Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 14, 1904, Image 2

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For President
Of New York
For Vice-President
Of Indiana
Again Cleveland proclnmed binv
self "out of politics" before the coiv
vention assembled.
The essential trouble with Russia's
military plans Is that the Japanese
refuse to live up to them.
It is said that the Russians are
hurrying balloons to Port Arthur.
That seems to be their only means of
" Pilgrim's Progress" is to be
dramatized and the playwrignt Is
said to be studying where to work
la the ballet.
It may be observed that the man
with whiskers 11 feet long who will
be on exhibit at the St Louis fair
isn't acted for anything eW
The immigrant w ho lands in New
York Is Burprised to find how hard it
is to get advice and assistance on
any subject except that of how to
Senator John H. Mitchell Is expect
ed to return to Oregon ome time
this month. The indorsement of
Mitchell's policy by Oregon republi
cans insures the senator a warm re
ception. Bryan was declared "out of poli
tics" by many reat democratic
politicians before t lie convention con
vened, but he seemed to have quite a
The Gresbam Gazette says that
cord wood sells there for $2.50 per
cord, and vegetables are proportion
ately cheap, as co:npared with Port
land prices.
Tilers is nothing that more coiiclu
fcively demonstrates theenterprme of
a town than a display of advertising
in the home paper by the local
Kentucky will not respond grace
fully when it comes to attending the
St. Louis Fair. When $3 is charged
for four drink of whiskey Kentucky
will btay at Lome.
Portland's poultry market Is clam
oring for chickens, more chickens.
This valley ought to supply them.
There is money in chickens. We
ought to raise thousands, where we
iiownUHcdo;:ens. Oresham Gazette.
A PcnnKvlvuiiia minister states i
that nrter a search of a year he lias
at last found "iiu Ideal woman."
Of courso he is going to marry her.
The fact that every lover marries
his ideal woman Is what keeps the
game going.
Probably the most speedy murder
trial ever held in the state was that
of Frank Guglielmo, of Portland,
who killed his sweetheart three
weeks ago and was on Thursday
convicted of murder In the first degree.
Frost Did Much Damage.
In some parts of F.iutcrn Oregon
the recent fronts did considerable
damage, more In the northern coun
ties than In Lake. In the Columbia
Hlver counties the frost was not so
damaging ns the hot winds and
grasshoppers. Lake county has
been very fortunate In escaping the
fnwt and iest that have shortened
the farm products of many Kastern
Oregon counties, Below Is the re
port of the weather and crop bulle
tin Issued on the 5th of July for a
few counties where the most damage
was done by frost:
Josrnli, Wallow H roMiif.r. The
freezes of 22d and -'Ml did but very
little damage; It has Uen quite arm
for the past few days and very hot
to-day; a good rain would le very
lieuenclnl: cheat lay Is being cut:
clover and allalfa will lie ready In a
few days; gardens are growing
rapidly. (imnilo. Union cotiut.v.
Weather very warm the fore part of
the week, ending with a shower and
cooler weather; a good many farm
ers cutting froten wheat for liny; the
freeze of last week damaged some
fruit and nearly all potatoes are
killed to the ground; timothy hay
not so good as it promised.
Coir, Union county. Shower Fri
day night was of much benefit to
late grain; more rain needed; frost
of last week did much damage to
advanced wheat, though some fields
appear tobaveescaped; considerable
will be cut for hay next week.
Erwln, Baker vount.v.Vore part
of week very warm, with north
winds; Thursday and Friday cloudy,
with light showers on the foothills;
the freeze last week did more damage
than was at first supposed; it killed
all the blossom on the alfalfu, also
on the wheat nud rye; the gardens
were all cut down to the ground;
plums and prunes were frozen so
hard that they have nearly all drop
ped off.
U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Climate and Crop Bulletin of the
Weather Bureau, Oregon Section, for
the week ending Monday, July 5.
EnwAitn A. Bkai.h.
Section Director, Portland, Oreg.
"Put it in ver j'ouch an' .-r-nat-tiiiiu;.
I'ut litre we are. So? a
grip o' my iron; 1 maun lift thi un
Ticht on to the green." And lie did.
,"My putter noo. liah, owre hurd!
jAye, that's four, ye see, an' it wis
my best drive too! Tut that doon;
third hole in four. Noo, it's even
,owre to the Tay an' across the burn.
(There's Bome ane comiu' alang the
walk on ane o' thae bicycles. Lat'i
get awa' quick." "Whack J "Com
That Love sometimes cures disease is a
(act that has -ecently been called to tha
attention of tue public by a prominent
physician and' college professor. In some
nervous diseases of women, such as hys
teria, this physician gives instances where
women were put in a pleasant frame of
mind, were made happy by falling in love,
and in consequence were cured of their
nervous troubles the weak, nervous sys
tem toned and stimulated by little Dr.
Cupid became strong and vigorous, r.l
niost without their knowledge. Many a
woman is nervous and irritable, feels drag
ged down and worn out, for no reason that
she can think of. She may be ever bo
much in love, but Dr. Cupid fails to cure
her. In ninety -nine per cent, of these
cases it is the womanly organism which
requires attention; the weak back, dir::y
spells and black circles about the eyes, arc
only symptoms. Co to the source of the
trouble and correct the irregularities, the
drains on the womanly system and the
other symptoms disappear. So sirfe of it
is the World's Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, proprietors of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, that they offer a $500 reward
for women who cannot be cured of leucor
rhea, female weakness, prolapsus, or fall
ing of the womb. All they ask is a fair
and reasonable trial of their means of cure.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear the
complexion and sweeten the breath, they
cleause and regulate tba stomach, liver and
bowels and produce permanent benefit and
do not re-act on the system. On is a
gentle laxative.
"The Common Sense Medical Adviser
is sent free, paper-bound, for si one-cent
atanips to pay expense of mailing only.
&end 31 stamps for cloth-bound cony.
Address, World's Dispensary, Buffalo, N.Y.
A Chance tor 5pcuUtor.
SCHOOL LAND. 2S0 acred of level
unimproved agricultural land fur aale
chean. Piscriptlon I SW.U. V, ol
NF. and NW.'i of SKtf, Section 10,
Tp., 0 8., K. 10 K. W. M. This in a
desirable piece of lifcrtd, located in Ooose
take valley and w ill make some man a
good ranch.
Tinted Mates Land Office Lakeview.
Oregon May 17. 1W4.
Notice is lierct'y given tnni in com
pliance w ith the provisions ot the Act of
June U, 17, entitled "An act for the
sale of timlHT lauds in the States ol Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada ami Washing
ton," as extended to all the Public baud
States by net of August 4, 1SIU.', the fol
lowing persons have hied in this
office their sworn statements, to-wit:
Timothy P. Beers,
of Tenino, county of Thurston, state of
Washington, tvorn statement No. '.'X7,
lor the purchase of the SV '4 Sec IU,
T :tr S, It U F..
Krrti.i ii Bisson
of South Prairie, county of Pierce, state
of Washington, sworn statement No.
2:I5W for the purchas" of the SK'4 Sec 114
Tp:8, K U K.
F.lenuor J. Bisaon,
of South Prairie, county of Pierce, atate
of Washington, sworn statement No.
(or the purchase of the NK. Sec
34, Tp 35 S, K 15 K.
That they will offer prool to show that
the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than (or agricultural
purposes and to establish their claim to
said land U-fore the Register and Re
reiver at Lakeview Oregon on Thursday
the 11th day of August, 1W4. They
nam as witnesses: hleanor J. Bisson,
and Francis Bisson, ol South Prairie,
Wasiiington, and Timothy P. Beera o(
Tenino, Washington. Any and all per
son claiming adversely the above des
cribed lands are requested to tile their
claims in this office on or before said
11th dav of Angust 1504.
Jun 1633 J. N.-Watbox, F.cgiater.
truer! Ijt Final I'raof
I'nited States Land Office, Lakeview,
Oregon, July tl, PHI4.
Notice la' hereby given that James
llamblev, of Sli'ik, Harney county Ore.
has tiled notice of intention to make
prool on his desert land claim No, o'-'fi,
(or the wia aw '4 see, 12, 114 nw' see.
13. nc'i see. 14, tp. 3H S., It. 27 K, w m,
Inifore Keglster and lleeelver at Lake
view, Oregon, on Friday, the P.'th day
of August, 11)04. He names the follow
ing witnessed to prove tl complete Irrl
gation and reclamation td anld land i
Olive O. Shirk, Joseph L. Shirk,
llooxe Wise, Minus Caldwell, all of
Shirk, Oregon.
July 7 31 J.N. Watson, Itegister.
Ica"rt and l'rof.
i'nited States I.hiuI Olllce, Lakeview,
Oregon, July ti, BKI4.
Notice is hereby given that Olive O.
Shirk, of S Ii irk , Harney county, Oregon,
hai tiled notice of intention to make
Jiroof on Ids desert hind claim No. 4li,
or the lot "J, sw'4 ne, im'' se'4, ne'4'
H', s'4 sw4 ace. 2, ne' lie'' sec. 10,
liw'4 liw'4 see. II, tp. III! S.. It. 'it V..
w in, Wfore Register and Receiver at
Lakeview, Oregon, 011 Friday, tint U'lli
day ol August, IIN14. He names tin fob
low ing witnesses, to prove the complete
irrigation and reclmnniiuii of km id hind:
James llamblev, Jonepli L. Shirk,
Booze Wise, Minus t'aldwell, all of Slink
jnUi 31 J. .". watson, Register.
Land Office at Lakeview, Oregon,
June 10, BM4. Notice is hereby given
that the following-named settler has
tiled notice of his intention to commute
and make final proof in supnrl of his
claim, and that said proof will be madn
U-fore tieo. T. Baldwin, t'oiintv Judge
of Klamath County, Or., at Klamath
Falls, Or. on Wednesday, Auuust B),
BUM. via: Henry Klopko lid No.
of HI v. Or., for the W of W.i,' Sec 30,
Tp aii S, K 1U F., W. M. He names the
following witnessea to prove his contin
uous residence upon and cultivation of
said laud, vis : John McBonald, (leorgo
Kricksen, Ed. Casecr end K. D. Way,
all of Blv, Oregon.
Jun 10 23 J. X. Watsos, Register.
I istenll
Veur Property
With th
It Dont Matter If It I
Not Worth
We Can 511 It for You.
II Voa Contemplate
buying or Selling
..A HOME..
Consult Us At Once
If Vou Want a Har
gain In Either Cae.
" v Ot
"i fc - V-'1,
LAkKViKW Preaching wrvlces at
II o'clock A. M., and "M P. M.. every
aecoml 11 ml foui tli Numbly.
Humbly Nchoul every Sunibiy at 10
A.M. Prayer Minding every Tliura.
day ut7::M P. M.
Nkw Pink Ciiki:k Preai lilng Her-
vices ut 11 o'clock A. M.. and 7::WI P.
M., every II rat Sunday.
Sunday School every Sunday at 10
A.M. Prayer Minting every Thurs
day nt"::m P. M.
Bktiim. Pii-iii hlng Servlcea at 11
o'clock A. M., and 7::M P. M., every
third Siimbiy.
.1. H. S r a UK. Piodnr.
Kolire or ApiMiiulnient ! Karrwter.
Notice is hereby given, that the under
signed was, by an order of the County
t onrt of Lake County, Oregon, dnlv
made nnd entered therein on the '.'itli
day ol .Mav, IWI, apMinted I'.xeentor of
the Lant Will and Testament of JOHN
Mt F.LII1NNF.Y, late of Luke County,
(iregou, now leceaed. All persons
having claims against the F.state of smd
liecea.ved are hereby reipilred to present
the same, with the'procr vouchers and
duly verified, within si months from
the date of this notice, to the under
signed Lxerutor, at the Law Office of L.
F. Conn, in the Town ( Ijikeview,
Ijtke Count v. Orcunn. and all inrsoiiM
lowing said Fstate are hereby reiiostel
to call ami pay to sanl f.xwutor tnw
amount ot their indebtedness.
Hated at lakeview, lake County,
Oregon, thist'th day of June. lta4.
JOHN B. BI.Alit,
Kxeetitor of the Last Will and Testa
ment ol JOHN Mi Elhinney, loccaacJ.
la kept mt ftli al K.C. lull's
A'lv.TIIlli A grin l.'l Hi.
kuiiiMM'i, 11 Prauelwo, till., wlirrti
aouirx ia fur vlvvrtUlng can b inaitc fur II
H Irmn olio l4M-slliy to nnnilu-r, or ehne
tlmlr hIiHIim nlilri'M lKHild ri'in-utlMr In
drop tlila oUiv a irl hi ilu-ir paper ca't t") al-dreaat-d
lo Ihc rlllit Htufllce.