Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 24, 1901, Image 4

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Klamath Falls had three days fairly
good racing on the Iflth, 1 1 h and ISth
of October. The Ksprea My that in
the quarter mile heat race on the last
day there wmi fine exhibition of un
sportsmanlike conduct, which disgusted
a number of people. In the last heat of
the race Parker on Alexander and Ha-
ber on Hot Muff Heie at ruck each
other with their whips and also struck
each other' home. It was decUr i a
dead heat, but Itaber refuainit to run it
over, it waa given to Parker upon run
ning hi home around the track. All
pool on the were declared off.
Following i the summary of the rare:
TiiraaoAY aftiinih)?!.
Three-eights mile daah for two year
old Won by Win. Woods' Iairy Maid
with Jay A rant op, in 38 1 seconds, Len i
A. second.
Half-mile dash Won by Alexander,
Walter Parker up, in 53,1' seconds, Har
ry 'tin second, IVmiino third.
In this race Iruinoled to the quarter,
w hen he became a quitter and finished
Three-eights mile and repeat Won
by Alexander in straight heat. Harry
Gwenn aecond, Lomino third. Time 39
and 39 seconds.
Saddle Horse Raoe, thre-eightha mile
Jim Corbett. with Jay Aranl up, won
in 33 seconds. Ad vain e Guard second,
Wood River Bally third.
Quarter mi.e and repeat First Heat,
Alexander won in 25 seconds, Sleepy
Pick second, Domino third, Hot Stuff
Bessie fourth.
Second Heat Hot Stuff Bessie won in
25econdH, Alexander second, Domino
Third Heat Declared a dead heat and
won by Alexander on a dasdi in 24 sec
ondi, the other horses being withdrawn.
Prominent Visitors.
W. P. Keady and H. V. Gates, fvo
gentlemen who have gained state wide
Tepatations in their different callings,
were visitors in Lakeview during the
past week. Mr. Keady is now engaged
in developing mines in the Ochoco dis
trict, Crook county, and expects to an
cover a rich property. He was twice
Speaker of the House in the Oregon
legislature, and also a member of the
Board of Regents of the Agricultural
College of Cor-allis. Mr. Gated la ao
electric light and water system promo
ter, and owns etveral plants in the
late, among them the systems at
Klamath Falls and Burns. Mr. Galea
will soon go to Alturaa to discuss with
the citizens of that town the proposi
tion of establishing a water system and
electric light plant. Both gentlemen
were favorably impressed with Lake
county, and Mr. Keady promises tbat
the Portland board of trade shall know
something about this section as soon as
he reaches that city. The Portland
board of trade is a bureap of information
for capitalists, industry promoters, rail
roads and improvement companies, and
it u from this organization that investors
get tlieir information about the various
sections of the state. Lake county will
lose nothing by the visit of these promi
nent men, and may derive a great bene
fit by reason of their trip and the obser
vations taken.
Enjoyable Time at South Warner.
Last Friday night the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Maupin, in South Warner,
was the scene of an enjoyable social
dance and basket supper. Fifty people
were present, and enjoyed the merry
dance until early morning. The supper
is said to have been an elegant one.
People for mi es around South War
ner attended, and it is baid to have
been one of the jolliest parties ever held
in the valley. Warner people know I
how to enjoy themselves and such gath- j
erings are frequent. Mr. and Mrs.
Maupiu were adjudged a most geuial
host and hostess. Warren Uuilliams of
Lakeview attended, and says the affair
was a grand success.
The "Hello" Line.
Director George Conn of the Lake
County Telephone Company, and mer
chant of Paisley, arrived here Monday
evening. Mr. Conn says the work on
the line is progressing rapidly, and the
wire is being strung from Paisley to
Summer Lake. The line will reach the
a Xaftc County a
Stocft Hcwa. V
Joe Howard of Silver take started re
cently for Ixwt River, Klamath county,
with !00 head of hiabeef rattle. He will
feed at Iist River Itefore driving to the
railroad to sell. About all of the other
lieef of Silver Ijike have been sold.
Gu Schroder, the stockman and base
ball enthuiait, came down from Silver
take in company with Jim Small, last
Friday, and remained several days. Mr.
Schroder has been buying rattle ami
augmenting his hand greatly during the
tmst few months.
The Klamath Republican reports the
sale of 300 head of beef rattle at that
plce by J. C. Hotuhkissof takeview to
Mitchell Bros. The cattle are from the
Wood River country, and are good ones.
The 2000 head of the Warner Valley
Stock Company's beef bought by V. D.
Duke for Miller A Lux are reported to
le standing the drive well, and will lie
in fine condition for shipping.
Messrs. James Small and Jameo Red
den the Silver take and Summer take
stockmen, purchased from S, J. Studley,
of Goose take, last Saturday, fifty head
of stock cattle. The stock cattle are
yearlings, two-year olds and cows. They
also purchased on Monday ten head uf
stock cattle from Mr. Fisher of the West
Side. The cattle ill Iks driven to Mr.
Redden's Summer take ranch and put
in with his baud.
C. C. Cannon of New Pine Creek last I
Saturday -old to MsConnaughy of Ft.'
Bidwell 100 head of stork cattle. Mr. i
Cannon when asked the price received'
fur the cattle said that he got as much j
tier head as stock sold for in this coun
try thirty years a'o.
The 1R5 head of cattle driven out
from Warner by the D. R. Jones va-
queros weie sold at Klamath Fails to
Mitchell Bros. The two and three yer
old steers brought 6 and the cows 5,'g
cents. ,
Last week The Examiner made men
tion of the serious illness of ASner Arthur
at his home on the Wwt Side. Despite
the efforts of medical skill and careful
nursing the young man' sac mm bed to
typhoid fever at mid nigh too Friday, the
18 th intt., after an til neat of ten days.
The deceased waa a young man of ex
emplary habits, honorable, conscientious
and counted bis friends among all the
people who knew him. He was 22 years
of age, and the youngest son of Mr. and
Mrs. . C.Arthur. He was a native of
Cedar county, Missouri, and came to
take county with his parents in 1886.
He leaves to mourn his death an aged
father and mother who are bowed down
with grief and sorrow at the sudden tak
ing off of their youngest son ; also four
brothers, Gilbert, Sim, William and
Charles, and two sisters, Mrs. Sidney
Bolton, and Annie Arthur who km his
twin sister. The funeral was held last
Monday at 1 p. ni. from the family resi
dence, on the Went Side, and the inter
ment took place at Cottonwood ceme
tery. Tiie Examiner extends its heartfelt
sympathy to the sorrowing relatives.
Visitors From Massachusetts.
Luman Fosket, administrator of the
estate of John De Garmo, deceased, has
been in takeview for a week past on
business connected with the estate. Mr.
Fosket was accompanied by Harry R.
Pratt of Worcester, Massachusetts, who
is visiting take county. About three
weeks ago Mr. Pratt, in company with
Daniel Fisket of Worcester, arrived in
Warner. Mr. Fosket is the father of
Dwight, Luman, Frank and Sumner
Fosket of Mouth Warner, and is paying
his sons a visit. Mr. Fosket is an en
thusiastic sporUman and is just now
enjoying himself with gun and dog on
the marshes and creeks of South War
ner. Mr. Pratt is a railroad clerk in
Worcester. They will remain here a
few weeks longer before starting for
the Ba; State.
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Robt. T. Bell Attorney.
Koht. T. Bell is the name of a young
attorney who arrived lant week from
Portland to take up his residence and
practice his profesaion in Lakeview. He
lias asHociated himHHlf with rv.l r k
Foster ranch about the firt of the week, Cogswell, and the firm name is Cogs-
and will be completed through to Hilver
Lake by about 'the 10th of November.
There is a gap to fill between the Hnry
ford ranch on the mantli and Paisley,
which will not lie wired until the line
reaches Hilver Lake, as it was considered
useless to double the ground. Jt will be
but a short time when Lakeview, Pais
ley, Summer Lake and KilveaLake can
pass compliments over the telephone
well ft JSell. The latter will look after
the firm's interests in Lake county. Mr.
Hell will have his office for the present
at the Bank of Lakeview. The press of
the state, the Oregonian included,
speaks highly of Mr. Bell'i ability both
as an attorney and a public speaker.
He is a pleasant, affable gentleman, and
will doubtless make a success of his pro
fession. The card of Cogswell & Bell ap
pears in this issue.
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