Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 25, 1902, Image 1

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Dissatisfied With Ashland Mall , The Pa Through toe Cascades
Route the People Will Ask
for Change Mack to Agcr.
TIhTi' appears lu In- coiiMldcrahlf
t Ixflir! lull Willi I III' licW 1 1 1 J i I
cr Ire from Ashland. Thf fill cuiii
iliiliil riitni'H from K Iiiiiiji I li county.
Tin' I:iiiiiIimI- 1 1 j i m tiiil i l In-iii'it of
iiii.v cniiiplulnl (nun Ih l I 1 1-1 -1 .
II Is li'iirni'il I hat I In-1 ifi iili i ( KImiii.
ill li ii ii I III, , a I lent II I i ill a III m .1 n I h
III I lull cniinly , will make nil effort
In have On' schedule -li ii uyed. It m
proposed In ask lid' I lrin II llli III to
have I In- mall fur tin1 West cmuc In
Alter a f'iniii'i h . IiinIi-ihI ufliyAxli
li 1 1 n I. I ii 'ii I In' iliani' w a ina'li' I m
Ashland It InuLi-il like a urafl f..r
niiiiii'IiiiiI , iiml entirely it i nil 1 1 I fur,
ainl tin good reason witf ii 1 1 it 1 1 I
for ion ll ii i liani'. IIiiwcvit. weilo
tint hi-Ucve tin- Department will take
kindly tu lln iiiiniM'i clianue hack
( Aji'T, ihiw Hint (In' route ha Ihtii
fairly i-HtiililUhi'il f ii. in Ashland, and
W C Oplllf tlll'IV w ill I
inside rahlf
hard work dune Ii y tin h ) wlni
ask fur I In- ilia nyi' I iff i iii- I In' I iiiai I
mi lit Im rnn 1 1 a i'i t ha t hiic h a t ha tigf
In necessary. 'I'Im' iriH'r tlnu' tu
hut i nun If I In- Muli I before t In Wash
lugtuii olllclnls w iim when I In- pmp-
miiIiiii w n llrst advanced tochnug.'
frmii Akit tu Ashland. A liroroiiM
protest at that llnif would ii'ulialil v
llHf Ih'I'II till- ftlfltllsof klllMkillg lltlt
I In- Ashland iuliit iih a west mail dis
i riliuiur.
1 1 Im claimed t hut dv Aliland llif
mull for I hi- WfMl Im "tw i-nty four
hour Inter." How ihUran U- The
Cxiimlni r iIim-m not pri-tf nd to know.
Al any ralf lifi'i- Im thf proposition
jorwardrd by tin- poHtiuaMtfr at
Kfiio, K lama I Ii county , loilif p.isi
iiuiHli r ut l.akf if m :
Kl.Mi, Uivki.ii, Kept. I". l'.HIL1.
To Uk' lion. p. M.( I.ukfvlfW, On.
iron. I 'cur Mr: llow arf y our
piiiplc mi I Ulli'd wit 1 1 thf mail Hrrx In'
hIih f I lie i haiii' haM Ihi ii ma. If la
AmIiI.iihI liiHlrad of A'l-'.' H'c arc
not hiiI Mini a I all. Our mail Im a I unit
Jl huiii'H laliT, and uhfiithf chaiif
Im inadf lo winter liuif ill Im- Mill
la tf r. K h Fa I In Im not nal ImIIciI.
We nn laakln an effort to have thf
mail direct from Auvr. I would like
In lii'ar li'imi you, and to have you
eo operate w it h iih to ift the mall
lirii't froni the railroad Instead of
iroliiir around ly Anlilmd. I'lfanf
let me hear from you al y uiii eatileHl
.1. I.. I'aim;i:tt.
J'. M., ki'im. Or.
1'imt mahler Wilcox, when Inter
clewed, nal. I that tlif chaiijrf would
lieu I M'lii'lli' Im I one; that there wan
ureal fear that dutimr the winter
IIIOIltllH the Hcrvicc would In" till'
'tt iH'Mt Lakevlew Iiiim ever had, on ac
H'oiint nf the lilockadcM t hat areiiHiial
on I he AnIiIhiwI iiioiintaiu. He Niild
In all prolialiilil.v I here w ould In' iIu.vm
and (layn at a time when no mall
from the went would reach hakcvli'w.
For that n-iiMon, he Ik-IIcvcm t In
clianjri' hIiuiiIiI Ih made, and I lie
people of La kevlew Hhoiihl co-operate
with the patroiiH iiIoiik the route lie-.twet-ii
here and Klaniatli 1'alU In pe
titioning the Department to make
in all prolialilllty thechaiiKe wmilil
never have lieeit made from Akt to
AhIiIhikI wetv It not for Home Iiiih.v
roiiU ajrent who wanted to hIiow
the Department at WaHlilnut"" that
lie whh earning hln nalary, or for
Home other reiiHon poHnlhly of a
pecuniary nature.
tlllth Bred Canines.
I.oiiIh (lerlK!r of Urookvale Stock
Kami, laHt TlmiHilay forwardeil by
ta to AllH-rt Dent, Dan Malloy,
V. A. Kherlock, J. N. WatHon and
Win. Little, each a very tine Collie
pup. The pupH were Hired by Mr.
(Jerber'K Imported do "HaHial,"
dam "Kletch,"botli by prl.o wlnnern
at the hint Hi mi kennel hIiowh held
In California. TIii-ho iIojtk will be a
ureat iKiulxltloii to the Collie family
of Lake County.
Ma licen .Selected, Hut Not
Vet (liven Out to Public.
Tlif OrfKuiilaii li'lU of tin' recent
return to Portland nf MaJ..r I. D.
Klniif.v, lilff iikIiiiht nf tlif lircut
iiilial Itallriiail, friiin a t rip I u ( 'huh
May. lie spent two wifks on Coo
Day and at Host-burg. He aiiuoiiiic
fi I lint In Iiml M.'llli'il I In' route (,f
I lif I a iliuail In! iih I hum I '.ay ami
t hf Suiil In-rn I'arllli that It Would
prin t It-ally he I he route nf tin Coo
Day, linst-Imrg Lusti-rii, forming
I lif Jinii'l lun a t Host-hurir. I f Im plan
l til llllilll lll III till' pI'I'Mfllt Hi f
I hf I 'hum Itay. Kuwliin.' Eastern
at luil Ii ends, llii'ii buy tin Spreckcl
luad If It ran In had on reasonable
terms; If not, to parallel that road.
ThU ili lex a w ay with all iuHHililllty
that thf lua. I will m l it h.v way of
Drain or Lui-nc. ll U il 'lliiiw l.v
settled that It will unlii Host-burir.
Major Klinif.v iiln.i hroimht t Im
new m t hat thf Hooth-Kt-lly Luiuln-r
'niniaiiy had takfii iii Iim option for
I In- land grunt of t hf 4 n-gun ( 'ent rul
Military Waumi Itoad I 'oinpaii.v, a
di al Involving .'.hi,imhi. Thf lioot Il
ls i-lly Company did t hi on t he nssur
auif of Major Klnni-y that thf lirent
l iil ra I llailroad would go and that
It w ould afford adfipia lc t raiiHporta
tloii facilities fur the timber on thf
urn n I.
Another Important niinmiucemciit
wiih that Nelson r.i'iini'tl, tlif well-
I known coal rarlor, w ho built several
hundred iiiIIcm of t he Norl hern I'acitlc.
w ill iindertake to contract the lirent
Ce ut ral I'.allroad, and thf contract
fur that part iM-twera CmpIre City
ainl liuhfluiru w ill iM'formally aw aid
ed at the Iiml lili-cliiijr of thf lioard
of dii'fctoi'M to lie held III a day or to.
Tluil el retell of road Im to lie ready
f..r operation within ! uioiit Iih from
the date nf the contract. The Work
will lie dune through the iiiMtril
Hli'lilallly of I he 1 '.In pile 'mint ruct ii ill
Company in w hich Mr. I'.eniictt w ill
limine proinlueiit ly.
Several hiiIicoiiI ractn have already
been let. Helir. NcliUHtackeli, nf
Mailillili. will et nut the piling
for four milfHof Irenile. D. W. Small,
of Walla Walla. Ih already at work
on a contract for Krailln t he remain
In three mili'M Ik'Ihih'ii Umpire City
and MarMhlleld. He Iwim a doen
leaiiiM of IiIh ow n at work, and the
remainder of li Ik force he will hire
from amoiitf farmet-H of that locality.
C. i;. Cook Iiiim taken a Hiibcontract
for u radium from Myrtle 1'olnt to
ward KomcI mix, where Home heavy
ciiih are I o lie made. I le Iiiim 7 horwH
In Lunelle that wen1 Htarted for I he
new Work hint week.
All who are Inleii'Hted in IheCon
Ht ruct inn Company lurree not to ro
too heavily into the link of coiiHtruc
tion lu an Oregon Winter. The plan
in to net the work well organized
hIoiik t he line and proeoed cati-fully
with certain portlonn during the
Winter, and to have every thing ready
for crowding coiiHtructioii In the
1 told yon Home time ago that we
would begin active cotiHt ruct Ion
work on the railroad by Keptemlier
1," Hald Major Kinney. "Well, It wiih
September It when the work wan
act uall.v begun. That wiih not a bail
iiiImh, wan It?"
Chief Lnglneer Kinney hii.vh the
wharf at Lmpltv City Ih completed,
anil crew'H of workmen are buny on
the new towiiHlteof Imngor, anil on
the licit Line Hallway, He report h
a notable change In the Hentltnent of
Cooh Day people toward thetlreat
Central enterprlHe, who are now
warmly nupportlng where they form
erly were dlHtriiHtful.
The chief englniHT i'xpnHHeH great
regret that all the myrtle of Cooh
County ban bii'ii Htturetl by San
FrnnclHco people, who will take it to
the Hay City for manufacture. At
Myrtle Point he found men grubbing
out myrtle hUiiiiph for Hhlpment to
San Francisco, anil a Mr. Hall, who
represent the California people, told i
- V
' .'
v.. m
- ! r li
4mK h rr
In i. i ... . iU .V.'tL.- . U-i
Mm. Tbomtia F. .)'aju. wire of the inlllioiiulre mine ow ner of Denter,
Id nKtunUhliiK Pnrl with tli KorKi-oiiMiifHs of her entertainments. King
pold of itfluluiu r-'ontly Iih. I the WhIkIick nt IiIh uuuimer pal.nce.
hiuiiflUa Ion was pa id for thai wood. Dr. Steiner arrived home hint Fri
Mr. Kinney ha offered .-Ju,inh a an day. A f w wii-k ngo the Dr. made
inducement to have the wood maim- a hurried trip to San Francisco to
factured Into fiiriiiture on Coo Hay.
which offer hn Imvii taken under con-
On lii way out Major Kinney
spent t w o day in Hoeburg. There
lie sal.l to tiie M'ople that the dreat itarium at that place. His suffering
Central Kailroad would lie built. and was intense, and during hi illness lie
that Koscliurg would lie the point of lust twenty-live pounds in flesh. The
Its intersection with the Southern Dr. returns home almost completely
I'acitlc line. restored to health, and hi Iriend
, ' ,. .... 1 and patient are rejoicing.
in answer to the question. Ha
the route through the Cascade range Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge Whortou n
btrn determined upon?" Major Kin- turned home last Friday after enjoy
ney said! lug a six wtfk' visit at various Orc
kit has: ami while it Is no part of non and ashington point. Dur
oiir policy to show our hand at this iu their absence they visited Port-
time, I can state positively that a
route through the range ha been
decided upon."
"We are asking nothing of the ieo
ple of Douglas county except their
good will and in return we promise
them a rail outlet from tidewater at
Coose liny to Salt Lake City a soon
a it I possible to construct it."
"Do you care to state what rail
way Interest are associated in the
"Further than the fivct that promi
nent eastern railway men are inter
ested, ami that not one share of
stock I for sale, 1 cannot speak of
that matter,"
"Do your plan contemplate the
use of the Spreckel road?"
"If the road ran bepurchaed rea
onably, ye. If not we can set our
stake at Myrtle Point anil proceed
Independent of the old Hue."
"1 Infer from your statement that
tin locating engineer are on hand
ready for business?"
"They an. A locating force Is
now at work on the west end and
the corps now with me will com
mence from thl point. This force
will be augmented by un additional
t'orp from Portland. Seventy-live
head of horse have lieen purchased
at F.ugcne. ami the preliminary work
will be commenced at unco upon
their arrival ut Hoeburg."
The Fxatnlner doe not pretend to
be on the "Inside" with information
regarding the (ircat Central, but It
I a sate proposition to wager that it
will strike Lake County in the Silver
Lake section.
rvv l.ymJ ''j..; .7
14 .., y ri i .'Pf-if
'iy; 'J
V'-Wv'' '' 'v'l :i -flXit- l-
T- . JL "'f ' K -:
priM iirc treatment for blood-poison-1
ing. He had a very narrow escape!
(,, death. After a brii f time in a J
San Francisco hospital he went to!
Salem and bn nine a natient in a win-!
laud, Seattle, Republic end other
places and hud a thoroughly enjoy
able time. M iss Habe Combs, sister
of Mrs. Whorton, who lias made her
home at Hepublic for the past three
years, accompanied them home to
remain here during the winter.
A few wiH'ks ago The Examiner
understood J. ii, Willits to say that
his brother H. ll. Willit wasdend at
Seattle. The error, a very natural
one in the hurry and whirl of news
pajK'r life, crept into these column.
The Examiner I glad to state that
11. It Willits, who suffered a stroke
of paralysis, 1 In a fair way to re
cover. Judge WlllItM of Klamath
Fall went to Seattle last week to
remove hi brother to Klumath.
Jim Part In returned Saturday
evening from Summer Lake where he
ha Itccu assisting hi fatherThoma
Part in, and undo Jack Part In, to
round up horses. The two latter
started last Monday for Eugene with
a baud of young broken horse. The
animal are big, tine looking fellow,
and will be placet) on tmleat Eugene.
The Hanger Exchange, published at
Bangor, Coos county, is before us, a very
handsome paper, with a great write-up
of the resources of Lake County. The
Exchange gives Lake county this big
notice because this is one of the counties
through w hich the Great Central Rail
road is to pans.
Studley & Hurrl have purchased
the furniture stink and undertaking
buslues of S. H. Sublette & Co., anil
w ill remove their . tock Into the
brick building heretofore occupied by
the Sublette Co.
Fall Movement of Stock in the
Local riarket Some Bi; Sales
Made in Lake Courty.
Dlckn DroH. of Crooked Creek hint
wifk Hold l.'iO head of Inif cuttle to
C. Swanxtttti nf Sacrami-nto. The
cattle were delivered at the 70 ranch
in DrewM Valley.
Wilcox limn, of Hed Hluff. have
purcliiM-d the mutton of Mrn. With-ei-H
and Willhim Harvey, of Summer
Lake, and Arthur I'.roH., about l.VM)
in all.
LiiMt week the Olfiie Livi'MtiM-k Co.,
purchaHed if Louin lierlM-r and A. V.
f.jing II :j."iiK iieul of tine cwin and
lamiiM; thin band U coiiMidered the
flni'Mt wool Hhefp ever brought from
I 'rook county.
C. SwiiiiMton ha purchiiHei from
I . IH'H MIHI Jllll
! vi.' and iiforK- T
! vlll.-. :hh h.-a.; of im
I will M KlilpH'd fr.
Phil Lynch and Jim Turpiu of lake-
Turner of Cednr-
miitton. The nheep
mi Madeline to
Murameiito in u few davn. The
price paid were $:.: for yearling
j and three dollar for t wo-yenr-old.
i Heryfonl I'.ro. Mild their lieef out-
Itlit till veiip tu T.j.nt.1 i:..i-lt uti.l
'('. SwaiiHtou. The nale toik nlace
i hint wwk. and the tirnt drive wa
j iiuitie at once, delivery at Harne
i Valley. The stvond drive will 1m
made the latter end of Octoln-r, de
livery at Drew Valley.
Frank Ha uer Hold V head of fine
lieef cattle hint Monday to Loui
UerlMT of Lon lla.
S. V. Momh Hold WW head of mutton
sliei'p Monday to Imi Uerber to lje
delivered (K-t. 2lth.
McKlhinney, iH-nt. Malloy, Wat
hoii and Xorrin delivcnI 17.S0 head
of mutton nlncp, hint Satnnhvy, at
Dent Creek, to Louin lierlxT of Lor
ella. W. I). Duke, cattle buyer for Miller
& Lux, a in town last week, and
,,ft f,,r I'nMey tointeiviewthe Htock
grower of that locality.
Loui tierlier ami F. M. Miller left
town Monday for North Warner to
look after stin k mutter.
Loui (ierlM-r stnrted :d0 head of
luff cattle on the 14th Inst, from
Hrookvale stock farm for Montague,
for shipment to Sacramento.
Mr. Aitken, buyer for the Western
Meat Company, Sun Francisco, ha
purchased over luoo lieef cattle In
Klamath County from Joe Howard,
Siln Kilgore, F. Groh, t5. McDon
ald and other lu Langell Valley,
says the Klamath Republican. The
price wa 5 for cow ami t! for
C. Swnnst on started -laOt'nttle from
- -
the Hortoti ranch in Poe Valley, last
Wednesday to lie tdiipped to Sacru
mento. C E. Sherlock last Monday pur
chased all of J. L. Coleman' sheep,
.'1700 head. The purchase wa made
for I. D. Applegate of Klamath coun
ty. The bunch comprises 1700 ewes,
1200 lamb and 800 wethers. The
price paid was $;lfor ewe and weth
er and $2 for lamb.
Bought Ramboullets.
O'Xell & Vanderpool, the fine sheep
breeder of Crook county, who re
cently brought a big bunch of premier
buck to Lake County, have disposed
of a goodly uumlier to ltcal sheep
men who are anxious to improve the
breed of their wotd producers. Some
of the best of these bucks still remain
unsold and any sheepmen who want
some of these royal fellows should
see either O'Nell or Vanderpool with
out delay, liefore the baud is picked
over. The following sheepmen have
purchased Hainboulllet bucks from,
this band: Wm. Harvey, 1. 1). Apple
gate, W. A. Wllshire, W. J, Sherlock
and L. C. Meyer.
Miss Jessie Sands arrived lust week
from Astoria nnd on Monday entered
upon her duties as teacher in the sixth
and seventh grade department of the
Lakevlew public school. Miss Sands
comes well recommended asa teacher
of suierlor ability and 1 otherwise
highly accomplished.
. v.
i i
!3 i
u ,