Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 03, 1903, Image 2

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PuhtUlied Evt Thursday
Mumk Building
(One Year... $2.00
1 Six Months 1.00
(Three Months, 50
SPACE link ImoJmilnnl 1 yr
on Inch.. It s fc st m
Two lnohi'n
Thir Inoht. . . .
quarter t'olumn
Malt Column
One (lu inn
1 ooi 700 1 nv
2W IXI ltt IStV
. Hk-Xljl.SM JSlV '!
Ono of the very Brut tiling niem
lers of the medical profession learn
Is how to tnnke a pntlent rough tip.
Stillwater Prison Mirror.
Georjty P.. Young, a St. 1'aul law
yer, l reported to have received a
f 100.0(H) fee for his part in fighting
the merger for the Northern Secur
ities company.
A million irnllous ol whisky were
destroyed ly fire in (Jlangow. For
tunately the destruction of all this
whisky was accomplished with the
loas of only seven lives.
The United States is uot making
much progress towards building the
Panama canal, but the salaries are
going on all the time so that some
leople are entirely satisfied.
It is U-liered that Pope Pius X.
will create a numU r of new prelates
for the United States and will prol
ably renominate all the American
prelates created by Ix'o XIII.
Anton Dvorak has written a new
opera called "Armida. to be pro
duced at the rrague National
th"!i-.v VI
The ! to
like I vi rak.
':i,t!i it. n .
In -.innitm ' .f ' : d er.
U liv I r. Y r-h'icky. w ho.
is ;i lilelllb. r of lii'- us
.f lords.
I'linui; i in' i - 1 1 t 'i"!; of I iron
Se('k von Sternlierg to the president
at Sagamore Hill, the ambassador
and the president showed them
selves to le evenly matched ns marks
men. Once they tied. The president
outscored the ambassador once, and
then the ambassador In-at the president.
i " - .....j.a.A'i'''Kmwrs
It Is rather remarkable that In the
long line of men who have lieen nnd
will le at the head of the army, un
til the retirement of Wood in ll'-M,
noue since Scholleld has Uvn or will
lie West Point men. Neither Miles,
Young. Corbln, t'haffee, MacAuthur
nor Wood Is a graduate of the fa
mous military academy. All except
Wood came over from the civil war.
M. E. Ingalls. president of the Hig
Four railroad. Is a Maine man, and
whenever he visits his native state
he always spends a portion of his
time In Harrison, where lie Itegan
the practice of law. On his last
visit then' he dropped Into the vil
lage store aud there met an old
fellow whom he knew a long time
ago. "They Hay. Ingalls," observed
the old man, "that you get more u
$10,000 a year. How Is that?" Mr.
Ingalls admitted that the statement
was true. "W ell," said the ancient
acquaintance, "it does lent all how
a man can fool Vin If he only has
the gall."
A Hoy- Wild Hide for Lift.
With family srouiul expecting him
to die, and it son riding for life, 18 miles
to itet lr. King's New Piseeverv fur
Consumption, Coughs and Colds. W. 11.
Brows of Leesville. I ml., endured death
sgoniefe from asthma; but this wonder
ful medicine, gave instant relief and
soon cured him. He writes: "I now
sleep soundly every night." Like mar
vel ma cures of Consumption, Pneumon
ia, itronchitas, Coughn, Colds and Urip
prove its matchless for all throat and
lung troubles, tiuaranteed Unties. 50
cents and $1.00. Trial liottlea free at
PeaM's lrug Store.
...IS Till:...
mjr i a
i& I
MADE AT NEwlf I gj
suNLlGHT f
Made at
our new
Wiiat Docs a Few Dollars Mean?
In tlu- shoe licit I it means
The Best Possible in ...
Style, Comfort and Wear
If vou invest in one of 1 lie uliove make.
Thev are the lit all over, wear like iron, swell-appearing shoes that yon
(ra hear about hut have never seen for the price. We don't ask yon to take our
word ask the shoe.
lLakeview Mercantile Co. a
W ill Be a Big Show.
SeptemlsT 14 to -li inclusive will
bo days long to be remembered In
the history of Portland. I'tidcr the
auspices of the Miiltmniiah Amateur
Athletic Club the men hauls of Port
land give their carnival on the above imii.Hmr Ileitis crrcteil. and a lari
dates. The attractions offered will j ami handgun- sclioul buililing is
W the U'st ever presented west of Hearing completion The m hool
groiimis are ihwiiiuiui nu'i i'hhm-
State Normal School.
Tin. Sunt hi'i'ii On'irou State Nor
mal School Is'glns this year s work j
September Hit h. A lare working j
library has lieen added; tin- physical
and chemical labratory has U-eii
fullv eiitiipped; a new gymiiafl ;
5. P. Ahlstrom
Mnnufacturcr of tin
the Pocky mountains. I'. very day
will be 11 special day, and this, to
gether with the low rates by the
railroads, insures a big attendance.
esiiie. The health conditions are
The departure of King Edward
from constitutional usage in pardon
ing an Irish jwasant at the instance
of the queen has aroused consider
able comment throughout England,
especially among la wyers, who are
looking up the "prerogative of par
don" and the precedents involved in
the king's case.
In I'rol" f fhamlMrlaln" I'oltr,
4 holrra and Itiarrhorit ICr lurilj .
"Allow me to give you 8 few word in j
praiffof Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera (
and Diarrhoea Remedy," favf. Mr. John
llatnlett, of Kaule texa. "I ,
suffered on" week with bowel trouble
and took mil kind of medicine without
getting any relief, when my friend, Mr.
C. Johnson, a merchant here, advised
me to take thin remedy. ATter taking
one dose I felt greatly relieved and
when I had taken the third dose
entirely cured. 1 thank you from the
bottom of my heart for puttimt tbi
great remedy in the hands of mankind."
For sale by Lee IJeall.
1 f
the liest; the noilal eli iroinnelU is
pure and stimulating; t he course of
Ktinly has Ist'ii st rengt heued and
made more practical. Tin- faculty
has been Increased In numbers ami
the school is now equipped to do
work of the highest order.
This school belongs to Sunt hern
Oregon. It desires and merits the
patronage of the Jx-ople of this great
section. For catalogue address.
Pkn.ia.mink V. Mi President.
Ill s; Ashland, (regoti.
C. H. Thomas, Secretary.
Miss Caroline L. Cn isheim, a clerk
in the civil service department at
Washington, has had a unique duty
cut out for her. She has been de
tailed to make a tour of inspection
of the postoflices of the country and
interpret the civil service regulations.
Mis Jreisheim does not exiect to
have a warm reception, but this
does not worry her she says.
Women are forging their way
everywhere as employes in banks
and business offices, but there Is one
office where not one is ever seen as
iin employe, or ever will Is? probably
so long as the head of the firm lives.
That is J. Pierpont Morgan's office.
I' right girls of splendid business
ability have pulled all kinds of wires
to get places in Mr. Morgan's office,
but in vniu.
Kingtuil monkeys, one of the most
j valuable and exs-nsive of the small
er animals, are caught in an inter
esting way. A cocoaniit is split in
two and a banana with a piece of
wood running through it placed
lengthwise through the nut, the two
halves of which are drawn together
by wire. Then a hole Is cut large
enough for the monkey's paw to
enter. The monkey spies the tempt
ing nut from his trio. He hops
down, looks It over, sees the hole
and smells the banuna Inside. He is
fond of bananas. Putting his paw
In, he grasps it, but the wood pre
vents It from coming out. Then the
catchers appear ami the monkey
runs for a tree. Uut he can not
climb Is-cause of the cocoaniit on his
paw, und he will not let go of that,
ho he is captured, pawing wildly at
the tree trunk.
Uccognlxed a 1 1
WoL'oti ami Mii-'''V II
hits. Spurs,. (Quirts, Koscttrs, Klc -a-llepairinj:
of all kinds, hy competent men.
Special kountl Trip Kates.
11. 1 ween .1 ni.e -It tt nd August L'Ulh
The Illinois ( ill sell round trip
tiikets In. in Oieiion and Washington
points, to Cliii iU'i, itiro. M . -1 1 1 1 1 1 h , und
New Orleans hi lireutly Reduced Rates
ficketH uoihI for three months. I io-
i 1 y limit ten il.ivs I'.et 1011111 limit ten
'as fier stariint! wet. Mop over,
pi l ileiics either way, west of the Mis-j
nuiiri Iliver.
.-ale dales an- arranged to he conven
ient to 'eleL'ate-lo conveiillonM of Na
tional Educational Assmiat ion 111 llos-
ton; Elks at ll;.i! iinore ; Woodmen at I
I iidianapolis ; Eaitles at New York;
Shrincr at Miranda ; Ktiihls of J'vtli-
ia at Louisville and Commercial Trav- (
ellers at I uilianapol is.
You can take your choice of Hxteen
Different Itoiite, Write us. We will
cheerfully Vive any detailed informa
tiou you want.
H. li. Trumbull, Commercial Atfcnt,
19 142 Third St. Portland, Ore' n .
Secretary itoot hits by a recent or
der prohibited the docking of horses
in the army and ims 1 hereby endear
ed himself to thousands of advocates
of the prevention of cruelty to ani
mals. The mutilation of horses by
this process of docking is not only
senseless but cruel and the secretary's
order to bar the practice from the
army will have much to do with
making it unpopular elsewhere.
Hour Mtouiarh.
When the-quantity of food taken is
too l-,.r,o. or the finality too rich, -our
stomach is likely to follow, and espec
ially so if the digest ion Ioih been weak
ened by constipation. Eat slowly and
not too freely of easily ditfeslcd food
Ma-ti'alo the food thoroughly. I't
five hours elapse between meals, and
when vou feel a fullness and weight, in
I the region of the Htomai h idler eiitinu',
take Chamberlain's Mo'iiucn ami i.m-i
Tablets ami the sour stomach may be
avoided For sale by Ecu lieall.
Sash, Blinds, Moulding Window and
Door Casings, IJcehivcs and Furniture
of all kinds made to order. Write for
estimates on contract work & material
Five hundred fanners around
Ilockwell. la., formed a trust with
.?jr,,00() capital for market ing their
products. East year, at an expense
of I4O00, they did a business of il'O,
000 without losing a dollar.
Reduced Summer tixcuralon Kate.
The Denver A Hio Grande, popularly
known as the "Scenic Eine of the
World," baa announced greatly reduced
round-trio rated from Pacific Coast
points for the benefit of teachers w ho
will siM-rid their vacation in the East,
anil of delegates to all the prom neiil 1
Conventions N. h. A., at ISoston ; A.
O. U. W at M. Paul; B. P.O. E., at
Baltimore', Woodmen ot America, Hi in
diaiiaMilis; Eaules, at New York ; Mys
tic Shrine at l-aratoa Sprint: ; K. of I,
at Louisville, and T. I'. A. al Indianap
olis. Ticket al the reduced rate will be
based upon one f ire for the round trip,
but will be soli! only 011 certain days.
These ticket will carry slop-over privi
leges on the yoi in trip, tmini;
tcr an opportunity to visit
(ilv. (ilea wood Miiings,
Springs and Denver; and will lie k-'ood
to return any ti me within ninety (111);
lays. l'a-sent!!iH niuu via the Denver
it Itio (iramle are siveu the privilege
of reluriiini via a different route.
For the rate to the point yon wish to
lo, and for dates of sale and other par
ticular. a well a for illustrated
phamphlelH, write
W. C. McHride, (Jeneral Aent,
tf 121 Third St., Portlund, Ore.
Tut your ad in The Examiner, it brings $
i;: Hereford Stock $ariy
The Orcicon Weekly journal, a Demo
cratic neWHiiuiier. Ill linK'-H, full of news-
all of It! $1 a year to any address. Tlie 1
louinal, I. O. liox 121, Portland, Or.
V j, . aJ -. - -'. .... . f
Drows Valloy, Oregon.
F. O. Dunting, Ownci
largest herd of registered
Herefords in Oregon ,
Young Cattle for Sale.
1AUD0R ALAMO head of herd