Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 20, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 42,
Bett :r Prices are Being Paid For
Fat CattleBuyers are in
a a s .
m main wouniy.
K. M.' Green returned a few day
ago from driving thu 70 la-ef to Ga
zelle. Mr. Green Informs tin tlmt he
Ihih about 400 ticaJ of 2-year-old
steers and tut cow s to dlcpoae ot yet
aud Ih on a deal with Swuiimoii for
tlii'in at i" centa for the steers deliv
ered at Merrill, where SwanHon will
Mr. (ireeD met tlte band of beef be
longing to the ranchers down the
vuller ou their way to Gazelle, anil
they had not aold yet.
Geo. M. Jones of Paisley and Jack
Tart In of Hummer Lake drove about
WO head of cowiAud ateera to Merrll
where they Hold their mra to
Swauaon at -5 cent per Itt. Mr.
Pnrtln disponed of Lla eowa also.
F. P. Grohs of Laugell valley aold
bin steers delivered at Gaxelle to W.
D. Duke for Miller & Lux, at G
cents, and for eowa, all that 'would
welch .VKI pounda, he received $20 a
s. r. Dicks and Frank Bauera
drove their cattle to Gaielle where
I hey Hold their steers to Edisou for
" ceutM. They will probably ship
l lie row 8 to a coiiiiiiIhmIoii house.
Akiu, SwatiHon, fierlter aud Bird
hiv now buying in Klamath county.
Jllrd Is buying feeders.
I!. Daly receive I a telegram from
P. M. Miller yesterday stating that
tlie 400 7T eowa were Hold at Gaxelle
or 4J( cent.
It la believed that real fat ateera
now will brlug an high as 7 cent,
but thia class of cattle Is acarce.
Mwt of the eowa will go to
commission bouses.
U'lllla Seammon aay he ha got
up aoine borne aud tuulea, aud la
waiting for a buyer.
C. Finder, the Warner sheep man
etuue to Jikeview Sunday after
another bunch of those thorough
bred bueka. Mr. Kiaber haa'lwen
buying more aheep, aud Intend to
breed then'i op by using thorough
bred buck. Hebought 1 head from
Lufollet & Colllna.
1. H. (J rove ia here from Cedar
vllle. He u expectlug to make a
purchase of 2000 head of atock aheep
Iroiu S. B. chatidler.
L. A. Moss eipects to leave soou
'ur Montague with about two thous
and head oAnuttou aheep. About
1'ilf of tuein belong to Hon. S. P.
Walter aud Thoa. Sherlock weut
to Bly lost Friday, to look atToiu'e
nmtton aheep. Walter will take
uumtof the 2000 head to Kan Fran,
'"'wo, to the Don-Dlggs Co.. to lie
Mr. Grant Wilcox of Hed Blnff.Cal.,
'"if bought from Messrs. Mow ami
sinlers about 2000 head of mutton
uud feeders for future delivery to the
s Francisco market.
J' Keuuey wua at Merrill Monday
'''Niitied for Montague with KOO
'"Ml ton sheep some of which were
''J'u the Harvey floeka and we
"'derstuuil will be consigned to II.
'r. Aatnua Touulugacn acting In
"w Interest ol 1L Levy of Hau Fum
1 at Montague aud adjacent
of stock being consigned to his
W. A. and Thoa. Sherlock returned
from Hly Monday. Walter bought
1100 head of aheep from Tom, and
will ship the remainder tothe,com
miaalon houae of Don Biggs Co., San
Francisco, lie paid $2.25 tor thoae
he bought.
Mr. Walter Sherlock left Wednes
day morning for, Madeline accom
panied by Mr. A. Franaen of Keno,
who ia repreaentlng U. M. Slater
aheep butcher of San Francisco.
We will aay incidental to Mr. Fran
aen 'a vlalt that hla peralatent at
tempts to trade with sheepmen here
were unaucceaaful Inaamuch aa he
received little encouragement from a
trader'a point of view also that
there seemed a manifest reluctance
to "let go" In the face of a steadily
rlalug wool market and a general
confidence In the future market well
established or not we can not now
aay on account of its present
treacherous condition.
We are Informed by Inspector
Smith of the movement In the nearj
Five Parties
Secretary of State Dunbar has made up the form of the official ballot for the Presidential election
next month. Opposite the names of each set of candidates for Presidential Electors the names of the
candidates for President and Vice-President are given. In the caae of the People's party candidates the
Initials of the candidates are not given for the reason that only the surnames were given In the nomi
nating petition, aud the Secretary of State must follow the records as he finds them.
The form of the ballot is as follows: ' , '
12 U. li. Dim Mit'K. of Clackamas county Republican
13 Jamks A.. Fkk, of Umatilla county Republican
14 J. K. Hakt, of Polk county Republican
15 A. C. HotJoii. of Josephine county Republican
ltf Thomas H. Ckawfokd, of Union county Democratic
17 W. B. Dim.aki, of Columbia county Democratic
18 Wai.tkk S. Hamilton, of Douglas county. ..Democratic
19 J. A. J icrKHK y, of Marlon county Democratic
20 J. 11. A.Moa, of Multnouian county Prohibition
21 LKai.iK Butliju, of Wasco county Prohibition
,22 W. P. Ki.mohk, of Linn county Prohibition
23 T. S. McDaniki., of Multnomah
24 C. W. Bau.kk, of Wasco county..
25 William Bkahii, of Clackamas county., Socialist
20 J. C. Hkuiunoton. of Multnomah county Socialist
27 S. H. Holt, of Jackson Socialist
28 J. L. Hill, of Linn county Peoples
20 L. 11. McMaiiaw, of Marion county Peoples
SO pTlC. Phki.I's, of Malheur county Peoples
31 G. F. Hthmitlkin, of Jackson county Peoples
A New Kind of Fence.
John R. Hammond, a former res
ident of Lake county, and who yet
owns property at Paisley, arrived In
lakevlew last Friday evening froui
Reno, where he has resided the past
to years. Mr. Hammond is ex-
tcnalvely interested iu mines in Cal
ifornia. He Is associated with his
brother uud other prominent mining
men, and It U said they own a val
uable mine. Mr.' Hammond" Is nlso
interested in the Pacific U. S. Fence
Co., a corporation i eeciHly organised
at Reno. The company mauufac-
tures a wire fence that is proving to
be sujterlor to any yet put up. The
wires ure smooth. s to barbs, but
re kinked, ur wavy, made so In
order to give the fence Vlastlclty, the
wire belug spring steel. Tho fouce
w hen completed Is almost unbreak-
able, either by aulmals coining In
violent vontact with It or by ex
future of n. numlxr of cattle drives
from the Wbod Klver country which
will neceHslte Ills la-lug in the vacln
Ity of Klamath Falls next week.
Mr. Geo. Phillips of Red Bluff, Cat.,
croased his sheep Into Modoc county
last week. They go Into feed lots at J
lied Dluff preparatory to condition- .
Ing for the Friseb market about
February. ' j
Zac Whltworth Is on his way to
the deaert with his sheep. Zac left
the sheep at the Loveless corrals
Tuesday and came to town.
Mr. Shampagne and Mr. McCulley
left for Silver Iake where they ex
pect to buy some mutton.
Frank Bloomingcamp and Jim
Reddldg of Wy, left town after try
ing In vain to get hold of a bunch of
mutton sheep.
J. H. Colllna gave us a list of sheep
men who bought bucks this week
and the number each one purchased.
C. Fisher of Warner valley, 10;
Geo. Hankins of Summer Lake, 10;
E. Casebeer, of Uly, 11; Owen Mc-
Kendree. of Bly, 14 Pete Grob of j
Will be Voted For in Oregon This
For President:
For Vice-President; ..
For President:
F'or Vice-President:
pansion and contraction caused by
heat and cold. The kinked steel
wire remedies a- defect In thestralght
wire fences which causes it to con
tract with cold and break aud be
come expanded by heat and get
slack, allowing the stays to full out.
The fence will turu the most vicious
unlinal, as when It lunges against a
well made fence of this make the
animal Is suddenly thrown back
ward by the spring in the fence.
The stays can be placed either close
together or far opart, to suit tlie
needs or taste of the builder. As
many wires can le uaed us is desired,
making a hog, or even rabbit tight
fence, aud posts can le placed a long
t,r abort distance apart. When the
wire stays are put In place an Iron
clamp which fastens the wire stay to
the fence wire makes a solid lucsh
that cannot be spread by hogs or
oalve poking their bends through as
Lakevlew, 20; Geo. Fitzgerald of
Warner, 10; J. S. Eleld of Lake
view, 4.
In Litigation.
Through Its attorneys, Colvlg and
Durham, ways the Klamath Express,
the Klamath Falls Irrigation Co.
(the Henly Ankeny Ditch Co.) filed
a complaint Monday In the Circuit
Court hera asking for a ierpettial in
junction and $5000 damages against
the Klamath Canal Co. because the
latter corporation has trespaased
upon the right of way pf the former
corporation, and has placed enor
mous quantities of earth and rock,
covering a distance of more than 500
yards, along he right of way of the
Irrigating Co. This, the complaint
alleges, has made it difficult, and In
many places Impossible for plaintiff
and Its employees to go along the
line ot its said ditch and use teams
thereon neceaaary In repairing the
same or in widening aud increasing
Its capacity.
On Tuesday Sheriff Obeiichain
served a temporary Injuuctlon order
Issued by Judge Benson n the Klam
ath Canal Co '
Vot For Four.
For President:
For Vice-President:
For President: . .
For Vice-President:
For President;
' For VIee-President:
la the case with other smooth wire
fences, and when one wire Is broken
It does not slacken on either side of
the stays and can be easily repaired.
The necessary tools for building and
repairing the fence go with the ma
terlal. This fence also relieves tlte
anxiety of tho farmer who ts always
having a horse cut up or ruined on a
barb wire fence, or his favorite cow
ruined. The barb wire Is a danger
ous fence and bus resulted in con
siderable loss to stock men.
Mr. Hammond put up a sample of
this fence Monday ou the south
side of Hotel Lakevlew, and its
merit can bo Investigated by any
To Start Perfume Factory.
E. 1). Lut of Silver Lake has
lauucbed a new ludustr. He has a
large number ot pet skuuks, aud it ts
presumed that his iuteutlous are to
J atart a perfume factory,
Ben Warner Escheat Case Settled
at Last Warner Valley Case..
Still Being Argued
Court convened Monday morning
at 10 o'clock. The case of John
Brautlacht was called and defend
ant was turned over to the county
court. KJs case has not yet been de
cided, .but the county Judge will
probably commit him to the reform
school this week. His bebavler
there will decide the length of his
The list of jurors was called and ,
the first day was mostly spent la
empaneling a jury for the Barry case.
Seven jurors were secured out of the
regular drawn list, and a new list
was drawn Monday evening and a
deputy sent out to summons them.
The case will be resumed this' morn- '
Ing at 10 oclock. , .
During Intervals the case of the State
of Oregon ve. the Warner Valley
Stock Co., was heard, which case Is
being presented upon demurrer to
Attorney General Crawford and
JuUge Watson of Portland represent
the plalntiffH, Judge Watson being
special counsel for the State, while
C. A, Cogswell represents the War
ner Valley Stock company.
Warner Valley Stock Co., vs. Ton
nlnguen," demurrer withdrawn by
defendant aud leave given to answer.
Warner Valley Stock Co., vs. Tay
lor, demurrer withdrawn by defend
ant and leave to answer given.
Tuesday morning the case ot the
State vs. John Hall, (colored)' Jor
larceny was called. Dalrymple was
appointed by the Court as!
for defendant. Defendant plead
guilty at 10 o'clock and was senten
ced to one year In the penitentiary.
In the matter of the estate of BenJ.
Warner deeeased, t al;j. the State
of Oregon: The case was tried Sat
urday without a Jury. The heirs re
cover 7000 from the State of Oregon.
J. C. Telrsol of Monroe City, Mo.,
J. D. Venator and W. A. Wllahlre
represented the plaintiffs and V. Jx
Moore District Attorney represented
the State.
State of Oregon vs. A. L. Howell,
passed for term.
Fifteen new Jurymen arrived here
last evening from the northern part
of the county. The first venire, ex
cept those regularly empaneled,
were discharged for the term Tues
day by J uidge Benson.
'It. O, Foster, T. B. Wakefield, W,
It, Bernard, J. S. Brauch, Leo Emer
son, Eldon Woodcock, S, J. Studley,
are the Jury empaneled lu the Barry
Now at College.
The following list ot students from
Luke county now at tho Agricultural
College at Corvallla was scut us by
Prof. J. It. Horner, who states that
they are progressing nicely, and ho
urges that more ot the Vltd be scut.
He saya the quality Is satisfactory,
and he desires more ol the kind:
Ruby Foster.... .......... .Summer Lako
Mae Harris ...;,..,. "
Robert O. Honllug Silver Lake
Irvlu E. small " "
Joseph C. Wright " "
Lulu Marie Wright " ' "
Olive Isabel Wright " "
.. ;'
1 1
1'olnU superintending tlte shipping