Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 20, 1902, Image 6

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Officers all Present to Transact
Business at the March Term.
(I'ostintkh Khom Last Wkfk t
In the matter of the pvtilion of M.
Currier fur a liivn-o to fell apirituoua,
matt antl vinous Ii jnors in i'inntiti'
1ot! ihan " gallon ' Chowaucan
l'rwinrt :
Thi matter coniitur on to be heard,
upon motion o( I.. V. Conn, attorney for
M. C. Currier, for a lireiiM' to ine to
Mil! M. C Currier, ami the petition of
W. 11. Tucker aid aixty-aeveii others
having been duly filed herein, ami due
ami mUioient proof of publication of
Mid petition and notice of application j
for a licence, together with tlie County j
Treasure! 't receipt for two hundred dol
lars having been heretofore duly tiled
herein, and his, the paid, M. C. Cur
rier's liond with C. Henltle and li.
Schlajtel a sureties, having U-en duly i
..I M.. I 1 ........ ...l u...l !..
' I
I......'.,.. ......ui.l.iril til.. Miami.
LiVUIl liaWllft. mil. n-iirni. m .... ...... v ,
anil tiuuing mat sani pennon commns
the names of a majority of the legal vo- (
ters of said precinct, and equal in mini- j
her to a majority of all votes cast in!
such precinct at the last p recced in it gen
eral electio", a: d tlie Court being fully i
advised in the premises;
It is therefore ordered that a license
be, and the Clerk of t li it Court is here
by ordered and directed to issue a li
cense to the said M. C. Currier to sell
spirituous, malt and vinuous liquors in
quantities less than one gallon at Paisley ,
in Chewaucan Precinct, Lake County,
Oregon, for a period of fix months from
Mar.h 9, 1902.
It is resolved: For the purpose of
constructing and maintaining a tele
phone line between Ashland, Oregon
and Lakeview, Oregon, and other points,
the right is granted to H. V. Gates and
his assigns, to conduct a telephone and
telegraph business in Lake County, Or
egon, and to place and maintain on the
public highways of said Lake County in
such manner and position as to not hin
der, delay or obstruct in any manner
the free use by the traveling public of
said highways, poles, wires and other
appliances for the transmission of
electricity for telephone and telegraph
purposes; provided that construction
must lgin on or before June 1st, l'.JOS,
otherwise this right shall be null and
It appearing to the Court that a
number of the Judges and Clerks of the
Election Board who were appointed
such, at the January term, have re
jected such appointments, which are
now on file in the Clerk's office, and
this being the time f)r filing in the va
cancies caused by spid rejections; It is
therefore ordered that the following be
and they are hereby appointed res
pect ively Judges and Clerks of election
for Lake County, to serve for the term
of two years, to wit :
North Warner Precinct, No. 5, G. W.
Wise, Cleik, K. E. Bond, Clerk, Js.
McKee, Clerk.
South Lakeview Precinct No. 7, E. II.
Lofftus, Judge; W. K. Steele, Clerk.
North Lakeview Precinct No. 8,
George F. Miller, Judge. J. N. Fitz
gerald, Judge; C. E. Moore, Clerk.
Cogswell Creek Precinct No. 11, A. M.
Meats 300 lbs.
Milk 240 qts.
Putter 100 lbs.
I 27 doz.
c.iLles 500 lbs.
This represents a fait ration for one
man for one year.
But some people eat and eat
and yet grow thinner. This
means a defective digestion
and unsuitable food. To the
notice of such persons we pre
sent Scott's Emulsion, famous
for its tissue building. Your
physician can tell you how it
does it.
We ll n-nd you Utile to try If you lika.
fcCUTT oi liOWNt, 4"9 Vcvl HrtM, New York.
Smith, Clerk.
Court adjourned until tomorrow,
March 7, I'.HtS, at 10 o'clock a. m.
l.AKRVIKW, OHKOOS, March 7, 1W2.
Court convened iurmiant lo ad
journment, mine cthYera present, when
the following proceeding were had, to
w it :
In the mutter of the petition of law
son A MclV'tiald, for a lirenae to sell
spirituous, malt and vinous lienor in
tjuan ities lea than one nation in Chc
waucan l'recjncl :
This matter coming on to the In ad,
upon motion of K. M. llrattain (or a li
cense to issue to said lawson M
IVinald. and the petition of O. liaylord
and forty-six others having In-eti duly
tiled herein, and due and sutlicicnt
proof of publicHtton of said petition and
notice of application for a license, to
gether with tlie County Treasurer's re
ceipt for two hundred dollars having
bi-en heretofore duly tiled herein, and
theirs, the said Paw son A MclVuuild'it
bond with tieorkie Whortoii and Kent
Smith as surilies' having leeii executed,
tiled and approved, and the i oiirt hav
. , I t I
ilia dti v considered the same, ami
dtilv considered the same,
finding that said (H'titiou contains the
names of a majority of the legal voters
of said precinct and equal in iiuiiiUt to
i a major it v of all votes cast in such pre
cinct ut the last preceding general
j election, and tlie Court being fully ad-
1 vised in the premises;
It is therefore ordered that a license
le and the Clerk of the Court is hereby
ordered and directed to issue a li- ense
to the said Paw son A McDonald to sell
spirituous, malt and vinous liquors in
quantities less ttian one gallon at ais
ley, in Chewaucan precinct, l.ake
county, Oregon, for a period of six mou
ths from March 7, 1902.
Be it ordered by the Honorable
County court of the County of I.ake,
Ptate of Oregon, now in regular session
assembled, that permission be and is
hereby granted to J. A. Anthony of the
eaid County and Mate, his associates
and assigns, to construct, operate and
maintain a line for the transmission of
electrical currents and electrical power
within the corporate limits of said
County, from the State line at New
Pine Creek, Oregon, to the city of Ijtke
view, taid County and State; ami to
use the public roads, highways and
bridges in such manner and position as
not to hinder, delay, or obstruct in any
way whatsoever, the free use by the
traveling public of said highways for
the purpose of placing, constructing,
laying, taking up, erecting and repair
ing poles, posts and wire, and other
structures, appliances and devices need
ful and requisite for the supplying, con
ducting and transmitting said electric
ity, electrical currents, and electrical
power for any and all purposes of w hat
soever nature in and between said ter
minal ointv.
The work is to commence on said
line on or before the first day of May,
1902, otherw ise this right shall be null
and void.
Ordered by tlie Court that warrants
be drawn upon the Treasurer In pay
ment of the following allowed claim, to
wit :
Kuth Penland, care Paupers Hart and
Watson S.r,.50.
It is ordered by the Court that the
following polling places be and the
game are hereby designated as the poll
ing places in the respective pre
cincts of Lake County, Oregon, as fol
lows, to wit :
Silver Lake Pricinct No 1 school
Summer Lake Precinct No 2. . . .school
Paisley Precinct No 3 school home
Crooked Creek Precinct No 4 ... . school
North Warner Precinct No 5 school
South Warner Precinct No C school
house, Warner Lake
South Lakeview Precinct No 7
Sheriff's Office, Court House
North Warner Precinct No 8
Barry Hall
Drewa Valley Precinct No 0 school
Goose Lake Precinct No 10 I'nioii
School House
Cogswell Creek Precinct No It
Cogawell Creek school house
Thomas Creek Precinct No 12
school house
Court adjourned until tomorrow,
March 8, UXrJ, at 10 o'clock a. m.
I.akkvikw, Oitku.iv, March S, !H2
Court convened p"rsu.nt to adjourn
ment, same ollicern present, when the
following procccdon; were 1 1 I , to wit:
Ordered by tlie Court that warrants
he draw 11 Upon the Treasurer in pay
ment of the following allownl claims, In
wit :
Lev Ileal I, drugs and nnUe acct. small
pox quarantine $17 00
Paly it Hall drug and mdsu. acct.
smallpox quarantine 11 It'.'
T. V. Hall, M. P. med. asist. acct.
smallpox quarantine -T 00
A. A. Withain med. asist. act. small
hix quarantine . . . 9M (Ml
Virgil Conn indc. acct. small pox quar
antine 7 Sit
tieo. Conn mdo. acct. smallpox quar
antine . . 1 1 S.'
J. C. Hanau w-imhI acet. smallpox tpiar.
antine -I 'hi
J. P. I'arra wo.d account smallpox
Continued 011 page 7.
A fC Vi-'.v!
fc'1 . j V-.'.iCl
Athrni. Tnnn., Jul. ST, ll.
Her mine tho flrt pp.rmnc of mr
mrnm they ro very lrrr.(ulr and I
iiOnrrd with rrt pain la my hlr,
bftek, toniKih ami lir, with tornfUo
brwrlnff down paina In the atxlotnen.
During the pant month 1 hare txa
taking Wine ut t'ardul and Tbedfunl's
Hlai-k-prautiM, and I paad ths month
ly poriinl wlLhuut pain lor the flrat time
In jrcara. Naxxin Daria.
What Is Ufa worth to a woman suffer
Ing lika Ninnla Davis suffered? Yet
there are women In thousands of homes
to-day who are bearing those terrible
menstrual pains in silence. If you are
one ot these we want to say that this
will bring you permanent relief. Con
sole yourself with the knowledge that
1,000,000 women have been completely
cured by Wine of Cardul. These wom
en suffered from leucorrhoea, Irregular
menses, headache, backache, and
bearing down pains. Wine of Cardul
will stop all these aches and pains
lor you. Purchase a 11.00 bottle of
Wine of Cardul to-day and take it In
the privacy of your home.
For adTli-r and ltlnMar,at'1rM.1vlnff ymp
ti'iiit, "Itw. Indira' Ailvitory l.-arliiiral,"
1I t.'hatuauoga lJlulna Cv. t'liatlauvotfa.
nllre or Krlllenif at or Inal Aeeount
In thi' t'nnnty (.'oiirt of tin Hiatu ot fln-voii, '
for tin! County i ' l.ak. . In tin-inalli r nl tin-:
eataln ot II arrn-tl iVain- a li-i i-aw d, I
T WHOM IT i nSCKKN: Nntli-i' la
lit-rt-liy Kivi-ri t Iim - tl iiiiil.-raiKnd. Aduiinla
trator nf the ! i.i Harrli-tt Ua.n-ra.
ili i i-K.'-'l, liaa till .: I . I ImhI An nun: aa
Ad mlnlHlrator of aa -I !h ' . In . In citl.ei.' of tin
CoiMiiy ( li-rk df Ink - l' inly, Ori-K1 n, ami
Mond v, Afill 7lh. lUiti,
at 10 o'l.'lui'k i. tr). nf tl.l dav at the rutin
ty JudKv'a ntl in iuh tUiunly Court llniiai-, In
tin-town of i.n t-vli-w, Ijilo; t'liunty, On-iioii,
iiHH ln-ru u.iorn-il and tlx.-d by lion, t haa. '
Toiiuiiikai ii. .l-tii," ot aaid ( inirl, aa tlm
tune and f.l h-for li"Hrinif ohii-ctlona to
aald Filial At.n iiit, If any there in-, ami fur
the t-ttli-ineiit iiii-ri-nf.
btttfil til la nth day of Marc h, A. I). V"2.
AdminUtrator nf the t-aiale of Harriet Wattera,
dect-aaed. u.arW IU :
AdmlnlNtralor'a Siollr-a,
In the inatter.df thu eatate of Alfred Mellow
ell. deeeaaed.
NOTII K la hereby given, that the umli-ralgn-ed
haa been, hy an order of the County Court
of Lake County, Onuoli, made and entered on
the iHlh day of February, lWlK, duly aimliiti-ilaa
Adiulnlatralor of the eatate of Alfred MuUowall,
All pi-raona indebted to aald eatate are here
by requeated to nettle aueli itidebledneu wilh
the Adinlnlatratiir at onee, and thoae havliiK
clalma aualuat aald eatau- willnreaent theaainn,
duly verilla.1, the proper voueiiera, to the un
deralKried, at tier reaidenee, near Fluah, Lake
County, Oreioti, within aiz inontha from the
date of the II mt imblii-atloii of Una notice.
Llated Mareb IS, Mil. 10
Adrnlniatrator of the eatate of Alfred McDow
ell, deeeaaed.
United Htatea Land Offlee,
Lakeview, Or.-Knn, Mch II, IUU2.
Notlne la hereby given that In compliance
with the provialona of the ai t of Couareaaof
June a, ln7H, cntilled "An act for the aale of
timber lamia ill the Htatea of California, Ore
koii, Nevada and Waahlmdoti territory," a ex
tended 10 ell the Fubllo Land ritelea by act of
AuKuat 4. lieorge Conn, of FaUley,
oiuiity of Lake. Htate of Oregon, haa th la day
tiled lu thla office hl aworn ataUment No. M,
for the purchaae of the SK'i Heo. 10 and H'i
NW'Wec. 11 In T No. 34 H, KariKu No. 17 K,
and will offer proof to allow that the land
aoiiKht la riiorti valuable for Ita timber or alone
than for agricultural puriioaea, and to eatahllab
hia Hal in to aald laud before the Keglattr and
Keceivcrof tliia ohV.e at Lakeview, Oregon, on
Tueaday, the Jill Ii day of May, i'.M. He uainea
aa witueaM-a: Albert A, Farrow, K. W. Farrow,
hlehard L.hherloi-k, John W. Iteneliel allot I'aia
ley, Or. Any and all pcraona claiming adverai"
ly the above deacrilied lamia are reiiieaie(f .J
tile lli-ir rl h I ma In Ihla ottlvu on or before anld
2ntli iluv of May, VMl. K. il. Hka itain,
limrLl-lU IteirU'er.
1: s
The above portrait i that vf
Countess Mojjclstud, of Chica
go, III., whoe gratitude for the
benefit received from the ue of
Dr. Mile' Nervine prompted
In r to nuke t hi statement:
It aff"rc! mr prrst plra.ufr In mi l
in r tr.l-iii.iv to 1! ir- r. r 1 1. t
11. T U of i r M Vi' "yi .
1 1 p.t--t So ".: 1 .1 -nNt
.-. Ihr e-itin. i-..
t.iti-1 l.rrvri I :., it- r
I nrv 1 1 tit. I. ! " ii .1 I .- '
ot it III IV i- -ii 1 ." . .' .'AN v .,
I 1 11. lot S.
1 tin.: it
t'.r mi-
r. u In. nic
wiip:q Mervinc
is . nrrvr r .1: i-." ;i:i!
bi::'.!t r t' r .t:-.rts ri '
ktorit: Iic.ii.'i iiiMiiri!
t r ril Iru.
:r: r.j.
he in
.i : i.
' ;i-ic-
Cr. r.
-I, tnd.
Site Warlrokt,
A local contractor had a faithful
M.lriian working for him for arvrral
yrara. A few wrrka ago the employe
announced hia tntrntion to pay a mt
to a brother in thr writ. He to he
gone a month, arid the contractor, be
ing a good-natured fellow, pnrrhsunt
a nalie for "Tim." Tlie night "1 nu"
wa to luit the eallae wat presented to
him with a few kind worde. Tim"
looked rather surprised for a moment
and then aaked:
"And what am I to do with thot?"
"Why, jjt your clothe in It when
you go away," aniwered the bote.
"Put me clothe In. la it?" said Tim."
"And what the dieil'll Ot wear If I put
me clothe In thot?"
Explanation were considered tin
Decenary. Aitiany Jo ureal.
cxuK run
Ely's Cream Balm
Eaay and plcaasnt to
as". Ciiuna uo in
)irlHi drug.
It la ((til' kiy alanrti1.
l.ivn Iteilrf at om e.
It M-na and I iim
lite rtMai t -aaa',
Ailiva lnllaninialiiiri.
Iloal and I'roteria the Membrane. Kt-aturra the
tM-naee ut Taate and binell. 1-arne v. "-nta at
Dmniflita or he mall; Trial Hi, lOrmla lr mall.
li.LV BUO'i'UKlia, S4 Warreu bUect, oT . urk.
a.li4 BO YEARS
Trade Marks
'fffftl Copyrights Ac.
w w - a kr w ri aaa" n l av aa we
Anyon wmfllnff a ikstrh and dwTlnllon insy
qnlrhlf M'riiii our onnlou fr whuthwr u
lotitatrictly tnfl(1ntinJ. Ilauirttxifilum rtii
wnt fre. Oldasl turvnt'f fur wunnK utasiii.
I'atni Uiito tnrouifb Muun Co. roi'
iptvtai notice without chre, lu tb
Scietitific Jlmcrlcan.
a fiandantnalv ItlnafpaJad waa.klv. fjiraeat 11 f-
r. i .is rare i 1-1
1. 'i rrnii, $3
J TltSWBilMlttl
culaUnn of any anlanUOe Journal. Term a. i a
ymar : four niontoa, IL Hold by all nxwadaalera.
I taiBreadwar.
New York
luaiou, 1, C
Willi A WW, lawn
Uraacb Offloe. OS F Bt, Waablualuu,
lAli lM4Mr
t'nlli d Htatea '.and Oftlre at lakeview, Ore
gon. February 2fi, lUtr;. Notice it hereby given
that the following-named auttler haa filed mi
lieu of hi Intention to make final proof In
aupport of Ilia claim, and that aald nrnol w ill be
rnaile before the heglaler and Ki reiver at
lakeview, Oregon, on April i, rt, viz:
Michael Murphy, U.K. 2142 for the Iota 1, 2, 8
ti 4, Hit. 21, T. 41 H., K. 42 K... W. M. He namea
tlie following wltneaaea to prove hia contlmi
oua reaidenee UmiI1 and cultivation of aald
land, vli: Al. Adaina, Tliomaa Hoott, Charlia
lliKlgeaand Al. U la, all of Mi ln riiiltt, Neva
da. I.-I-27B K. M. BKATTA1N, Heglaler.
United Htati-a I a ml ofrice,
Ijikevlew, Oregoii, Feb. 12, 1MI2.
Nrtlce la hereby given that (Inrdou W.
fiarrett haa filed nullce of Intention in make
final proof before the Keglkter and iti ci lver, at
lila olhce In Lakeview, Oregon, on Friday the
2lh day of March, 1U2, on timber culture p-
rlination No. 1186, for the NK quarter of aee
lou No 12, in Townahlp No. 40 H., llaiige No. 1H
K. tie namea aa wltneaaea: L. I. Kohlnanli,
B.C. Arthur, Warren (lonteii, of Lakeview,
Oregon, and O. K. Charlton of New I'ine
Creak, Oregon. J. M. BHATTAIN.
feb20-7 Keglati-r.
United Htatea l-aud Office, lakeview, Oregon,
Jan. 24, lUri. Notice la hereby given that the
following named aetller haa filed notice of
her intention to make final proof In aiipport of
hie claim, aud that aald prool will be made be
fore the Heglaler and Receiver al Lakeview,
Oregon, on March U. I WW, vie: Ida 1'heraou.
widow of William I'heraon, deeeaaed, II. K,
2174, for the WU NW Hi-c. 6 T. 4U rl., H. 19 F...
HiOi Nk'; and Lot 1 Hec. I T. 40 H., K. IN K. He
naiiii-a the following wltneaaea to prove lila
conliiitloiia reaidenee upon and cullivalioti of
khiiI Intnl. via: w . k. iiernurii, ira jvioainer
Maraliall Flaher, ilaacoiub Flaher, all of Lake,
view, Oregon.
jau:Ki-4 K. M. Hkattain, Heglaler.
ii. v.. I., nrnw ii, si. i.
1'bialrUn MHtl wrrtti
l.nkevlrw. r.
(itniK ILaMa I'iuk si'ff IIU n...iW da er togui
K. II. MfllTII l l
riijateUta anil ti
lahnlra. Or.
OttMl Ukr.r ifu( u'a hi. r
till O ' III Mil Ml XT
I ahrtlrw, lirecaw
HUH l I'.l, Ii. HI. tint
I. -
.SIInriK') hi Ihh
I aki-tlra. (trrgew
Oi l M l tNlll llll.llllk-
Altai nr) ul l aa
Ijikrtli-w , lie
o I II K liint.lliia-
Slleriirj .m law .
I.akrl-M , Or
oKllfK I'al) lluC.llt.f
I . i s n trim
llarir) -nl -1 mm
IjiiiiI Slnllri-a Mrrlall
Ml Hi K !.( rll llullilliin
uirtAftafM nr eiir ui n niri'.n'''"
nuuuniii vi nu nuniu i amp n
Mi'i'li mi Hit- 1 and i h .-Iih .ly ..I
-a li i.nilh In Umi.iiIi HmII ai a . ni
l.aax Han it, i omul i . . n, iu a u r.
K. N . Jini hoi, h ra
;-"- a
nights ul I' ,v'
litMixK I.AKK l.ln,K i', ,,.n
rn ry 1ur..a ri.iili,,. n i l I,
v Hall. Illrllia, Or.-. Vi'lUlif Klilchta
..if hall v In. in . "
v M. in. ui... i hanrrlli.r i r
s) f. HtNiAMr.ai4. a i.l It. ami a. K
V '
V I f vv . ....
Siitai-rit4-ra in 'lli. riatnlii'-r a ho n h.hiti
fr.nii oii ln-ailiy l.i aiinil,.r, ir i liany.-
Ilo-lr Halr?lr. addri a all. Mild r-III.-Ill In-f to
1 ril I Ii la i.ftlrr a rard a.i I h.-lr iaw-r ran r ad
drt-aa.-d to tin- ritflit .Aaii.rni-.-
TUIC DA DTD kri'' "" nlr ' ''' "
IlllO rMrLfl l-l-. n n - n v r. an la-
Ni-r liatna' I k . li a ii if .-. i-aii Kraliiia..!, t al . coiilra. i. lur adM-rualiiK .an In-madi
lor It.
tell S Hilt, lira
lamoc Rarru "r1"'" Haiin rurs in
JOlllCd DdlfJ ri,t rt, ,.r ran; r. t.r.r
fur W'-ttu-ra. Ki.iiie ,-. a f-ijiian- t top and fcll
In ntilit ar. tar liraml til. l!i'K-. (ran.,
l.ak I'l.aloftli-f aililr. aa, lakt-t li-w . ( ir. auit.
Zac Whitwonh
II ratio I llh Iful. ntl Irll
ar. Half t'intrrfrnf (iff
rlKht fur rw.-a; rrra. fur ao-ihi-ra Tar Hran
W Kanit". H.ti 1 r.-. k l ...l..rtii r- addri aa.
taki-yli-M . nr.-iriiii.
To lake cffii-t Siiinhiv, May
No. 1 No. i
e.ift a. m. I.v Itenn Ar ft -.'5 p. m
lu'iai a. in. i.v .. hiiuniilt . Ar I l p. in.
In: la a. in. I.v l ar Ar 4 i; j. m
ii:V a. in. I.v Kraiii-ia ... Ar J Vi p in.
II 4ii a. in. I.v... I'uply. Ar '' p. in
Win p. in. I.v I I ii in na . Ar J p. in.
I.' -" p. ni. I.v I'bat , Ar I 4'i p. in.
I.' Ki p. in. I.v .. anu ruii Al I 4ii p. in.
I.' lij ., in. I.v . Hi d Ilia k Ar I 111 p. in.
1 . in. I.v... CoiiatNiiila .Ar 1 no p. in.
I .11 p. in. I.v . I i.ol.. .Ar VI 4'i p. in.
I :.V p. in. I.v . ,Kr U l.'i a. in
'ir.Vt I p In. I.v A Ineili-e . . Ar II I'. p.m.
:i :ii' i ji.iu. I.v A iiit'dt-f . . . .Ar II :o i p u .
:i:.m p in. I.v Hot hprlHifa..Ar Hi 47 p. in.
4-ho I', in. I.v Murray Ar In 17 p. in
4 : '-' p. in. I.v .. Karlo ..Ar u .'ai .. m
.'. : p. in. I.v . Ilnrae Lake, . A r l!i y. m
fi iai p. in. I.v. Wanrly .Ar N:'aip. in
11:411 p. in. Ar .. Ti rlno I.v Mi , in
A.iaipnilln :i'i nin, I.v. . I'lumna A r.l lai pin 0 :al am
: .4.1 .ri. 1 1 Jiiaiu i.v . . in ion a r :i.i.- pai a iain
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