Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 19, 1903, Image 7

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local Ijappcnlnoo Goto In pnraornplw
M. I. Hicks was In from ('rooked
( 'reek In m t Thursday.
A. N. I.npliam of Ylxtllllx, mum ii
Lake view vlxltor lllMt TIlltrHilllV .
Ml MM Ji'XhIi' ClllllllH tl'l lll'lll'll ImhI
week to Iht Iioiih' nt IC im I lit- WiimI'.
A it I'lM-nrt'Hi timiiiiH'r fur .'flli'i i. tic iH-hcri
in iiikMi Myrnr iri(i- iiiHiitiint'iuriiitf rnun-Mi
HulMiy Uti'' llmi'linl I . 1 1 m r r m.iiilli rttrn
i n 111 in in-(mm mni 1 k 'M 1 11 . 1 1 vi II iiitilri"! 1 111I
Inm milt ki-i 1 1 r I f v r'iiirrl. II'-. I nf rif i-rcnr.
A ' I ' I r . MnnnKi r I'. II. Iln .'l.'l Man Y unu i.
(Hill. HI
Light tV HlllToW have decorated
till llllll'l xuloilll WllulllWN W llll MOUIC
r i IK- ml 1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 x K cui'lulnx
Mrs. S. T. 1'itlvln rinni' I 1 fruiii I In
l'nllu in 1 1 1 1 'I liiiihcln v mi a till t
with In r daughter, Mix. I'. '.. liar-
A, M. Smllli anil w 1 f . wen1 up (ruin
New l'luc n ek luxt TJiurx.luy. Mr.
Nun) h brought up a wagon loud n(
lllli' bacon In made Ian! fall.
A hiii' 1 1 1 1 u ' 1 1 y nf wla-ky i lik 11 tine
1 1 : 1 1 1 1 v hi nnvtliini i-li-f. Ii cnxiH h
llttli- Im.le, (ml Imtliiiik I" K'Mi'l for
lia An.i'i u niiH. Inrifl i'ii I. living Ji-km-Jim.
ii'" Uln-ky. Afk JuiiiiiiitiIimI
Maxter Kmui llartla rami- up from
Kcihi luxl week with W, A. MaMii.
gill, inn.' Im vixlting uilli hi uncle
mni unit Mr. nii'l Mix. It. ('.
Tin' Silver l.aki Itullltlii In tin
latent Journullxtlt' effort. W 111. 1 1 ! I -it
ami W. A. Hell mv the publishers.
It In very nrat mni well 1 1 1 I . mni
IhhUmum (hough It come to stay
lllllll tin' tllllUT l III! gone, at IciiHl.
W li..r li 'ii A S 111 1 1 Ii 'h I'tilace rout Inlle
to U' ilii Hiiiilnr ( lull riH'in. 1( vim r
liM.k ihk (r it 1111111 yim wiil likely lii (I
llllll III till I'llllll'l'. (il'olt' UI'll ll'llt
mIw hvn treat llii'ir r iim Hrll. Latent
H'i i' iilii ii In. l'rivulu i luh room, )'.' l(
X. Line was iivcr from Warner at
tending to Koine laml IiiihIiichh hiNt
Week, MaJ Maya the dust wuh blow
ing w lii'ii lie lf t . lait In aw none on
tin way over. Hecncountcivd snow
ni-arly tin entire dlxtnixv, nrnl In
Camus pralrlr it Im quite ilii'p yet.
Kllliitt Lxoiih. tli murderer of
Slirrlff W, W. Withers 4 Lane coun
ty, HUH M'Utt'llCcd .'it LllgCIIO ll.V
.Indue lla'iilltoii lo Ik- hanged on
Irfday. April 17tli. Tin- trial of
Lyons, lasted only two ila.VM, ami
the Jury (li'llU-rnti'il only a fi'w min
utes Ixfore returning their verdict
of k'iU'.V of inunliT In tlicllrMt iIckiii'.
Jin kmin Sipiaro in 0110 of the famoiia
iKalitii'" of N"' York. I'lio "JHi'kmm
SqiiMiu" in Iikt-vieiv in aim nf the turn
tioH nickel ciitHrn wiliI ecluxivtl)' ly Alii
Ktrom HroB. TliiH llrm mIho Iiuh t-xclu
Bivn nale of the f rnnrunl "liiHlructora ;"
alnu currii'H tliu ever fmnoiiH iicliiiont. !in
Kcpn-Hi'iitiitlvc WllllmiiHon ami
Forincr ItcprcHcntatlve Mooily wcii'
HHHincd oil 11 vlnlt to tint Inillaiiolflci'
at WaHhln;t on on Sat unlay Mcli. 71 Ii,
that ut tin-1'inl of the year AtMit ).
I'. ApplcKatc would Ih cnntliiiicd In
chnrgc of tin Klamath Indian
Agency, only IiIm tltlo would Ik
I'hanuri'd from AKcnt to Superintend
ent, and tho Hillary will Ik the name
II H tM'folV,
An olil-fiiHhioiied toildy either hot or
cold in n (jrent drink il Hindu of .Ichhh
Moiimi WhiHky. A little tnntur, 11 little
water, then tho pure ntulf ".lent-e
Mooru" Whinkey. Jiiiiinierlhal keepB
tieo. M. .Joni'H of ralwlcy, wan ut
"UlH,U" .Mm 1'oHtcr'H Siiinmcr Lake
farm 0110 day hint week, miyn the
PohI, and ivporln liavlnu: w ltncHned
Iho lnanufactiiri' .if p'liiiltio maple
ny nip l.v "Aiinlle" FoHter. Tho nr
llchf Ih homi' production; the maple
IreeH grow In (he front yard at the
ToHter lioine, mid were tapped re
cently mid Mr. JoncH wiyH they are
"running" nicely. The My nip, Mr.
.Ioiich MayM, Ih of unexccllent quality,
11 h "Auntie" I'onter Ih an expert on
maple Hyrnp mid the raw material
wan of the liest.
Imii'I It, ah. ml time Nome one Wan
.11 - . ....
iiixcovi riiijf a row mine in-re aiioutn.
TIiIiih have Imiii ultoK't her too
ipilil In that Hue In Nil'.
The IiiihIiii'hn men of Anlilmnl mi
M pi If on I Home time auo nfi'id to
clime their placi-H of IiIIhIui-hm lit l
o'clock every eieiilny. They have
found that they had done JiihI uh
much IiumIikhm, ami tin pulillc Iuih
not Imi'H I11r1.1m and It. Ih
quite HatlMfactoiy to all couccriied.
The hyuleiilc craze U hoIiir to ex.
tri liiH. I'.y onliiiaiice In Neiiark, X
.1., a liarlM-r may not l.loiv the hair
cllpplucHfrom a ciiHtomer'H 1111 k w it I:-
out Vk Iiik milijcct to a line. AiitUi'i
lie tootliplckn are a. I vert Ihc.I l.y a
him II New York n-Hiaurant. Cach Is
in M parale i rapM-r nud liolh tin
polnlM liave lieen treated wll Ii a (ferill-
di'Miro.i lntt preparalloti.
Kinlinky I'tiv.irile Wlil-k v uhMci-I
mni Ih'xI. riu f u hi 1. h ifcciiiiicinl it
I'oct K il.if .
liealern In inohalr mv 011 the
uroiind from the ICant for the pur-
pow of luiylliK up the Oregon crop
of mi:!, which will lie on the market
next mouth. Mohair Ih largely the
product of the Willamette valley.
mid the crop of laxt year muoiiiiied
to Iihi.ihhi p.iumlri. it h cllpH'il from
the liackx of the Angora Koatn la
Maicli. ami the market om'im thin
year at -i centn M-r pound. June-
1 1, hi I 'll v Time.
SuHpciidcr, lial and other furnixh
iiiK'x al S haiiiicka are l.eiiit: cluwd out
rHpidly at end.
A man had u niack ul Silver dol
hllM. When lie htacked tliem III (wo
pili'M he had one left over. Me Htiu,k-
ed them In three pik'H m rne
left over. Hp tiled ?tiuklhs them In
four pile, with the Hiituo tohiiH.
Wlien he nlilde live pllcn he iiIho had
due left over. He tried xt licking
them In xlx different plIcH ami xilll
one wax left over. When he made
Kcven pili'M of tledolla'-H he found
they came out even. Iloiv many
dollarM did he ha ve'.' Ex.
I'lixt tV KiliK are now receiviiiK hi in
v.ii. i x fur their winter trade. All the
linext l.rHU.lM of li.pii-iirH and ciaiH are
kept there. I'oxt t Kinit furiuxh the
home uiih the U-xt drumta for medicin
al purinxex. 4ll-tf
Here Ih an editor who Iiuh come
clime to hittiiiK the nail on the head.
He hii.vh: "The ni'WHpapi'r Held Inn
wide Held, and full of roncH ami thorax.
When you roaMt the preacher the un
godly Minlle; when you roant the un
godly the preacher MinlleH. If you
roant the xaloun man the teetotler
HinlleH; w hen you roiwt the tetotlir
the niiIooii man MetH 'em up. If you
Hiveur you are a w icked man, and If
you pray yon area hypocrite. If you
have an opinion you wt cuhhciI and
If you don't have any you mv a non
entity. MoMt people know 11 threat
many tlilnx; the JournallHt Ih expect
ed to know everything."
Cyrim Xohle Whixkv tho old cham
pion and alill chainpion of them all.
I'Ht'il in all tirxt-claxH plnces. Axk for
I'ryux Nohle caxo itkxIh w hen yon want
a uood limp at home. S7 tf.
Catn mv no numerous In I.nkevlew,
that tho average cltlwn has become
ho acciiHtomed to them that they
rail not even tell tho color of the
felines If they had junt obnerved one
or more la their playful aiitU'H. We
have catn of all coloi-M of the rainbow
In Iwtkevlew; MalteHO catH, yellow
cats, Hpotted catn, gray catn,; cats
without any ears or tnllH, catn that
have tenor voices and cats wIUiWhh
volceH,.biit a cat with a palo voice
and clad In a coat of fur of bright
red, attracted Homo attention tho
other day. A clone observation and
Inquiry dlHchmed tho fact that this
cat makes Its bed In a barrel of dry
red mineral paint, mid hcciiih to
think that Its new abode Is just
about the right thing.
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