there re offices of county attorneys, to lie
State and Statesmen yet to be heard
D i gratify in to record the good feel
inu which sxista between Democratic
members o( Qonii reus and the President,
Besi.'es meeting him cordially they
bring a number of invitation's for him
to visit the South next spring. Gen.
Fitxhugji Lee sa 8 he hopes to see the
President in Virginia : and it is know n
meiits, and we believe that the man ,jal ie inlelljB to meet the citizens of
who would do so has so little In- New OrliHiis and make a tour through
flin-lii-c that his unsupi or led state- Texas. That ihe President does not
......n w. ml.l have little effect. Wi t the N.uth is evidenced by the an-
' noiincenient tliut he intends lo appoint
. Ve hnve n larger area of vacant , j f sionewall Jackson, and
Well xv e x ill show how. - ...... i .....i ., Hmnii..r tiotmbitlon thfin I (,f il. t,-i,.. (i .,oi .iiauir.
the Sixth Annual statement of i
H-lluuk of Lakevlew published in j
:iie LMiminer this week, anil thej
iiteiiient of the condition of the
irst National 45u.nk of Lakevlexv
ubllshed a couple of xvi-ek ago,
impure thctu xxlth other state-
t'ouipnte the statcineut of our
irst National Uank with that of
: First National liauk of ManiMlh ,
ills. Here they both urt".
statement of the condition of the!
i'M National Hank of Lakevlexv lit !
( !W of 1 lllr.l lll-MH (.11 NllVllllllTl!).
o4, shows real estate I Hank liuihl-;
) f l().Ml4.1't, cnh on hand fl."-:
due f'-oiu banks, t' 1'1.7'KI.,'' ., i
any of our neighbor counties; we
have plenty of water to. litigate
where. Irrigation is needed, aud when
we are favored with government aid
lu irrigating our rich soil, which
xvlll lie tendered us next summer, we
xvlll have more beautiful homes than
can be crowded Into any other
county iu the state of Oregou.
Lake county is not booming, nor
never loomed, xve do not know
what booming Is, here, xvo do not
have to boom, we are simply uiov
In;; nli.ii:.-. i-M-r.v one doing all the
bu.-luesrt he can. hiimll.'. cver.x body
prospering, and gre.-it many get
I inL; I ii h.
builng the past suinincr Tlie Ks
mluer has prophesied several times
tat the Western i'aclflc ottered
j I mre encouragement to Lakecounty
railroad facilities than any or tne
jurious roaus talked oi a pr-i"n-rto
exU'lid through the county,
j-.very move made lu railroad build-
fiKKoeM to Btremrtheii our belief lu
The latest in railroad nexvs Is the
'Ho wing from the Kan Francisco
NKW YOllt:. December K. The
''i' Missouri l'acltlc Kallxvay Com
"i.v of fS.OOO.OOO 4 per ceut forty
VM gold bonds .f that road. The
fmsactlou wia looked ujioulu Wall
llrw-t as one of the -most Important
I lUiiouneeuients of the year, as it Is
j flight to have impot taiifc beuiing
i 'U the proJiKtta of the tioulds for the
'""tension of their system to the
j'Vlrie Coast throng h the recently
- - v J Ul f viiu "
"king house of IClihu, Loeb & Co., ,H.,j iu tllH tlty ,
iiiioimet'd to-day Its purchase from jry, of the Deuv
""k'aidted WesU-rn 1'aclllc Hallway,
jlili-li U to ruu from near Salt Jtke.
L'tah, to San Francisco, and of
xvhlih a number of Gould railroad
nieu are directors. While uo au
iiounccment was made of the pur
pose for which these funds are raised
the belief is that it is to further the-
Gould plan toward both the Atlan
tic and Pacific Coasts.
Wall street's understanding from
the 'purchase of these bouds by
Kuhu, Loeb & to. waa that It
meant a better understanding with
the J'euusylvanla interest and no
friction with the Jin rrlmau Interests,
for which the banking bouse also
At a meeting of the board of direct
ors of the Weteru 1'acllllc Compauy
today, 1'ivsldent
cr & Klo Grande,
was elected vice-president of tbe
Western racllic. This U regarded as
ludlcatlve of tlie interest the Den
ver & Klo Grande and other of the
Gould lines have In promoting the
Hue from Salt Lake City to San
The mysterious John loe Indicted
before the federal grand Jury last
spring in connection with laud
frauds, has turned out to be Guy
H uff, a barteudcr at Eugene, who
was arrested t he other duy.
cadet at West Point. And he says he
hopes the grandson of Jackson will show
the mil itary genius of his giandfalher.
His garcelul action, also, in proxiding
a place lor the x-enerahle Confederate
General, Senator Coikrell of Missouri,
at tt salary of 7,500, is warmly appreci
ated by the veterans in grey.
Among the bills which will be intro
duced the coming session are Mr. Over
Btree'l's for the protection of the Presi
dent ol the United States. When Con
gress adjourned this bill was in confer
ence, i The pure food bill he called up,
but has slender chances of being adopt
ed. Some of its requirements are con
sidered to he loo drastic. The Woman's
Chiisl.iiin Temperance I'niou wil! have
a big lobby in Washington, urging the
pattfiiigi.' of the Hepburn J) illiver bill,
lo contrjl inter- s'ale trullic in liipior;
the McCumber bill forbidding the sell
ingef Hj!ir vrnr.erit l,'iilditi!S
and soldier's homes, and the bill pro
hlpiting the opium trwtiic. These
women also want Senator 8 moot un
seated. Congressman Green of It. I.,
will introduce a bill makiug hours of
labor throughout the United tatei uni
form. This ia forlorn hope as it would
require a constitutional amendment.
The President of the Society for the
prevention of Cruelly to Animals, in
this city, Mr. C. A. Snow, informs your
corresprndent that President ltoosevelt
is actively interested in the promotion
of kindness to animals. In a recent
message to Congress he recommended
that special care and kindness be showb
superannuated horses aud mules, that
hud been in Government service, lie
is vp posed to docking orshesring horses.
While the 1'resideut is known as a
hunter, it will be remembered that he has
liuuted only ferocious aud carniverous
auimals those that are destructive to
deer, sheep and cattle. lie does not
shoot small birds or game. Hecently
a Boston paper published an accouut of
cruelty to a Thanksgiving turkey by the
ltoosevelt children iu the White House
grounds and represented the J resident
as enjoying the performance. There
was no word of truth iu the story tor
the'turkey was killed and dressed iu
Khode Island before it was shipped to
Washington aud tlie Koowevelt family
did not see it until it w as served on the
table. As a punishiueut and a warning
to mendacious Journalists the President
elected by the counties and paid a
salary regulated by the county
court. This law would not effect
the district attorneys elected last
June, but would go into effect so as
to cause county attorneys to be
elected at the expiration of the
terms now being serx-ed by State
district attorneys.
of the land frauds Is to confirm his
suspeclon of Binger Hermann. The
secretary has only directed Investi
gation in eases where he had reason
to believe Hermann could be found
implicated or have his name involv
ed' in some way, notwithstanding
the fact that greater frauds in the
states of Montana and Colorado,
and lu fact ail Western states,
have leen brought to his notice. He
has shown a desire to first prose
cute those In which he. could involve
Mr. Hermann." The above Is the
substance of a Washington dispatch
to the Oregoniau.
The Sixth Annual Report
of the
of Lakeview, Oregon,
At the close of business November, 30th, 1904-
Louiw & Dweniiits...$lS7,7U.S0.
Wiuruiit & llonds... l(l,4:UM0.
Ileal Estate J3.02S.3l.
Cnsh and in liauks.... 7,.'06.2H.
Ctipitul Stock pnid up...$ M,(H)0.00
Surplus Net '.. oO,OS9.60
Deposits .
II. Duly
IF. Ileryfovd Vlm toiv
Win. Harvey .
Stttt) of Oregon)
f us.
('utility of Luke)
, F. M. Miller Ctislih-r of thu nhovfi
limned hunk, do sohnnly sweir Hint
the nliuve statement Is true, to tlie
liest of my knowledge und belief.
V. M. MILLER, Cashier.
'. . SulmuilusJ uud Wuru lo bvtuiu 4nis
tills the 30th day ofSovemhen, JU04.
Notary I'ubllc for Oregon
A few facts About Ihe Bank of lakevlew.
Jt has a Capital Stock, fully paid, of 1)0,000.00, which la the. larg
est paid up Capital Stock of any Bank In Oregon south of Salein.
Its Net Surplus of 50,080.00, is more than the eutire paid up Cap
ital Stix-k of any other Dank lu southern Oregon.
IU eutire earnings are passed Into a Surplus Fund which added
to its paid up Capital Stock amounts,, on this date, to tlie sunt of
149,0(59.00. This amount, which Is the Banks own money, places It
among the strongest and most substantial of tlie larger Dunking
Institutions of the State.
Jt has never lost & dollar, during Its entire history, by bad louns
or otherwise. -
It has never foreclosed a mortgage or begun a suit for the collec
tion of any of its own loans or accounts.
It has never received or loaned any money for outside money
speculators, therefore, Its customers are protected from the forced
payment of all such loans.
It is owned, controlled and managed, Ly successful business men
vyho have long resided In Lake County and who individually and col
lectively own larc and valuable property jnter-ts In h County.
With all of these advantages the Bank of Uikeview is now better
prejmred than ever to extend to Us customers pud patrons every
accommodation that Is consistent with a const rx at! ve and iegitl'
iuate Dunking business.