Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 28, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 4.
Dr. T. V. Hall (live a Vivid De-jS
acilptlon of America's (Jrcat- rh
est Clty-lmproveinent. i
New York. Jan. 11X14. Q
Mr. A. Y. Iti a. ii, 1
Lakct lew, Ink.
hear l iii nd: i $
I promised to ilti yi my hit-
ptvMxIotm nf New York ril.v. It U
iTlllllll.V II IIIOHl Illtfll'Ht lllg plait,
ami iift-r hating lived lun a few ;
months Ih'uIii ii iiiiii!'hIiiii1 tin b
affliction which ni i-enldi'iit havi v
for thi'lr rlly. There In a saying, t)
"Once it New Yorker always a N.'WiJ
Yorker." I reinenilicr reading tliat' ,
some railroad cn-rt was nffinl ajjfi
princely Miliary to no went, which In .Jf
refused with the remark that nothing
would cotniKMiMate him for having ;(c
In Vnw V.ib i
One of the tlmt thing the ft ranker
observes, Is the case with which lie
can lltid bin way about town. Every
Mtni't t'oriier has it guiding sign.
When hoarding a car you can fiel
jimh tired the car will continue on that
wtreet ami not turn off Into some
1.1. I.. .1 1
Willi" II 1 III I III' t I'llll l Mil llllllll- ; V
noticed clncw here. In ('liii'iigo, thej
intricate w indiiiKM of the street
ways In an early lesson for the:
vlnllor to learn. I Q
'I'll" New Yolk people are Justly ; Q
jirmiil of t lie new East Klver bridge:
IMi Kpmn East Itlver aliout one;
half mile noil h of the oll liioi.khii
bridge. 'I'll Im IliiliieliMi-Nteel Htnii't lire
4-oMt more than twenty million lul ;
larH and whm nin-ncil to tin Ilk- nliout i Q
I ,.0
I he first of I he new year. 1 1 In nearly ;
one ami one half tulles in length ami i x
Iiiih four times the capacity of the
ild bridge. On the Manhattan Mlile,
at th liver'n ciIko, the Hour of the
bridge lien a hove Home eight story
buildings. The approach to thin
4'levatlon, however, Ih ho gradual iih
to Imj scarcely noticeable. Standing
In the water, one sees far liclow a
t'OUStUtlt priMCMHloll of til UK Itllll
wteauiern. The men on the decks
look like chllilren from thin hclghth.
The police a re on the lookout now
lor hour crank who may wrk
notoriety !y liclng the first to make
a sensational leap fnuii the bridge.
No city has ever approached New
York In count ruction of tall I mild i nun.
I'hh than sixteen yearn ago the first
Mtructural steel frame building was
erected. 1'rlor to that tho fourteen
wtory buildings wero called "sky
Hcrnpers," Now they have such
buildings an the Park How, with it
thirty one stories, and the St. I'aul
with twenty live stories. There, are
oiorethau two hundred "skyscrap
ers," lu the Manhatton portion of
Urcater New York, over fifteen
The l'urk Itow building Iiiih fifty
five hundred tenautH, counting the
i-mployeeH an well au tho employe.
It Iiuh Ur pitnnenger eluvatorH which
carry by act ual count an average of
i hlrty five thoumind people dally.
Tho "Flntlron nulldlng," while not
tho tallent, him tho uiout peculiar
coiiHtructlon. It Ih twenty two
Htorhm high, built on a perfectly
triangular plat of land which given
It livery Nli-lklug appearance. The
bauo of tho triangle U not more than
tlghty foot. Tho hIiIoh about one
J iimd red aud llfty feet.
New Vork han lutely boou treated
t o eight Inchon of enow, which meuns
m great deul to tlw Htreet cleaning
. k- I'
',) " 4 ,r' '
! ; " , t '
U '-"" -
. It f A
IS $7,585.83
This is Our Proportion of United
States Five Per Cent of I and
5alesIt is Road Fund.
County Trenmirer Ia-v Beall yester
day received a voucher from Secre
tary of State F. I. Dunbar for the
num of P7,.V."(.K, In-lng the propor
tion of the I ted Staten kt cent
land Mtli-n fund now in the State
Treanury, to In paid to Lake county
by the State of Oregon, purnuunt to
the provinionn of the act ol Feb. 1,
1H9.I. Thin money goH Into the
road fund, and can not lie uw-d for
any other purpone.
Lake county Ih credited with 5,
i:,240 atren of land. The total
amount of money given to the
state 1h fW.iri.24.
With thin amount of money avail
able Lake county nhould have letter
rondn than ever before. The road
Hhould lie put in perfect condition
during 19)4. A new road obonld
be constructed up Billiard or I Head
man canyon, and thus give the
Warner jieople a cut off of lx
in Hen.
A n Unwanton
Jacob A. RIK whom the president recently ocucrHiod hU "Ideal cltUen."
In a natlr of Denmark. HI early yenrn In A merlin were yenra of urent hard
ahlp. Ilia "llnw the Other Half I.lvea" matin hint famntia and did mnch food,
lie ha a been very atMreaaftil aa newapapor man, autlmr and aootologlat.
deimrtment. For hiiow Ih not al
lowed to remain long to hamper
tralllc. It In hauled and hi raiH'd to
the river. They have at prcnont en
gaged lu thin nervlce neven thounand
men and three thounand teninn
working lu day and night nhlftn.
Tho bunlent atrueta are cleared flrnt.
Then more lelnurely the Hide Htnvta.
it taken a quarter of it million dol
lam to dlnpoHO of a light nnow tall.
Tho atreet raihvnyn do their ahare
toward cleaning the etrceta. This In
one wuy tho new Subway will not be
Tho Subway Ih another affair cf
great magnitude. It haa coat over
one hundred million dollars, and it
Htanda as tho moat remarkable tun
neling propoflttlou lu the world
today. It will be ojien to travel
within Hlxty days, extending the
entire length of Manhattan. They
will operate five hundred cam, and
tho CHtlniated carrying capacity In
forty thounand people per hour.
With tho completion of tho Sub
way, Now York will have three car
linos along the tmmo avenue. First;
thoHurfaco street railway. Second;
tho elevated, thirty feet above the
atreet. Third; tho Subway, thirty
to forty feet beneath the street.
New York City aooma to have en
Joyed a boom during tho past Ave
years In building as well as other sick to instruct their medical
Industrial enterprises. This boom
has had a mild check the last few
months. Due, It Is said, to the
stringency of the money market In
Wall Street. Manipulations there
seem to have a most far reaching
effect. Kverythlng is attributed to
Wall St. I have heard It given ns
the cause for business depression in
widely varrylng lines. The same aa
we In Lake county attribute good or
bad business to the beef, unit ton and
wool market.
New York presents great contrasts
between wealth and poverty. The
poor are much In evidence In certain
districts. The city has Ita Kost
Side as well as Ita Fifth Avenue.
The question immediately occurs
to one; why do all these poor people
remain lu New York? It seems they
prefer to remain here and starve,
rather than scatter throughout t he
country or go West where they
might bo fairly comfortable. The
sick poor, except In Isolated canes,
arc well taken cure of at tho numer
ous free dlsiHusailes uud hospitals.
Among those Booking relief, there
are comparatively few English
speaking, or at least American born.
The clinics are made up almost
entirely of foreigners. .
Many hospitals make use of the
BtudcntH, while at the same time
they do not neglect the wellfure of
the patient.
New York city has become the
mecea of the student of medicine. It
Is no longer either tho fashion or
neocesBary to go to Europe. In fact
many from the other side ore now
coming here to furnish their medical
educatiou. Where there are doceus
coming now there will tie thousands
ten yeara hence, la the prophecy of
observant medical men.
This is one of the fast things In
which tho new World, always to the
front, haa proven superior to tho
old; namely in the Art nud Science of
Very Truly,
T. V. Hai.i., M. D.
Slaughter Predicted.
Enthusiasts of the 22 calibre, extra
long, organized a hunt club Monday
at the Drug Store de n?al), for the
purpose of exterminating the mnch
liersecuted Jaekrabbit, and thus de
stroy the mainstay and staff of life
of the local redman.
W. 1). Woodcock and Lee lVall
tonned pennies for first choice of
sides, and the result of thelrchossing
is found in the foliowti.g names:
Lee Beall
H. Bailey
Dan Maloy
Fent Sniisb
Joe Lane .
E. Woodcock
W. Dyer
W. R. Steele
A. Y. Beach
F. O. Ahlstrom
Thos. Beall
W. I). Woodcock
Dr. Steluer
L. Bailey
A. H. Hanimersly
A. b. t neney
V. L. Snelling
C. H. Anderson
Geo. Iteed .
F. B. Evans
Jack Woodcock
(iuy Bowman
The conditions of the first bout,
are, that It will take place next Sun
day from some place on the West
Side; that the losing side pay for
the oyster supper. All members are
to leave Lakeview by 9:30 a. ui.,
Sunday morning and all markers
must be presented lu town by 5 p.m.
Two ears constitute a marker.
Uuosncg as to tho number each
member will bring in can tie left with
F. P. Light. No markers will be
counted with only one ear, and mem-
bera are cautioned that if rabbits
are found with only one ear, to
bring in the rabbit. No member la
allowed to kill more than 500 bunslea
before lunch la announced by the
master of hounds, Dr. Stelner.
Sprntt Wells, son of John Wells, a
well known Spraguo river stockman,
and Miss Kate II. Deurdorff, a mem
lier of one of the promlneut families
of northeru Douglas county, were
married at the home of the bride's
mother in Oakland, Wednesday, Jan
uary 0, by tlie llev. F. W, Leonard.
The young couple will make their
home In Klamath couuty near Bly.
Teacher' Examination.
Notice la hereby given that the
county superintendent of Lake coun
ty will hold the regular examination
of applicants for State and County
paiiera as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, Feb. 10,
at 0 o'clock a. in., and continuing
until Saturday Feb. 13, at tour
o'clock p. m.
Commencing Wednesday Feb. 10 at
nine o'clock a. m., and continuing '
until Friday Feb. 12, at four o'clock
p. m.
J. Q. Wiluts,
4-2t County Superintendent.