Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 24, 1901, Image 8

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Go to the baseball dunce Saturday
,r .'i iMe -.t! einne down from Paisley
law I inlay.
trfl E. Bond of Warner is attendiog
court this week.
Nathan Smi'h came in from his camp
Saturday evening.
Thomas Anderson waa an arrival from
Warner last Friday,
Everything in the grocery line at the
I4keview MnrcanUle m i.
Win. and Frank Pobkina came dowa
from Chewaucan Tuesday.
Mina Allie Metsker was down froos
Paisley this week on a visit.
. M. Parish, foreman for Mapea at
Ptnsh, is in town for a few days.
Kidnapped". Read Ahlstrom Bro'e.
ew announcement in this isue.
George Hankins and Lester Chan-plin
arrived from Big Valley Saturday.
Remember the social dance nest Sat
ordsy evening. Everybody invited.
Pan) J. Brattain, stockman of Che
waucan. arrived Tuesday lo attend court.
Cbae. E. Uneharger. came in from
Cottonwood this week for a "spludge."
A man from Washington is planning
to e? tablif h a brewerv at Klamath Falls.
Roy Wilon, employed bv the C. L. A
IX Co. nt-ar Paisley arrived Tuesday eve
ning. Mr. and Mr. Jack McDonald were
town from Paisley stver.l days this
wet k.
Born At Klamath Falls, Ore., Oct. 7,
WD I, to the wife of P. W. Anderson, a
Gj and see the warm haeetull game
wext Sunday afternoon. It will be in
teresii. g.
All the very latest in hoods and fasci
nators for ladies at the Lakeview Mer
cantile CoV
Whorton Sc Smith of the Palace saloon
have put in a fine ellric Jjell service in
toeir establishment.
Mr. and Mrs. Guv Jackson have left
the XL ranch and will reside in the fut
are at Santa Rosa, Cal.
T. II. Sherlock and L. P. Klippel,
stockmen of trie north, were arrivals at
4ne county seat this week.
I. K. Snyder has moved his family
fronj Lakeview to Plush, where he has
built a comfortable home.
of trees in
All kinds of News Notes
Taken on
The Fly
By an
Examiner Representative
a a t
John B. Blair has returned from a tri
to Salem.
Knos McDonald, stockman, came down
from Chewaucau last week
C. C. Barnnm, stockman from Clover
Flat, is in town thi week "courting."
BornIn Lakeview, Or., Oct. 17, 1901,
to the wife of Fred Fisher, a daughter
Born In Lakeview, Oregon, Oct. 17,
1901, to the wife of Harry Bailey, a son.
A. L. Price, who is running the Ton
ningsen Bros, sheep, was in from Add
this week.
V I I i t . ... .
jceu wool sua wis lor ladies at me
Lakevuiw Mercantile Co's. Theee are
altogether new and up to date,
All of the baseball players and their
friends from New Pine Creek and Davis
Creek will beat the dance neit Satur
day evening
Dr. Steiner says there is a good chance
for the recovery of Miss. Bolton, who has
been dangerously ill with typhoid, on
the West Side.
Benjamin F. Bond, sent to the insane
asylum from Laue county, died the other
day in the institution, lie went to the
asvlom in ISM
Frank B. Houston, notanr aod rancher
from North Warner, is shaking hands
with numerous friends and attending
court this wek.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harris and Miss
May Harris are down from Summer
Lake this -aeek on a visit with F. E.
Harris and family.
We will make delivery
Lakeview on Nov. 2nd.
42 2 Waasaa & Maplehdkn
P. Sessions started for the railroad
with a
last week from Surprise valley
Li(i band of tine bet-f cattle.
The selection of a ju.-y to try the case
( A- J. Neilon was begun yesterday
norning in the circuit court.
James II. Turpcn, the sheepman, has
jt completed a commodious barn on
his property on Dewey street.
The Likeview Mercantile Co. has jost
ieeived someo! .he very latest things
out for ladies. Unique ; beautiful.
Jits. Walter Sharp bas been very ill
witL appendicitis for the past week. She
a. considerably improved at this writing
Attend the social dance next tator
Uy night it you want a good time.
There will be a big crowd in attendance.
Among ihe arrivals from Paisley (far
tig the week, on court duty, were Ar
ttux Smitk, M. Lauritaen and Ed Green.
W. A. Carrier of Silver Lake arrived
tail week with a bunch of horsea tbat
are being broken by the Moss vaqueros.
Jajyt Simmons of Poo valley,' bought
.i . .in..- Imrttfllarrv Uweun for
1H0O He a ill keep him for breeding
I u r pose.
A literary society has been organized
by the teachers of the Lkeview public
achool. The society meets every Batur
d.iy evening.
Jack Uorton of Bonanza has sold his
two-year ofd mar", Lena A. to Bob Barber-
for 11 00. was on the Lakeview
tract, hut July.
For a good i-leak. fine chops, or an ele
gant roast hj to hUweiidnrth's shop, at
the Whorton vegetable store. Nothing
but the finest of ".eats at that shop. 42-1
Miss Margaret Meward will open the
avhool in Chewaucan district, eight!
mile south of I'ui-hy, next monday j
Con. Kennedy left for San Francisco
..rdav to BiM-nd the winter. Mr.
Kennedy will watch the "ponies
until spring, when he will
return to
tneney, tne r.arness maker, lias a
fine stock on for the winter trade. His
hue of harnets, saddles, whips robes,
spurs and decoration is complete.
Tcm A. Smith, representing the ve
hicle and agricultural department of
Baker A Hamilton, came up from San
Francisco last Friday.
Hirry Glazier went bunting in Dead
man canyon last Sunday morning, armed
with a 22-calibrj rifle, and brought
down a large wild cat.
A. W. Bryan, proprietor of the Lake-
view-Paisley stage line, is another citi
sen called upon lo do jury duty in the
circuit court this week.
The Nevada. California and Oregon
railway company is beginning the con
struction of a well twenty feet square at
the new town of Madaline. Calkins, circuit court reporter
for this district, arrived frnin Ashland
Monday to take the testimony in the
cases now before the court.
Among the Silver Lake citizens here
on court matters this week are C. 1).
Porter, J. C. Porter, H. A. D. Porter and
Ex-Assessor F. D. Duncan.
-xoung rred Randall, who went to
Humboldt county, Cal., some time ago
with a band of horses, returned Tuesday
en route to his home at Paisley.
Ole Sunstroin the woolgrower was in
troui I'lunn tti is week, buostrom is
waiting for the first big storm to drive
him to the desert with his flock. .
Umbrella shawls for ladies. Latest
designs. No matter how you turn them
they fold up like an umbrella. Ladies
call and see them. Lakeview Mercantile
F. 0. Banting, proprietor of the Drews
Valley Hereford stock farm, sold seven
more of his registered bulls, last Monday,
to George M. Jones of Cbewaucan.
J. C. Calderwood, prominent stock
man and rancher of Warner is in town
this week in response to a summons
from the court to go into the jury box.
J. 8. Aitken, a brother of Mrs. Wm.
Harvey of Summer Lake, died in Te
hama, Cal., on Oct. 18th, of pneumonia.
Deceased was proprietor of the Heider
House in Tehama.
lMty Hazleton has gone to Roys ton,
Klamath county, to build that resideuce
for Charley Bunting. When the home
is completed there may be occasion for
furt hor comment in connection with it.
Yoiink' man, make a note of this: A
Kansas paper has discovered a young
woman who develops her form by help
ing mother with house work, and keeps
her hands soft and white by kneading
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Bernard will start
for California nextThursday to spend the
winter. Mr. Bernard will takedown to
Orland, Glenn county, several head of
good horses that he expects to sell to ad
vantage. The horses w ill be in charge
of Ed. Harvey. Mr. Harvey will visit
San Francisco and other California points
before he returns.
An adjourned term of the Circuit
Court for fake comity oeiied on the
17th Inst, when the following cam aere
he an) and panned on :
In the cafe of the Stat of Oregon vs.
Fred Venator, Indictment for larceny of
s steer, the matter a as continued,
State of Oregon V. Naftitiel Combs and
Frank Wilson, indictment for larceny of
a Steer, the matter was continued.
State of Oregon vs. Wm. Humphrey,
indictment for larceny of a calf, the mat
ter was continued.
State of Oregon vs. Wm. Fori!, assault
with dangerous weapon, matter con
tinued. Slate of Oregon vs. John Doe, indict
ment lor larceny, matter continued.
State of Oregon vs. John Infor
mation for larceny, matter continued.
State of Oregon rs. Andrew J. Nellon,
trial set for Wednesday, Oct. 23, at V, a.m.
State of Oregon vs. Edward Ijtird, in
formation for larceny, continued
State of Oregon vs. D. V. Hopkins,
bound over from Justice Court, dis
George H. Small vs. Elmer Luta, act
ion in ejectment, passed.
Lakeview Bank vs. W. T. Boyd, el si.,
garnishment of N. P. Tonningsen, dis
George II . Bogue vs. R. S. Sherlock,
recovery of money, motion lo strike out
defendant's answer; denied.
May A. Barnes vs. Arthur Barnes, di
vorce; defauh, decree for plaintiff.
Florence V. Boyd vs. Jo?.n C. Apple
white, to determine adverse claims to
real property ;defendanl's demurrer over
ruled, time for answer I K-t. 24th.
Paisley School District vs. II. J.Sad
ler et al M. C. Sadler and E. L. Sadler
substituted toeotablish txiundary lines:
defendants default; decree; couuais
sionrs appointed.
M. D. Hopkins vs. A. McCallen, lor
specific performance; dismissed.
S. P. .Mom vs. L. A. Mo, etal., for
continuation of sale; confirmed.
George Conn vs. Sffpicn iavlord nnd
Lillian A. Gaylord, for iin of
sale ; panned.
W. H. Dalrymple vs. Helen Dal-
ryrople, divorce; hearing set for Oct. 21. 1
Maggie Tull vs. Charles Tull, suit for
divor e ; defendant defaulted.
Anna M. Chase vs. E. E. Chase, suit
for divorce; defendant defaulted.
Bank of Lakeview vs. Stephen Gay
lord el al., to foreclose mortgage; not
Fred Cox et al. vs. J. E. Benard, et al,
to determine water rights; mandate of
supreme court entered and decree in ac
It is pleasing to 115 to know that
you are satisfied. This is a
pleasing store for you to trade
at. When you trade here you
get what you believe you are
getting. We stick to the stand
ards and you'll never get
The Best Table Prnlts...35c a can
3 pa's Epicurean Food 5oc
Maccaronl per box 5oc
5 lbs Roast Coffee 1.00
liasle Roast Coffee 25c a lb
Schillings Typical Roast 3lbs 1.00
2 Boxes Best Bluing 25c
20 Bars Washing Soap 1.00
Imperial Oysters 15c a can
Kalromcl Syrup full measure, $1 Ral
On Wednesday evening, Oct. 16th, at
8 o'clock, George W. Johnson and Miss
Dollie Woodcock joined hands and
hearts in nuptial bliss. The wedding
occurred at the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wood'ock, in
Iakeview. The happy event was pri
vate, only two or three intimate friends,
and the relatives of the bride witnessing
the ceremony, which was erformed by
Judge Henry L. Benson of the circuit
court in that gentleman's usual happy
and finished manner. After the nuptials
a splendid wedding supper was enjoyed
by all present. The bride and groom are
still receiving the congratulations of
many friends. Mr. Johnson is a reliable,
competent and worthy young man who
has many staunch friends. He holds
the positions cf assistant cashier in the
Bank of I-akeview, and deputy post
master of Lakeview. The bride is a
handsome and charming young woman,
who Dhs many friends to wish her joy
and happiness in her married life. The
happy couple are for the present making
their home at Hotel Lakeview, but will
occupy the A. F. Tonningsen cottage for
the winter.
Initiation and Banquet.
On Wednesday evening, Oct. 17th,
Solace Circle No. 374, Women of Wood
craft, had initiatory ceremonies and a
grand banquet afterward. Six new
members were taken into the Wood,
and eleven other applications were re
ceived. All members of Woodman
Camp No. 5211 were unite! to the
feast, arid about eighty )eoplo enjoyed
one of the bcitt feasts ever held in lake-
view. After the banguel all repaired to
the hall, w here dancing and games were
enjoyed until after midnight. All had
a glorioiH tiuie, and Solace Circle made
another hit with the public. The com
mittee on entertainment deserves the
thanks of the Circle as well as its guests.
Solace Circle is becoming a strong or
ganizatiou, and the list of benefit mem
bers is growing rapidly. The members
are all taking a deep interest in the
Circle work, and no organizations gives
more pleasant entertainment than So
lace Circle No. 374, Women of Wood
craft, of Lakeview.
Men's Suits from 0.00
Men's Dress Pants 3.00
Hoys' Good School Suits
" Lonjr Tants 5.00
Childicn Suits from U.OO
Overcoats all prices.
Children's School Shoes
from 1.00
Chilren's Dress Shoes
from 1 .ITi
Ladies' Juliets 1.50
Ladies' Kid Juliets Fur
tops 2.00 and 3.i;5
Men's O'Shirts from
" U'WearWool
" Natural (iray
" New Nclice
1 .00
Silk front Golfs 1.25
" Fanev I'crcale
Shirts 1.25
Celluloid Collars & CuiTm
12ls Otit'tf Flannel 1.00
Co'tton Blankets ',u 1.00
Apron Gin'm 12yds 1.00
Dress I'at'ns from 1 .50 up
Hoods and Fncinators
all prices.
Lakeview Livery
WM. K. BARRY & fl. W. J. BARRY, Props.
Feed stable
in Connection
Horses hoarded by the day or month
First class turnouts and saddle horses.
Our specialty is the quick and safe de
livery of passengers to all points in
the district.
and Grain for
PrprIctofs Barry's Opera House
Only placsla LaksvUw for
hold I n f (niMIc ntrtalamnts
Is rapidly forging ahead and
Follett and Amick, the Merchant
are trotting along at the head
of the procesHion.
Has already been received and mure
new gooda ure arriving at our store
all the time
We have everything desiroua in tho
Grocery Line. A special line of Oonta
Fancy Shirts. An elegant line of
Candies, Cigars and Tobaccos. Watch
for our Dry Goods Display.
Is know n the world over as affording the most simple, re
liable and economical owcr for all purpose.
Ten Thousand Wheel Now Running
hji.-.'j-"' :'A,fIjSSy Filling every condition of service in the most efficient and
satisfactory wav.
Electric Power Transmission
PELTON WIIKEI.H are the recognized standard for oimratinu Generators, and
are running the majority of stations of this character in all parts of the world.
Water Pipe and Transmission Machinery
And all appliances connected with a nower plant, supplied on the most reasonable
terms. Shipments made from San Francisco or New York at may afford the
most favorable freight rates. Catalogues, Knglish or Spanish, furnished on appli
cation. Address, giving conditions of service.