Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 29, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 39.
Cards will' Hi'iil out I III" Week nil
iioi.iirlug I In1 inn t riune of M I k. A. A.
William' ilatii! liter, MIhh MiIvii
lii'wl, tu Mr. Chester La wreiice
W llln iH, (uu well kiowu iiml pop.
iilnr yniiMK people i.f I'iiImIi-v. Tin
inn rrlii Hi will I ii li il.ii'i- ii l ih hi ii
if I r. it id I M iw. A . A. WMiihiii next
Wl'lllll'rlilll.V I'VI'lllllg, September '.'HI ll,
at eight tii'lock. 1!"V. Howard nf
Silver I. like Will iiTfiirill I In cere.
inoiiy. ,iH l-vvlrt Im llii' daughter
uf.MrM. A.A. W 1 1 hit tn mill tin' late
Rev. Mr. M. M. I'uIh II. S. II. I.. a
graduate if tin Chicago I 1 v 1 1 1 1 r -.School
Mli formerly llMor of I In
Second HiitUt Church of rtirtlittitl.
MImh Lrwln Iiiim resided here fur the
pant Mevt'ii yearn. Mr. Withers Im u
graduate of tlio Portland IIiihIiichh
College Hlnl Hfuld's IUimIiii'mm College
if Niiti Frani-lnco, Ih h inc idImt of tint
AliiMwortli & Withers llriu ami of the
Withers llriiM. Ranch ami Stink coui
iany. Mr. WUIhth ami IiIh bride
will leave mi tliflr wedding trip fur
San Francisco about Hh'.'IiI or -t t Ii of
October, or an hi mil as Mr. AliiM
wortli n-tiiriiH from California to
tiiki' t'liari' of tin' AIiihw oil Ii
Wltllern store. I'uht.
A wedding wliirli will iinlti two of
I lit' olili-Nt falilillcn fif IScrkcly, I 'al., in
that of MIhm Charlotte Henley nml
I .it wivncc Sutton AliiMwort Ii. Tin
ceremony will Im m rlortncil In tltt
jr'Hi'iift of tln family on tin even
ing of S'iti'iiiln'r L'stli, at tin' rcd-
lcnce of tin bride's niotlit-r,
Hoini' street. MImh Henley Im the
daughter of Mrn. ami tin late Cap
tain Jaini'H lirulnard Henley, who
was for many yearn a prominent
it'Hiilent tt in t iiifinlier of the Hoard
if Fdiication ami Hoard of Trustees
iih well iih City Treasurer. '1'he
lirlde-elcct Ih a graduate of thellerke
Jt'.V High School, clann lS'.Mi, and the
I 'diversity of California, of the cIiihh
ofliKM). Mr. Alnsworth Ih the only
moii of Mrn. ami the latu Captain
George Jennings Alnnworth. For
many yearn he made Portland bin
lioiue and wan eonniH'ted with the
Coliimliiu River Navigation com
jiiiny. The bride and groom-elect
will make Ihelr future home In Pals
ley, Or., where tho groom han large
liiiHlnecH IntereHtH. i Ircgonluu.
A happy wedding took place at
the Mil.thliiiuy residence lust I'll
..lay evening, Sept. L':i, 1!M1. The
bride wan MiHH Do vie Itlulr, daughter
of Fx nsnessor J. 11. Rlnlr who Ihih
ilitH'ii a prominent citizen of Lake
county for many yearn. Miss Itlulr
wan a handsome and accomplished
young lady who has numerous
frlendH In all parts of the county
who wIhIi her the greatest of huppl
neHH. The groom Recder, Ih a
popular rancher and stock man of
Silver Luke, well liked by all who
know him. Me In the sou of .Mm
Heftier of New Fine Creek.
Mr. nml Mrn. lteeder will remain
in Jiukeview for u few da.VH.
The many frlendH of I ho happy
couple In wishing them u long und
prosperous life nro Joined by The
The marriage of Mr. Ira M. 1-urd-'ineHH
and MIhh Xoni Ix-llu (Iri-eu wan
HC'lK'duled for luat evening at TalHley.
Mr. l.ardnieHH la from t'allfornlu,
ami Ih Hald to Ih a nice jjent lemau.
MImh (tlrifli Ih t he daiiuhter of Mrn.
I.. L. lireen tif I'lilnley, mid hat
mniiy fi-lemlM In that town where
mIii Iiiih lived for Heveral yeitl'H, vx
cept lnif a year nhe fMMit III Cllllfor-
I lilit. She Im well liked by all who
know In c. I b r winning way
her inlinll'i'l'M wherever ulie Kim-m,
The I'.XMliiliitT JoiiiM in tlie many
coiim at 1 1 lat Ii iiim a to) u'uil w Ixhi'H.
Alfoid I'cnJIeton.
I.iimI S inlay evening at tin
on SliiMliHltei t of Mr. and Mrn.
Creed I'emlleton III I he pri-Mcnce of a
few Invlli'il kiii'mIm. Mr. ISert Alford
and MIhh llerlllil reudli'toll Were
Joined lii holy matrimony.
The .vouiik M-ople art well known
In Kakevlew l avliiK Imi ii raltH'tl here.
lii-rt Alford Ih tin hou of TIioh. Al
ford tif thin place.
Tin Fxainlner wIhIh'm tin hnppy
youm; couple 11 loii life of liuppl-
Itichn Emmlt.
Sunday, at :'M p. m., at the home
of tier pareiitM, MIhm Churiulou I'.in
mltt, the youneHt tlaiiKhter of the
Hon. HolM-rt A. Fmmltt and wife,
wiiH united In the holy bomln of mat
rimony to Mr. Frederick I'.lelui, a
yoiiuti and prouiliieut IhimIucmm man
of Klamath FiiIIm. Fxprenn.
Reserves to be Throw n Open.
The Secretary of the Interior han
ordered t he rent oration to entry of
larnc t ractn of public IuihIm In Cal
ifornia that were temporarily with
drawn with ii view to cnlurKliitf the
flll'CMt tvitcrvcM.
ThfKO l.iudH were found uiiHUlted
for foreHt renerve purpoKt'H. Some are
Ki'lfiilturul In character, home are
f. rn7.lnj lamlH and a connlderable
area Ih valuable HiiiImt land. The
leanou IIiiiIht IiiiuIh are to lie turned
back to the public domain U Irtucko
i hey are iMolatetl tractn located
.. uiotitf lamlH now hi private ou uer
Milp. It w ould not be practicable to
rcM'i ve them without renervlni; nd
joluliiK private lundx, and thU policy
Ih not favored.
In rcbtorliiK thene landn to entry
the Interior Hepartment Ih adopting
a new policy. Thene and all other
lamln hereafter rentoivd to entry will
not become mibject to Hettlemeut
Immediately, but will lie ndvertincd
for ninety tlayH before they become
Miibject to entry. This In to plve
every ono an equal chance to look
up the newly opened lamln and to
prevent any one nvttlnjr unfair ad
vantage. The exact tleHcrlptlon of
the laud Ih withheld from the public
for the time being, but will probably
be given tint In a few dnjH. A large
tract In W'uHhlngtou wiih similarly
thrown open.
Contest Was Warm One.
The liernard Company' perforin
unceH were brought to a close last
Saturday evening and a dance wan
given In the hall. after the hhuw.
The content for the numt jiopular
lady wan won by Mins Fannie Ton
nlngKcn, who wan awarded abeautl
ful clock. Minn ho vie I flair wan
Kcctuid In t he race.
The beautiful nolld gold ring award
oil to the most popular und pretty
baby wan won by Mr. and Mrs.
Man W'horton'n baby, the baby of
Mr. ami Mrn. Al Cheney wan the
clonent contentaut.
The voting toward the last wan
Kplrlted and marked with much
Interest by the friends of the contestants.
Chief .loHi'iili. the famoiiH Ncm ;
I I'erci'H warrior, Ih lit had j
I been In poor health for Home time.
j ahd died Hinldeiily at hit t'umpllre on
'the -lt of HiIm lliolilh on the Col-'
! i
! villi' IIi'M'l vatloii. Chief J OHCph lead :
a bainl of warrloi'M In Wallowa val-
, ley liiiiMMin red and drA . t out t he j
hlte celtli-IH In 171. I
( ' Ii Ii f .limi'iili III the onliiloli of!
I up M Iiml I... mit.i.rli p In t1k
; ' . .
jiiiiijiim in in iiiiii nil i in1, nir iiiiiii-i
.it., ii.... . .ii. i.. .
iiutcy, HtrateKy, j u it.-K ami riiiMivc
marclii'M and calm courage. In the
old da.VH la roamed from the Cal
ifornia line to the Canadian bound
ary, ami from the ISlue MoiiutaliiH to
tht Ktinimlt of the ItocldcH..
IuvuhIoii of that Hectlon by whiten
brought about the need of a new
Indian treaty. Jtxtepli and IiIh bund
refuMftl tt Im moved from tlwlr vul
leyn. In 177 an attempt watt made
tti put him on a ren-rvatlon. He
went on the warpath with White
I'.lrd and looking tJlant. The war
IiiHtet for three montliH, with 5ener
ul Howard In purniilt, and for ten
weekn JoHeph fought a running bat
tle, In which, w ith :UH) buckn, encuin
UtciI with famlllt'H ami tttock, he
NiieecHHfulIy tlefletl 40 compank'H of
J rcgulurn, Im'hIiIch large force tf
i voluuteerH and Indian kcouIh.
fter hard fighting in Central , imM:hj,ie j Moulder's saloon goinjj, and
..I. . I 1 -.1... T..I... ll'. .
Idaho, he encuped over the Lolo trail
to .Montana, eluded forces ntationed
at the mouth of thceuuyon and
ntarted for the Canadian border.
He wan finally captured by (iencral
Milen, after the ehane of Joseph had
Imvii a running battle for 1.'0U miles.
The Fnlted States lost 10." officers
and men killed and 120 wounded.
Fifty settlers were massacred. Since
then Joseph had lieen peaceful, but
had refused to return to the reserva
tion, and had made freiiuent trips to
Washington, I). C, where he was
lionized. He and Miles were great
Are there Any Stock for Fair?
Last week The Fxamiuer left the
matter of an exhibit to the 1aw1s &
Clark Fair ojx'n for discussion. The
people of every county In the state
should, if possible make some kind
of a showing at the fair next year.
In order to properly put before the
visitors to the fair the resources of
any section, adl(j,uuru transporta
tion facilities should be available,
which we have no assurance of se
curing In time to be of use to us here
In Ijiko county7. Such exhibits us
fruit and vegetables are perishable
and unless they can lo renewed oc
casionally they would, in a lew
weeks, lose their attractivvuess.
(rain and grass exhibits ure not
subject to decay, but unless a com
plete farm exhibit could bo made a
partial one would hardly meet with
the desired result. A timber and
mineral exhibit would be an expen
sive one, as our mineral resources
are undeveloped, and while our tim
ber supply Is Immense, to place a
sample tif our trees at l'ortland by
team, our only means tif transporta
tion, would Involve u greater ex
pense than the people are willing to
What is left then Is a stock exhibit.
Lake county can show boiuo good
stock. No place In tho state can
better cattle, sheep or horses bo
found than In Lako county. For the
county to let tho fair puss without
an exhibit of any kind would bo
j overlooking one of the lient oppor-
I tunitleH that will fver Ih? prenented
I to ad vertlne the county. And now
that a ttttM'k f xhlbit HttMiiM to lie the
only feanlble one to make, It Ih time
for our cople to lieiu making ar-
raiiKementH for a (IrHt-claHH uttM'k
hIiow. A Utrlliy tf whiteface or
Ileri'ford, Hay a bull, a cow ami j
yeiirliiiK ami a calf; a Hiring of Jer-1
hi'.vh ami one of Itin Iiiiiiih; a fiiiiilej
tif our line nheep ami our wool, j
w It It'll caniiot In
rill j.rrr, j iiiiii-
1 u.lifn In tin ti'iiflil i-,.ulil tii'ike
I very attrai tlve hIiow. Then airaln
I Hoint tif our iH-ht Iioikch would add
to the HightH of the big fair.
A Htock exhibit, of courne, could
not lit placed till nprlng, but now Ih
the time to begin putting our Htttck
In nhupe to tteud. Have them fat
uml In a condition to bent whow
their Hlze and qtiaUty by the time
tUe fair opeiin, make tUe neeeHHary
Appropriation ttt meet the exp.iHe
nail nelect the person to-take charge
t( the exhibit, no that erery detail
w'Jl Ik worked out by spring.
Plush Items..
Pi.rsiT, Sept. 2fi, 1904. This eectiou of
the country was vieiletl by terrific
thunder and rain norm one night last
week, which lasted teveral hours. A
man who slept in Mr. Scanution'e bunk
limine that night, got '.lailly scared, and
tiMk refuse under the bedi for safety,
and one heavy crai-li started the blot
it played for half an hour, paying rcg
ular every five minutes.
HayiitK i still going on, in fact ODe
oi the Tule ranches are just starting in,
and Christmas will be near before the
last buck load is hauled in.
W. P. Moulder, who has been quite
sick for some time, is able to be about
again and attend to business.
Mrs. James Givans of Dee-p creek,
paid a short visit to friends and rela
tives, residing at Plush.
Tim Sullivan, Mr. Scammon's caterer
and general roustabout, met with a
painful accident the other day, a horse
stepped on his foot and badly lacerating
the same, but if blood poison don't set
in, ans go to his head, he will soon be
able to be around again.
hick Hesse returned from the Salt
marsh a few days ago, he reports the
salt crop rather short this season.
Messrs Massingill and Smith of Lake
view came over the other day, and they
also visited the Salt marsh, where Mr.
Massingill looked after the interest of
the Co., w hich is operating the marsh.
The school at this place should have
opened today (Monday) but for some
unaccountable reason failed to connect.
Jury List For Fall Term.
Following is a list of voters drawn
to serve as Jurors at the October
term of circuit court to convene on
tho 17th day of Octolier, 1904:
Sii.vkk Lakk. It. Van Porn.
Si MMKit Lakh. U. C. Foster, Z. (1.
Paisi.kv. 11. K. Reed, R. Random.
CifooM'.u Ciu:i:k. .1. S. Itranch.
Thomas CuKKK.tJ. K. Field, C. S.
Sol tu W.ut.NKU. T. 11. Wakefield.
Coiiiitsw t.i.i. Cukkk. L. C. Emer
son, Ed. llnrtzog, S. J. Studley, G.
11. Aldrtdge.
Goosic Lark. Wm. Reruard, C. S.
Morris, L. A. Carrlcker, G. W. Gar
rett. Lakkvikw. W. R. llcryford, Jas.
Harry, W. R. Steele, A. F. Tounlng
Bon, C. C). Metuker, Fred Spangeu
burg, J. D. Heryford, F. M. Miller,
Win. Farrell, (J. W. Duncan, E. E.
Woodcock, Johu Kelley, F. 1'. Light,
Y. V. Heryford.
Th tpiestbtii arising from a
small defect in the new primary nom
inating law that ha- Int-ii made n
subject for dlHciiHhlon the past few
tlayH in the dally papers. In a matter
that little eonceriiH Iikectumty, and
in fact, the stale, as but few cities In
the state will hold elections licfort
next h iilng, and no county elections
will Im held until the law In In full
force with all provlnl tin equitably
brought into- working order through
nutu ul channels.
Tne dire t primary law provided
that no iHTnon shall rote at primary
elections unless lie is registered as a
member of tin?- party with which he
proposes to vote.
Voters who R'gist . red last Spring
were not requlwd to anni unce their
party affillatlo,. and are, therefore,
not registered &e members of any
party. These otera are not allow
d to register ovr again, for the reg
istration books are only open now
for those who clfcl not register last
It is alleged that this will prevent
95 per cent of the voters In Oregon
voting at the next primary elec
tions. Little does It matter whether the
voter is allowed to register this fall,
on the registration books will be
open again before another election,
and people will be required to regis
ter again just the sume as U no new
law were in force, and at that time
voters will be wqulred to register
with the party of their choice, which
will give them a-vote in the primar
ies, as provided lu the new law. On
ly a few large cities in the state will
experience any inconvenience, and
they will work. out their own salva
tion, and if any defect is found in the
law, the legislature will be asked to
remedy the matter at this winter's
Good Evidence oi Road.
The best evidence of the Western
Pacific's intention to build a rail
road between Suit Lake and San
Francisco is- that the eompauy has
placed an order with the Colorado
Fuel and Iron Company for (53,000
tons of steel rails for future delivery.
These rails are all to lie of the A. S.
E. standard, eighty pounds, and as
the rail runs 125.71 tons to the mile,
the order will mean enough for over
500 miles.
The order for rails following the
announcement that the road was in
the market for construction equip
ment and that contracts for grading
would be let at once, proves conclu
sively that work Is to be rushed, so
It would not be surprising to hear
of a commencement at this end at
any time. S. F. Chronicle.
Must Return Certificates.
The ministers of Oregon who have
neglected to make returns of certifi
eutes of marriages performed by
them will find themselves iu serious
trouble unless they make a prompt
report to the County Clerk. Tho
law which was passed at tho last
session of the Legislature, requires
tho miuisters to return tho certifi
cates within CO days of tho Issuance
of tho license, If the ceremouy is per
formed in the samo county. If per
formed In another countyadubllcato
of tho certificate must bo returned to
tho clerk of tho county iu which tho
license was issued. For failure to
comply with tho law a penalty of $ 50
Is Imposed.