Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 07, 1901, Image 8

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Local & Personal
Coming & Going
Robert Hariin is in Alluraa.
Kead Bieber'a advertisment.
County Court is io aeasion this eek.
. Mitquerade ball Christmas prepare
for it.
New line of kid gloves at B. A M's.
Klamath Falls wants a county high
Jim Petree is going to the Soldiers,
Home to reside.
Fresh bronius inerruis sets! at
J. B. Johnson was an arrival from
Warner Monday.
A. McDowell was an arrival from
Fish Creek Tuesday.
Full line of Rubber Good arrived
this week at Bieber's.
Wide Snyder, the sheepman, is ppond
ing a few days iu town.
Two houses to Kent one furnished.
Inquire at this olliee.
The celebrated Simmons kid gloves
just arrived at l. A M's.
Enj.y a treat--the Beeilal by Miss
Nickerson, tomorrow evi-ninsj.
Walter iK-nt, the woolgrower, arrived
from the sheep camp Monday evening.
0 set-d at
An eseellent pr.'tfra-u h.i hern ar
ranti 'l for the Uecital toin tow evening.
Brome grass (hrointis inerml
Oeo.S. Mrkeroon arrived from Bid
well last Sunday and will remain until
after the recital to be given by his sister,
Mies Grace Xii-kersou.
County Commissioner J. M. Martin
arrived from Silver take Tuesday to be
present at tbe opening of the regular
session of county court.
8. A W. canned fruit at B. A M's.
Levi D. Ward and Mary K. Brant-
latcht were mrnl at Merrill, Oregon,
Oct., 27th. The bride, is a daughter of
Alex Zevely cf Bonanza.
Born In Yreka, Cal., Oct. 2S, 11)01. to
Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Johnson, a son. The
mother was formerly Mis Myrtle Will,
expre.-s afc'ent in Ashland.
Lioia Itcans just reeeiveil at liielvr's.
Mis9 Myrtle mith, the aivoinnlixhed
teacher in Cornell I'n-ek district spent j
Saturday in takoview visiting friends.!
Miss Smi'li's home is in Cedarville. i
I.Kik intt for the big Anniversary edi-j
tion ot Tlie Kxani'iier on January 2nd.:
1W2. Tins will be the best prcr by faf !
ever issued iu Southeastern Oregon. j
tell raising B. W. Hour at li. A .M's.
It is reported tliat the rustling physi
cians of Khmath Falls advam-tvl
the prii'e of vaccination from one l lo
d !lars diirina the "Manila Itch" ho .in.
T. Q. Wisdom, Exposed to the
Klamath "Hanita Itch" Quar
antined In Lakeview.
The F.xamlner gave notice two wlti
ago that something should he done to
keep smallpox out o( takeview and the
advice went unheeded. It a as known
as i fact that there were several cases at
Bly and others at Klamath Falls, but
the papers over there made light ot the
matter, and palmed it off as "Manila
Itch." It is true, the disease is in a
mild form, but nevertheless proper pre
cautions should have Iteen taken to keep
it from spreading.
Now conies to Lakeview one T. (.
Wisdom, an employe of Iave Filler,
who was exposed to the disease at Bly.
Wisdom went out to a sheep camp at
Honey Creek and remained there sev
eral davs until he was indiicel to come
to Lnkeview for medical attendance on
Monday evening. The mail went di
rect to the office ol County Physicians
Smith A Steiner, and those physicians
made an examination of his ca e and at
once pronounced it small) ox. Mrs.
Paly A Hull ami lr. K. II. Smith were
called in, and thev also pronounced the
case smallpox. The man Mas detained
in the ollice bile the to-.wi and county
authoiities were notified. County Judite
Toiiiiiiig-f li Mud M ior Miller at once
a.'ted ill the matter, procmcd an isolated
liich as convei te I in'o u pet
lre;nre for the nr.nid in i :
on Chri- mas'.ijht ;M I'arry ::
Win. li nt n mid "-l.otty 't!ic
tr nailed ior. Arizona wi'.i
l:h-Hh s.
One u'a'lon '
le hali
vt !
ar I
Tin C v-!
I C.-al
t..r Ca-h
Cans .Vie each this in
Manly Wln.rto vi-i-.. .1 Airman last
week w ith L'ave Edit r. They leturned
Misses Olla and Nettie Leotiar.l ol
Iavis Creek are said to Ire very ill with
typhoid fever.
Henry Sorden and San y Vanderkarr
ef Bonanza were married at Jacksonville,
Ore., Oct., 2tith.
Imported French mushrooms, and
peas, at Bailey & Massingill's.
S. J. Studlev went to his Goose Lake
ranch last week to butcher a Jarge nuin
Ver of fat porkers.
Howard B. Lamb and Miss Ada J. Ea
se were mrried at Clover Swale, Mo
toc ccunty, last week.
Thursday, Nov. 23th, is the day set
apart by the President of the United
States for general Thanagiving.
Special Sale of 10 quart I. C. Tin
pressed Milk Pain 10c each at Bieber's
Ibis; week only tor Ca-h. 44
Uon't forget the Recital tomorrow
evening fy Miss Nickerson, assisted by
local talent, at Barry opera house.
Si'-.s A. T. ClipeiiiHjr returned two
weeks H'jro from her visit to relatives iu
Or.?'-. Mrs. Clippewge.r 'wl m.etiyahle
Born At tl T.ovefess, Warner
(Janyon, Lake county, Oregon, Novem
her, 2, to the w ile of J.ures C. Huff,
a son.
i. D- S'rVie", ODe of tUfl prosperous
rancf.ers and truckmen of South Warner,
mw in Lakeview for a few days this
Fancy Maine sweet corn, Corton brand
at B Sc M's.
fuis GerVer. the Klamath sto kman,
arrived from Iorella last Sunlay and
w.eut to W'ainer valley after fat beef and
Jolin Arzner and Bert Snyder came
in fruok the desert this week. Their
hand of heep is near the Bond place,
et of Vash.
Ile man Schlagel of Ahurai onf Mrs.
Minnie Scott of Paitdey were here to at
tend the funeral of their father, the late
Nichols. Schlagel.
The Misses Ettie and Nettie Vinyard
iA New Bine Creek have gor.e to Iike
Uty t resume their duties as teachers
in the public school.
Will U. Ile'yford, who went to Gazelle
a few weeks, ago in chaw of one bun Ji
of the Warner Valley Stock Coin pany'b
cattle, returned Sunday.
i. If. Fh of Meiii.i, Klamath
cnumy, has exchanged his lanch near
Merrill for a fourteeii-acre orchard iu
Santa Barbara county, Cal.
Presiding Eld r Su mine rville of the
M. E. Church has been lookinit after the
interests of his people in Northern Lake
co inly during the past week.
I'.'ketr, to
C...U..' St. CK-
.. i- h.-ie I.,-:
11 home.-ie.l- Is.
hei 's t his , eek
i " k n-t'll'lled Tile- -i.
to- norrh end of the
.o-t ol the Vt.ivi Med
1 ler trip as very s:ic-
; Fiat k W. and s-'iiroi
pro-. ! ii;i,I ;.r ;:,'.', W.iri-er,
I. .U'l IT.S i'l.'f I
, oi. iy ; r i .i-'i.
! Mfs.
1 . v Ii . mi a 1 1
; ci LWity in li:.' io
i. a! ( '"in !auy .
Mr. mi l Mr.-. Lorenzo Frakes and lit
tle son arrived Ir mi South Warner Mon
day to remain a lew days. They recent
ly returned from a trip through North
em California.
Fancy canned asparagus, tips at B. !c
M 's.
Win. Ialgieish, farmer and stockraiser
South 'Warner, was here last Monday
proving up on his homestead in the local
land otlice. A. . Ix-wis, one of his wit
nesses, w as also here.
Mary Ellen Connolly died at her home
near Keno, Klamath county, Oct., 22d,
aged 17 years, 4 months and 2 days.
She w as a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Con
nolly of Cold Springs.
Brown "Brilliant" Enameled ware
Complete line at Bieber's. 44
Iick Smith, a Klamath F'alls boy, is
making a remarkable record as a foot
hall player. His playing with Colum
bia against Yale last week astonished
all cranks of the game.
Born In Lakeview, Oregon, Nov., 1,
1!01, to the wife of City Councilman
I'eter Post, twin sons. The boys are
b i;:!it and lusty lads and the parents
are correspoiidiiiglv happy.
Blue I. ike canned striug ; B.
The Leid Bros, have had constructed
on their residence on South iJewey
street n fine p.-jrch, which adds greatly
to the good ap)earance of their property.
Hazletou and Emerson did the work.
Mrs. Sarn Duke has gone to Seat le to
spend the winter. Mrs. Duke has heart
trouble, and upon advice of her physi
cian has made the change. She will
visit with relatives during the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Eb. Follett tnd little son
came up from New Pine Creek last Fri
day on a visit. Mr. Follett returned
home and Mrs. Follett and son .remained
several days visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. Hawkins "Ebbery time I come
do'vn dis road at night I is startled by de
apparition of a jacksss."
Mr. Suowden--"Hugh ! Some eople
is a' hkeered of 'der own shadder."
It vas h-ft to a giddy girl of fifty sum
mers and as many winters to pass safely
over Niagara Falls in a barrel. She says
she did it la-cause eople told her she
couldn't. There is nothing impossible
to the new woman .
o. C. A pplegato, Indian agent on the
Klamath reservation, has issued a no
tice to the public that, owing to the ap
pearance of smallpox iu the country, he
lias placed the entire reservation under
quarantine restrictions and asks all out
siders to rciuiin outside the reservation
lines for the present. He has also pro
hibited tdl persons now on the reserva
tion Hum leaving it.
; llo.l-
h. u-e. and a'.-o found an attendant to
take care of the patient. The patient
j was at once taken t tiie pest house and
i ttie .premise duly i'iarantiued. The
di-ease is in very iniel form, and the
proper piei-.iuti n- having heell taken
at once, there is little Linger ol a -plead
; of the diseise, in the opinion of the lo
ci1 phy-ici ins." Tl Mice ot ill - c. .til. ly
physic;,., ns h is . en th ro-ijhlv fu'ni
mid I'Veiy pleia'l io.i lai.e'1 ,11
the n.a'-.-i .
'I ue. .I.ty inori,:n' lie .( r i-h to
tin. ni'ii.v ..I nil 'li'1 pin si, hi town
for the purp i-e of v .c. , i. i oil
safe to sac I ti lt 1,1 i 'he p .;.;. .i.oii of
When you have seen all that you want,
then it is time to come down this way.
for this is the store where you find
We are out of the high-expense district,
only a few steps from it, but 100 steps
below their prices. tf
The Best Table Fruits. ..25c a can
3 pa's Epicurean Food 5oc
Alaccaroni per box 5oc
5 lbs Roast Coffee 1.00
Fajjle Roast Coffee 25c a lb
Schillings Typical Roast 3 lbs 1.00
2 Boxes Best Bluing 25c
20 Bars Washing Soap 1.00
Imperial Oysters 15c a can
Kairomel Syrup full measure. $1 tfal
a I
: Lakeview has j;. t roujli th
l'hvsi i ins a.lvise a . .er..! v ic i;iat..n.
f A close guard will i e Uepl on s-,,p!e
I coininu' to ton fn i.i Klamuth coiinly,
I so that there may he no danger
I that quarter.
j There is rea'ly no danger, considering1
all the precautious taken, but such pre !
cautious should have been taken at an
earlier date. There is no reason why
people from the country should not
come to Lakeview as usual to attend to
business affairs.
An Unsuccessful Trip.
(ieorge Hankins and Will Mulkey went
to Abort Lake last week. Their purpose
was to find, if possible, and pull out of
the waters of the lake a wagon that has
been there since the early history of
Lake county, as wis stated in The Ex
aminer of last week. They took a Isiat
and launched it on the. lake, and all day
long pulled the craft about en the water,
without getting sight of the object they
were looking for. The wind was blow
ing a stiff gale all the time they were
searching for the old relic, and tbe w bite
caps ran so high f to nh-cure the hiht
of the wheels of the waou, which are
said to only emerge ix or euht inches
from the waterduring a calm. The wag
on is there w ithoiit doubt, and Messrs.
Hankins and Mulkey are goiu to make
another attempt to lind it, and fetch it
to laud. Mr. Hankins remained in Sun -lucr
Lake, and Mr. Mulkey returned to
Lakeview. t-ince returning here he has
discovered that they' made the search in
the wrong place, and at the next at
tempt will very likely find the wagon
and succeed in landing it.
Not So Queer.
Tl e trial of Andy Neilon, indicted in
Lake county for emliezzlement of funds
while Sheriff, came to an inglorious end.
The Court refused to permit the intro
duction of the books of the county in
evidence, and as they were the only evi
dence against him tbe case was dismiss
ed. tjueer proceedings that. Alturas
It is strange that such idle gossip will
be indulged in. There is really nothing
to this report. The Neilon case is still
dragging its weary length along in our
circuit court, and may not come to a
final conclusion for a week yet. How
such unfounded reports gain currency is
past finding out.
Ounther Uunther.
County Clerk William Uunther sur
prised his friends last Thursday night,
Oct. 31st, by procuring a license, and
remarrying bis fotmer wife Mrs. Vida
Uunther. The event took place at the
residence cf John P'Ull, near the Mush,
and was strictly private. Judge Ton
iiingsen said the words that re-united
Air. and Mrs. Uunthr. The secret was
closely kept until Friday morning when
the groom received numerous congram
lations. Thus is united, husband, wife
and son, and The Examiner joins with
many friends in wishing them happy
Men's Suits from (.()()
Mill's Dress !ants ;.)
Hoys' (iootl School Suits
I. oil''; Pants
CI1iItlit.11 Suits from
(hi ;rits.
o.l HI
CliiKIrcn's School Shoes
from l.oo
Chiln it's Dress Shoes
from 1 . L"
Ladies' Juliets Loll
Laities' Kill Juliets Fur
top.s L'.OO and
Lakeview Livery"
WM. K. BARRY & Tl. W. J. BARRY, Props.
' in Connection
Feed stable
Horses hoarded by the day or munth
First class turnouts and saddle horses.
Our specialty i the quick and safe de
livery of passengers to all points in
the district.
and Grain for Sale.
prprictors Parry's Opera House
Only plac In Laluvlcw lur
boldtof pubPW alaftalnmcnts
iv "tytV 5ysrsViiw'y-ty
Ih ratdly forcing ulieinl nnl
sr Follett nnl Ainic k, tlio Merehiinta "
a are trotting along tit tlio lutul A
of tht pnx esHion.
Haw already lu t n rccci veil and more
A new goods nro arriving at war store
f all the time
We have everything doniriHiB in the
A Grocery Line. A sjwcial Line of OentH
Fairy Shirta. An elegant line of
Candiefl, Cignm and ToLaccoB. Watch
A for our Dry Goods Display.
Ih I now 11 the wnrhl over hh affonling the moHt iniile, re
liable ami ei'oiumiii'Hl power (or all purxieH.
Ten Thousand Wheel Now Running
Filling everv roinlition ( mn vire ill (he iiiohI t Brient ami
Hatinfaetory way.
Hlectrlc Power Transmission
IT-I.TON WHKFI.K are the rewgnixed Htaiiilunl (or operating OeneraturH, and
are running the majority of Htatioim of thia uhanu'ter in all part of the world.
Water Pipe and Transmission Machinery
Anil all appliiuif.eit con nut tml with a power plant, nupplil on the moht n-aNonahlo
tennK. KhipiiientH made from Hun FraneiHcit ir New York as iniiv afford the
moHt fuvoradle freight raten. t'atulogm-H, I'.iigliNh.or.Hpiiiiltth, f uriiibhuit on appli
cation. AiUlreHD, giving conditioiiH of aerviee.