Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 15, 1903, Image 1

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NO. 2.
On III Journey to Mi Old Home
in Oermany Charles Umbach
Writes of 111 I one Trip.
lit board t In1
Mm' Steamer,
Plymout It, I .
I lumhiirg-A mcrlcan
I i -ui mi h I ii ii I . iiciir
1 V . l'KI'.'.
Liutoii L.vhi. Coi nty KxAMii:tt:
Having promised ( write you it
few IIiii'm when I li-ft Lakevlew, I am
glad to avail myself of the nicn t un
ity at this time.
After leaving home, ami spending
a few ila.VH at Nan Francisco, where
nearly LnkcvlcwltcM were met, I
proceeded to New York by way of
I he .Sun I a IV llotitc tit Chicago;
Vickie Plate Koiltc to t he laml'M einl
ofthcgivat American Continent. The
total time lost by th tralliH mi tioth
i "H'Ih was 'J J hours, anil on Sat urdny
lec. i:i I'.miJ at C p. iii. nrrlveil in New
Yolk; lllidllig the place rovel'eil in 1 1 H
winter Karli a foot h-ei. I took
up my residence at l'.rondway ami
lllh Street. Hotel Saint Meunls. Very
centrally lo-atetl and opposite the
i trace ( hurch. vln-re the influential
Catholics of this city offer their lc
totluu. Much morning at ! o'chM'k
I he chlmcM In the tower of I hechurhcM
ring forth their pieces of music to
I he delight of any one that Im not
accustomed to hiicIi a rare treat.
i... i iii. .....i ti i
i-.nii.jfij i i ii inn, liiiii .tiiiiiiuij
morning the lath, hum hpi nt In sight j
cclng, ami those that ever hearil of j
I'.rod way or I 'll t Ii Ave., t he "Lille"
if New York, an. I the Itovvcry, the,
" hand me dovv n ea.v " of hii l I ')!',!
will taken Vow tn hunt iii thosel
Monday t he I't I. at I p. in.. I nr- !
lived at tin' wart ready to leave on ' Among the measures to lie cotisiil
I he Sir. Iii-iii hi -hiatal. A t 111 st vv hen ; cred by t he nex t leglslut lire are live
I wan watching the arrival of pas-! prop, ised a nvndinents t o t he const i--engeis.
I Ihoimht there was nu ' tut ion, which have ulrcudv been np-
migration fnui New York, hut proved by one legislative assembly,
later found i-.n h paHM-imer had j They are: Thai legislature shall pro-
.ilioiit 1.". relative- to see I hem off. ' vide for tl led h u of a st a te printer
.ind that. I was imt o have the : and tlx his compensation. For the
pleasure to sec all of them during 1 Imorporat Ion of cltleM and tovvtiM
my eat Ire ocean v i i.v aye. j under a home rule plan, without
Very niiijeiiia I p.-ople were foumF special ues of the legislature.
In make tin Hi;, a ride of pleasure, ! That g nil elect Ioiim shall lie held
and hav lug al lav disposal t he entire ' on (he Tuesday follow ing the first
until of the ship feel some j .Monday hi November. Penult tine- a
fast walking and tall t hliiklng was !
indulged in. A baud, consisting of
JI niusicUiis played four times a
lay, twite on deck and the remain
der of the time in the dining room.
n,v five meals a day are served
on board of one of the Ocean Urny
Hounds, and each meal Is heartily
participated In by all who are not
obliged to hunt the ImmI for comfort.
Koch tahle Is about :!0 feet long,
and seat.H for .'!:' persoiiM are fastened
to the floor, around every table.
The tableware is the finest China,
a ml silver cutlery throughout is used.
Much (able is decorated with two
large vases of roses and carnations,
and each passenger is cut it led to one
at all times. The llnesl of meats
and vegetables are served, and fruits
of all kinds Is furnished, from an un
limited mipply. Ice ('renin, of the
varlgntod kind in six different colore
Is Hcrved after lunch and Mtipper.
Kach paHHcnger U requested to al
waywHlton the same chair nt the
table, that he htarted In the voyage
with, and for that purpose, the chair
and napkin ring have corresponding
numbere. The. boat is lit up by elec
tricity, and each lert!i has a Nlcandle
power lamp. The ship Is the Mlorles
high, and unlde from the walking
ilii kM, all (lours where passengers lire
likely 1 ', arc curM-ted.
To iln.V. Thursday, lcc. 1st h. at
in h ii . while at lunch we hmm4 ii
Mteitmer nf tlie Mlnwer cIiimm. All
were eager to me the Ntcnmer, lint
li.V the time we liml IIiiIhIii'iI our
lunch, and wen- on I it k , we coulil
hardly iIImI lugiilsh It from u Sailing
veHMfl wit hont muIIm. From the time
Wc Mtirtetl, the ocean him not lieell
imy rougher than Goose Luke Im
during n Imly lny, and theiuiiln
motion of the vessel Im i'iiiihci by the
engines, whlrh lire n t tended to liy
I9." tlreluell.
I hIwiII mull . mi t hew lines from
Plymouth, w h re we arc due on the
Truly j oiirM
Cham. I'miiai h.
The Klamath Kepuhllcau reports
that Atty. L. I'. Conn of Lakevlew,
who was on his way to ItoHcbnrg,
had secured tin services of a private
conveyance (nun Klamath l ulls to
Ashland, ami that a .Miss l'oster
had accompanied him. It Im now
learned that when about half way
to Ashland a courier overtook the
party, ami t he driver of the vehicle
was compelled to return to Bonanza
on learning of I he ilea III of his brother.
Mr. Conn and Miss Foster were there
fore left to drive the rent of the way
to Ashland. Neither being familiar
with the way, the horses were allow
ed to follow the I m 'h t traveled road.
I ItarknesM soon came and vet no
house was In sight. It was j uit
late hen they dually reached a shelt
er for the night, and then they learn
ed that they were on t lie wrong road.
Mrs. Conn, who is here in l.akevlew,
has heard numerous stories in regard
to this episode, and seems greatly
worrledi V I
state Insane asvlum and the state
educational Institutions to be locat
ed away from the Capitol. The
abrogation of the uiitl-negro cIuumc
of the constitution.
Kulca and Regulation.
The followitiK in tlio rules and reirula
tious fur the dancing club now being
conuucien in ine foul a King hall:
Hull open from 8:30 to 12 o'clock
every Knturdiiy night.
Auiiiititmin fOo, Ladies free.
No dance engaged until called.
A pleasant lime guaranteed every one
or money refunded.
Any diHHutiHfuction or violation of
rules will pluane he reported to the Hoor
MiiHician's duty from 8:,10 to 12.
IveccHH from 10 until 10:30.
rroiiruniu iniiHt Iks strictly followed
regardlest of requuHt.
No. 1 Jiimlrille
No. J Wall.
No. 3 (jiindrillo
No. 4 Si'liottische
No. Ti (jiiadrillu
No. 0 Polka
No. 7 Omidritlu
No. 8 Two Mi-p
No. t) Qiuulrilln
No. 10 Walln
No. 11 Medley
No. 12 Oiiadrtllu
No. 13 Kye Walts, subject to change
by floor manager.
No. 14 Kchottische
No. 15 Walts Quadaille, ladUs'
No. 10 Polka
No. 17 Ouadrille
No. 18 YValts
No. 18 Home Bwoet Home
Committee on Utiles and KeRulationg,
RIrn. tstanley and Mrs. Keid. .
Frank Keid, Floor Manager,
Ole Olesen Come to Town, Has
n Good Time and Leave Pat 1
O'Doyle to herd the .Sheep
r !
Fat O' Doyle talk to his friend Ole
Oleson of the difference is-twcen,
"talent" and "JalntiM," and our.
hat ural abilities. !
"(iood morula' Ole, and mo ye have,
got back from Lakeflew? IW-dad lt'M
niesllf I hoi's lonesome without ye. j
These dlvlllsh eoyijtcM have Is-en 1
aft hur givlu' me a tni nv trouble.!
1 wlut Into the ark the other morula'
to git me a copy uv KhakeH-speur's
Macbilh. whin a dlvlllsh coyote kill
ed a shape In a minute, They remind
meav those bunco iciln tliat we was
radln' av one inornlu" that could
stale t he eye out av a UHlleaud nlver
git kicked, ilovv did yet git along
in town? llov are all the boys'.'"
"I bane go to Lakevlew, I tak ine
whevvy dolcr an ah bam- hav glide
time. I bane get drunk, lose all mine
money and cum back ml t a sore
stomach. 1 bane hav glide time.
I ban to the show and ta luavv gos
sln mak loor ta purty iiltcn tlecha.
Ih-iu show M'opU hav plenty fun. I
wish I ban a shovvumn'B an mak love
ta iilleu t1e'lia. Furto noon I ha
plenty panger an me get a show an
mak plenty more phinkcr."
"Now Ole me frleiwV ,inot !
good aether without pllnty av inif
tlce for all the junluscs have to
worruk hard to U i Junius. Thciv
Is much less differince lietvvci'll
pfvvliat are calleiltlietiaturalabilities;
! a V people t hail n I 'Hears to Im'sIiiikos-
ed. Some miiMire built on a larger
scale thin others, and have i v av
original material put In tliim. Look
at me own couutliry mln; why they
own the government av New York,
Chicago, P.uffalo and San Francisco J
ami af they want a tiling in Minne
polis they get It, although they are
so many S wades inthatcily. I have
heard to, that the only difference
then- Is between Swaden and Minne
apolis Is t hat thciv are more Svvades
In Minneapolis. Some, undoubtedly,
are born bigger than others, and a
slu rub pine by no amount av culti
vatiu' ami stlmulints can be Incour-
aged to Im'coiuc a California jilne.
Ibit as Father Charlie, the saints
rest his soul, used to say, 'In the
main, howlvir, such differences are
due not to unlikenesM In the amount
av tndowment, but to the way in
which differint jM'oplo trate their
Indowmint. Some mln excuse thim
BelveM for their limited n.billtien on
the ground that while the Irish and
the Yankees are Janlucn they thim
hcIvcm have had to earn all that they
are. Well, as a rule Ole, and ye may
put It down as sound philosophy,
those who are called JunluseH among
me count hry-iuln have had to earn
all that they are. Croker, Ames,
Harrison, Kichiner, Roberts, White
and the rest av me counthry-min
worruk hard. 'Junius,' as the priest
used to tell me, is ordinarily simple
Latin fur head worruk. Now whin
the thralnln that a man submits
hliusilf to is out lu the open so that
mln can see It, the results of It are
called talent; when the thrulniu he
submits hlmsllf to Is In sac ret so that
nobody knows anything av It, the
results are called Jenlns; so that tho
differince bet wane a Shwado who
can't, and one of me comithry.mln
who can, Is substantially the uiffer-
leuce bet wane hulness and hard '
"Now me Iiomm cnti make more
money In n mliilt than we can make
In a whole year, and Kfople May that
he ha more natural alillltleM than
the other tnln around him. He hnM
more shnM' than any man In five
eounth'M, but he pay lew taxes, an
Its mlself that nlver blames him fur
tlirylng to kajMj JiU money ho that
It might not 1m splat kapln' fellown
In fat oflleeM In town, while IiIm poor
shape have to rustle over the desert
to Kit feed to grow wool to make
the money. Now If every man avus,
Ole, would kupc our money In that
way we would Is? as rich as me boss.
For t here Im not any differince I Ite-
lleve In our ability to make money
i or do anything else. The differince
Im due purely to the differirit an un
equal pressure exercised by differint
: inln's animation purposes. Some
mln have no anamation purpose, as
I wanst heard a preacher say, never
have passed In -tenth the liiiM'rialisin
j of a great Inspiration. I wanst own
ed a burnln' glass and used to burn
me warts. A great motive relates
i Itsilf to a man's powers in Just the
way that a burnin' glass does to the
sunlM-auiM that pass through It; it
focuses thlm upon a pint, and makes
i hate and combustion. Now Ole. me
bye, the glass don't make sunbameH,
but ties Into a knot those that are
tloatln' around unoccupied. And if
I had a good burnin' glass I could
smart a urv on ii cuwui tiaj . i uv
differince thin tn'tween ability and
Inability 1h the differince letween
sunlM'ams lyiu' around looseand sun
liames packed together. Kvery man
has a chance if he usm It. I.egobs,
t,;,t coyote over on that hill von.'er
' tu l....' i.t ..I i.m
J ooi i mri Vllilllli: illlL" w C III!
. .n. tog,.t her. The divil has killed
Koniet liing already, liood bye. Ole,
! IVspe t your capacity, and abilities
will come lather."
Attempted Suicide.
j luu moment of temporary insanity
I Mrs. Willis Scamtuon attempted to
j take her own life one day last week
j at her home in Plush. She was dis
covered in the act of blowing out
her brains, when the weapon was
taken away from her. Later she
locked herself in a room and with a
razor she slushed her throat, but as
the gash was not serious she was in
the act of making another attempt
when some one broke through a
window and took the razor from
her, A physician was summoned
and the wound stitched up, and she
Is now on the high road ro recovery.
Two Dancing Clubs.
Another dancing club was organ
ised last week to meet at Post &
King's hall, and on the same night
as the one that has Irxmi holding
sway at Hurry's hall. Saturday
was the scene of much revelry in two
dance halls, only two blinks apart.
The cause of the new organization
was that some people don't like to
dance anything but round dances,
while others can't or don't cure to
dance that kind. So Lakevlew has
two dancing clubs, and both were
well attended Saturday night, and
the crowds had a royal good time.
The new club was well attended, as
some jK'oplo camo in from the coun
try, and tho old time quadrille was
called out lu regular old time stylo by
l'hll Mulkey. The crowd In the old
halls aid they had as good a time its
they ever had, ho everybody seems
to liosatlsfled, and the dances will go
iiiei illy oa every Saturday night
until they get tired of It.
The Smallest Levy Except One
Since i8975tate' Expenses
Lake County's Levy.
In accordance with the provision
of section 3091 of KelllngTT and Cat
ton's Annotate Codes and Statues
of Oregon, Oovernor Oeer, Secretary
of StaU? Duubnr and Ntat Treasur
er Moore have prepared a statement
of the computation and apportion
ment of the state levy of taxes for
the year 1903. It consists of nil the
items of excuse and all items of de
ficiency, Including interest on unpaid
warrants, amounting to ',0S4.5S;
current exiM-nses of the Oregon Na
tional (Juard, amounting to 4.",(''0;
support of the University of Oregon,
I'.aoO; State Agricultural College,
2."),0U0; the estimated exiense of one
session of the Legislative Assembly,
?."O,0U0, and the estimated total cost
of such additional public building
and Improvement of same for the
fiscal year of 1903. The total amount
of revenue to lie raised by taxation
for state purposes for the ensuing
year Is estimated at $"3j,000. With
the exception of the year 1900, the
levy for which was $071,478.78, th!
amount is the lowest levy since 1897.
Tne levy for the year 1902 was $737,
699.04. The amount levied for the j-ear
1903 1s apportioned among the sev
eral counties, and Lake's percentage
is .0107. Amount to be raised is $7,
MU.50 liesides $2i7.a0 Agricultural
College, making a total of $S,1:!2.00.
Returned from Crook County.
John Reid and Win. Uenham re
turned last week from atrip toCrook
county where they went to purchase
a bunch of sheep. They found that
sheep in that County were very poor,
owing to the scarcity of fall range.
In fact all kinds of stock were thin,
and they did not find but one good
Uvfsteak or mutton chop that was
from a fat animal while they were
gone. They visited the famous Hay'
( reek sheep ranch where all kinds
of the best Imported blooded stock
are bred and sold at fancy price.
Before leavingthere Mr. Held conclud
ed that he would.liketo have a bunch
of the Uamboulette sheep, but as he
could not drive them to Lake county
now he got an aption on a band of
."00 head, besides a number of regis
tered bucks of the same st(x k. Mr.
Held says that sheep in that County
run on the Government reserve ami
that they are only allowed a certain
acreage for each band, so the sheep
are run in bands not to exceed 1G0O
head, and then the feed is not suf
ficient to keep the sheep fat like they
are in Lake County.
The Siskiyou News of Yreka, re
ceived from Siskiyou County for its
share of Its county work for the past
three months the sum of $l,7.").tt0,
for printing only. This paltry sum
should make the County Court of
Lake County feel as though they had
lieen outrageously robbed by tho
papers of Lakevlew for their extrava
gant prices. The Yreka paper actual
ly received more for printing In three
mouths than has leen paid to all tho
newspapers in Lake county for the
period of the past Ave years. But
economy must lie practiced lncounty
affairs, even If tho newspapers have
to starve. It Is expected that in a
short time that all notices, etc., will
be written out ou a typewriter ami .
stuck up around over the county, to
save the cost of printing.
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