Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 08, 1903, Image 6

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Such Woman.
A man will run m faat iu he cnn to
crow a railroad track In front ot
train. Ttwn lie will atch It until It
goo out of sight. Then he will walk
lltwuivLr away. He veeina to be all
right and prolwibly In. That In
man. A woman In a street car will
open a natchel and take out a puree
take out a dime and clone the puree
clone the natchel and lock both end.
Then he will give the dime to the
conductor, who will give her a nlcklo
back. Then ehe w 111 vn'i t he satchel
and take out the pume, put In the
nlckle, clone the puree, open the witch
el aud put In the puree, clone the
satchel and lock both endn. Then
she will feel for the buckle at the
iWlt of her bolt. Thin In lovely
wouinu. Ex.
Mavra T t"ra Ifrrath.
'Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
bronchitis." writa Mrs. . K. riaviianu
of Arnionk. N. Y., "but, when all other
remedies failed, we aved her life witli
Dr. Kinii's New Discovery. Our niece,
who had Consumption in an advanced
stage' aioo used this wonderful medicine
and to-dav she is perfectly well." lVs
perate throat and lung diseases yield to
Dr. King's New Discovery as to no
other medicine on earth. Infallible !r
Couahs and Colds. 50c and 11.00 lot
ties cnaranteed bv Lee Beall. Trial
bottles free.
Does not Bite.
The commonest houee fly, munca
domentlca. breed In manure and
door.vnrd tilth, and I found In nearly
all part of the world. On account
of the conformation of It mouth
part the house fly can not bite, yet
nolmprennion I strongerlnthemlnd
of most jH'ople than thin lnect dtM'H
occnnlonally bite. Thin Imprennlon
I due to the frequent occurnnce in
house of another fly (ntomosy
calcitrant), which, while closely re
sembllng the house fly, di'fer from It
in the important particular that it
mouth part are formed for piercing
the skin. This npecie take refuse
In house when It rain and give
rise to the saying that flic bite only
when it rain.
ODfrHMionM of a Pi-lrat.
Kev. Juo. S. Cox, of Wake, Ark.,
writes, "For 12 years I suffered from
Yellow Jaundice. I onH:ilted a number
of Physicians and tried all sorts of med
icines, but got no relief. Tiien I began
the use of Electric Hitters and feel that
I am now cured of a disease that had
me in its grasp for twelve years." If
you want a reliable medicine for Liver
and Kidney trouble, stomach disorder
or geneial debility, get Klectric Uitters.
It's guaranteed by I-e Ileall. Only 50c.
The Wiishington state fish commis
sion report that fish can Ik? frozen
solid and thawed back to life, if not
expost-l to the sun or allowed to et
more than 12 to 14 degrees below the
freezing point. Salmon from the
Pacific coast can lie frozen and trans
ported to the Atlantic count and re
suscitated to full life under proper
condition. The result of this tet
will lie that live salmon frozen in
block of ice may lie shipped to the
Atlantic coast market liefore long.
More than one fourth of the In
habitant of Newfoundland are en
gaged In catching and curing flub,
for a livelihood.
Dr. John Gordon, president of
Tabor college, ha received an offer
the presidency of Howard university
at Washington, D. V.
(len. Simon Doll rar can doubtle
lay claim to being the oldest man In
Kentucky who will take an active
part In a political campaign thin fall.
Although now eighty years ot age he
I engaged In trying to elect hln son
In law, Colonel Morris II. Hclknap,
the republican nominee, governor of
The numlicr of crimen Increases
necessarily a civilisation advance
because new laws an made consti
tuting new crime. While the mini
tier ot violation ol law Increases,
the numtier of atrocious crime dim
inishes. The fact i that thelucreae
lu the criminal statistics Is almost
entirely In the newer and lighter of
Among the curious device to lie
seen lu thel'tilted State patent office
I one for exploding bomb high In
the air to produce rain; another
raise mid tip the hat when the
wearer bow; another put tin over
coat, and .another let down a key
just lu time for the milkman and
draw it up again after he ha put
the milk inside the door.
One of the most picturesque ierson-
ulitic in Knland Is Captain Alfred
Mutton, one of thechief exponents of
the swordsman's art. lie is tH vear
The Fame of Ellers Piano
House Sale has Spread
In all Directions,
People all over the country secur
lug linrgaln. Have you gotten
one? It not, write at once tor lists
and prices.
We cannot give here full lints and
prices, It would take too much space.
Suffice It to nay very choice pianos
both new and second hand nre going
for t HIS, f KW, f 1.17, i;s, ll.'C, fair.,
1158 and fits, etc., etc. Many of
thene Instrument ought to lie selling
for $450 and even an much as f Ii50,
some for less, but not one that I not
wo'th from 20 to 40 per cent more
than we are now asking. They are
a beautiful an assortment of choice
instrument a were ever placed be
fore particular buyer. Among
them our regular make, a well a
odd line of piano. In plain and
fancy case of choicest mahogany,
fancy Kugllsh mottled walnut, gen
uine Uoscwood, San Domingo
mahogany ami ltraillllan walnut,
also some In handsome eH-clmcn of
Old Knglish walnut.
Payment down fit to $20, monthly
Installments f 4 to f 10, according to
the Instrument.
Finest church and parlor organ,
the very latest style ami brand new,
970 ami f 75 style for fl-S and 52;
$Vi for $CA, elegant organ that buy
er are ulnd to get for $1MI, now 975
and f Mi; 9125 style for 9'2 and ?'.M;
9150 styles for 91ml ami 9115.
Payment down 91 to 910 ami
monthly payments proportionately
This sale has cout lulled much long
er than we antlchiateiL iiy sneer
ti kriit mi III at K.C, it
Ailvrrllaln. A .imv Al atnl n
M-tt'ltama' Kirriana. Han raiula.ii. lal
whrciitraou lor ailvurileltig ran b mail
Onbrlln to lha rmln.T who rnmit
from nn Imialltv In aiiiuh.r. m i him
ih'lr initio inc. aitclri'M hmilil ruini'tniK-r
I "'P "'" rani ao ihKit ppr ran bv art.
'wti in me- riyni matomo
TOW (CLOT. Impnivnl ami
tinlmptw-il aolil on ra)r III'
I .anil Tltlra Kiamlni'd,
l-oana NVgotlatt'il,
Tana IxHikU'l Aflxr,
HrnH, Nnti-a, anil
Ai'Hinnt nlli cli'it,
Flri" lnauratiii,
rtKAl. KSTATK ami
iinitTal lliialui'na Agi-nle.
Southern Oregon
Marble Co.
Ashland, Oregon
Dealer Marti. Granite. Ira.
fractal ft General I vow Marl
Land Notice.
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
iJio Connctlcut Avenue
Washington, I). C. if It- i,,. i. nl, .fit i- I'.nt It villi
old, but hi tall, spare and muscular ,,.. , ... u :,' i..,-,.,.,..,.,.
figure I a actlvea ever. Hi white
mustache and imperial, keen, dark
eyes, and thin feature gave him
rather the appearance of a modern
Don Quixote.
The actinic or "chemical" ray of
the un are the blue, vloletaud ultra-
iolet ray, and are the only ones
ueil iu the cure of disease the other
ray having no phylologlcnl action
on animal life. The value of these
ray in destroying the bacteria of
disease was first show n by Flnson of
Denmark, who applied them very
successfully to the treat nient of lupus,
tiiltcrculosis of the skin. It use
ha not Is-en made effective iu cancer,
iMH-ause the ray do not oenetrate
eeply enough.
will not hold out much longer, be
side carH'uters and decorator will
finish their work iu a short time,
and price will then Is- restored. If
you an- going to take nil vantage of
this opportunity write u! once.
ICiiipilrie ami orders by mall receive
prompt and careful attention.
Our written guarantee gM with
every sale and money back where
purchase prove unsatisfactory our
Invariable rule. Kilcr Piano House,
Washington street corner Park, No.
;I51, :t.rkj ami :t55.
A l-ovr l-llrr
Would not interest you it you're look
ing for a guaranteed Salve for Soren,
liuniH or Pile. Oilo DimIiI, ol I'oiider,
Mo., u rites : "I Milli-rcl u it It an ugly
nore for a year, hut a box of Hik klcu'tt
Arnica Salve cued me. lt' ttie I test
Salve on earth. 25c at KchIIV
Drug Store.
All pcraona who havt hrrclulor. mad I INAL
I'KCMll In any klnj ol l and. Mln.ral or Tim
ber I nlrlra, Skh haa hern atcrpWd by Ih.
Hcglatrr or bttrlwr ol any II. 5. Land Offli.,
can hav. Ih laiuanc. ol Ihrlr I'. S. Patent lor
aid Landa promptly attended lo by arndlnf
ma Ihrlr Dwplkat. If rcclal. or Carlllkalra ol
l:nlr. and an agreement lo poy ma $10 when
ever aald I'atenla ahall lau.
Oregon, Calllornla
and NataJa
5lala Agenl
for n) on klltlnir ur trJ-
a. a, L. rrKiNia, a. b. i. n. imm, m. ,
rkstrlaa aael hargr....
I.akevlrw, Or,
KUrK- HaJI'. Inig Nlnra. 1'alla an.w4
lieiinpily day or nlghk
lK T V II A I.I.
orrtcR-Nvw Hair huu.iii.g.
l.akrvlrw, itrvfn
ornt'K Italy llullilliig.
I., v. o
Allornry el Law
likrvleM. Orrgaa
OKKII'K-Italy llull.ling.
II lltl.HYMfl.K
Altorttr) -i.Ijiw.
Ikrvlew, Or.
rril K Italy IliiiMliig
Allaratr .al-liw .
Iikrvlew, ar
ofKK'K - Iwly llull.llug.
II. v: TK
Ijim4 Mallrra Mperlalljr
orril K- laly llulldliig.
u w. rvrr.riiKvo
I'h) .Irian tad Marvroa
ottli kvliart lllilg. (. I I aknvlrw.
WOODMEN Of IHf woRio.':;.r,rs:.:.
Miriiim ihr til ami eift Wrtlnnailajr f
rai'lt tit'intli In Maitilr Hall, al H i. in.
i" i n it i niiein i iiititiianiii r.
K. N. IajI iiiii, I ink.
V' fV s y y s r t tr i
I. O. O t hurt, tlir I.I . 5-1 llmra. P
S lay rtrnlliKaol rai h liiiititli III Oil'l rrl. C
v i H.ii . .. V. nan, iKi'iirw. , . n mala,
s ('. I'., '. J. Mtxtag. MrrllH-. N
f fcx vcju jr.. i--j.
.-r aw
i -.tC All
Many .Moth- rs or a Like Opinion.
Mrs. I'ilmer, of (!ordova, Iowa, fays:
"(Jne of my children wan Mil.ject to
croup of a severe type, and the giving ol
Chamberlain, Cough Remedy ptomptlv
alwayH brought relief. Many motheri
in this iieigtiborhoijil think the frame a
I do about thin remedy and want no
other kind lor their i Ij il lreii." 1-or
taie bv J-e J;i a!l.
A iniliti' ijial committee of ( ilasgow,
Scothiml, nppointeil tt determine
the efi'ect of alcoholic ilrinko
on the marked increase of insanity,
report that out ol 505 admissions to
tlit; (ilasgow district asylum ami I'l-'l
udmissioii to the pool-house jter
cent were traceable to alcoholic 1 rink
u a cause. In the I'nited State 10
to 12 per cent of insanity 1 from
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
liroke Into 111m House.
8. Le Quinn of Cavendinh, Vt., waH
rouneu ot tug cuutomary health by in
vaHion of Chronic CoiiHtipation. When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke into
his houne, his trouble was a r rented and
now he's entirely cured. They're guar
anteed to cure, 2'n: at Lee lieall'g Drug
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
let. All druggists refund the money if
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signa
ture is on each box. 25 c. 60 ly
lattor," the say
ing runs, and in a sense it
is true. But even love
cannot lighten labor or
make it easy for the
woman who is in constant
suffering from inflamnia-
tion, rxranng-down pains
or other womanly dis
eases. The one thing that
can make work easy for
women is sound health,
and Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription is the thing
that will ive sound health
to aick women.
Dr. Pierce has so much
faith in his Prescription"
th-t he offers to pay 5ff in le;;il money
of the: I'nited St itcs tor nny ruse ot" I u
corrii' a, p'emale Weakness, I'rola j.'.ic,, or
I-aliiug; of Womb whn:h he cann ;t cure.
All he asks is a fair and reasonable trial
of his means of cure.
"I hu.l' irfl from fiRte wnkti'-KH f-r five
ttltuil' 'It." wiit Mi ll"llr Jl'."tiiik. iA Nyr
i'lllr.ani C , W. a. 1 w.i tri-ul-d y a 'rA
tiyit mil but lie ncvtrr M.-rineil to !o me any
K'tA. I wrote to Ir. K. V. Iirrc-e fur uilvn e.
whitt I rtccivcil, telling tne X InLe liiii F.ivir
ite I'frHTiptioll ' ami "ti'ililrn Mi-dital liisi.ov.
try.' When I hail ucl the meilii-iiira a iiioiitii.
my health wan much ituprovril. It hafl contin
ued to improve tiuttl now I can work at almoHt
all kinda of huuaework. I had atarcely nny
apfeiite, but it is all nvht now. Have Ruim-d
aeveral p'ninda in weight. Itr. pierLe'a tnedi
cinea have done wonderfully well here. I
would advlae all who auffer from chronic dia
eiuea to write lo lr. pierce."
" Favorite prescription " makes weak
women strong, sick women well.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send
31 one-cent stamps for the paper-covered
book, or 31 stamps for the cloth-bound
volume. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buf
falo, N. Y.
Dr. King's
Jew Discovery
VIU'NrTIOS frlr.
OlOUMand (A,atisa
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure : Lung Troubles.
Money back If It fails. Trial BotUes fraa.
Klam aih - LaKe -Railroad 3
. . . TIAU' TAIJI.H . . .
Ill F.ffcct .I'lne L'Slh, l!Mi:i.
South Eastern Oregon
live Stock Association
Will m given for the itrrit nl iuii I' tinn of any (f.
oh ur jN'rii ti-ikliiirf fiy iiik k im Utuiu
to iim hiIm r of thl Amu utlon.
J. l. coudriLiN,
J. n. INMiS, President.
wi.r l'i
. 1 N.. :i I'li-'-riyi-r
.V J ii;lit S'ii
, I No
H. III. p. II)
'.l : 1.1 '
!i-.'.t ;
I : 1 ! !
1j : 17 ;
in::?? ! ':1il
Hi:J7 I :'.::'
In: 1:1 V':.d
II :ah I IC.lfi
p. tn. p. 111
1 I'dKli'.AM i ; :!!
.1 11 in . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 .-1 1 1 1 1 1 k J 1 i;'u
hil 111 111 It ' 1: :lli
fppi-r hw'rli b'i'k Spur1 'i::t-'i
lm i-r ' fi::il
1 Hj.rl iikx Slut ion J 'l-.'M ! fi:ll
Kull-Cn-i-k Spur j .'i:ii.i
hli'i-l MriilKii I 2:ii 4:l'i
I i.Alltli 1:1.. I l:w
Copyright Ac.
Anrnnt nrltntf a pfcMrh and dtwrlptlnn may
qiilcklf wK'ttrinin our iinniun f rt wfithr ail
InvHtilton is prohatilf prtttnitntiln. Conununlra.
tlim.wlrtctlf NHindntlnl. HwiifllKink nn I afi.:t
tfMit frmk. t)il-t mumiu'f fur swurinir ualnii.
rntnnu tUn fhrouvh Wuun A to. rcjlv
tpfrUti noaC4, Without chwrifB, lU tti
Scientific Jlmcricam
A banrlanmAlf Uhiiitratevl wi'klr. I arirfwl rir
mlfit.on of any p'Uft fl Joiirnal. 'Iitiih, f.i a
yvnr; four niofiths. L Hctltibyitll mwniiitiil-r.
MUNN&Co.""""-'-New York
lirauuh (ilti.u. ii V Ht, Waelilnutuii. II. c.
E 4 i : . ;. '' ', Tiietnlay, Apr. 1. 1IK)2
N. I No. a
t a. 111. I.v Hrtui At & i p. m
v 47 a. in. I.v , miiiiiiiIi.. Ar i t'i p. in
In -iA a. in. I.v i n ar Ar i. tn
I" i a. in. Iv lrai.i t Ar i lu p. m
ll :l a. in. I.v . . 1'iinly Ar a i p in
II v. a. hi. I.v I'liitnaa Ar I l'i p. in
l.'-iet p. in. I.v I li eat Ar '.'in p. in
I'.' I" t- in. I v i ami-run . Ai 'I In p. in
I.' :t ... in. I.v. . h.'il Hik k . . Ar I i; p. in
I.' .1 p. in. I.v utKiiaiiila Ar I fi p. in
1 l'i P. in l. .ii I.- . . r I I.', p in
l lii p. lu I.v I.Ii'Kkm Ar I.' i a. in
i ' i p in. Iv A iii.-.l.-.. . Ar I j In, p in
:l i p in Iv Aiiiidi.. . . . Ar II mi pin
.1 .' p in I.v II, it i rliiK . r II l:t p in
:t ; p. in. I.i Murray Ar I" 17 p. in p. in. I.v Karlu . Ar pi '.hi p. m
'i: ;.i p. in. I.v . Il..ri- l.itk.- . A r v in p. in
(. 41 p. in. I.v Uavi-rly .r V in p. m
l::l" p In. I v I- rn-ii r K:'t.', p, m
T I 'i it. in I.v lin i u ii mi, A r. : p. m
7 : 1" p ii.. ' r MhiI.-iim. v, 7 hi k. hi
'i.(i pin
l hi pill
7 Al pin
I.miiiI Oltlic Ht l.aki vii w, On-Kiiti. Hi ptfintiiT
ft, l'.ie:. Niitliu la lierrby ifivi-n tliHt Ibi; Inl
lowliii, iiHiiii il ii'ttlcr Iihm lllcil licilliii ol hla
I ii I - ( 1 1 Ion In niHMt' II ii m I pnmf in anpport of liia
cihIiii, aii'l tlmt hII iirimf will lm iniiilo bufuru
Krt il I. 1'aliiii'r, I). H.l'iiiniiilnaliiiii r at .Ionian
Vulli-y, Ori'Kon, on Oitulirr iinl, 1Ui:, viz.
I.iilu fcliiipanii, l I. K. No. 47:1, for thtiWUor
HWii.Hnr. H ami V.'t ol HK '4 of . J, Tp. 40 H.
H. ii K. W. M. Hi) iihiiiiih tliu fn! low I UK wit-m-Mira
to prove lit" continuum r!lii'ii: 1111011
ami cultivation 01 nam lann, vie: juiiii i or-
mill i:iiiuibiiiiii in mi'i mi,.,. uiiiui
mat, Kreil WllkiiiHoii, J11I111 Vttin.u Hiul (. Iiarli a
liay. all nf Mailii ur 1 niiiity, On goii, I'. U. ail
drenaua Mcliermott, Ni vmla.
E. M. liKATTilM, Hi-Ki'ter.
10 Via in, l. . I'l 11 111 aa A i.l. on pin 0 in an
1 1 Jimmil.v . . V'liiliiii Ar .1 l'i pin h iii'aio
IJ.H'iani I.v. IP rku Ith.Arj.'. tiipii' 7 .'iAam
I J V. 111 .v. lalrvlll.'Ar. I.4nptn 7 (l aoi
TiTino.-fiir I akivli w, I'm I nlt-y am) I'limli, Uro .
ami Kt. II ll w II . I aki- I lly, I vilarvlllf, A-lili
Alluraaaiiil Mlrln-r, I'alK.
lint MjrniK.- lor Hlainllnli anil Himaiivlll
Iniyn. - for Mllloril, Jam-nvllli- ami II 11 tit 1 11
Villi-, ( Hill.
VI11I1111 - (ur I j 1 v 1 1 1 ri . in iilrvllli, ami I alail
lii ll a Hot Hprltiiii.. 1 nil!
II, rk Willi, i,r . -1 1., ..- . laylurvilli- ami linen
villi .Calif.
1 Inlrvlll... Mulinuk ami (Jnlin y, ( 11I1I.
Kiiiii, riililn 1 Hub MIIIi (hi. Imt. in. (nr all
p.. I11I1. hitHl .V i t : V, .V I II. It. for ail 1.1,1m.
via.T Dll. JOHDAN
'tsUStuH e?
ibbi liHi.Krt r, n
I (y.i.M. aiiiku
'3 OHfATf
rasNCiio cai f
l f A
Th.lrtl Aaalamloai Vuaaaaa
Is Iba W ur i.
To Cure a Cold in One Day la TWO Days,'
Take Laxati vc Bromo Quinine Tablets. Jn p
atsven muuon pozea aoia in pass i monios. uiuivui i - . ,
aMraeliM Im thm Oil- a
naWrA4i Jl l U Imr .IjII.m
- .
will ..KBaaAaaa. K. . .
'IV'J'I Mi ,rililel,,i 0
I ' A I I" oiaa-' Wii u.a t tmt,
w f r t rejiai yaajnaj iH.
ftmmmr, Ma.a4 Tm all luavaaal.
u..ii aliMtraaailoa-rhiaaB, SrMaaM,.
m tlrlaavtlaa, .M. liai.iiuiLi
'1 frel".ai ka a.a aui
S U fiea Uia eavetj m faaikiai I
eaMaaa aaueaaae In eaaeaeae
rMnailte. . raa4 avraM.a aewer, ifaa 5hw '
ST'Vf i lelaf hi Ika4 IT ebl a.l .
air aW4 baaaWkaM r.11.1. kul 1 1 1 j
wea waiaa aMiw
aaawa ta aa a la a
l.r aa I
uraean, ara-aaalaaai
ur. 1 aa
alraatea W.I p mU ktaaw
m "" r mrwwimm mmm aura
a Kleiaed.Kv-Blaaaaaa
avvaii.ia 1 . . j .
la aValaat wleiaal aka lae ai TaiaeaaTr .
tare Ut Baaiara, A salvfe as 4 r.alial ,
JBTBBtT MAM -rir'-r'-r 'H milt 1
tmr, kaM4 mmm al KSaBTalanTl. A
'e artel uaraMal a Oai(Y4 Am a V
A e-f' v ee we aiefnnea
f 4J5aRWarltli4a,
vnAmmwf TMAT A BA BoydB IM
Traaiaaaai Mnaaallr a kr leuae.
li4aBUaB. If.iLaaraaav 1 a ralaal la 1
kaaklar aiaa.) Callae will
M. J
M. HlrOAK ft 0.. III! MarM It, . ft.