Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 08, 1903, Image 6

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Jutte euttt (Sa nliii-c
vMlsd tree TBr4y
Mimic ItolMlaf
Bttittennl local
. . I .tH '
(lhrc Months, 50'
1 One Year.
TERMS: Si Months. I.OO'
There ri' wM'Mil im m !' f prullt
: l..ilrK Kluxp firM tin' liK-n-iiw.
inl. lit" wool, third they clear 1 1
M lie Ii
Twl I fVlir.
rr- I ;n (
naAor "lt; i- !i
ni 'u.niii
On (Viuan
Ul I in" 1 III. II-. ' 1 f
.1 H l' f ' " !' fU' I"1
I im ii ii' ; m 1 1 ! (
; vl l' H' ( 1. ! .'-I-'
S ... i. l . im i.,
;! ri. .':m '. "
IV ' IV ' l' 1 A' '
1. 1
.ll.t-t r. .111. 1 kI 1h th.-tv ) M j
T ui ll.-e ! w n !!' t( the .'teal n. n
: ht til.1", but he neither a hj" !
.tii i.i r a politician. Mini iij'!e hated j
r.m. It i!1 ui.foi lunate that nun like '1
liee.) sr i.ft more nuiut t.'U in national 4
fTir I'ut it tAei- a liviH rite to he . .
one great j'.itii ally. S.u.e of the!
reaWt statesmen in American hip-tor. j
ihtt dared tu F-ak their honift wtiti
iiin'". and advocated d-zens of do"-,'
trine they did nut lielieve in. I 1 ;
terrible blow in to ! struck in
t ;r.x:o. '"Or e iiiilli'in of children
.til iv r the land are to write letter to
U.e TV a-' o Trut, ritt-ftinic j:aiii.-t
the manufacture of ciiranftti-."' Why J
riot hsve a million children write to tin' :
trurt. j.ri..le-!inii a.:aii.l tr n-l am ,
;ii M -!;i t" i-htit tii hlnin? Til if would
at et!e tua! a any tlier a'.ti iuj t t- '
-'ib''i'i ti e !a - of .ii-;ii'! ai.'i n.a'. '
jfjuvtl--; ': -t j.T.rvita':!: .
. , ii ;i it.-l: .1 li I fur K'""l Hint t nil. j
! I i ! i 'I lilt- Infix f.MIII- I
. i i li I (..r t :: lii'tntlili'lit nf puct- j
ili-r ;. t I'- Inn-I l v ur Julili j
Mittl'ii'.t t.ikc tin- !.- i f t In-1
. -.lit it., en ! :.t. A. 1! J
;i'.i'intn i i.t M ill irnl.;iliy ln-j
.!. t v 'r-i':i nt I'.iimm'm H ln't wii'ii '
-v mi'! Mii-i ! j
A t.J ! ii't!i! tmnaki'M i't ilnr-j
: ; i I.. I .u .i ..!. a tritl. larvr !
tl"- ;"-t till in itli im iit
- un.ut A I'Mi-t w ill ri rtninly lnt j
i iiiir ti:. H'. Mi'" ivmi'tit ln iiil 1 j
in- a l .. t! ruiniil ami fliinilil j
nl m .t In flii'il Mtr iiimIi ;
... l'y tl" -"'it ry it w ill
I'lit- :-;ral..!'
We have an
endless variety of
Mens, Womens,
Misses,Boys and
Childrens Shoes.
Ilf American p!
!lt Hi
ll -el pri.-es it-t mU' li hilier uiany
i t,tr i .' "UMn- a ill l.i' l. oik.!. f r
lJi nieat!i-i'i outlet. Together with cow
led Uilii, lueatleMi cut.etH, liorM-lej
urnaii'-s ami many other tiling" that
lie inci'lent to city life there w ill be real
eiijovDii-nt in what miht he calleil a
i pp;'M life.
o ';'!
i I:'
r;i' iiu
i.iin.-r '.
. .mil ai' r.iiiwn.
. ' I.aki-x i.-w. hi i-ntly
.'' M.iMi" a I'l'Mio'inx
t .iii 1 "t it ii-i - . f'"'
. . '.Vrllt il'lW 11 fli'lll
;. ' ;i m! i' "' t t
, l' . ;r i.w n h'n K . I In-
M.i-m. ,
We are actually too busy moving and unpacking goods
in our magnificent new addition to tell you what new
things we have. We will have to invite you to com
and look through our large store and see foryourself.
If you don't see what you want ask Alex.
thint;i 2
-.!' are roming into use quite ripiil
ly in the Willamette Valley. There h
nothing like them to K't the tuotst mori"y
'it of a forage crop. A nilo niay be
built at a cont of $1 per ton for its capac
ity. The savin of one cutting of alfalfa
ill more than pay for it.
i.iii- i. iple are ( lietly waiting (of
the footwear of their ehlerly relative,
who have In'imi inoru fortunate than
theiDNeJven i.i laviri up the Worl'l'i:
Koi.ii.. Miii. witlt- ! I .-a pay. Tiiey
i y w ear their h-eJ until you 110 long
er i: r 1 t i.i-m .
i Lakeview Mercantile Co. i
'hlii-r-. i Mr.ii.ii iiilly ! t-uiiMTiur. i
. t irmii mi'' 1"
1 1,.' fiHiniti-r who r.-niov.
,ii : v t . m".: ix r. .r . limiferi-
f hi iv t hi-V an- il- ' thi ir i.t. ffi. .- .lr -- alt l-l r in-ml-r in I
j .trnp Hi i "Itii-f rur'l xi i n.-ir r i
lulltf. II tliey an-: .lr. . .1 n. II..-nui.i I--.
,,!1 i,t.' th
;.:i'l ina!e i.'
i'i ami K' tt
l..r':iu wore tfiati j-oun-'lf yu will j
1-niMp' ci i t- '.' .irti-r th.t. but if j
tin-y am furint; fH-tti-r ywu will imtj
t . i Miiti-nt. .1 in t il ni mi' I n 1 1 r v - J
i-; T'iiih i- a i-;.!i-inliil way to ;!
j 'linti-rM that v.-HI help Mm- tu im-j
: -mm.. i
Manufacturer of the
I .- j i lira' a-i Weil as Kepuhli-
M'i ill "i-r.iyou it. illy hope .l l le il. h
!)ar !'n reuouut in Kr.tuniieo. will
raue l.iveni -b to reiiiaiu at Iioiiit, ami
hi'. t'ol.'JiT-n wi'l not he tiouhh il wi'.h
'.i.e -rvi.eii i.f null a i-raek l,i a i i.i-i i
; pi .: .en of humanity. J.uin;il.
I1!.- for,' - w a feiv '.e -.-
nn.'t.'i p ln'i!"ari'U . I invent inent oil a
fa i in. The lioy-i wiii ii-i l-iarn to wel-i
iron b i. l mu.:li li'ii i an 1 in imiy in iv be
i:'e.l by iijt-ii'lin a ),ii.-i e of inai:iiini:r
i.iH-i't of taking it to t il.
l.'l. OTarn l! . ritet fnnii I'rlne-i
v il.- tu K ! I.amb that be I
! nii'ht ::) hi.Ml i-f liH-f rattle ainlj
-...iiihl pri I In I'lirthiinl w in-re lie
y,-a to mi '-t ti.e .riili-nf bin life. M iii
M.M-'ill, Kii - t''"' I i ir-t . lie eM-i tl'il ,
'. i r-'tiini t.i -i.miai-r Lake almiit
. i -; -1 in. if. wi! i hi- Wife. If I'-'l i" '
iriiil tl..- l'i fit juiiifi with Iiih huMt
..' fiii-mln in v.-i-iliiliu him iiU'l hi
! I-- a tl-nii-i.-ui'l uoihI if ln-f.
'lnivi r.-ii v t M-fiili-nt wi.VH tu tin-
! Miier buy- i.ti'h-r hi- iiiftriiTtii.ii:
' J ' I i' ,'i .met ry tu
t ' . .lilitT f ur f. '.'. your rheiiiift r.v
'. i i i; t n re, you r lenr-oii mi
.,!', hli-l'ii ':'.. to I'ili.-ill belter
.-t.irri." II'- il-liH tin- ei.4 1 1
, -.. ,-,v i i I m- : liii-ii t ion w ill heli
' '111 to I ! like better llOllll'il, lll.'ll il
II l- I
Hillrr of I'rlBrlpI.
5. F. Alilstr()m'V:,.
P.'ilsy f'hntirf Vi s, I nse.I to m t my
rlilliiK eoMtuniTH from hlln. hilt thej
ll.illl't lit. MO I H'o'ieil. Know iil-)ii. I fee. you iliilu't
w ant to n't into bml lnihlt.-: -( 'lili iio
kfcconnicJ as the llet Vaqucro 5adJI
. . L
Whips, Koln's, Ui-iiLis,
V;i'i)ii ainl BiiL''V Harm'
lloKfltt'S, Kir. a
lv riuiiirtriit iiirii.
!l p-M'lllei-
-,;i.i! v v.-.-i.
I .'.'ill hflll TllilUili:
i i i living.
r ,:(! troiibt.-H are t-.t -il y M-t'.!e!.
'V me a W.tiliinj;toii to inly tu tn ami
n :f.- weru quarreling over the q ie1-:-U
i m' who alionM occupy tin; liou-e a
ire i i'u al ii an 1 ij i-lroye'l it.
I .'-t announcement that a theatrical
loupe carriei a ilo.'-n trunks full of
.if frol.e m-Ih the woaiau crazy to i't.
If (tie fiaii war'lrob ; ii cariiel iu a
fii:i'l-sa!rli -l the men want to go.
I-..;-e teeth lll.l'h, ot pap
i i i-1 m in in. inula ''.hi ii.'
I i i inteil pap -r i mi
n .u i y a in. in v. ill lie .oiu,
t n Ml 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 of hail newii.
r H the l.ite-t
aeli ieV"iie-:i t .
Woihi-I over,
iirouiel with
( roup
'; he peculiar vorijth which imlicateh
er.-ip H muilly well known to the
ii. jfln-M of i roupy chihlreii. No time
HhouM be luit i" the treatment of it,
ar.'l tor thin purpowe .10 meilicine. Iiiih re
ceiveil more universal approval than
(Jhaiiiherlaiirs CoukIi Do not
wa-tu valuable lime in oxperiiiientitiK
with untrie'l remiilieH. no matter how
hi'nlv they may be. recoinmeiiileil, but
t'ive thin meilii i lie an ilirec'eil ami all
HyuiptouiH of croup will quickly lixap
pear, l ori-ale by ln l''a". uriiiHt.
I "
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
'lake Laxative liroinu Quinine Tab
le!. All ilniiritM refuml the inoney if
it failM to cun
tun- if on
I One Thing at a Time ,
L. V. iruve'M t-i'na-
iti'h bo. '-' c. -n iy
fi i.'e doesn't hriiiK wimIoiij to volerH.
has one. who han j'l-t turne'l l)ti,
n l tt the Ut election Bom.! one hrt'l to
In-lit bin) murk bin ballot.
When & (nan injured iu a railway ac
.ill int goe inio a do-tor'n o.'fke, ho
imi't looking for a cure; he'a looking for
4 .Luiiftgu fitiit.
lipuen of the sun frinhten the citi
.i.,4 of Mexico, but noth'mK uliort of an
:lit6 of ower could dinturb their
, -,i' .. . t . "..
rr ' i:t$ yiw -xtA, .- ' ":
V..rinit..!i :.-"-'H In, O-l. 2), I'm'. !.f
lir. C. A. l'i nin.
ll-leiia, Ve.i.t. ,
"I can't uff'ord to iiilvertlao oil
u larKe weal'-," Mild a inereliiint
lately, "and with my vuried Hto-k
I wouldn't know where to bcj,'ln
on n Klin-ill si-nle."
I Iihvu ninrly IIiiIhIiimI Hi" 'it
tin r l.nttli- aiiUmu pntelleally well.
My can" wn nun laimt pliynleimiH
wniil. 1 Iivh ,riiiiuni-il iiu:iirlili..
My ,i-llli! in K'i'i'l Imvo kIiii-iI m
IMiumUlii weliflit ami feel like a new
i hi ol life w kIvbii mil. Olio i.l
Uih lHillle I muni tnr Hit tl i in for
a Irleuil ami Hi" nttier Inr mymll
1 ilii uut Inti-ii'l to lie without II.
Very truly your
'1. K. IIakkin.
In point of fact It never tloi H,
even with thu motit lavish udver-
t fc.rr if-
II l u fiillncy Hint
Hits jnlterlUliiK in o I i't
Hie liole tlui'L.
iiu.. ir o .11,1 tin. remilr. ;
f would Iks a Jumblo of prolixity. Z
T The truo policy la to Bi lect ono
urtlelo at n time HoiiiethliiB j
moderately priced und iiu'otliin Z
'9 the want of the day and pimh 1
that at tht ptfoplo. I'hlludelphla
T Itecord
Sash, Blinds, Moulding, Window and
Door Casings, Beehives and I:urniture
of all kinds made to order. Write for
estimates on contract work & material
Mereford Stock .arm
rtrn uu a Unllm,
itfm-t " .hiioj, wivgun.
Wr!r F. O. Buntlnff. Owner
' -
largest herd of registered
0m0tWk&::q Herefords in Oregon
'r';"Af'v'-:''i ;;- . -
' -h" ' V?W?J?$&3 1 15 Rcqlstcrcd Yearling Bulls
....i'tv",-''' Vf IOO, 125 and lOOoach
fAlDOR ALAMO hea) ol herd
You ar Invited to try tlila
plan In our columna. Chanica
your ail. with every laaue.
Huyera watch our coluinnM
(or atora new.
Livery and Feed Stable
n. W. J. BARKY, Proprietor.
Horses Boarded by ths day or month. Hlrstclass Turnouts and Saddl
Horsas. Our Specialty Is ths Quick and Sale Delivery of Passengers to All
Points In ths District.
Proprietors of Harry' Opera House. Only Place In Lakeview
For Holdln Public entertainments.
Ilia': .r