Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 08, 1904, Image 1

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    VOL. XXV.
NO. 49.
1 rj fft hvity
in re oo use to h lelrirnim ir(,m
.. , a. t i, i- . '
wlge H. L. IW-nwdn, Dr. II. K.
keliier, LrprcMelitauve in.m tills
strict started lam week for Klani-
lh Fulls for the purpose of ioiihiiII-
a 1th the U. S. Government eiigln-'
Ltd who were Investigating thefi an-
iliiy of covering the arid lauds of
ktoiniiih Co., with water, regarding
Lull it-gifUllon n the U. S. Govern-;
-l will ask of the State of Oregou
, ... , ., !
, the next Legislative session. He
Us intercepted at Bonnnia by a
iix-HMirfe aim asKeu to meet tiic
I wird at that place. After their
,HultatloiitleI)r. who had
Idling on to Klamath Falls was
uH-lled to return to Uikeview.
lie -port4i the aople around
S'lOtiauia and Klamath Co., general-
r, very eutliunlatlc over the matter
ad he believes the Government's
jork will produce a population In
Klamath Co., of 250(M) within the next
orldvear. The Government will
tk the Mate of Oregon to relinquish !
aih rights as It w ill gain from the
mining of Its navigable lakes by
ie govern tuent winch would Uj-
uile.nih as Ijwwtr Klamuth and
ale Ijikes. It Is elaliiied that the
..ttoins of these lakes can U- made tliat w uay Ket decisions on them,
t the fln-Kt farms In t lie ' world j and we will nk that you gentlemen
ml Klamath Co., would be trans-! do all you rail to push forward tin
ned Into the wealthiest county proved water laws In this state.
t Orcu-oii In a brief time.
ie!!n-r said neiiis-r r. 11.
It-well Chief Knulneer or J. H. 1I-
:m-ott Sup-rvlflng Engineer of thej
r.H. Geological survey knew of the
, , , . ...
MHlWhties of conserving the sater-
Urews Creek, Cottonwood or log-
lake which could so easily Irrigate '
ouse Lake vallev and Mr. I.lppln-1 "All of our cltueua w no are tuter--tt
stated be 'would Irsonally I wu-d In this project should co-oper-.
, ate very heartily with tue Govern-
-me to I,ake County next -ason llirlnewil aud ,,.t them know
ud investigate the merits of th.-se(li( Hwliy Ha possible that they
iieiHe. They think very fnvorubly
the 1'alsley proposition. Dr.!
h.-ln.-r Mates that every man In
j (inestions jisKen nun oy soiiiL- oi iui
ake County M.onld U nd I.U "I-K1.1M1M.I1 ,v,.Ilt, H,M: -When A
"rt i. Klamath County in t in j ,,, lilrt ,un. i ban Iliu acres of lurid
utter, In return for which the Klnin-
'll lii i title iv ill no iliiitlit ilo llll I liev
, , ,. , i, ' Interior has dee ded that there
ii to a-MM. Lake County when n,""1" . .
i would lie no objection to the dwpo
' our turn. JudgelViiM.n i,,,,,,,,,, lall,l toaiiiemberof his
ry 1-nrueM in his work for Irriga- ;in,iy jno lded the traiihfer l In
m In Klamath and Lake Counties i
ml lu ,1.1.,, ..II 1 ...ti ta f.'t tilt'
nle united lu their efforts.
J Nuw that the goveriiineiit has
TTo-u a disposition to aid In thede-
I'luiiiui.ii t. of IjiUe eouutA. our
opje should Join hands, form nil
sorlatliu to prepare for the gov-riiit-iits
agents, and work with
,M'iu. A Development Leugue Is
f1 but therouuty uwds.
following Is what the government
wle Inul to say to the Klamath
a Sa.i.l...
I tlilef Luglueer F. II. Newell, of the
j IU-d HtaU-s r.eclauiatlon Service,
P- b. Lippeucolt, Supervising Lu-
f'lsvr of the same service, Morris
legal advisor, and T, H. Means,
H expert, visited Klamath Falls
t week to look over the Klamath
,rJt, Investigate Its feasibility and
"wrtalu the desires of our land
wuers lu regard to tlovernuient lr-
Mr. Newell, belug called on for re
?"rks pertululog to Goveromeut
rrxatiou, arose aud said In part:
I "In carrying out a Government
pKtttlou project here the large
owners can greatly faetlitat
"tter by Bubdlvldiuir and wiling
?'r holdings.
"lue law is iuteuded io bring
lliout dense fcettlement and
iiorough cultivation U lands that
"'Pport a family. '
"The fact that you will have ft
"tre population, that you will have
ample fcec , ,P cattle mean- the
lfkllttllfliV R fill lh lul tllmv itf 1.. 1 1ia..u
..i.wmi iiuti'llllHUI lailUt BIUI-H
city and country,
"From what I ha'
ve heard of your
irolcct here It seems ivrt feHlhli 1
Kn,j wnt.n we are In a i.osltlon to
bring the fact In-fore the Secretary
of the Interior It will be done.
Mr. Means, who comes with uk,
,t ... . ,.,,... , ,,.
. " r U frC J l F II 1 111 IU H,
over the situation very carefully.
We know that In certalu valleys ruin
l'" resulted from Irrigation without j
u"n,nr ""....use.
"There are nn Infinitude of legal
pro,,lt.niH VVe h(tve llPOIlirht Mp;
Morris Men. our legal advisor, with
us, to gee ine laci in tue ciih. am ;
these matters must be known bo j
Intend-i""1' . l.' " ' ujr lur 1
..T ou ,-,nt,..lnen. who Unow
.wrtiAPViii in ifirriir
theae thing. It may seem super
fluous to go Into such detail, but we
are trutttees and that trust oiuttt tie
so conducted that Congress will
know we are giving It the very best
treatment that can be given.
"When the Government takes hold
6f a project It Is probable It will
never let gV until every available
Mir lina )un rfowlnrufl ti If a litmriuf
, -
"In this project we have a great
many conditions shlctt we do not
have elsewhere. We may have to
have some legislation. Among
other things we will ask that the
code of water rights be amended so
The w hole tiling Is simply tins:
AHfumliig the project to be feasible
. , ,r1, ,1,i.r
nvstemut Ically to store all the water
that ran leVtored and utilize every
acre of land itrnt ran Is? utlllned In
this fertile couutry;"
MMfU jU(je IJenson was called on
,y the chuirniau and said In part:
want the project to go through."
Mr. lileu, the legal advisor of the
...mi.u.. " y -
which he desires to have Irrigated by
the Government, t ho Secretary of the
Kood faith.
"When a Wuter-l'wr's Absotlatlon
has been organised, ami has obtain
ed the signatures of the laud owners
uiidir 11m project, tUe (JoveriiiaeBt
will then lie reai'y to begin construct
ion. "The Association enters into a
coutract with the Secretary of the
Interior. The latter agrees to con
struct the project aud furnish the
water to the jK-ople and also recog
nises the Association us a represent
ative of the various laud owners.
He also agrees not to furnish water
jo n person nor h miiitir of the As
sociation. The only obligation as
sumed by the Association is that it
will pay the cost of construction.
For each year there will be an assess
ment covering the cost of coustrcut
lon. Lach year that attaches to the
land for the amount due that year,
aud uutll it ia paid the Association
will Lave th right to sell a uiau's
laud for the cost.
"The Secretary of the Interior can
acquire by purchase or condemnat
ion any property or lands that are
necessary to the construction of the
The payments shall l made on
the first of December In the yearthat
water Is furnished iu April. If the
water Is furnished after April then
Hie payment id not be made until
the first of December of the following
"The entire charge of the inaln
taluaiuv 'ild come ou tlie
water nwr until lie had completed
his payments. .
"The Secretary of the Interior has
irli.n I. ..A . . 1 I .- .art .( a
1 fli IV II IB UllllUU lUUi (INTaiC
parties had cot a right to take
water from a' navigable body of
F. H. Nuftsuvr. ex-nresldent of a
Southern California Fruit growers'
nwMocial Ion, after relating some In-
stances to which he was familiar in
, , ... ,,, ... ',',,
lllll lH I 111 II in l"- I 1111, ffclKI If II"
ing what water cost them in some
caws as high an $100 jter acre for
the first year and $2.25 for the use of
hut Tnerenuer-conc.unea as
Here vou hre presented to vou
a proposition where your father will
inaugurine xne pystem it is line
getting money from Dome. I cannot
two opinions on tne subject. Gov
ernment Irrigation is far bitter than
a peretual rental at any figure.
Nearly 100 Years Old.
J. B. Blab of Lake view, an old resi
dent of this county expect to start
to Penelton iu a few days on a visit
with his father. C P. Blalr. Ou
readers will remember an item pub
lished in the Examiner a couple of
weeks ago clipped from an exchange,
stating that C. P. Blalr of Pendleton
Oregon was U9 years old aud still
strong and hearty, not only strong
physically but strong mentally. At
the time we printed the Item, we
were not aware that the man refer
ed to was'the father of our towns
man.), B. Blair, but was attracted
by the exceptionality of the cane.
John Blair Informed us that the
old gentleman was his father and
that he would, ou January 1, ltK5,
bo 100 years old. Think of It, and
yet he walks about, couverses with
leopie, laughs and enjoyes life as
well as many youuger men. C. P.
Blalr was born In Noth Carolina
on Jan. 1, 1S05, of Scotch parents,
the same year that Lewis and Clark
discovered tiie Oregon country, and
next year the whole nation Is to
celebrate that Important event with
a worlds Fair at Portland. Mr.
Blalr ought to be at Portland next
year and celebrate his centennial.
From North Carolina. Mr. Biairniov-
cd to hjentui ky from Kentucky tOj
I Illinois, from Illinois to lown, and.
from there to Oregon. 11 fought In
the Black Hawk war of Is: 12, and
crossing the I laln in the year is,'.:)
with an oxteain and was all summer
making the trip to Oregon. No man
nowadays can realise what an un-ilertaklnu-
that. was. No iiih.ii now
ever veutureu ail undertaking so
strenuous and one requiring such
a hoard of vitality and will power.
I'pon arriving In Oregon he settled
In Benton county, and when the In
dian war broke out, the blood of
his father, who fought through the
Revolutionary war, came to the sur
face, aud he went with the Indian
fighters to prom t the few lives in
Oregon. He fought through the
Itogue Uiver Indian war under Col.
Kelsay, Uncle of ' J. H. Kelsay, of
Paisley, Iake county.
. Mr- Blulr braved many a hardship
during the two Judtan wars, aud
came out whole, lie settled down
in IVnton county again, where he
remalued until 10 years ago wben
be went to live with aeon, T, J,
Blair a Pendleton business man.
Mr. Blair's wife died 35 yearn ago.
J. P. Blalr nan not seen lils father
for 2 years. He has a picture of the
family reunion composed of four
Mr. iJlair was an engineer iu early
life. While sitting watching a train
go by the door at his son's home In
Pendleton to years ago whi n J.
j Blair wan there on a visit, the old
I gentleman's memory reverted back
over his life again, paused at the
first locomotive. He turned and
paid, ".John, If yon was to see the
first one of those things that I ever
saw, you would not know what to
call It."
Mr. Blalr was well acquainted with
some of the old frontiersmen that we
read about, such as David Crockett,
Daniel Boone, and others. He was
born six years after George Wash
ington died; while Thomas Jefferson,
the third President was in the execu
tive office; He could have voted for
J. Q. Adams for President.
He Is an old man, and may lie live
to be older.
Neilon is a Free flan.
J. V. Maxwell received a telegram
Inst Thursday from A. J. Neilon,
dated Salem, Dec. 1st, In which Mr.
Neilon stated that himself and wife
would start for Portland that day.
A. J. Neilon was pardoued out. of
the state iHnItentiary on Wednes
day, November 30th. A largely sign
ed petition went from Lake county
to the Governor asking that Mr.
Neilon lie released, and was honored
by the state executive . ;? .r f
The following was clipifc'd from
the Salem Statesman:
In company wjth one of the most
The Sixth Annual Report
of the
of Lakeview, Oregon.
At the close of business November 30th,. 1904:
Lou us ik Discounts., .flf,705.S0.
Warrants & JiouJf ... .. IC,4MM.
Real Estate 13.0J8.S1.
Cash umt In Banks.:..' 70,500.28.
H. Duly
H'. V. Jleryford) Directors
Vm, Ilarvey)
A Few Facts About The Bank of Lakeview.
It lias a Capital Stock, fully paid, of f !M),000.00, which Is the larg-'
est paid up Capital Stock of any Hank in Oregon south of Salem.
Its Net Surplus of f 5U.089.C0, Is more than the entire paid up Cap
ital Stock of any other Bank in southern Oregon. . . '..
Its entire earnings are passed into a Surplus Fund which added
to IU paid up Capital Stock amounts, on this date, to the sum of
$149,089.00. This amount, which Is the Banks own money, places It
among the strongest and most substantial of the larger Bauklng
Institutions of the State. ,
It has never lost a dollar, during Its entire history, by bad loans
or otherwise. )
It baa never foreclosed a mortgage or begun a suit for the eollec-,
tlon of any of Ita own loans or accounts.
It baa never received or loaned any money for outside iuouoy
speculators, therefore, Ita customers are protected from tha forced
payment of all such loans. 4 .
'It la owned, controlled and managod, by successful business men
who bave long resided iu Lake County and who Individually and col
"lectlvely own large and valuable property Interest In the County.
With all of these advantaguthe Bank of Lakeview la now better
prepared than ever to extend to Its customers and patrons every
accommodation that is consistent with a conservative sad 1 'g't ,
mate flanking ha-lnem
faithful and affectionate wives a
man ever possessed, ex-Sheriff A. J.
Neilon erstwhile convict, left for
home on the afternoon train yester
day, after having changed his prison
suit of stripes for the more sombre
one of the civilian.
The history of Neilon 'a crime Is well
known, and few who are not rejoic
ing at his freedom again.
The petition which Governor
CbamberlatH acted on was the
strongest ever presented .to the Gov
ernor of Oregon. It contained the
signatures of 539 voters, while the
official count at the Inst election
shows that there were cast only 53
votes. Mrs. Neilon conies of one of
the best families In the county, and
it was her Indomitable perseverance
which accomplished the desired re
sult. Besides tJie petition, there
were many letters from the most
prominent men in the county,' and
not one to whom the Governor com
municated was opposed to the par
don being Issued.
Just before we went to press last
evening word came In that J. N.
Watson and Mrs. C. A. Knox were
to be married at the home of Mrs.
Knox's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Bernard. None but a few relatives
were Invited. The friends of oth
these popular people have been look
ing for this event to take place for
sohie time, but they have kept the
date a secret till The Examiner
heard of It.
Capital Stock pitld up...$ 90,000.00
Surplus Kef.....
Deposits ..........
.: 59,089.60
Stuff of Oregon
County of f-iiike
I, '. SI. Miller Cusliier of 'the alnnt)
nunied b;ti)k, ilo solmuly swenr tlmp,
the u ho ye statement is true to the
best of my knowledge ami belief. ,
" F. SI. MILLER, ( 'asltier. .
Subscribed and Bworu to before me
this the 30th day of November, 1904.
IV. J. OORV - -- : .-
' Xotary Public for Oregon