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NO. 12.
Secretary of Interior Reversed De
cision of Commissioner Her
mann In Warner Cases.
WASHINGTON, March I7.-Iu tin-
f .1. I.. Morrow ami n.i,l,''ll'H o llu- CoiiiiiilHMli.iM r of the
against the State of Oregon ami (lie
WuriHT Valley MiK-k Company. In-
lll lllg HOIIU' tllOllMalllls of iu ivm of
Mvani, laud located near .nkcvlrw,
r., I In- Sreivtary of t In- Interior Iuih
leverm-d n iIim IhImii of tin1 CuimiiiIm
xluliMr of I ln lii'iii'l'al Land (Jlllre
ami directed I In- hi 1 1 in IhhIi iti fni' ap
iroval of a lu-w Hwamp html IIkI
embracing mh Ii of t he lauds la cna
I rovri'Mv iih iroii'rly piiHMi-il in iln-flali-.
'I'll 1m i Iii IhIiiii I'i-Ji-cIm all claim
adverse In tin- Hlali-, excepting I ha t i ,l""1''- appeal Him thru taken
..f tin- heirs of Alno 11. mi ami aiivl''-v ""' w,irl"'' Valley St oik Coin-
other eltlug (in-fin t Ion rlnlin
which Iuih la-en perfected U-fnri' the
lir-li in Im in i rii i I Inln effect.
Thi-fnlliitvllit; lilwtory of thr raw
IH IIIinII'i In tin- t H-i-oiilaii.
"Tin' hrli'f 1 1 1 -1 1 ; 1 1 . 1 1 fi'iiin U'ahliiK
liia nlimnilii'i'H SiTii-tar.V 1 1 Iti hroi k'H
I'-i ImIimi fu fiuor of tin- ronti'Htii'H or
li'fi'inhiiitH la t hi' riiHf of .1. 1,. Mnr
iov el al. vm. the Stati' of t Iri'Kon
Jiml tin- 'aiiii-r Valley 'nliiiuny net.
lleK a rout roviTHy of uk Htamlliitf,
iiml one that hllf exrlleil tniirli lntc-r-
Ml In l jiMtrrn Oii-koii. Nearlv WHM)
la n-M of laiiit, prartlrally all Hwaiiip,
all' linnlveil III !. ,.
land viiim reliirneil hy tin' Ih-pllty
Surveyor In 17."( iim Lake Warner.
In 11 Ihew InmlH wen- purrhawil
Irolil the Hi lite hy Henry Owen iim
mi it 1 1 1 J . ami iim mh Ii moi to K. I'. Mc-
t li 1 1 J 1 1 1 u I iv , s 1 1 Mild t hem to I he
Warner Valley Stork 1'oiiipany.
I'.etwii'ii lsMiand V' a larue nnm-Ih-I'
of peojile Mi-ttli'il upon thi'HelamlM
ami roniliienreil rolilrHtM, iiIIi'kIiiw
that on Marrh 1:', lMi, the date of
I he Hwaup laml Kraut, tin-He landM
were dry, anihli- lamlM, ami would,
wlthoul rei In unit Inn, p induce an
ajjrlrultui'iil rrnp. liming the yearM
lV ami Ivhi IIii-hi' roiiti-MtM. US In
numlier, were tried liefnre the laud
otllre al I.akevlew and derlMioii In
every niHi- ivmleivd ill favor of the
ta1e, hlrh, on apiieal, wiim alllriued
hy t he ( 'iiiuiulMHloni-r of the (ienernl
I ,aud Hllre. In four i'iihi-m an appeal
wiim taken to thr Secretary of the In
terior, ami tin- derlHlon of the lower
olllrei'M wiim an'iiln alllriued and the
IjiiiiIm approved to I hi' Mtate.
'I'lie conteMtautM then ahaudoni'd
the dry land theory and linked thr
Srrretary of tl' InU-rlor to net HMhle
IiIh approval of tin land and deter
in ln-from tin- ovldi'iire whrthrr or
not. tin-He landM were not the lied of a
perinaiirut hike on March 12, lMK).
In l)eceinlM'i,1 1MII1, tlio S-cri.-tary of
the Interior rendered a ih-ciHlon holil
Iiik that at thr date of thr HWaiup
land Kiant tln-Hi- landrt wrrr thr brd
of an apparently prrnianrnt hike,
and ordered that tin- claim of thr
Hlatr hr raurrllrd, and, upon million
for rrhrarhiK', nlllnnln hln foriurr
In isiis tlir Wanirr Vallry Stork
Company prtltloni'd tho Srcrrtary of
tho Interior to ivoprn 1 ho cji, for
rriiHoiiM, ii i'h t that no Ihhuo wiih ovi-r
i-iiIhi iI iim to whrthrr t ho land wan
or wiim not a lake In t ho local laud
oilier, and the petltlonoi'M had no op
licrtiinliy to prrHrnt their evidence,
and, Hi-rond, if the land wiim a prr
nianrnt lake It brloiiKod to the State
of Oregon hy vlrtuo of lirr Hoverelyn
ty, and conHequently, to thepetltlou-
r I'.v vlrlui' f a deed i in- state
i of Oregon.
'I I Secretary granted (In- li,n
and h trial was had Ixfore tin local
oIIIcith nt Lakeview. Iteglstrr Itrat
lain mill Kcci'lvcr lliilley decided
that the land was tho bed of a per
iiiancnt Id kf. Tin Warner Valley
Stock ( oiniany appealed from tliU
General Laud Olllri'. CnuiiiiiHMloucr
lli-riiiaiin IiimI it iMTHonal a r:i rnont
of llif cumi- In-fore lilin, which lanli-il
nearly two ilayn, ami after u
thorough l oiiHlili'iatliiii of the raw,
decided that the land wiim swamp
laml, anil directed that tin chiliim of
1 In-Mi l lliTM Im-canrcli-il, hut It InhiiIiI
that, finding IiIh (,-.lrtl(,ii ciltlilwil
hy tin- Inial papers, hi- recalled (,
ami ilis M.'il tin' caw thi iithi-r way.
At any rati-, tin- iIitIhIhii wan ho
I pany to tin- Sit -rotary of thclutorlnr.
whlrh reMiilled In a n-M iNal of tin
dei'lMioii i if the 'oiiiuilM-dourr. 'I"!,,
Siclelary decided that the land wiih, !
on March J, lsila, HWaiup, and that
to hnhl that it wiim the Im i of a per
liianent lake would he no lieiiellt tn
the Mi ttleiM, iih the laml in that event
would In-lone; (he State of (Ire
Ron. Ill Ihew ciiuti-HtM the Warner Val
ley St ock Company wan rcprcHcutcd
hy C. A. CokmucII and V. 1). McKln
nry, ami the HettlerM hy Captain
.lolui .Mullen."
The dlMpatrh from WaMhlnKton Im
full mraliliij; of thr iIi'cImIoii ho vax'ir
that it Im not quite midd'htmid hy
t hi' people. 'Chat the ileclHioll Im
aalliMt the net tlel'M, t hell' Im imilnulit,
hut why new IIhIm are to Ih made,
w hat Im to he Included ami how Imiu
a time will he rci'nirod. Im lint ap
parent. Ilnw many clalniM that
have Ih-cii or will hr perfected ln-fotv
thlM 1 1 leinli hi hih'M Into effnrt Im not
The I'.xainlncr Iuih alwayH taken
thr nettlerM view of thr ciiHr, and we
hellevr that nlnr-trlit Iim of the pro
plr who arr In any way familiar
with the cane mi' norry to nee the
(IccIhIiiii made iiKaliiHt them. Mont
of t lii-Hi" people have lived on thr laud
In iui-Htlou many yearn, built up
honii-H ami rained 1 heir familleH, ami
now, after a loan Htrun'Kle of -ndlrsH
trouhli'iind rxpniK', it nurely iIim-h
lint Hrrm rllit that they Hhould he
kicked out and Ioho all their labor
and property.
Local attoriieyN who have boon
IntcroHted In the cane are L. V. Conn,
forthentate and CIiiih rnibarh for
the HettlerM.
The Portland Telegram Hay
After many jearH of vexation and
expeiiHlve litigation the Warner val
ley HiuatterH have limt their landM,
the Sorretary of the Interior rovern
ing thr latr CommiHHionrr I irrmann'H
Hi-rond drclMlou, and holdliiK that
the landM wrrr "Hwamp" when taken
hi nut1 t went y yearn ago by the late
"Hen" OweiiH. Whatever may have
brrn the ciiho iim to tin-He IiuiiIh, it in
well known that a great proportion
of alleged "Hwamp IiuiiIh" were no
more "Hwamp" than Mount Hood 1h
a hole In the ground.
A. lK'vlno liiHt week Hold to W.
lhiyley hU Iiouhh and lot juat eimt of
Mrn. Kuox'u photograph gallery,
lioren Itailry and family will hoou
move there. Mrn. lievlne'H health
Iuih iH-en (jultu poor the piiHt few
yeai-H, and will Hrek a lower climate.
Sho will probably go to Oakland or
Sim Fi-uucIhco.
7 f'w
It I Hiitil Unit Mm ( li,,!i. wife of
court nf Si
.us ih uinMiiihiv fiij-iyini; the no-lal nlile of diplomatic life,
.iitf'i' I:: v !.. In l.i.iiiiiin and mpin to he highly popular
Tup I'd '"ti
with tli
I'rvHltlciit KoiiHevcIt Iiiih diTided to
visit Oregon and will leave WaMhing
ton on April 1t. The preHldnit will
arrive at AhIiIuihI on May "lnt and
will alnr. ntop at Salrm and 1'ort
laml. Thr tour Im given iim fnllowH:
I it'll ve WiiHhiiigton Vpril 1
In Chicago Vpril
In YelloWHtonr 1'ark April MoiM
In NebraHka, Iowa and
lllinolH April '.'.1to2!l
In St. LouIm April :U)
In KatiHiiM City May 1
In Uenver May 4
In San FranrlHro May 12 to 14
Arrive at AHliland, or.. ..May '21
In Salrm May 21
Arrive in Port land (after
noon ) May 21
I it'll ve Portland (morn')Mny 22
In Tnroina May 22
Arrive Seattle May 2:t
Ix'ave Seattle May 24
In Walla Walla May 2:
In Spokane May 20
In Salt Lake May 20
In Cheyenne May 111
I it'll ve Cheyenne on re
turn June 1
Arrive In VaHliiugton....June 4
fourth of July Meeting.
There will be meeting of the
citizens of Lakeview next
Friday night, March 27th,
at s o'clock p. in., at the
court bonne, for the purpono
of making iirrangrnirntM for
n 4rii of July celebration In
Lakeview. Kvery public
Hpirited person Hhould at
tend. Ladlt'H Invited.
II. C. Wiin woinn, Mayor.
MoHt of the merchants arc quite
buny theHO dayH taking Invoice.
A crew of HherpHlirarerH with Jack
(irccn iim foivuiau, left Lakeview hint
Sunday for Morrill to nhear three
bandH of hIuh'P for Dave Killer.
Among the crowd were Kd Wallop,
liCHter Vernon, Steve Down, (Jeorge
JonrH, r. Wynian, CardlniiH, and
Frank (irllllth and hou. Thin will lie
I the fli'Ht Hhcarlng of the beanon.
-v .
-.1,' i
tin- faltwl State ambassador to the
PurHiiant to a call of the chairman
of the Itepublirnn county Central
Committee publiHhed hint wi-ek, a
meeting of wild committee wjih held
hint Monday afternoon in the court
house. Chairman W. A. MitHKingill
called the meeting to order, and ap
pointed L. F. Conn nee rotary pro
torn. The chairman watt author
ized to make temporary appoint
inrntM to fill vacancloH of non-attend-Ing
inemU-rH. The meeting wn
repreiionted as IoIIowh:
Silver Lake, T. J. Labile, by C. D.
SoHHioiiM, nppointod.
Summer Lake, (J. H. Ahldrich by
C. C. Cannon, appointed.
PaiMloy, Wiu. McConnack, by K.
M. Hrattain, proxy.
Crooked Crook, K. E. Uhinohart.
North Warner, W. K. Hurry.
South Warner, W. F. IiOinlK-rgor,
by E. Follett, appointed.
South Lakeview, W. A. Mannin
gs. North Lakeview, J. E. McUarrey
deceased, by L. F. Conn, appointed.
Drew8 Valley, G. 11. Newell.
(loose Iiake, Geo. W. Noble.
Cogswell Creek, C. C. Cannon.
Thomas Creek, S. J. Prone.
The time Bet for holding the prim
aries was Monday, Mch. :!0th, to lie
held at the polling places of the
several precincts. The convention
will bo hold In Lakeview ou Friday,
April .'Id, at the Court house at 2
o'clock p. in., and will consist of CI
delegates which were appointed
among the several precincts ns pub
lished in the call in another column,
which was ordered published in The
W. 1). Woodcock & Son have been
making some improvements in their
blacksmith shop lately by building
on an addition to be used exclusively
for shoeing horses. Corwln Vlnyard
has accepted a position and will
soon begin work la this department.
A paint shop lias also been added.
A heavy cart has Just boon tnado for
tho Z X ranch, which will lie used ex
clusively for breaking; horses.
Three .Tenderfoot Hunters Come
to Lake After Big Game but
Run at Sight of the Bear
The cmsiuleM of "Old Club Foot,"
tin-famoiiM Southern Oregon grizzly
Iwiir, as well iih the fivjiiont raids of
the grlzzlyM from the range of moun
tains that divide Lake and Klamath
.Counties In the valleys Ix-low int-arly
j days made the country famous as a,
lear country. Hunters from many
points came to the mountains on
hunting expiditioiiH, and along with
the many HiieeeeHfiil hunts some
humorous episodes took place. It Is
j well known that many jK-ople do not
j hunt bear and that many w ho do
find U-arat the last moment do not
enjoy tin-sport as much an was ox-
A party of well-armed and ej nipped
hunters arrived from across the Cal
ifornia line and stayed over night
with an old rancher, who was a
MisHouriiin, at the foot of the nfoun
taiiiM, requesting an early morning
hunt. There were three in the party
and they talked until late with the
randier and his son about the boar
and were anxious that they should
not fail to find them. The old man
informed them that his son would
ta.kt. I'.'l'.'-K'i?? ttlomrwhich-hiwi i. ,.
he thought there would le no trouble
in finding the big game.
Two of the hunters were well-to-do
merchants and had sent Kant and
bought guns especially for the hunt,
and the other memlier of the party
had borrowed a gun from a noted
hunter, and both the gun and the
hunter had a wide reputation. He
felt safe with a gun that had Ikh-u
proved, though the guns of his com
panions had cost larger sums of
They discussed the matter until
late In the night, ns amateur hunters
do. They nettled the question of
who should have tho first shot, who
should shoot next, how they should
divide the game, and one of the party
eniHt-lally desired to take home with
him a large grizzly hide. They also
settled on the point that if they
should only find one boar all should
share in the honor of killing it.
i.ineii t i' koh nrsixEss.
Notwithstanding the fact that
they kept the rancher and his family
awake until a late hour the hosts
were up and had breakfast ready by
break of day and theparty composed
of the young Missourlan, his two
dogs and the throeCaliforniansstart
ed out on the hunt. He escorted the
throe into a deep gulch, along by the
side of the stream in the bed of which
there was a dim trull. He told the
hunters to lino up by the side of this
trail at convenient distances apart
and that ho had hopes of running a
bear out by them. Thus stationing
them ho crossed over the hills witli
his tlogs and took a ciivultouscourse.
In search for the game.
Iu spite of the ngreoineut of the
previous night tho hunters were in
clined to dispute over tho points at
which they should stand. Each
wanted to take the station farthest
up the gulch, ns that was regarded
as tho place whore tho first opportun
ity to shoot would come. It was
argued that the "front" man would
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