Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 05, 1903, Image 1

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e General Crook Subdued
V Snake Indian The Old
tone Rrldge In the Lake.
country lying about old Fort
r and t lio two Warner Lake
kc ('.unity, Im otic or Hit moHt
if III til" Ht 11 1. Hoflir IIM JllollMT
mill government InrtH am con
I. It was nt thl point that
il Crunk formed iIm hal of
icrntlotiM ngntnwt tin- Hnake
in uml where hi" received tho
Iito tliriiotorloiiN trllM'. Tlin
. of fort building and thi old
i I'm iiii'tlmd r croMHlng Lake
r with lilMcniniiiainliiri'iuilitwi
tint;, ami they nl the same
liiHtrnti' the determined spirit
IVIIIlWllI'd Otlll'Cr.
l Warner witHfli'Nt CMlalillnhi'il
not of Lake Warner, but up
nrrlvul of Ucncral Crook from
City, lu immediately moved
the lake ami cMtubllHhcd a
i tlic mountain on tho wet
oh) Kurt Warner In now au
(I raurli niaiiy miles from any
Imliitatliui. Tin- ranch house
tlie.ild pnrndc ground, uud
itlfnl meadow wprcad out In
anil from thin the stockman
"ugh liny annually to feed IiIm
naalght nuc would not nmog-
evidences of th former day,
itfh- Information uud a further
ifiitlim one find enough to
'vmiethatlt wn really a fort,
re are inuiiv t tiiii(?M to remind
thl. An hl i-.Hk chimney
nlnin on tl.t- lillUidc near the
liiiiiM-. It .1iouh awkward,
iliHtniitiul ioiiMtrualoii. In
tl' Hre-place cut in thl old
y the foundation log of the
building still reuiiiln. Then
InveHtlgut further, pile of
it l.nmd her,. U1, there and
mdiitinii leu of other titilld
ihHw wcr.' the oiiU'ei-M' niar-
K fit Ni:UA.l. i Iiiiok t.MKll.
''K't that only one chimney
iiiuiiiN h looked upon liy the
with a slight degree of up-
tl, I'hrv I. ii ikkiii , ... I.
Imiiey, and Hhonld any one
t to lflu - It. except to en-
." imii.c ..n It, them would
objection. The ihiiiiIht of
ct luto thl hard roek
'"t Mllliv (MMlllllI lkfl fcf&k tilultil
""t point lu the Oregou dca-
'"V ailluMtroiu railroad und
fHt coach.. n fart. ,lllir
'"I to It.,
'ilinmy win. the one t,ttt
tho .moke from General
imtrtr while lie wn ata
ftt Fort Warner. Jt aeeiu re.
bt the atiM-kimm that nil of
''"Should fall and that thin
l0ul'l Miualu perfectly intaet
"n1 "I'lm It (m
II Hort of im mil.
' tl.hrave old mIUcV. and
r""'1 K't have It fall for
" H Hhould U.'irlll to lot ler
" th"r would doubthtmi rwHort
itok.,i UHUndlnffinni(Mll.
grant seneral.
f"4 are n. n....... i.. ...
c umjr YHIOUOet.
(,f l Kovornnumt'a
i 40 yean, o
"P01,,Uj !d.. of t.h
ftitnthu oiti,-
fe ui,i,. ....
lan " co,"l'J.
Xfuund nul..Mh.M i,....
I'rt & Lawog and
traw, hrldlr. btta and many otlwr
t IiIiikk t hat wen- reqnlml to handle
tlieM' anlinaU.
And about the frrounda may N
found old cooking nteiiHllH, broken
aabra, ofthwa' rpauleta and other
mount of thn eiulpmentn of the
fort which were abandoned by the
aoldlera nion leaving It. Tim uniform
Initial.., "V H.," dUtltwiilnh them
from j.roiH'rty formerly lMlontrinK to
Hut up on a hill nearby, aurround
ed by n trrore of towering pine., are
midder evident em of tlw former day a.
Wooden headboarda here and then1
lying about the ground tell In very
dim let ten. of the deat h of thin one
and that who wait a memter of a
certain company, while the pout
that Nitpportcd the fence around tin
little pint have fallen down and the
rallw have long Mince Imi-ii hauled
away and deMtroyedj
The fort wan iihiindoncd in the
flrnt of the Meveiitle after (Jen. ('rook
had routed the IudlaiiM at Duuder
and Itllxen and they had come lu and
1 he Mel.H-t lou of the place waa made
In keeping with the government'
can and Judgment In much matter.
The place I Murrounded by mountain
with only one outlet. It could not
have ten appronclied but from one
direction by the enemy, and then
one rapid firing gun could have de
fended the place ngalimt a thouHAud
warrior. A large Mprlng; of pure
water flowed out of the wide of the
mountain near the fort and thla fur
iiImIiimI a Minall wnterworka which
Miippll.d the Holdler with all of the
pun water that w o needed. The
mountain were covered with atately
pine, aid from thlMforeMt theywH-ur
ed tlinUr to coiiNlruet the govern
ment building, and woikI tor the
fort. A xiuall Hawmlll wan et un lu
tho.- .lnya and while Nome of the
Noldler were fighting and Mcoutlng
other eieengagd lu logging, aaw
lug and carNuU rlng.
Cauip Warner, on the oppottlte elde
of the lake, w n llrt lniadi)uarter
if t he eoiiiiuaiid. The place waa e.
tabllHlied contrary to government
order. A Mcouting party hud len
Meut Into the heart of the Indian
country from Vancouver to mdect a
lte for the fort. ThU party waa In
charge of an exterlouccd official and
he (j.lirted the point now kuowu a
old J'ort Warner and a coiumaud
then Mtatloned at Holne City waa or
denxl to go to the place and build a
fort and Mtipurvaa the Huuke Indlaua
w ho were theu on the warpath.
The command notched Lake War
ner and the dlwovery U'lug tuade
that the 'lake waa many nitloa lu
length and that the country border
ing Ita ahorea waa rough and haiard
oua, t he commanding oftleera decided
that It would be bent to eatablUh
cauip on the ahore of t he lake. Uy
iviihoii of hi Inactivity, or failure to
bring the Indian trouble to a clow,
lien. Crook waa dlMpatched to the
country to take command of the
noldler uud terminate the war.
When the noted general arrived at
old Camp Warner with hla plana of
the fort and found that t he command
had never reached the right place he
waa Indignant. "Why did you not
proceed to the place named In the
order?" the general la aald to have
Inquired. "We could not croaa the
lake," replied hla predeceaaor.
UK roi'Nii A WAV.
Karly next morning every aoldler
5 vvv-c Xx .
Crown Prlncaa Louise of Baiony, wbcMw reeeut dtMppearance from Dresden
revaakwl the whole history of the hidden scandal of the court of Dresden,
cornea from the Hips bunts of Austria, a family whose loves and marrlagve
have far half a century resulted In sorrow and tragedies.
1 la math Opposed
To Scalp Bounty.
That tlie condition of the t woalater
countica, Lake and Klamath, are at
variance, and wide apart, aa far aa
the Uck Interests are concerned, is
(coutluuod ou 4th page)
Frances de la Ouerra
flpftnnvln Drlenn
Last July, mm waapuhllMhed In The
Examiner at the time, the charge of
bigamy wan filed a gal nut Mr. Kltx-
gerald de la (Juerra, formerly Mr.
Fanny Hehart of Iikeview. Tlie pretty well IHuMtrated In the action
trial terminated ut wek In a verdict
of guilty, ami t lie xliortet, term In
prlMou and the lowet fine waa I in-
ptHM-d a a wntence. The acutence
waa that ehe pay a fine of f 150 and
lie liupriMoned at Kan Qulntlu for
the term of one day. Amotion for
a new trial waa denied by the Judge,
but he granted a tay of teu daya la
the execution of the aeutettce ao that
au appeal may lie takeu Jo the 8u
reme Ctmrt. Mra. de la Uuerra, ho
I In poor health, collap.d for a few
momenta iik.u the auuouncemeut of
the Ciiurt, but was mooii n-ntond to
Mra. de la Uuerra, after having had
alx huMbanda from whom tdie had
lieeu fitnil by natural or legal pro
., waa wedded to W. A. Fltiger
aid lu llKM) lu Iam Augeles. Two
yeara later, U-lievlug, ahe anya. tliat
Fltigerald had obtained a divorce
from htr, aa helutd threaUuied to do,
ahe became the wife of Carlo de la
Ouerra lu Kau Franclaco. I-ltiferald
aaw lu a uewMpaper that ahe had
wedded agalu, and he lost no time
lu Netting In motion the machinery
of tho law lu order that ahe might
be convicted of bigamy, lllsefforta
have Uh'U aucccaaful.
taken by tlie Klamath County Court
agaluwt tl coyote bounty law. It
haa been demoUMtrate.1 that the best
iutereta of the Lake County stock
men are lt aerve.1 by tlie bounty,
and the killing off of tlie Increasing
multitude of coyotes. However, the
Mheepmen are the greatest lowers by
the deprclution of tho coyote, al
though they are not backward when
they are huugry and will tackle a
calf without hesitation. Jiuk ral
bitaare aiwopretty uumerousiu lake
cotiuty, but there la no la-n'eptlble
IncreuMe during the past few yeara.
Thl may 1h iiecouuted for by tlie
uumerou coyot.-s who prey upon
the buuules. Hut rabbit do not eat
sheep or cuttle In thia county, and
there are other means of destroying
tlie rabbits thau by raising coyotes
to eat them.
The following from the Republican
ahowa the way Klamath county feela
about It:
"The commissioner of thia county
have combined In a note to Represen
tative It. A. Kmmltt, urging him to
use his vote and Influence to aeeure
the reix'al of the law granting a
bounty on coyote acalpa. lUbblta
are the most destructive pesta ranch
era have to contend against, and aa
"''"t" of t hem fall prey to coyotes, It
New X Ray Machine. , l ot deemed wise to hire the hater
Dr. J. 8. Herndon hua Just added k'lk-d. Of course, coyote should not
to hla alivudy well equ1ii d ottlwa a ,w prot.H te.1 aud ought to be killed
apleudld X-ray max hlne, t he first and ou K'ral prluclple aud tnany of
only one lu Ashland. It la a Walte 1 luIU luv dying ol old age, but
& Bartlett machine, of 10 whet ls. ilt ,- thought the good they do In
weight 000 pounds, aud haa all the j 'jueuUy on raLUUshould
lateat lmprovemeuU. Tlw doctor i warrant WUug the reword which
ha made an exhaustive etudy of j na hitherto hung over their heade."
thla scientific marvel, aud Ita ad-
dltlon to hla aurgical appliances haa
boeuchoaeuou mature hulgemeut.
lr. Herndon waa u . resident of
Lakevlaw, aud moved to Aahluud a
little over u year ago.
The heavy auow atona waaptvtty
severe ou the uumerou quail that
abound la cauyona and on the bill.
Many peopW are feeding largw flock
of them, and they come down to
their ranches regularly for their ted.
They Take Their Rrt Run With
Th Hound on Coyote Cha
Around Head of the Lake.
rtrly Thumlay morning tho cltl-
S4-na of Lake view were awakened by
the deep baying of the stag hound .
and tla clx-ery bugle call of Mr,
I!illl MaaMlnglll, master of bounds,,
calling the meinlM-ra of tlie Iakevlew
Hunt Club together. Iter, Hmytb .
on hit coal black hunt horse "fike- r
view," Mr. jee ISeall mounted on Mr. ,
IUll Ilnrry'a pkndld hunter "ile
Carthy Come Down," answered the
call. Tlie "mnnter of hound" look- ,
ed w ell on N. Waldo Taylor's lit i;lo
mare, Itutierfly.''' The hound a ,
wery In the pink of condition and
everything promised well for n fine
day' M.rt. The club iwt nt Frank
Duke's ranch. Frank, a, whipia-r-tn,
rtle a noble looking animal.
The taenty-one memlier rode down
to the nelghlMirh.KKl of Cogswell .
creek, then out toward the tutaa
near the lake. A little north of
where tla peniiiaula reaches out from
the main land a fine wolf broke cover
and the twenty-one fine charge
were off. Tne master-of-hounda hail
a hard time to keep hla little Arabian
from going attend of the hounds, and
at the first fence Hlllle waa leading
the twenty horaeiuen. Three gentle
men whoeeduty It wua to keep to
the west or lake aide of the run being
Joined by two or three othera sue -ceeded
In keeping tlie wolf from tak
ing to tlie treat-heroua Ut on the
lake. Tliese gentlemen gave such an
exhibition of skillful riding that they
at once became the pride of the hunt.
One young geutk-mau on A grey
borne headed hla companion lu dan -gerou
going all along tlie edge of
the hike on tlie east aide, and around
the north end, and heroically kept .
hla seat lu the saddle at every ob
at ruction. Ilia companion were
scarcely Icms akllifuL
On the east or mountain Hide of the
run things were ludeed exciting, the
little "Arabian" with tho "Master of
hound" outshone everything. Not
once did her clever rider let her down. ,
Not once did slie full atajump. Yea
In one place when her rider deemed
that hla ouly way of steering over
the high obstruction waa to put hla
arms arouud her nock, he never fal
tered, but hugged her close and man
fully eueceoded In getting her over.
Everybody who witnessed the dex
terotw s.ud daring performance cheer
ed and cheered again. At an open
ditch tlie little mar again showed
her high breeding; coming with & ,
terrific ruah, with head up au dilated ,
uostrlia aha leaped over aufely, A
little way from thla daugerou ditch) r
waa a high lKanl fence;afewoulMk- ,
era fcured for the little mare aud her .
during rider. Tliecry waa, "he will
get hla Waterloo here." Tlw ulie
hud their hundkerchlevea to their P
eyea to shut out tlie awful sishL
Every liea rt Jxat loafer, every limb
trembled, Very momeut until ho
readied the fence aeeiuod an eternity. ,
A givat cry arose "they'r over."
Huch yelling, shouting, throwing ot
hat. Eveu the Ue. Ueutlemau fir
got uhj fiuxustoioad dignity ami
shouted. t acem that when the lu
trepld horaemaa aaw tlie danger v
that the noble mare waa lu, he
thoughtfully Ud lu the tirrupai
and grasping the horn and cautU id
(coutluued vaHUi'ti j?)