Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 05, 1903, Image 1

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Jf II m. A II J
NO. 0.
rf -all 1'lti: In mi lii k i if prosiMTtn ohstablc In their power In tin- way
I ' fur railroad In Lantern Or-j of ot her mad building Into t hi mv
I ..uoii. or Ih known an tlou. while they n funetn build them-
. . I
lit.- Interior ptirt i ti or tin man
....... n .l.mrnnl. It
now more of a qu.-Ntloii aM to which
railroad will In- l.ullt first to reap
. I lit from... f tlierlen-Ht !
II. Id In tin I'nlteil State.
A Hi'oie .if eoiiull, consisting 01
rook. Manny. Malheur, Lake ami
Klamath Counties, larger tliati many
Kantcrn State and rl. hi r ami inon
i rm m reef ii I aii'l a greater producer,
i without a railroad, nave that the
(. It. A X. H.VHteln loen touch the
northern boundary line of Malheur
i 'oiinty.
Isol.ATKIi I ol VTICV.
Within thin territory, whleh Ih ap
proximately :mx tulle square, then
nre four thriving young titles, nall
in In; the largest In tin worl.l at ho
ureal n distance from rnllroadn or
water navigation, rrlnevllle, the
county wilt jf Crook dainty; IJuniM,
the county neat of Harney County;
Lakevlew, the county hi-iiI of Lake
County, ami Klamath Fall, the
enmity "eat of Klamath Cniinty.
Kuril of these town average from
soil to lj0 population within the
w -w M',m'" " '
narrow cor-porntc limit., and enrh
of tlieiu Ih HurroumiiHi ny a rani
eountry rich In ri'Ki.imvN ami thickly
populated. Oim- of the (argent of
them1, ami tin one fiirtlient away
from a railroad. I UiiriiH. which Ih
175 inllen from Ontario, Itn Hhlpplnu
point on the O It. tV X. Ilallroad.
I'rlnevllle, the county wat of Crook
County, Ih iKI iiiII.-h frt.m Shanlko, the
lermlnuH of the Columbia Southern.
I.akevlew Im now about 110 iiiIIi'm
from Termo. the IiiiiiIiium of the
Ncvinla, ( jilifornln (i-eKon I'.ail
roa.l. In IwiHHen County. California.
Klamath KaIIm Ih at prcneiit about (Ml
mlli'H from the m u rent point of Itall
road. w hich in Athland. Oi-e., but a
new road Ih rapidly U'Ihk built from
a Hinall Htatiou in California on the
Southern I'm lllf to that place.
HattldeH then five couiitlcM, four of
which are not even touched by a
railroad or within many iiiIIch of
one, Wumco, (lllliam. WJa-eler, tirant
und Wallowa nee.l inon1 railmadn
ami the products and n-nources of
the country would Jusf Ify the build-.
ing of roads Ii'fo these pronwrous
nri.t'tsiitKHs niAN.iKit.
There are n.'iny reasons anslgued
for the delay in building roads Into
these section. It is claimed that
I he Isolated i mailt Ion of t he country
makes travel .iittii ult into the Inter
ior, and for tUU reason (lie railroad
niiiKli'i ten h;ii' ncvei' visited the
MTlion ami kimw i. t what U in
j-lorc for tin i i tli.'i'e. It is also
.ialmed that ll -,v know In a measure
what is there trom the great ship
ping receipt at the stations along
their lines lioi'd.-rinu on thlscouutry,
but that they d-cl safe In holding the
trade any way, and for this reason
delay building loads Into the country,
as well as connive together In pre
venting others from building Into
I hat lich field.
It is claimed Ilia I IlieO. K. & X. on
I he north, and t lie Southern 1'aciilc
on the east have thrown every
I II... I '..Ititttl.ln M..nt tmf.l
Iliad to make all klu.ln of comcnslonn
to the higher power to pet an far an
MianiKo, an.i uini now n . ......
until the spirit l.ioveHtl.e power 1-
... .. . i . I. 1.. l.t...iLi..t
hlml the throne. It In alno claimed
that the Neva. la. California & Ore
gon mail fairly sneaked In li.v nteallh
from Iteno, Neva. la. ami that the
Southern Pacific lion Is-en doing all
klu.lH of liarterliiK "'we It started,
ami Iiiih even gone ho far iih to pre
pare to liull.l an oppoHltlou mad,
In-glnnlng at a putnt on It m main line
In California, u survey having hmi
ma.le ami filed to that eff.-et.
Thin alleged Jcalouny and "dog In
the manger" net of the ol.l cstnhllsh
el road may ! untrue. It may !
that they would or would not tike
to Niv road built through thin coun
try, but there Ih one thing certain,
ami that Ih, that roads will Imj built
there, ami the time Is not fardlstnnt.
auil It Ih safe- to presume that the
enterprlnlug old muds will not In
k-ft out In the building.
If the present cheduls are carried
put k. will not bm very Ug U1
wctloii of that country for ahY Im
mellate purpoHCH, and that thm
will lie Increaned an thej' ar needed
ami the Increane of IjuhIiichh Juntltleit
their bulldliiK. For thin n-nnon It Ih
cnHldenHl that thin Ih the opportune
time for tluwe portlonn of the otit
Mide wcirld that exiH-ct to avail them
hcIvch of the trade with that rich
miction to liejrln to UHtir themwIveH.
Many nurveyn have lieen made and
protllcH tiled to hold rlj;htH-of-way,
and while there ary roil ten from north
I to Mouth and cant to went that are
': feaHible, and over which mad could
Ik coiiHtructed at a nominal coat,
I yet t hene an? few, ho far iih croHHlny
j thu entire country Ih concerned, and
' thorn' w ho K't In on the Rround floor
and hold It will Im thejfn'at wlnnerH.
The road from Iteno, Nov., nccord
liiK to the plans, will be continued to
Kakevlew at once, where It will fol-
ji)W aa;0id survey mode years ago
from a point on the Southern l'aelflc
Itallroad lit California, to the O. It. &
N. line at Ontario, In this state.
This survey occupies the only feas
ible route from north to south via
Lakevlew. In fact, nature seems to
have prepared the way. Lakevlew
is situated at the head of Goose Lake,
which Is 40 miles long, 'M miles of
which In In Oregon and LI) miles in
California. After the Nevada, Cal
ifornia Si Oregon Itallroad reaches
the south end of this lake If only haw
to follow its shores through the
mountains and rlmrocLs that sur
round It to Lakevlew, where the cost
of building will be nominal. A rail
road could reach the town In no
other way from the south. From
this bolut on to Hums, l.".(l miles
away, and thence to Ontario, the
proposed route, or Nyssa, in this
state, a rival route, nature has made
ample provision for one route, and
only one a major portion of the
After leaving Ijiikevlew the Hiirvey
follow Horne Cm'k, W hl. h floWH In
to the head of (ioom Lake near
Lakevlew, up an cmmv Kra.le Into ItH
headwatei-H In a level plateau, and
theme xl rlken the head wa tern of the
Chewaucau Klver and follow h thin
dow n to itn mouth at AIm-i I Lake,
ami theme follow AIm-iI Lake, a
dlHtauce of LI) luileM, when iiiitun
Iiiih pn-pan the way lliroii)ili a
mountain raajfe that could not 1'
croMHed at any other point exii'pt by
exM-iiHive t lililicllliK. lb n- a de-p
canyon Ih formed through the moun
tain ranne. Junt the rluht width forn
waon or railroad, ami Ih now lined
by nt.M'knien InpiiHulnjf from ue m.c
tlou .f the country to the other.
From thin point It in practically
cany huIHiik to Iturnn, from which
place the nurvey leadn to the head
watem of the Malheur Klver, and
them e down thin to Vale, the county
neat it Malheur County, and then
the grade In wy to Ontario or Nyn
na, both on the O. R. & X. road,
which route may lie Helected.
IlarrluK & few points ou thin ur-
-ey, it run through one of thu rich
eat Meet lout of thCvKtate. . Goose
Lake Valley, which In one of the rich-4.
eat In California or Oregon, cover a
large area and Itn product coveni a
large variety. Ik'Hldca the huu.lredH
of thouHandn of poundn of wool, the
thoiiHandn of head of cattle, ahcep
anil hornen; grain, vegetable and
frultn an grown here to an enor
mouH quantity. Stwk of all kind
an raised nil along the line, and at County borax mines are being work
many points, grain, hay, fruits and i w fortune on profits, that are
vegetables are raised. At nil points J wan-ely known to tll portion c.(
along the line all of these may be! the State. At present the products
raised when facilities for shipping
lire given, ami the government plans
I for irrigation nre completed. Wlth-
l out tlieiitd of the lroveriiinent. the
products are such as to excel those
In many of the so-called rich valleys
along the present lines of the old
Another survey has lieeu made
across the country, which runs from
east to west. This Is called the Cor
vallls & Eastern Hue. This Is also a
feasible line and would be a paying
one. This lfH';would be a direct one
from the Southern Pacific Hue at Al
bany, and would have an easy grade
to Prinerllle, thence to Hums, and
along the survey of the road from
Ijiikevlew to the headwaters of Mal
heur Klver and on to Vale and On
tario or Nyssa.
The contemplated route of the Col
umbia Southern could not be a In't
ter one. It Is now within 00 miles of
Prlneville, and every Inch of this
country Is a producer to this point.
From thence it may continue south,
and via Silver Lake, Summer Lake,
Paisley and on to Lakevlew, where
It may meet the line from Nevada;
or it may take the Ies Chutes route
ami cross over Into the Klamath
country asd meet the road that Is
being built to that place by the
Southern Pacific.
not i.;xci.rsivi:i.Y ox imckii.
None of these proposed lines is ex
clusively on jiaper. The surveys
have lieeu made, and the start lias
Tin- UUUlrn Ki-miim-fM
Thill A waU the
Atlwut nfu lliillroml
lMen made with actual railroad build-
Ing at one or the other endn of the
linen mentioned. That they w ill not
ntop at the polntn alnady reached In
certain tor a In-tter field lien lefon'
them than han yet In-en K-ne-trated.
To tell if the n-nourcen of
thin wonderful wet ion noundn like
romancing, or attempting to boom
It, and the railroad mngnnten who
pann along Itn border and glance at
the old time mapn of the nectlon, im
HKlne it a barren waste liitevl of
a fertile region ciigettted with re
nounce and productn.
The prluctn f Crook, Harney,
Malheur, Iike and Klamath are
nl m ply wonderful. Every one la
noted for itn range and production
of stock of all varieties. ItenldeH
thin, every vnlley in t bene count len
will produce everything that grown,
and large quantities are already le-
Ing produced. Then, besides these
products, the mountains are covered
with great forest of the flues t tira-
ln?r, outside of the coast country, Ip
the world. The tnonptalns nre alno
filled with rich minerals waiting to
be developed and many mines are
now being developed and paying
well in spite of the lark of transpor
tation facilities.
Oil and gas are being discovered
at many points. Many resources
not yet published are found In this
county. In Lake County, there are
salt mines where hundreds of tons of
salt are being taken out annually.
In the southern portion of Malheur
nre InMng hauled by wagon to Wiu
neiuucca, Xev., which town Is reap
ing the lienetit of our product, in
fact this portion of the "inland Em
pire" is n world within Itself that
ought to Im connected with Port-
The iH'oplu throughout this vast
section are very patriotic. .. They
would like to give their trade to
Tortland. Hut the present transportation-facilities
deny them this
right. They cannot do it except at
a sacrifice. 'Lakevlew, by reason of
her isolation lias become practically
a California town. She does not
like to le classed As such, although
she buys her goods from Sari Fran
cisco, and her jveoplegoto that place
as their main city. She lias offered
Portland her trade upon equal terms
ami a few- Portland business uteii
have done business there at a loss.
The excessive freight rates ha vestood
between them and equal comiK't it ion
with San Francisco riieivhants. If
this barrier could lie removed, Port
laud business men would ship tons
upon tonsof supplies Into that ec
tlon of country annually.
It is the same with Klamath,
though not to so discouraging a
degree, and In a measure Portland
is hampered in securing a large bulk
of the Crook, Harney and Malheur
County trade for want of railroad
facilities. The cry from those peo
ple to Portland to aid In building
railroads Into their country should
not Im slighted.
The Post Office and Hammond's
Store are a Total LossSome
Lakevlew Mail Destroyed
When the western stage arrived
from Klamath Fail Tuesday minus
any mail, an Inquiry brought out
the fact that the Klamath Falls
post office and Hammonds' store
hud lncn burned early Monday
morning. The contents of both
buildings were a total lonn, includ
ing all the mail from Lakevlew going
went, and letters that had been
dropped In the office Sunday evening.
The mall bound for Lakevlew from
the railroad wan saved, as It had
Just arrived a short time lefore, but
In the confusion was not put on the
stage for Iakevlew.
A letter from Klamath Falls under
date of March 2.1, says: "The-post
office building and contents were
destroyed by fire lost nitfht, and the
mall arrived from Lakevlew last
evening won burned. The post office
and Hammonds' store are a total
loss, the latter being Wells Fargo Sc.
Co's, express office. Van Valken
berg's Jewelry store and a barber
hop Were also damaged. Only the
efficiency of our water works system
prevented a big conflagration."
The fire started under Hammond's
store. The origin is not known, but
lis thought to be lncendlay. itome of
the- mall was evidently- saved as
some cards for Lakevlew were notic
ed to' be pretty badly scorched.
' New Electric Light System.
. A great deal of lute rent was mani
fested andnollttleexcltementcreated
last Sunday morning when a crew of
men. under the direction of'JTV A'. An
thony the New Pine Creek electrician,
began the erection of poles and the
stringing of wires In the principal
thoroughfare of Lnkevletv. Sunday
was a beautiful sunshiny day, und
people were out In large groups
watching the proceeding and discus
sing the outcome of operating
two electric llghtiug systems In
Lakevlew. The poles were set, the
winn strung and connected to the
wires running from Mr. Anthony's
plant at New- line Creek, 15 miles
south of Lakevlew. By 8 o'clock
that evening the wires had been run
lit onid attached to the old drops In
tlte Lakevlew Mercantile Co's store
audi the.cutn'nt turned on... Tlp new
light attracted considerable atten-
t ion; as they gave a very brilliant
v. i
and steady -Hglit. Since then the
lights have been extended to the
Mure of Reynolds & Wlngfield. Mr.
Anthony says he expects to run all
.night and charge a reasonable rate.
The city authorities claim Mr. An
thony run la on Sunday to avoid
any trouble with the city laws, and
had It lieen on a week day he could
have been prevented from doing so
J?,v injunction.
Whether Mr. Anthony has a legal
right to operate his electric system
in Lakevlew, The Examiner does not
know and will await t ho action of
the parties interested before ventur
ing to make any comment. There
aiv those who favor a competing
system and those w ho do not, so the
matter stands.
Jesse Fisher Is the new night cook
at Harvey's restaurant. Mark Mus
grnve having resigned his position
and hasgoneout to the ltchart ranch.