Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 09, 1903, Image 4

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gah fentnttf C itlnrr
MtMk feriMlaf
One Year..
TERMS: Sl Month. 1 -w
(Three Month. 30
Fre4 Qroha Dead
Fred ir.lm died at hi hm In j
Auhtiro. Thnrwlny nft-rnMn. March j
!l";th. of lM rt illm-an.'. 01 w in n iH-;
hud Invii i urvat miffvn r for wernl '
, month 'it. I
Mr. tiroh moved to Klamath,
County in 1v- mar tin' I.ake Comity
line. hre he went Into the cattle
! tiiiNtiHtui. which he tondin ted until
"Ur;:'lo;;i!. 1.1- death, h.- i.- i..i . -
in. :iiii. i" ,Vctve to fifti-eii hundred trend of cat-1
lie ai one nine. '!'-
riii I Iti lN."i to MIhh FoMisa Itrandeau.
a native of New Orleans, and a
daughter ol Jolin Frame-au. of .li-
. . izr. tlnnnlshcd ancestry. Mm. i.rotm
Wf.K, wa hcr-clf a very Htirt-ri. r woman.
' r,. 'SO 'The union wa..l.e. .HI.
Dies in Portland. cmlilrvn t,uIirviviim meu.u-r
Iiijj: Fmma.ihcr fattier m.ti. k.. p-
en. Minnie, (the wife of lr. William
Martin, of San Fran. ix-..i. Jewel,
(wife of Kmorv arjntt r of Fen..'.
Frank, (in harire of hi father cat
tle ram Hi. and Udlye, the oiinucst.
l li. lu.itlu r .li. l in lv7. Mr. (.r..h
On In. h..
Two i nrh
Otirl.r t nlniim
Hf l ..himti
On luinn
s.t. t . vm
i i i is ci ! T11 iw
H ll S (V t .' t Jl IB
II. W. forU tt. ex-hanker an. I for
liter Fnitcd State Senator from this
State, died at hi home in Portland,
Tnewlav momin. March ".I. from.
heart trouble. While ll death :
tmdden, it wan not entirely un.x-
i.fti-l. as he hart U-en in J.oor health Va,t,.r MaN41l , .t. h
for some time. Only the lay u ,,,rv t lat jM He w nlo a m.inUr
Mr. forl-tt. realiiimr that hU ( tf i t,.r .,,vill Arv, Ma..,!,,.
Ktri-nth wan failing. r.i--ne. ,. .. ... , , M;1I1.
olitii-M l.e wan a Ivinornit.
.. ... F . J1.... L
im-rtlilellt ol tile ix-w irt ami " nun j
iMition. He wan relui taut to take
thirt tej. art he ha.l taken sn-at j
lntmt in the eoinin -sHitioti ;
anil ha.l Mii.wriUil li'
Trains To Won Mi) Ut.
H. rvey!J-y. of the K lion
i-rally to the: miiiin firm of M.imhi. I -in. I ' A 1 ..
wl.i. h irt at tie !,... 1 ..f the Klam ath
l:iverl:a'.!r..i-l l.ti n,ri-'- alilioi;t;.-e.
Henry W. forU tt w ;u for many w hile in .hl,in.l. Ti:'lay. that re
yearx one of the 111. t e. .ii.U uou i;ir trainn w ill U run on the new
"men of affair in hi a.h.pte.1 State. ' r,Ki. May 1-t. The train n ill ti
ll w a-i one of the 'i'THri, an.l it of an engine, a i.mlinati.n a
ha.l tak. 11 a lar-r part in the ii- M-n-, r ami hauuaue eon. h ami an
Imildiii of I'ortlan.1 than any otluT .ar im r o.a.-h.
Knowing that you do not want a Dress like
others in the town, we have ordered a complete
line of samples of New Summer Fabrics.
Come and select a Dress or Shirt Waist Pattern.
By taking advantage of this line you can get your
Spring and Summer Dresses, and have them made
early. Our line of Trimmings will be here in time
to use in making the garments.
one man. He wan inteivM-l in al
most eety eiitt-r.r!e of imp. .rtanee
that n.M.-il to the repi tatioti of
1'ortiaii'l a a rominerrial renter.
Xlr l.ll-tt rallie Vrt fi-olll N'e
York l.y w a in W1 an.l .-tuiun-keil in
the lry v U liii;n .. He li' . r
ma.!.- a l.n.iire of any eiiterpii- he
tonk iiji or uriiiiate.l. an.l tin- r.l. n-
li'l fortune If ha.l at the time of his
lenth was a y irnl jmlv:.--iiiei.t.
thrift ami attention to l.iii-i-
He was proiiiineiit in IU pulili.-aii
politi.-rt ever siii.e the party wa
foutiile.i in di-tuoii. ai .l I-. pr. s.'iite.l
hlrt State in the l lliteil State Senate
from l'i7 to 1T:'.. He took a pi-oni-
w I.I. ti
w ill run from I jiir.lrt to P .kf
oreiron. a .Utnnee nf :ui mile.
Stae will ronn.rt at the latter
p!a. with t he t rain ami eai'ry pa-en-er
an.l l.;i-;;.r.' to Klamath
Fall. ; 1 1 1 I Mr. y think that a
to';n'1 trip can mal.' t-tw.-eii
i.ainl atel Klamath Fall in on.
lay. A rolit I II. t ion fofre of
m. u i now aial for rtoine time t,a
Keen employ ei on the rua.'. Tin-re
Will Im tW'O I'T tllt'll month' Hulk
to lie .lone at 1 'okeama. a (t. r hieh.
Mr. l.iii'lley i-ay . t he line w ill j t 1 -a he puhe. on toward K!a mat h
Fall. i nnir'a pr.-liinin.i i y
Wolk, however, to lie attellcle.l til
li.-fore tin ea n lie ilone. niieh a
en riti a riirht of way, urey. ete.
Kino us U ,,n tu. I'Iioik- it' yui want
An tiling in our Line.
L. BAILHV ....
onijil.-lr nil. I ll.-autl-rulllnrnt
Main ile lo nr.
Irrt rroni.
Inent pail in the early work of Imil.l
itm the Northern I'ai-itn- Kailroad ; Tidili
ami t lie I Ireoll Miort J.nie. in i:i(.
on the eM.iratioii of S-iiator Mit
chell' term. Mr forUtt wa ap-l foiinty School Siirinteii.en t
point.-.l hv (oivernof I.rd to fill the
5chool Apportionment.
W'illit on tin- 1-t of April mail- t he
following apportionment of the
rti-hool fnm 1 of Fake fon ii ty:
Mr. foiliettV early commercial en
terpri-e in Oregon are ipiite inter-; i.i-t
'tin. In Wi.'. In M-ure. the No. 1
Jovcriim.-ii! eontraet for earryiim -
the mail l.etweeii I'oltland and1 '
S.u raniento for lr'.t.uo", and mi.-. i - I
fully com I net el t he l.iiine imt il hi "
election to the State Senate in 1117.
In I'.Kl'.J. after four year of a more or '
Ich l.ackvarl e.i.tanci', the FitM s
National liank of l'ortland fell into '
.Mr. f orln-t t'rt hand, and in a hort 1"
time he made it what it is conceileil ', 11
to he the foremost hank in t he I'aci-; 1-
tii: Northwest. In addition to his j 11
connection with thirt hank Mr. f or- j
lett wan a director in the Oregon I
Hailroad and Navigation Company. 1"
He helped to liiiihl the Fort land or-1 Is
daire Works ami the Fortaue Lin-i 1!'
K-dOil Work. He wan also inter- 1"
ested in I he ( )reyoii Transfer st.M-ks, '-''
in the Security Savings and Trust!
Company and in the Fort land street I
railway linen. The l'ortland Hotel, j The Decision,
oncof the finest in the Stale, wartj For the l.em lit of Fxaminer
t he result of hirt eiiterjuirti.. ! eirt we ni ve in f ullt hirt wtt-k the de-
Mr. forliett waH a delegate to the I cision of the Hecrctary of the Interior
Itepiihlican National f onvent ion j in the Wa rner Valley Fa ml rase. The
which nominated fii'ant. ami 'ol fa x settler of Warner do not appear to
in I.'.-. He wan chairman of t he i Im- much dirtconserted or disliearlen-
1 l.liliK
K. W. Follett
i'.. '. 'I'hru-toii
S. P. Vernoti
li. W. X'ellioli
.1. I'.. l isher
J. II. Newell
Mr. M. Snclliiiir
.1. M. Ha iiiinersly
II. A. Hawkins
I). W. Prose
.1. I). Farra
f. Smith
f . f . .l;ickson
P. 1'. I'.atniini,
A. 1). Frakfrt
i a rt Fnphain
Mr. N. .1. flelaml
II. F. It.-ed
W. I'.. I'arniiin
P. F. Taylor
I'U 1
-'I'..". LH
l '.il
p.m in
:.a:; :,
;.l".i mi
:i: :ia!
j; is
l:s: 4.'
sii.v.:! tij
Bath House
MARK niXiWAVI;. I'rop.
Hath N'eatlv Arranged nnd
Uiade OIIM-lielit fur lillhlie
pl.-HHiire. 'I liiiriiii'h renuva
ti'.n. neat dr. H-ini; rumiiw.
h'.niid Trip, i'.. t. i:;itti ;.")i :-.
Healthful, Pleasant, Cleanly
Lowest Prices
See Me !
rit. f
I.' '
PEHllToUSEP-il 5512 fCjiesjRAU-sJ
famous l'ortland fouimittei- of im),
and wan a prominent im-mlicr of the
Portland Water Committee since its
formation, lie was the first presi
dent of the Portland P.oa rd of Trade,
and haM filled many ot her hij;li olIiccH
ed art a result of the decision, hut
claim the controversy Is a lonx way
from heiny: set t led yet . Art the case
hart lieell liefore the rteci'etar.V two
llllies before thirt last ieciioll, alld
lioth times wart decided in their
ill the life of Portland, lie was 7'i favor, they think they have an eipml
yearn old and left a fortune estimat
ed at .1,(MI0,(MMI.
Federal Money For koads.
Secretary of State F. I. Duidiar
last week apportioned anions the
Meveral count ieH of the .tatc I he
IWa.lH) recently received from the
Fnlted Statert Trcnuury on iweoiint
of t he ." per cent urn laud sales fund,
for the year VMi. Tlie apportion
ment wart made according to the
acreajie of the Keveral couiitleH, and
tlieri! in a total of W ,7W aeren of
land In Oregon. 'I'he apportlon
ment per acre w an .iny.',s::',-Js ctM.
JackHoti i-ounty with 1 ,7s(i,ss( acien
of land in apportioned yiisii.'.t.'t: Jose
phine with 1 ,!!,.": ucrert, .L'1.4ii:
Klamath with :i,idl,:'H) acres, l.m
Fake, a.l.'io.JlH acres, l!!i;is.l:!.
chance, if not a shade the lies) of it
yet. The FxaiuiuiT hopes and ln
llevert that (hey will win out in the
end. It lis claimed that the present
decision irt made solely on the evi
dence of the state, ami that no part
of the evidence that portends to
prove t he set t Iitm Hide of the case, Is
used ill making I lie decision.
-If You Do Not- V
Attend - The - Sale
- this week at -
LI r? m m
1 u Monogram g
Bucks Wanted to II, rd.
I would like to secure not: over too
lan k to herd during the summer in
the Thomas Creek country. The
bucks to lie delivered to lue at Mul
key'rt Hhecp corral lK'tve'ii AprllJDIh
and May 1st, and Mill he herded
until Oct. 1st, at $1 per head, and
will then lie delivered at the same
plaec. Not lfy me li.y let ter a t Fake
view with the number of bu. ks you
will have. Hoc Aii.vms.
You will Miss Many
Bargains and also
Lose Money.
For the Article You
Might Want is sure
to be Gone To morrow.
LiulifH f .-jr, l in,. M m, f.jr f .ic,
I.K lien t:!..Vl fut.-nt Tip, itpern fl.n.e, f
FudieH I unry (Ufaril fyr$I..Vi
FmlifH f.'t .'ill I'wix Calf tourisl hIhh! ha
Fiulii H fFL'.-j Whiio f iniva t ixfuriln h.r .ti.'i
FadicH 1 .." Kid dacK -iiNHiirled tans ur f 7a
Muiih fi.Ol) ( f..r f:i I")
Meim 12.75 (iiiaiaiiteed Slum fl.7."
Menu 5.0il SletHun HalN or fi.fii
MeiiH i'i.W StetH.iu HatN (,,! ).la
.Venn fl.ltt (il.ivc (,,r f ..-,
Mnn 7"i ct Sniniiier Hutu fnr ."kl c.
Ahlstrom Br's,
Hundreds of Other Articles Sold
At Slaughtered Prices