Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 08, 1903, Image 1

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NO. 1.
McCarthy Taken a Trip to lily
Sec an Ocean of Mud--l)c-ncrlbc
I'lu.tli Chrlatmns.
I II la tiilglilb-r than tl"- a word,
II ilmndera 'round limn aliur. I aliurr.
A ii. I II la lr llllnlill' f llill ll'' thulld. llhK
r aiiuoii'a r.r.
Ilnrruli for the voice and en.
Like Sunt Cluua. I .i4.i to purnue my
weary mortal found" Ht Chriat man, and
h.ivi'irf i'oiii (r nil lli weal I wouldn't
,tk the KtiiU" t"l' 'lh
I Urli i know 1-1 -! all ritflit.i
We wen Ic I our way c.i-tiitd toward
tnc inetropoti, arriving l tin" iinlniioiix j
Drew. Valley. Had hick " Drew, j
liaca mud. Your informant wanted to'
i 'ii 1 1 uimI ni.-.-t (lot tuiiiiorul Mr. mi I
MTU. II .Will I d that pUce, but when we
. nlle 1 to Imlt, In, und behold, tli poor
Mutfe driver with ) ih broad Icathcri-hcat
pioli-i tor t 1 1 1 1 mi tin Ilium with nil
III tuighl, but Couldn't lliakt) till-Ill
novo out "I tlu ld rut. Then ii kept
tin- tmt k an Jar an Dan Chandler, tin t
thumudwna h i deep we had to look
nwav up lloi iiioiintuiii to - lund ; and
(iikhiiiK by lint bitf 0 lUnch hotel on-! id
the Mn'tit.rK nay therea' a tent. The J
driver unid tfiit In d d. that in the i
II ery ford hotel. Hut the. mud aw
l il deep; we ilo)tdml along and churned
mud, mid if tin" lirirk maker followed
iit behind what a Hii-iidid lot of drii'k
could have Ihtii maile. Arriving two
layt late for the Chrinlinan id IW2 in
l.akeviaw. but ervinaj Rood pur
nil the name, we were in ti'iiu (or Mi.
Itliiirn' entertainment, which wan upto- ,
date, aw ay abend of Fred Moore. Fori
in thin ca-e Moore in 'can.
At the metropolU we met our lt'nty, '
who ban been taking ileum for our bene- '
lit from tlie Harney county line to Mud
'reek, Lake county, Oregon. Tlie fo. '
low lug in (lie auhMaticc ol bin rcpi rt :
I In any 1 1ml on 'lirintiium night Hindi j
broke nil rccorda to date for new (angled '
ailiUhemeiit. II lid fcnt iviti'-H. lie miynj
I liey bill tint word of God, dunce mid j
ong, and the elixir (if life deMtributed j
under tlie Name roof, nud tlmt Kev. I'ep j
iioted Ir. in a well known quotation J
in the Ilible wbiidi Biiyn "drink that you
may foivet your tro"b!en, and lliink ot
t liein no moie." And referring to the
I'owboyH froni tbe 7t raui'li, be huvh :
A klrtiiK ol i n Ihi i iii.-I I In- in.
1'liey i .ri'il mil tut I In- clilll t iUiu.
Hut lliriMMli lli' iiuel mnl miri' ill'l trmnp,
Uid on liy I hurley W anl.
1 hull Ihruu.'li the tuli a Iht-.i tint mill
Anil look tlo' ui-arem run. I tu I'IiihIi,
Junl to h.iri- lilllv I hull,
AiU ralM the l.iint.
Whiuuhiiri'h convened the xIiiihth met,
Hoiun howpit tlieir lieaMH In .ml rrgrel,
And Mid tbu time, art) liard.
Wlillt olta.ri ui to Keanininu went their
whlntlr. lor lo WPl. .
And try Ihur trolibl.. l furgvl,
And praUe the Uinl.
tieo W.iliniKtoll Wine did beat hi. breit,
Ho prayrd way Ood ly .Inner, real ;
lloo. know. I alwaya dwiir my beat - luy dobta
to ay,
Hut I Uk. a drop loo iiiurli with extreme
nut thuu' wlial they aay.
Hut that liu.e lhata' ii al Heainiuou'i alore,
I never saw thu like before.
I'd harrow one thousand dollar, inure
To huy aui-li .Hilt. You think It hard,
Hut Hcauimoii anld, atiiml Imek old man,
Voiiv'e Kt vnuliKh,
iio ihIm' I lir I. nr. I.
Tlio Olirittuiaa Iron und performance
loiinue.ted tbieewtlli wiih extremely
ntiperb. Much credit indue Miss Bolton,
teacher of the 1'lunh ".nuninar school,
lor the aplutidid bbowin her pupils
mudo, their correct einphiiHin and elo-
ijtionco. V'helher acquired or natural
might cope with that of (iratton or Sher
idan. The dance Dec. 25th was out of
mikIiI. The crowd wits ho big there was
not room euougli, so they had to do like
our "thoroughbreda," stay out in the
Hugo brush. Even when a man moved
Ida jus from one sage butili to another
'- v M rninnmiiii i in - -r ' - - i
f -
r .'- ' : .: ' ; . .
liiidi'if;i-i'n inn- .- ''i m' ; irr. imr-' -1 1 ' ' " f 1 '''"'
Hire Ih aliuwn Mr. Frank liriawold Sin v. nin-t.-r of the Tuxedo bouuila,
waltitiK for the aliiiinl to be kIi-i to hi ml ii.e iliu-i-.
he found two juga there ahead of biin.
Talk alxiut muaie, and Orphean drawing
treen, atone and (bxxln, but linten for a'
few moinentn to J. V, Wine, and I tie j
moat enthralling Mina Wine, and you j
will av irpheun beloiin where he in. j
in oblivion. Talk alxiut your hontenn'
and entertainers, Imtcouieto I'lunh and
ntop at rM-ammona' and m what Mr.
Scaiiiuion ran do. and you w ill nay you
have seen noiiiething ahead of the time.
KverytMxly bad a debit lilful time.
Money wan no objert. Willi Seituiinon
know, how to treat bin palrotm right.
He ownn the Klepbiiiil Kefrehmeiit
1'arlorn. Wine avenue, I'IiihIi, tmik in
f'MMIon Chrintmitn night.
Now, I wih to remark tlmt it wan a
uiintiike hIhhiI Fi ltoiid hucging the
fence pont. It hnpened thin way.
Fverybody hhI up all night, (which in
nnlnritl ) and were in a te uii-Houinoleut
ntate. Minn Wi.te, who liven clone to the
'Flephunfon Wine avenue, bail thrown
a cotton every day diens on top of a
fence poat to dry, and Joe Joueg panning
at tw ilight naw the dreni on the fence
jKiNt, and eaiil : "tiood morning to you
Minn lluriin, winh you a .Merry Christ
ina. You look an bright and tdiarp an
n new hatchet tliia morning." F.d Itond
came along a few minutes later, and pee
ing the apnratioii, and an before men
tioned, was in a ntate of aouinoetice,
lava : "M inn lloltou let me offer you my
congratulations for the splendid manner
in w hich you conducted matters at the
C'hrintniaa tree, and the grand w ay you
had trained your pupils. And now my
dear Miss Bolten, you are bolted forever
to my heart, and the prayer is from your
dear Ed liond that you shall be bonded
to my soul by the will and ower of all
eternal beings now and forevermore,
Flush at the present time is away
ahead. We have the bent climate, bu(t
land, best people. Jeff Fariiih, for in
stance, would not step on a worm, but
move anide and let the reptile live, and
would not have the neighbors' calf, un
less said calf had a certificate that it was
on its own hook j anil Harry Koberts is
humane that if he saw 1000 head of his
rattle in at a neighbors' haystack he
would not drive them out for fear they
would get hurt by the wire. Frank
Kiggs will get out of bed at any hour
of night and go after a doctor for a sick
neighbor, drive the doctor through lakes
of mud, water und ice, and w hen the
team gives out In the last lake, pack the
doctor out on hit back ant' send him
along to relieve the lick.
N :
Jim! think of it, ixune of the greatest
men in their line the world has ever pro
duced, hauling our mail to I'lunh.
There wan a universal boast made alxmt
Hank Monk driving Horace Greeley
acronn the mountain. What did it
amount to. Just look at Fred Fletcher,
an unpretentious man of the present
day driving the mail to Much over a
road where Horace (ireeley or Hank
Monk dare not tread on at the present
dav, and you will meet Fred loaded
with four men and four other barrels of
whiakey.or a threnhing machine at the
name time. And on bin journey back to
lmkeview has hauled in on his tttage a
fiurham bull weighing a litUe lens than
nkk) poundn.
i or biii'Ii U Ihe raw on the road lo I'luah.
Mi ll do IhliiK" that are airatigt' on (he way to
Soma li) iiintlM' calves.
And rail"'' inrn'a better halve
To iill (or a bit. Ill i'luah ; hub !
MokI ()lineiiioun,
McI'authv Com Iowx.
X. 1$.: Jan. 4.
Uovernment Land Fenced
In XoveiiilxT ii cuinplnliit was
Hindi In 1hi I nitcd Stilton Court
iitfiihiHt William W. r.rown of Crook
County for having lllej;nll.v fonivil in
Hcvernl thousand acres of Govern
ment land on Wiitfon-Tltv Mountain.
InspiH'tor Heady was neat out to sv
the offender, who iitjixwl to innove
the offemllnK fences as soon as the
weather penult toil. Hrowu filed an
aflldavlt with I'tilteil States District
Attorney Hall, hIiowIhk that the man
who hud Informed again t him had
also Inclosed 400 acres of the public
domain, himself, In Lake County.
In addition he gave the district at
torney the naniea of 17 other persons
who have inclosed an atfKrvKiite of
:!0,(MH acres of j;overiunent lauds In
Crook, Lake and Grant Count leu.
I'nited States District Attorney
Hall Immediately wrote each of the
offenders, notifying them to remove
their fences. This was tin Deeeiuber
2:1. So far he received answers from
two of these. These have agreed to
obey the law as soon as the weather
permits. In the meantime this man
has t ut his fences every 200 fit't. Mr.
Hall says that about 110,000 to 40,ooo
acres of public domain will thus be
thrown open. The second writer
nlso nays tlut ho will furnish the dis
trict attorney with the names of
other offenders.
Win. Dalgielsh came over from Adel
Secretary Hitchcock A.aks Com
mtasloner to 5tep Out Row
of Long Standing Cause.
Kinder Hermniiu, Coniuilssloner of
the General Laud Ollb-e, ri-nau',
I i:. 2i ami will lie wieceeded by
William A. Hlchards, now the Assist
ant Commissioner of the General
Laud Ofllce. Mr. Hermann's reslg
tuition was rei nested alxiut. two
weeks ago by the See re I a ry of the
Interior, and was immediately pre- resolve to ! a Itetther man every
seiited. j Xew Years ave. And with the ex-
('oniiiiisMiniier Hermann said that j eep inns av a little piiiuh at I'hrist
aflernooii that tin- eliaiie will beenins. and on the holy f.-ast days
nK-riitlve February Iwt. The rela
tions lii-twii'll Secretary HiteheiM'k
and (iiiiHiiUsiiii.-- lliiiiiaim have
In-eti strained for a Ion;; time.
Charges have Ix-en preferred against
Harry King and Fred Met.ker. As
sistant chief of the Draughst men's
Division of the Government Land
Ofllce. The former Is charged with
neglect of duty and the latter with
mismanagement and unsatisfactory
administration of his duties. Metz
ger was formerly from Kansas and
was once chief clerk of the Geueral
Iind Ofllce.
A Washington dispatch adds that
Mr. Hermann has had the misfortune
to disagree with Attorney Yander
venter of the Interior Department on
several tsrasions. In one of . these
cases a clash over forestry reserve
lanos (Kvupiwl by private owners
Commissioner Hermann was over
ruled by the department, and Con
gress afterward passed a law which
virtually upheld Mr. Hermann and
overruled the department.
The unofficial allegations against
Commissioner Hermann are that he
is not a good executive officer and
that he has lieen lax In his methods.
Fault is found with some of his deci
sions, also, though there has Imhmi
at no time any charge that iiniteach
ed his honesty. Secretary Hitchcock
is said to have stated to friends that
Mr. Hermann has not lieen active
enough In running down timber
thieves and that none of the prosecu
tions under the theft law has been
due to Investigations made by him.
The forest reserve controversy in
volved a decision as to what should
lie given settlers on reserve land In
exchange for this land when they
gave it up to the Government. Com
missioner Hermann held that It was
printer for the settlers and owners of
this land to receive laud In exchange,
but that they should receive it under
the homestead net. Attorney Yan
derventer held, on the other hand,
that these private owners should be
allowed to select any government
land In lieu of their property In the
reservations. Mr. Vanderventer's
views were adopted by the depart
ment. Stock Items.
Klamath Express.
C. A. Hunting took 2-Ti head of cat
tle from Merrill last week which he
sold to Mr. Aiken of the Western
Meat Company, Oakland.
lUoomlngcanip ltros. sold 100 head
of lieef cattle to C. A. Hunting last
Louis Gerber started 2.'h0 beef cattle
last Saturday for Sacramento. Vv".
D. CamplK'll was In charge.
TheCarr Land & Cattle Company
sold 300 head of beef cattlo to Mr.
Aiken, the cattlo to lio delivered the
j .'0th of January at Gazelle. f
FOR 1903.
Pat O'Doyle and Ole Olsen Talk
About New Year Pledge and
Why They Should be Kept
I'at O'Doyle talks to his friend Ota
of our morals for I'M).',.
"A Merry Christina to ye Ole, ami
may yex have (nanny a Happy Xew
Year. It's mesilf that have made
some good resolutions for 1:hi.'I, and.
pleas the Lord, I'll l afther kaplng
t Ii i tit . I always make it a pint to
a id bone-fire nights I kas- me resol
ves. A v course at a wake we must
honor the corpse and say a goixl
word for the man thnts dead and
ilhrinks to his health."
"Yah do, I tank the Swenska iteo
ple ban always tnak resolves on
Christinas sangerf(st, uu ah banmak
me resolves ta bun a braw gossin.
Ah tank dis ban a pnrty glide eoun
thry for morals, but ah tank lady
folk and yantleman's have Itetter
morals than Sweuska and Irish
man's. I tank no ladles and yantle
man's could do bad tings and I tank
if every man's could l like the ladle
and yantleman's of siK-lety av ban
have gude morals."
"Ole, me friend, ye are all wroung
In the slhudy av linmnu nature agin.
We poor dlvilri are not much differ
ent In our morals from thlm society
fellows when wc come to compart!
oursilves in the mathur av morals.
The difference !etween pfwnat ye
call the refined and the poor divils
av society is wan that consists less
In the amount av iniituity distin
guishing the two respectively than
in the method and sthyle uv it. The
civilization av today Is not so much
an improvement in morality as it is
the adoption av more cultivated and
iligant forms av immorality, as
Father Charlie used to say. As peo
ple Itecome civilized they do not nee
cessarily sin less, but they lam tosin
more artistically; they do it in ways
that a tv lees dhisgusting to a culti
vated taste. Min don't have three
wives now, but they git a divorce
from a woman whin they are tired
av her and begob thin git another
wan. In that way they save gitttn
their skulls cracked wid a shillalah.
for whin two or three ould wlmmin
lolke my Bridget put their heads
together dhil a wan could live with
thlm. Of course sum nv the ladies
av society gets dhrunk but thin they
do so in their own parlors. Its all a
matter av taste. A downtown
saloon Is very different from an up
town clubrooni different In everj--thlng
excipt In that kind dlvllmunt
which goes on In both, and tan-hups
they are equally bad, only that a
gilded dlvil Is. If onything, worse
than a divil upon which no decora
tion lias liecu put. I wanst heard a
man say that he saw the dlvil and I
believe he did, for lookln glass were
tnvinted Itcfore that."
"Now Ole, the lady who gambles
In Fifth avenue, New York, Is doing
the same thing as the 'tough' who
gambles in a lowdown dive. The
'tough' would not enjoy himself
gambliug In the ladlea' parlor and
the nice lady would not lujoygainbl-.
In In a saloon. Now mo friend, the
only difference, though, between the
vice as committed in wan place anil