Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 08, 1903, Image 2

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Uncle Snm Has Discovered That
Laziness Is a Disease And is
Taking Steps to Cure it.
lr. Cliiirlcrt Wiinlcll stiles. ioh
jllst uf the lVpnrt incut of AutU-uIIuiv
nntl discoverer t if the AinorU'im hook
worm disease, which he assort sis the
cause of t he proviTliliil laziness and
liivckwnrd condition of tin poor
whites or "crackers" of tin Sontli.
nml also of tin condition which
luvvi occasioned tin iampaiu:ii
iitfiiinst i hill labor in the Southern
cotton mills, on lielinlf of thoiiovcrn-
lnent took active stops to stamp out
ill miiluil.v a few da.vs ai;o.
An ctiort will 1h niaiU. throiiiih
tlienvncrnl ilist ribut ion In the attic ted
districts of literature Warinu' upon
the disease, its ori".in. cause, symp
toms, prevention ami mi'tlioils of
curt, to educate tin pliysii'lans in tin
mini helt to accurately iloterinint
tin disease ainl presenile proper
methods of treatment.
As tlie ilisease, when once iliajrmm
el ami properly treated, is easily
nusceptililo of cure. It is Iiohi1 that
within a reasonable timethe ravars
of the hook-worm will be greatly de
creased. The ilisease is seldom
primarily fatal. It may run aloiiy;
for years without other than general
malarial symptoms, but retuleriiijj its
vietim mentally ilull ami im-apable
of sust.'iiiieil physical exert it m. There
are symptoms of theilisease in Lake
view which the Doctors iniht work
on. However, there may lie a differ
enee in lieiny; born tired ami laziness
ItiHlornlrd 11-r Ohoaldfr
Mrs. Johanna Smlerholin, of Kerens
Falls, Minn., fell mul ilislocatetl i'er
fhouliler. .-lie had a surgeon yet it
bark in plare iik mm hi as possible, but it
was- quite Mire Hint paineil her Very iimcl..
Her run iiieiitiniu il that lie lui'l m'i-ii
Cliauiberlain's Pain Balm advertised for
pprain and wiinn-ni, nml she a-ked him
to buy her a bottle of it. hieh he did
It quickly relieved her and enahled her
to sleep hieh idie had not done fur sev
eral days. The son w ai so greatly pleas
ed with the relief it yiive his mother
that he has Hiiee recommended it to
many others. Kor mle ly Ia-c Deall,
A Point About Pins.
"There's u pin mi the sidewalk."
nniil the stni ist lean, "but don't
bother to pick it up, for ,imh.(mmi.mmi
new ones will be made this year, and
what' one pin anions ho many'.'"
"The pin," he went on. "is an inf cres
ting subjit-t. It is older than civil
ization, and :!,IMH'I years ao it was
made in n inure lieautiful form than
it is today. Then only the wealthy
oouhl afford pins, but now we can
all use them. Thin Is iMtause they
are made by such an Ingenious and
intelligent machine. Intuits mouth
a coil (if wire flown and out of the
other etui comes the pin complete
Have for its plating and polishing.
The plating: is a mere matter of a
bath; the polishing Is a mere matter
of a dry shampoo in a barrel of re
volving sawdust. L'veu the packing
of the pin in p;iH-rrt is machine work.
This year t here are close upon fifty
pill factories running busily in Amer
ica, and their salt-H will areyate
about Jf.'i.LTHf.lMlO." I'hiladelphia Uec
ord. t)nce upon a time a very nervous
man called upon his physical! ami
asked him for medical aih ice. "Take
il tonic, ami dismiss from your mind
all that tends fo worry .von," said
the doctor. Several liionlhs after
ward the patient received a bill from
the physician asking him to remit
!fl and answered it thus: "Dear
doctor, I have taken a tonic ami
your advise. Your bill tends to
worry me, und so I dismiss it from
my mind." Moral Ad vice home
t linen defeats its giver. Medical
The Or t'K"M Weekly Jouinnl, u 1'emo
crullu newspaper, l'i paRi-a, full of news
all of It! 1 a year to any aiMics. The
Journal, I'. O. JJox 121, Portland, Or.
Irh Kins Klna. Who Wnald Laaa)
Her Matera On! of llondna.
A .limn of Are has arisen to enlighten
custom rlilileti I'hliin. t'nllki her llhm
trloiiit pi-niotyjn. she lomls no mined
hosts, mil the linmier she raises In fur
the reform ef social eonilltloiis, hot the
C'ory ol' ii kitic Nevertheless tin piiK'in
maiden's i:i!r!utlsiu Is ns herole nml
ler perpi'se ns nolilc us tliill which ne'leil i!;e M:i lil of Orleans.
I'mlcr i he auspices of Hie Chinese re
f.vm nun . I u nl Sieli Kilm Kluc nil
ri;:li!i i'ii j i . r i M ( 'hlneso ulrl, has lei n
I iiuiir.. ;i i ri! -.iile aiiucc: he? country
men and M.T.ien In Jvi;, l'lMlieisi-o
:i.-l;,"l III - system vtlrcll keeps till'
t hinc.-e h.iiiiri! nt nml makes
lu r :i ' i .
Si. h lvn Klsiw In tlie il,; uuhtcr of il
lilnral t- I : - I Tlcptsu. i:n reliant Mini
lirsl I i': i Ii r v.iire la puMic u lira lie
no.r. .- c.i ! i i . oui;:r. men it the puli
I i- Vilon -'!iaii!;!iai vt h.'ii il In eame
1. "oi a t!iii. ;h- I:,:.- I.I I'.i::",- fl'.ima l.y a s.i -ret treaty to plait
M.i x-ii u '.a u".: r l: ii-s:a u eoiitrol.
She i-.iine In lies inuiitiv l'i r II mil
versity eiliii :t ; ion. Imt In inlil.l iuti to
lief studies iili :n! to V;i luni ous
warfare for the I r ! hi: ef Chinese
women. ClniHM woliieii i f the better
class never Mingle with men eliln r at
private or public ir:itheriiii:s. Little
Sieli Kitn; KUiii proposes to ehaiiL'c this
and put llieia on terms of mh lal e.pnill
The lack of education and self eon
flilelice, Sieli Kim,' says, makes the Chi
nese women tlitlleult to handle. She
has no trouble in convincing tlie men.
but centuries of subjection and captiv
ity have made the women timid.
The youm; reformer does not l.cllevt
In the Chinese practice of eripplin
men by stuntim; the natural trow
their feet uad will liylit for the aboli
aboli i
tion of tills barbarism as well as the
other reforms she has In.illLllialed.
Sieli Kins Kin lives Willi her uncle,
Hsuch Sing Viii', a San Francisco
merehaiit. Slie has the support of the
best Chinese clement iu this country in
I her proposed reforms.
Mornion Apoalle W ho Mar Sll In I p
per llouaK of I'unavrraa.
As a renult of the recent election
an a'Mistle of the Mormon church will
probably miccccd J. L. Itawlius a
United States senator from Utah. Thn
election of I teed Smoot by the IckIhIu
ture of Utah Is practically assured,
and the opponents of Mormonism ore
preparing to make a tlht against his
recounitioo by the memberH of the so
culled upper house of eotiKress.
The eampalKU in Utah was a most
spirited one. Smoot'u candidacy was
warmly supported by the adhercntH of
the church In the slate, while many of
the gentiles were opposed to the Idea
of elect Ins; a Mormon 11 post le. At uny
rate, he won out handsomely m.d Is
sun) of election if he allows bin name
to K before the legislature The leg
islature meets on Jan. 5.
Iteed Buioot in uu apostle of the Mor-
moil ehureh. In but llllle over forty
yenr of n!i nml Is wenlthy nml popu
la r. Ills father was one of the pioneer
who crossed tin plains with Itrlitliiini
Young nml wiih nil early settler of
1'rovo, Mr. SiiumiI's present home. Ills
wlf Is n iliimrhter of It. s. Khlreiltre,
n leiullnc blinker of Salt l.nko City.
She brought. Mm a fortune, whleh lie
has luereasiil by enreful IiiiiuIIIiik nil
til III himself Is reputed to he n lull
lloliillre. lit Is a hanker nml inaiui
fnrturer nml Is Interesteil In n lurgr
muuher of lhr enlerpi lHeH.
tmiihrr Ailtnitei.
She - So you think the ini esslt les of
life tire eonstantly inlvanelni: In prlee'f
1'or Instn ueeV
He- Well, the nveriiKi Hue for "mi to
speeilliiK" tins nilvuneeil from flO to
$;io within ii year. I'uek.
Hml t nklml.
Mrs. .lal'lieilv - They say that money
talks, hut 1 never hoard It.
.lubberly Of course not. my dear.
Kven money couldn't Kct n Kurd In
eilKcwnys when you nre around. Ohio
State Journnl.
Hoctor's Little !lrl- Your papn owes
my papa mul-y.
Lawyer's Little Clrl Thin s nothlinr.
I'll pa said he wns Kind to Kit off with
bin life. - Ualtlmorc American. j
K.vrrj Home of hamlir rUln a Cough
Hruird) tVarraMird
We ttuaraiitee every Imttli. of C'luiin-
j berlai n's Coutih bi nieilv and will refund
I the money to anyone w ho is not satisfied
iif'er tn-ilitf two thirds of its contents.
This is the behl remedy in the world for
i la trrippe, coiih, colds, croup and
w, lempunt eolith ami is pleasant and
safe to take. It prevents any tendency
i of u cold to re-nlt in pneumonia. For
j sale by Lee Ileal!, drupist.
01- 1IIH
1 lly Hall, l'euiue l'i lit.
I m
ip I Q it V '
'iili! CD vj . I Q lC2fl
I j
. " J3H l f f, ' I f S
13 M Jl E f K n M.) r S 1 j
j J j t. 5 U L L
Greatest WceUy in Ifi: Coa:it-v. j
31.50 A Mi j
.. ..
1 1 ne 'i 11 r a -I..J .
hlutr-, t ana 1 ' u t
nil in -at i..ini''"i.'
ia r: nf I
Il ...
' 1 1 t " . 1 : ..,
W f kli Vi H-p-;, r In l'i
VV.rl'l. iriiilfc r'af'it.i iy '.I- ruiniiiK. .r H n
'f Ntn. 1,1 mm.t mi'l l I ( . .
,n;l'n; mo a in ik : vj; . n r.-l m :
linn ii iht.iral ! i tiu nt. I '.i-. .m .f i
lr i.a.l ii ir m- nl n; p r i I U
tt.krat Ktijribthg nruti-u p Latl n r&
i'V' uff In th - O ?'tAii-n. i ni .11, K- t,.
info k5 lulc "1 thfirrwit I a 111 ' .
'llit tliroulclr llullilins.
TIIK (IIIIOMii.K ranka nlth thn
n aaimpta In I In I'mti'il Htaln.
lilK MlP.ttMi'l.K lita no iqual nn lljp I a-tfli'
Coaat. II all In at I.l 1 1 1 jr . intrrprla. a .1
II.-a. .
TIIK (IlltONiri lVS T.)-fra:ili.' Pip ri an
t he luti-ar an. I iiiuhI relf.anif.. Pa l.'ai . wn th-(ulli-at
ai d aiilrli ii, ami II Mlmrlal. r em in.
nl.l-al pi ni In tin- I'.nniliJ.
TilK ( lillOMl l.K liaa :.: I.'. ... n ut al
v ara all! Ii, thn fit' 11 1 ii-il 1 ini,,li,u i f 11, -li.uli,
1. aulilnat 0.'lillllilt..li4, f ll'iinn, rm-p. 1:1.
ti.'iia or nii'r. wl'.n nf uuy knni. Il will ti.'
p-ri'lt-iit la vi-j it. otf, tiPtitrul In ri- llilnir
Reversible Map?
Showing the United flla'.ett, Jlcmirlon ol
Canada and Northern Mexico
on 1, Mi. u.;.
Map of tle World
ojr Tin-: otiii-;m 1 1
8(d 12 tni rt tha Map an.) Wt-iklj fl.n.iil. h
(ur Ooa Year, yualaf pn paid nn map anil pap-r
aKDBKHai t
M JI. .Ii Voi'Mi, '
"rop'M'tur H. V. Chriii'irle, a atAjtUaaJu, CAL.
Wine of Caiilul N the putrilliiil
of it woniMiiN health nml linppl
liess from oiitli to old a;e. Il
helps her safely Into w omitnliood.
It su-taltn her tluiiii the lii iN
of jirtyimiicy , eliildliirth nml
luotlierliootl, making lalr eny
nml preventlii'; llooilinj; nml ml
eiiriiiii. It p'tilly IcaiU her
tlirouj'li lln ilaneioiM pi
know n ns the eliane of pfe.
cures Icucori ho n, falling of tin
womb, nml menstrual irrepilariiy
In every form. It U Milmihte in
every tnin; period of u woman'
life. It reinforce the nervous
system, acts directly on tho p-ni-
I till uriraiut ami Is thn linen t tonlu
for wiuneii known. Ask your
ilrulst fur n J LOO bottle of
Wlno of t'unlul.
luiratlllK, Ala., July II. Inn.
I am (lain Wloa of Canlul ami 'I hml-
fnnl Il Urk 1 1 ran it lit ami I fti lika a
dilTprfint wimian alnailv. Hrvvral la
dtra brra kisrp tha nifiif Itilnra In Ihrlr
buniraall tha time. I hat a Ihraa alrla
auit lb7 aro ualnv II with in.
Mrs. a A I K
Fur a(lTl himI lnratur, a1ilra. aioa
I IVnil,.!!.. ' 11 l.llr AilviM.IT IN.4trt
ntitt ". J I i'riaimtHJuga, Maairuia t'uuitauijr.
I lytlljUMHra, I vuit.
i nin-'l Slat. . I an. I urn, ,. allaki-vl. , or.
II..II S.Oi'lhlH r I I, NiUIn- I. I,, r, -l.y (III, II
I hal I 11 r.. m ll a nr.- ii It h I In- .mvl.linia i.f t h,.
ail i.l l ..lur. Junr l, I", s .-lit 1 1 !. , n a. t
lur Hi.- .a.r i.f iiiiiIm r Inml. :u ilir siai.-a el
l alll..rnia. or.-K..n. N, i ami In Waliln
lull l'. rril..l i " a. ri i. ii.l, ,1 i,i all Oil I'nliln
I ami stalea l.y acl ol ttitf.i.i I. !?. Hi- Inllen . i
IIIK ..T...ri. I,al. lln. .ia) III. .1 in lln. etll.'f !
Ihrlr Klali im-n'i. I., 'i ll:
l liarl.a l n-ii, .
nl I l.j n Im in . i. nihil il i I - Ii n I i St,. ,,( Wa.,.
I"K' urn ian ini nl Ni. I.f, :..r Mir .nr
i l.. ul Hi-si M.i aie I V, si i. s.i- .'s I i
ills. It. l .K, M.
Jnllli-I 'I'. l'UKlf
u( ,1 r.l. i'ii . iiiiiiIv i.l t le Imii. sll4,,. ,,f w ;
IiikIi.ii . t" ur i -'an in. nt Nn ..' I.,r He- pur
' lia Mil S i M- i ,,, :l i N i, S I
s. i- .1.' I X. s. It I . K W VI '
I-mnk ll.ilili t.m.cih
ef Nm l.errv. n.illili ..( niiiIi Ii I . s , f
tmi. ..rn .mti in. in Si, I ,'ii l..r Hi.- pun ha-
i.l the W SW ' , s. i - a. (. 1 , SK 1 , s, , ,
NV 'Ni:', See ..i, T ; s . ; , t m.
Tlutl IIi.'V will .iff. r irui.l n. 'i.. ilia'H.i
lainl aeiiKliI In nii.r l..r In uiul.. r i I
atmie (Iihii fur nurli-ulliiral iur.,,k. awl I.i
talillah I h. lr rlnlti to aal l Imii ) In lnr.' I . II
"nin". r. i IMIIIIH..IINII hi nmiimiii
a""" p';"""' "" '",""",', ""' '''
l,r' "" an v .tn. ... William Urk an. I
I liar r.,.,l llo.pilam. W.liliiKl..ti. Jane.
wniirutv. I. n r,,n, ii, )...,, ii. r ai Klamatli
g.llK : uf Alu r.'i i-n. a-lilUKtmi. I tank II.
lliiK""rtli. ul N.-irr), or. it. 11, ami K. W.
Mi roll, ul I'urllaml. or. k. ii. Any ami a I h r
ull . In I III 1K 'H. rv 1, tin' Hl.ullt ileal ftl. I
lamia ar.- r.-.tili'.t.-.l I., Ill,, .i, r rlallna In tlila
nltl.'i- lill IU It. I.,r.-a.i. lath ,1,1 V ul ,nl Pan.
I'l l i IX K. M llll ITI UN, II. Klali I
Kur aii nm. killliitr ur t-nl
I ri aT at'a a lM-liitinliia- In !l'
South Eastern Oregon
. a. 1
tock Association
W ill m ifivtm tnr the mrwnt ami miv Hon of n r
on or jHTiftfii hU'iiIIh Kiiy u k tHloitfintf
to ni'iiiH-M uf thli AaM-li.ti'm.
J, fl. INNHS,
President. !
visit DR. JORDAN'S cm.Tf
llMtwata llaikaa4MMiaj Q A
la lirwlr i I
r.( aiipMNM la Ola CU A
mndtrfiU tiyM ar lalar. ,
Tal.l.U.ala.lIU a.
UJI MillMM,aililnlrian4til
kW-JF M ik ..JU. hnl-ii.f .1.. L.arl T
iCtil Caaa. SataaUaaad M aaara A I
Wlu jniniM-aaiwiTt marinia
If f - mm-m ..4 aa
1 I IV aaj4 waa w aa ae au
A Irum iba aaraata at fautbfa
alalalla f
uffarlaa A
rautbfal laaaa- W
eraaaaa r aaraaaaa t aaaaarar
mt WrlaatalaaT. ata.
11 a iiaaiainatloa af
ratnaillaa. af araal aarallva Down. Ilia faaatair
liaa aa arrn4 a la iraaimar, t that ft will aai A
aalr aaora ImaaaJtala rallrf. but DirBMaatil w
1 aura, laa iiwaavr aa aai aiaim taaarittraa
m la aarfuraa k
Iraalaa. but la wall knnara to ba a lair ana m
a k
11. tir
...... i. ........ ..A a. ;.. .... 1.. . '
I la lilaapanlalt fMaaaaaa af Ma
I tka aaaaaa wltbaat ta bioil Nairar?, m
I aara tar Baalura, A quirk ami ro-tlaul i
Hralar Pllaa, riaaara and V llalaa, a
I uw, jaraaa a namiaaa taiainuija
ITtsr MAM apalrlnilooiwIUraaalaa
I aar hotittt opinion of Lfar.tu-plnliit. a
' Ha wiu iuaraaiM a fualllVA OVSMtK W
I avrry fua ava an-firl'ia-a, j
e'onauiiati'.a r 11 it ana airirer anraaa, m
Traataaaul BaraaaUr ar by latiar.
Wrila far nnsk. rHII.aaurUT '.
MACtRIACK. Maura Vaaa. IA raiuaa.a A
kaokfemaa.) Oallararrlta '
H HRDAN It CO., 1011 Marital tL, .
A 1
T!'H "Ifiriiiittirc la or. rvrry I.n. nf llv -nun Inf
La.cativc Ik n nv-Qnm'ini -i m
1 1,0 luuicuy v..fc u Coiu iu uu da
M. K. I.. MTMl lt, M. II.
I'htalrUn and MrfM
l.skrtlrM, (r.
or't U'V. - HmiM l'ni Hlr. ll mr
.r.iiii I j iU ur hiuliL.
j II. NttlTH i l -
I I'll) lrlNi Mint hmiriin
l.nkr Ipm , Of.
I of f li t I k. . I. I'on r..' si. m
mi t ii i.i.
I'hj "Irlnti and Mu !
' I il l h I . n Pull lili.lli(
I llll O I III MOItl.Hl'
l.nkrtlrH, llrrn
: Oi l II I ll IIU. II. IU.
j A Mm i.i ) hi I. an
l.nkrtlPH, trrga
off n
' II II Mil MM r.
Itm in ) .Ml -1. mm
l.nki-tlrM ,
of rn i ,ii.iii.u
M j moo hi-:
I (llurtir) .at- Ijih .
l.alartlrM , Or
I Of Kil l IhCi ll ill.lli.J
1. 1 t: roil
lttoror). iil-Law
IjiiiiI Mallrra Mierlall
oKHi K i en .1 I'll tiai
i-lrrlnao I'rnllni
Oftliv IU. u . hi I .i , lorral, I a kn I. , i ir. (mi
lllil llarara Haiti. nutig
fioooim of ihTwSJ
) M. ila nn llif '.'.I ami llll W . .In.-.ilay ul I
) rai Ii m .iilh In M... in. Hall, al a , ni
i ..pi s ii i 1 1 r oimii i iiiiiiiiami. r. i
r.. V UH iii, i I. ik
t r j ft ,,,,,,,,
MkHim tAuMI'lllM. Ni, la, S
I. o n in. . i. il,. .t ami '-l ll,i,r S
.la) . vi lilny. of i ai h muiifli In Oil.) Ki I V
, iuii Ha... l k.- Imt . ii ti a i n
S I . I'.. M J . hi-ril....
t t f r s f e ft v s t r
' f r
X ...Knights ut I'ythhis.
v l.o.i-K ,(KK l.opi.K . v. in... la
N iv ri liiila pvi'lilnu. II. I.l K .-1 1. 1 M a S
v Hall. I a a.- 1. w . i ri'. Vi.iii,c kiilxhta
N mrUiMllv no ii.-. I y
N N iii.rii.s, I hatii -llur I'liltntialelrr.
. I . II.... Im.ih.i.i K ol II. all. I s, S
v V
' ' ' ' ' ' s-' .- t t j s.s r.j,
To luke I'lfeet, 'luenbi y, Apr.. I, P.H.I?.
N'i. I
No. i
" ui fl. Ill
I " p. in
p. 111
4 In . til
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'.l p. 111
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J in p. in
I : I? . lit
I M-'i i. Ill .
I'll ji. lit
ll' .'ai a. in.
r.' ini p.111
11 uij , rjt
II l: p. in.
1H:7 p. in.
ni 'Jti p. ni.
Willi p. in
K ill p. HI
H:!lTi p. in.
7 :.'n p. in .
":. a, in.
, ' 'a' M III.
' t; a 111.
' 10 :n.'i a. in.
1.1 .41 a. 111.
II 1 . it in.
1 1 .'. n. in.
1 I na t. 1 1
I 1.' I" p. 111.
1 I-': : a p. in.
I I-':'.! p. III.
Il I., ill.
I til p. III.
'.' : .1l 1 i.iii.
:i i i . . in .
1 :i :,'i i 111.
I :!1 .. III.
I .f p. III.
. ji. in.
r. 'i 1.. in.
It Itrmi . . r
I . summit , A r
I i 1 i' ur a r
I.i lamia . . r
I . ! 1 r-1 . ai
I v l ,i. miia l r
I i Imt . .At
l.v . t ainerntl A I
l.v . I.-. Him II ...Ar
I v l iiiiatniiila .Ar
l.v ' lnoli' .Ar
l.v'itait ...Ar
l.v . A iiii'il.'i. . . A r
l.v A'i' A r
l.v Hut S.rlii(a..Ar
l.v Murray Ar
l.t .. Karlu ..Ar
l.v llure I .a In-.. Ar
I Waverly . . . Ar
l.v . . Ti-rtiio a r
I v lln, eli uialiaAr.
r M H.lel 1 lie . l.v
7:1" ). 111.
at) (.in
Ci in
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