Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 18, 1902, Image 5

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flWittonnl local
Mrs. Ida Walker, lauulilr of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Mwhmlc nf I .uitKt'll
Vulti'.V, died nil I ho "III lust, nucil HU
years. Ieceaxcd wiim married IumI
Win. Walker, wliu Iiiim Im-cii r ii li
nt 1 1 Znc Wlill wni l Ii'h hunch nf
deep fur a nu time, wumuu arrival
lietv law! Sunday. Znc returned
wild ! 1 tit to rump, having recovered
arllall,v from IiIm ludlspoHltlon.
If ' w hiiI Ji'Ai'lry fit your eve
on the Moimurniu wiiiilnvr dlplnv
tlitui K" In and buy. There aa mill
liitf ever ii-ii like llm;, imlaide of
Tin1 parly who Iiiim Imnmi stealing
chicken In I Ik1 Mouth tii of town
tdinuld Im can-fill tin next time he
km-m out on an expedition anl him
that IiIm Iih Im locked on the outside
of till' lll'll house ItiMtcnd of Inside.
John II. Itlalr w III Mtart next week
with IiIm daughter Dovle for J -tI !
ton. Mr. Itlalr will visit ohl friend
hihI alMo IiIm father who In yen cm haft
nluioMt reached the cent u ry mark.
MImm lllilr will attend mcIiooI at Pen
diet on.
Klrt i-Imhm Millinery Itu.ineo for al ;
grxxl trade t I l i n I 1 ; a kihhI opening
for Ih right party. Km-dirt her panic
Ilium empire nl The Kimllir officii.
IjlkeVlvM. .'tV4
J. I. (ill)Hou, who wnM sentenced
to the gallows at (JrautM PnsM, ami
to Is- executed tomorrow, ha Imi'H
grunted a stay by thcsuprviuc court. wax convicted nf murdering
John Nchotibntcher In Josephine
county, hint April.
The weather Iiiim taken pleasant
turn during tlx' past few days.
Kundny night It wiw 11 degnin cool
er than the night prwIoiiM, ami
Monday night ."I degree cooler than
Humlay. The mercury ran down to
4)1' Monday night.
DriiKKIxl I teal I i reducing lilN Hock
of Toilet Son pM by red. icing the price
on the article, lie unlet have risim lor
hid nen t-lot k of Koaim Mini ( making a
laughter on price
Itev. J. II. Stark of Paisley ami
Itev. I'epiMT of Ft. Hldwcll arrived
here Monday enrouto to tJrantn
I'iimm to attend the MethodlMt Con
ference which will oH-n on Kept. '-'.'Id.
Itev. Stark will lie accompanied on
the trip liy hln wife.
Mr. nioomlngcatnp, while doctor
ing the ni-ck of a horse at Klamath
FhIIm, hist week, wan badly burned
In the right eye and on the fare with
embolic acid that he was using on
the animal. The animal jumped and
tattered the fluid In IiIm face.
Murk Mutfrave, the hot fpring bath
hoii-e iiiuii. In now running it aiignn to
Hiid from ihe upringa every iluv. Satur
day mid Sunday 10 n. t '"' - !' "
Week dii.VH, any tune. tl
Itev. C. M. Smyllie of Kakeview left
hist Tuesday for (iriiuts Pass where
he will attend MethodlMt Conference,
lie went an far as Klamath Falls
with lienlgc S. Nickcrsnll. Mr.
NIcketHon w ill ret urn in about a week
with his family to reside pcininiieiitl.v
In l.nkevlew.
Waldo Taylof.hlicphid.lirlck maker,
haymaker, amateur photographer
M ii, I printer Iiiim none to I'iiImIc.v to
work on the Chewaucau Pont. Tay
lor haM llnlHlied up Home excellent
photo vlewH taken hy IiIm camera on
Deep Cnvk. lie of the leep Creek
fallM Im very pretty.
Y. ever know wluit lii'uilrtii.i in
vim woiiteliiov H Hiiioku Ht nil; yl
miiii.Iv i'hii'i iet the Hweet iii'oinH ol H
ciniir'unlil you hex in ucinii the foinoiih
HclllH'lltH, 111 lloiei l.HKe ie i.iw. ..t vi
Mack" Kinliody, a yoiinjr nentle
mail who liaMliecll Ht a tinned In Lake
..I.... f..i. il luiMt few montliM iim a
ivinvMeutatlve of a llmlter company
and w ho made many friends during
IiIm Hta.v, Iff t for hlMhoinelu rorlland
'I'lieMdiiv niornliitf. SucceHM to you,
li man; i aaln.
A W. Charlton. w hohnMlieen away
from Lnkcvlew for a lontf tl"'"'. "
laHt Sunday. Mr. haiiioti
nit to the ralirniKi
irlvlinr hIico'I
fnr.l. M. ThompMoii. The latter Iiiim
houRht iuid driven out four l.andM
. i ...Loi'fiunt v ihlMKcaHon, and 1m
now after IiIm fifth hand.
u. ..,..,.! of thP NorthwcBtorn
h..,u.i,nu 1'nllllilied I'V HUl'B
?.,n.... . ..I Al noiH. l.uvo heel
Vf,m. " , ..f ; iMirilmtion. U
the nrico.
n'lw, team of Klnier Held of New
PlnoCre.'k took a lively npin down
..rr a venue hint TueHiIay, tok
down a portion of the county fenc.
. l.. i ...... mi Iv lit
tried to tear HHiiane M -e i- .v
f d themKelvcH from tlw
wiiKo'n, anl wert finally capt ured at
I.ano'H. DatnaK't' nominal
Ureal forcHl llreM, fanned ly a
Htroiix north wind, are HpreadliiK
with ilauKeroiiM rapidity tieart Ireuou
City. Fine trai tM of Ilinliernrchcii
liiirnt over, and In KaMtern Mult
tiomali farm Iioiimcm have lieeu den
truyed. In Tillamook County tln'M
are alno iloltitf threat 'li mo U' totlln WoMlcM'k A Son, Mm kiiiitli toe I
WNifohmnkerii, I.nkeview, r well pre
I mi t I'd to do nil work fn their Iiiim on
liorl notice, mid will k nuraiitiw their
work. Shop Jimt north of Jturry ' liveiy
ntulile. 10 1 in
Mrn. II. C. Owciim, who han Imm-ii
here for Home time vImIIIiimT with her
ilitnichlerM Mrn. CIiiim. LoveleMM and
MrM. JatucM Huff, Htarted Monday
for Ntidy, KaiiMiiM, where nhe will n
Hldeln thefiiture. The KxatulnerJoluM
with many friendM In Kakevlew In
w ImIiIihc MrM. Owciim a pleiiMimt Jour
ney. A letter to The I'.xainliier from Mr
Meade of the Southern Stork Com
pany atinouneeM t hat It will Im linpim
Mlhle for IiIm company to keep Hm date
In Iakevlew fur t IiIm week. The com
pany have Kone from KtiKlcvllle
acroMH the country to IttiniH in order
to reiu h that place In time for the
Harney County fair.
WANTKD5 VtlUMi MF.K from Ukn
t'oiiiity l oucn to preimre for I'omtiot
in tlm tioveriiiueul Service Kmlwuy
Mail Clerk, Unter Carrier, Cimloui
HoiiMe and IVpartinental Clerk, etc.
Apnly to Inter-f'lale Corre. J tint . . Od
ar itapiil, la. 2 mo,
W. l'.tJrohleft forthe rnllroiul laat
Wedni'Milay with a load of billiard
and pool lahlcH formerly uwd In the
Dunlap billiard hall. The kooiIm
will Im taken to rhM-nlx. Mr. tirob
will vlxlt at AHhtand with IiIm wife
for a Mhort time, and then return
here. Mrn. tirob Htartn for LomAiik
1cm In abntit two wcckM,
Mall and piiMMetiKerM by the South
ern rottte now k throuKb to Mude
llne without aMtop over. San Fran
cImco iMn'iwhedliNhourMfroin like
vlew. Mr. Jtarker, the now contnu u
or, kIvcm kooiI accoinmodat Ion 1m--twetu
here and Alturiw. Thet haiiK"'
will make a bltf difference In travel
on the Southern, an travelerM do not
like the Htop over.
Jacknon Sonare 1 nno of the famous
localiliea of Sew York. The "Jackuou
Hipiaie" in 1-akevie I one nf the lam-
nickel ciMr iMiiu exciu-iviy iy aiii-
atroui lima. Tin tirin bibo liaa exclii
ivu vale ot the fruxrant "liiMlructora ;"
alo came the. ever himoua IWIinoiit. 3ui
Klauia t li FallM public Mc hool ojM!ued
SeptctnUTNth with M puplU enroll
ed, l'rof. J. It. tJeddeM of Mill City
Iiiim charge of the hlu'i "cliuul; Kllza
U'th M.tiill of lowa Ih the aMHlHtaut
principal, havhiK charni' of the Hlxtli
ami wventh Kraden; Minerva I..
Call of 1'ortland, fourth and fifth
Ki-adeM;MrM. K. V. CokkmwcII of Klaui-
th FallM, llrnt Hccoml and
The Kxatnlner U In nveipt of a
cry iiaii'iMoine invnaiioii io nueun
the npenlntf nf the new mercantile
limine nf K. I.auer & Soiim, AltimiM.
1'iiIm tl r i it haM probably the tliu'ht
modern cMtabllHhment of any hiiihII
town on the raiilic Co.imI. The
uterprlHc and thrift of F. I.auer &
Siiiim Im cnmmeniiaiiie. i ue i.xaui-
luef wTmIich the llrtii enntiuued and
unbnuudcil HUCCCHM.
I'he I'n luce (tieori-e A Kent'x place) is
hecoiiiiuu the blinker' emporium. The
excellclll luilliiU of clirui I'lirrieil there
are the 'Heliiioiit," the "Koherl Milli
ter." and a new ciirar niadu for the ex-
iihivc trade ol the Palace, the "'Key
Weal Quartctt." TIuhhuii cxira line
article. -'-
A u-entletnan from AlturaM arrived
In Kan-view hint Sunday and repor
ted a well-developed ciihc of hinall-
iox at that place. IniiHinucli iim the
vn m-iiM ' nlni ealer wiim hucii a
. ... .......... ..I....
warm aovocaie oi pnueviuoi
aiiiMt Minall-pox Home inontliMao
while Kakeview w rent led with l lie
pi'oblein of HtampliiK it nut, it miht
be well for the Knke County Court
to eHtabllHh quarantine lneaMUteM
auaiiiKt the AlturaM article, i ome, ,
h mnoke tluw Modoc people
people of Kakeview p'nerally re
fused their acciiMtoined last Sunday
luncheon, having appeiiMed their np
petltleM with nreat huukM of Wentem
)ri'Kn and Cascade stnoke. They
cut It with a knife and lunched where
ever they pleased and when they
didn't please. Kake County Im now
lllled with the heaviest foK-of siuoue
that the oldest Inhabitant can call to
mind. The rumor
Irvln Ayre.
II. C. Whltworth.
Qeo. M. Ay re.
Cure the Scab
Dip your Sheep with the famou5
Recommended by the Government
Manufactured by
Ayres, Whitworth A"FKES
Pierce Combs BaiJIy Hurt.
Kant Thurnilay rieree Comlm met
with an accident In the vicinity of
Honey Creek that came near prov
ing fatal In fact may yet cauHe IiIh
death. He Ih very badly Injured.
It Im not yet definitely known Junt
how the accident occurred, an the
victim ha not Hufnelently recovered
to Rive an account of It, but Mr.
CoinbH wan driving IiIm team on the
road near Honey Creek and It In pre- )fj.
Htinied one of the linen broke. Mr.
Lluebnncer of Warner, who wlth,
Win. lleneflel came on the cencj
Just after the in-currcnce, Informn
The Examiner that a broken
part of the line wan found lying near '
the Injured man, atid the track I
nhowed that the team hail turned
the watron In a npace ot about eluht !
fe't. CombH w iim found by the road-,
Hide In a pool of blood. Ol. Jacobn
and Arthur Price came up about the
name time the two other men did,
,,,lr,, and they lifted the Injured man Into
' a Hiirlnir wairon and Jacobs and
Price brought lilm to town. The
team ran Into a bunch of willows
near by and wiim caught. Fpon
reaching Kakeview, a physician was
called and found Comlm to lie In a
ilaiwrous condition. The'Kxam
Iner leartm that he Is terribly injured
about the head and also Internally.
A few days iio It was dlscoven-d
that one lew from the hip down was
frlu-ltt fully bruised. It Is not yet
known how badly the man Is hurt,
but he Is In a precarious condition.
K T5T7AT T TM3T in. CTHDC &m?
LEE BEALL, Proprietor
We have constantly on band a Fine and Complete Stock
of Drugs, Chemicals, Perfumeries, Toilet Articles, Fancy
Notions, Cigars, Etc., Etc.
4- Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
The Nevada, California and Dretjon
railway company has paid the judjre
ment nf A. J. Taylor, ninountinj; to
flii,.V.HI. Taylor claimed damne
In an in cident sustained while he was
an engineer on the road.
!P3E & CO. W)
Pp w m
-W Tiiillll ' 1
Kakeview luintern out after bl
game was responsible for the smoke
Im unfounded.
" Kl Cotnan lunte 1" Who is it wlmt
U it? bwemof a gnod amoke will never
HHk that quewtien, for they know. "Kl
tloniundaiite" ia the pure weed that haa
1 nuuiries have Uv received In Port
land as to the whereabout of F.dgar
C. Stickle, W ho left tSood Hope, 111.,
In April. liMtl. His brother C. W.
Stickle oftluthrie, Okla. is the search
er. Can it tie K. C. Stickle of Paisley
who Ih wanted? Una a fortune Iwen
left him? If so K. C. would doubt
less not object to being the long-lost
is directed to the tJ. A. H. Convention
to he held in WuHhiin-Mon, 0- C. Octob.
er lilli to 11th incliihive, l(K)2. We cim
noli you tickets at rates which make
(ininjr to the Convention cheaper than
Htayintt at home, and we make enough
out of it so that we are not "on the
countv." Ticket fold only on Septeni
Iter 2Mh nnd 30th
For particnlurH iim to rates, accomo
dation!! turnover, time limit, etc. etc.,
that a party of call on or aditreaa,
J. Bernard
Over In in,
Hardware, Stoves,
And Tinware
Farm Implements,
Wagons and Vehicles.
II. H.Thumiu'1,1..
loniiiiercirtl At. HI. Central
142 Third Street Portland, Oregon
Take Notice.
All iiersonB knowing themaelves
ntited to the underHiirned are reoueHted
made Pout & King's cigar department to call at my place ol bUBinc and aet
funitniH. Aak once for an "Kl Coman-, tie the aanie hy Oct. IhI, aa I am pre-
datite" and you will call for it always.
On sale only at Post & King's, Kake-
imrinu to no out of hliHineHa.
37 2 M. W. J. Bakrv,
Lakeviow, Sept. 18, 1902.
Lakeview, Oregon, July 10, 1902
Dear Friends.
We have been so busy the last
two weeks that we havn't had time to write you,
nevertheless we will try and supply your
wants. We have had over 47,000 lbs of
freight arrive in the last two weeks and more
coming. We expect to hear of the shipment
of our, Wagons and Buggies at any time.
Would invite you to call and see them when
they arrive. we have thirty Cook Stoves and
ranges in this lot of freight. We can fur
nish you Stoves ranging in price from $13.50
to $75.00. Call and see us.
Reep. yours,