Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 17, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 41.
Two Taxpayers Reply to Cltlen'
With (loud ArgumentResi
dents North of Lakeview
Only Want Justice.
V'.iuruH Kiamimcm : We notice in
your IhhI imuu Hint "entliiinilil sign
ing liiiiiRi'K "CiUaen" I making a
' ' tuoti n tui it out of a mole lilll" ri-Crtlifi
uir aim l appeal loth Hwera that bo to
cut UK olf from a m'IhmiI district that li
really no advantage to ua, and form na
into a in- d lot tii' t tlint will l convenl
ut ami of fniif acceaa. Ho lar aa the
taxpayers lying north of the lleryford
lino are concerned school dintrirt No. 7
i o( no advantage to liino. Hi true,
wunv ol im in the past have tuki'ii i vant
age olihe educational facilliea i tlt I Jiko
view dialri l, I 'ill it lot always Ueit a
source, ol gieat incMiivenieiice to u to do
i. We uie not M('fioiiial and do
not ak mi) tiling unreasonable. Wo
would liko to have the same advantagea
iu llm education til our children tiiat
nlher onj.y. Ww cannot all live in
Lakeview, although Homo ol UK nave
Ihm-ii coin pel led to leave our ranchea mid
move to Lukeview fur tlio winter in or
.ler that our children milil attend
The only thing that lint lakeview dia
trict would liMwf in tin' cHtul'lihliini'iil ol
Ilia now dinlrut prayed (or would Imi
the Kr capiM lux ol tlm number of
children that would leave tlio school to
altvnd in tli? now district, and tlio
asaUiance of the taxpayers who livtt in
the .ro)Hini district in thu payment of
thu Its for bonded iudchteduvaa, about
ono iuiII wliirh in mi iiiaiguitlcaut that
it is not worthy of vouaideration.
The main feature of the argument set
orih by "Ciliami" in, that "if the dia
tricl were divided, tlio now dialrict
would lie entitled to a diviaion of all the
whool properly of dialrict No. 7 even
to tlmir tart of the appraised value of
ur school buililiufa and ground, to any
nothing of dividing our school money,
furniture and apparatus." Now, to
chow the people of dialrict No. 7 that we
do not ark to v cut louse from them
through any mercenary motive, we will
guaiamce that not one ecu t of their choo
mulieyl will be aaked for, neither will
wesak fur a diviaion of any part of their
nchool buildings, grounds or any cither
properly belonging to thu dialrict. All
wo want ia a district act aaido for ualhat
will U convenient to our homes and our
i hildreti eoiuethiiig we have never yet
enjoyed. "Citixeu" also says that a (li
viaion would virtually destroy our very
ellicieut high school." We cannot ace
how Lake vie 'a hgh school would be
destroyed by the formation of a new dia
trict, when we do imt uak for or expect a
cent of the fund of diatrict No, 7, or
ny ol the property of the dialrict; none
of the children in the projKxied new dia
trict are eligible to the high school, or
ever attended that dopartuient, and our
now district would not lake a single
pupil away Irom the nign acliool.
ltkeview tiaa altonether a winter ee
aion. It ia a terrible hardship on the
cntluren to couijk-1 tliem to go aeveral
mile to and from school in the winter
Heaaoti through snow, rain and mud.
In the new diatrict wa would have a
Huuituer acliool. Not to, at "C'itiaon" al
leuea. that "the nareuU who rei'resont a
majority of the pupila of acliool age re-
Hiding in the proiioaeii diatrict are nieie
ly temporary reaidinta." The new dia
trict would have hitkkm ok mohk cr
inaiient pupils of school age and eleven
traiiaionta, some of whom may become
The iii'iirt-Ht family north of Lukeviow
with children of school utte lives three
miles fiom town, and the remainder are
from four to eleven miles iliHtunt. Three
miles is even a Ioiik diMtiince to travel
twice a duv in winter, if our itctitiou
la urn nt I'd uh piayed (or we can imild a
hi liool hotiHo in the new district so situ
u led that all could roiich it within a dia
taucu of one and ti luilf milea, with the
exception ol one family.
In our dimple prayer for the establish
ment of a new school tlint rict we nak
nothing iinfuir; wo only want justice,
mid an opportunity to educate our chil
dren properly. And, in aiking that, we
Iihvo no intention ul injuring any oilier
liatrict. Kverylxidy who loves justice
has signed our petition, nnd the docu
ment contains the names of nearly all
the buaiueaH men of J.ttkuview,
We would reipuiHt tliut in his next
"C'iliKi'ii" sign his true name.
l'HItn hNYDKH.
Lakeview, Oregon, Oct. 12, 11)01.
The Cedarvllle Record "Closes the
Incident" and (lives us a Mot
Parting: Shot on Con
temptible Methods."
Our friend of the Cedarville Record
"clows the incident" of the bae ball
game at Alturaa and anawer. The Kx
ainlm r si tide of two weeks ago, in the
atvle to be found below. The Examiner
willingly cloie. the matter w ith this is
cue, for the reason that there never was
at any time anything in it to raise a
rum;.'tis about. There ia only one thing
that The Kxaiuiner will not stand
for In the Record's last shot and that is
w hoie tlift editor allows himself to say,
"don't all w yoiirmilf to ever resort to
such contemptible methods again."
"You will have to show me I'm from
Miimoiiri." Ijikeview played ball ac
cording to the conditions published by
the directors of the Modoc County Fair,
and in adhering to lho conditions we
will not con fens to any "contemptible,
meihoda." We don't blame you, neigh
bor, for feeling a little sore. It takea a
fellow a long time to get over a bad at
tack of heait failure. Hero's what the
Record aays which closes thu game:
"a ll-OHKII INt'lllKXr."
I-sit week the Ijkeview Examiner
trieil to excuse the bane ball manage
ment lor doing as it did at the Alturua
Fair. About the only excuse it bad waa
that "when a fellow gets licked good
! and hard twice he naturally prepur.a for
the enemy the third time." That is one
way of looking at it. liut it was not
compulsory, and while tholooae manage
ment of the fair permitted, it hardly
Justified our neiithbors iu restortiug to
trickery and even attempted, bribery - to
di'liat the Cedarville club. The Kx
aminer says but for Codaryille' battery
and third baseman the a jo re would have
been a "disgrace to the national game."
We beg leave to say that that statement
is utterly false, as every one of the Ced
arville hoys played aa good a game in
their reMHclive positions as those men
tioned. The Cedarville club was com
posed of seven loys who had lived here
for years, and two who had boon work
ing here all summer, none of them be
ing professionals. The Kxaiuiner says
there were only four imported men iu
the I-akeview team. There was one
Lakeview man, and two Alturas men iu
the team where did the other six
come from 7 Cedarville is not sor at
the defeat of her boys, but our ieople
justly condemn the methods by which
the defeat was brought abnut. Cedarville
has a team that the Lakeview boys can't
We simply refer to the ball in at tor at
this lime to set The Examiner straight.
With us it is a closed incident, and here
by extend our T in fraternal fellow
shio and friendliness to The Examiner;
but, aay, neighbor, don't allow yourself
to ever resort to such contemptible
methods again.
I. F. Davles (Joes to Dairy.
I. F. Davies, one of the old resident!
of Lake county, haa concluded to cast
Ida lot in Klamath county, and has lo
cated at Dairy, in the heart of one of the
richest sections of Klamath. Mr. Pa
vies is preparing to open a model coun
try store at Dairy and has named his es
tablishment "The Excelsior." With
good business foreight he has entered
into a yearly contract with Tl e Ex
aminer to carry an advertisement for
him, and the same appears in this issue.
Mr. Davies has become familiar with
the business of merchandising and be
ing a thorough btixiuoHS man, as well as
man of genial personality, there is
no shadow of doubt about his future
uccess. Mr. I'uvies Is also a man ol
great enterpiiNU and we would not be
surprised (o hear of liim inducing the
Kiuniatli Electric I'ower Company to
build an electric road to Dairy, The
proprietor of "The Kxcelsioi " will also
bo t!e village poatmaster, and has or
dered a liunilHome, up-to-date postollice
cabinet with lock and wire boxes. The
good people' living in the vicinity of
Dairy will I oho nothing by having Mr.
Davios settle among them, and Lake-
county loses an honorable and upright
citizen. They will find iu Mr. Davies a
social, warm hearted gontlouian, and a
square business man.
1 " " '' ' M.a'aM nmsnaaPMBsai iaaw''p "
'111. iliiutratiua .lioa a rcrot ioT.ntiua of U. wbard, Ifareoai. It is oaed for aif
Huliuir ahi'wl wha on lb row) ia his motor ear. "11 tub. on top of tlx ear contain.
totiio-at liiiim l In wliii'li mcMuis-Hi mra raoeiTMl aod from which thrj ar. iapatehd. Th
liitiiM 1 iiiar tw uiwd la -uhr aiot or pruatrat Dositioo, but doca thu beat work vhea
' "
Lone Pine Lodge Institut
ed at New Pine Creek
With 75 Charter
Line Cine Idge, D. of II. was duly
instituted l"t Saturday evening at New
Tine Creek by Deputy Grand Chief ol
Honor Will T. Boyd, assisted by Past
Chief of Honor Mrs. Anna Weilon, Chief
of Honor Mrs- Fannie liurrua, Acting
Lady of Honor Miss Lillie tiarrue, Chiel
ol Ceremonies Mrs. Addie Arzner, and
(irand Uaher Mrs. Ann Sherlock, and
other member, of Lakeview Lodge No.
77, D. of II. of Lakeview. The following
ollicers were duly elected and properly
Mra-Msgfla Umoa P. C.efH.
Mr. B.rlha Charlton C. of II.
Mr.. Kato Morrlaou L. of H.
Mrs. Mora Hamrslejr C. of C.
Mrs. Elrua liartxog Rrlvsr.
Mr.. Pearl Barn.i Financier
Ml.. KotaOlbbina Recorder!
Via. Myrtle K. fcinltb lu.lde Watvh.
Mr. Wvckllfl Eaatar OuUIJ. Watch.
Mrs. Annia Butl.r Right Maid of Honor.
MIM.0'Niil Ult
Mr.. MskrIs Inion 1 rrar
Mr. KalilvUlUblii. 2 Ji-ar.5
Mr.. Lulu Ki'lU I ion)
Revenly-tive members were on the
Charter lint, of w hom forty-eight were
present and initiated. Illness and ab
sence from town prevented some from
lielng present, but the absent ones w ill
le initiated at an early date. The citi
zens of New Tine Creek treated the visi
tor royally and gave them a fine lunch
at which all the members of the new
lodge were seated at table. Short
addresses were, made by the new officers
and visiting members. Several applica
tions were made for beneficiaries, and
the lodge closed at midnight. Organ
izer Boyd will remain at New Pine
Creek this week to in.truct the officers
in their work.
New Tine Creek and Lone Pine Lodge,
aa well as Deputy Grand Chief of Honor
Will T. Boyd, are to be congratulated on
the splendid showing made. The Ex
aminer trusts that the interest in the
new Wge will never lag and that it will
continue to flourish like a '"green bay
tree." Few lodges start off with such
a large membership and under such
pleasant auspices. It ia to be hoped
that a large proportion of the members
will become beneficiaries, as it ia the
benefit members who take the greatest
interest in Lodge work.
Serious Runaway.
Last Saturday Stanley McLaughlin ol
New Pine Creek started with his family
for Washington, where he intends to lo
cate on some property he acquired, sit
uated across the line about twenty
miles from Portland. Upon arriving
near the place of Isaac Deter in Goose
Lake valley, the team he was driving
became frightened and ran away. Mr.
and Mrs. McLaughlin and two children
were thrown to the ground, and Mrs.
McLaughlin was severely injured. The
other occupants escaped injury. One
of (he hordes fell w hile running and the
wagon - ran upon the animal injuring
him quite badly. The family went back
to New Pine Creek and are shopping at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Itiynolds, ut
the mill, until Mrs. McLaughlin recovers
from hr injuries, when they will make
the second start for Washington, it is to
lie hoped, without accident.
North Warner Anti-Leas
ing Association Pass
Resolutions Con
demning Gill.
At a meeting of the North Warner Anti-Land
Leaning Association, held at
Plush on Saturday, the 13lh day of Oc
tober, A. D., l'.Xil the following was
adopted: is evident that the cor
porations and strong Mock companies
are nergetically using and actively em
ploying all tbe power and influence
they pot-seas to crea.e a sentiment
throughout the East favorable to leasing
ihe pontic lands 5 and, wheivas this As-
!ociation regards the proposed land pol
icy as of more importance to ns than all
other questions of puplic policy ; and be
lieving that it is traught with greater dan
ger to our business interests than any
other proposed policy with wh'ch the
country has ever been threatened, there-
lore, be it
Resolved; That should the proposed
law pass we will never herealter, in the
discharge of our duties as citizens, allow
any opportunity to pass without show
ing our disapproval and condemnation
of the men and the political parly that
may be responsible for its passage; that
we earnestly urge tbe people of each
election precinct in Lake county to meet
at the earliest day possible, that they
may take such action as may be deemed
best, in opposition to the proposed policy
f leaning the public lands, and to bring
the entire population into harmonious
action "Against Leasing." We suggest
that, when there shall be twe other As
sociations of like purposes organized,
each Association shall appoint one Mem
ber of s County Executive Committee,
which committee Bhall meet and devise
some plan by which the united voice of
the people may be taken, so that their
opposition to this movement of leasing
the public lands may be made known to
the American Co jgress in the clearest
and most effective manner.
Attest : Daniel Boons
Telephone Builders Oo On Strike.
Eight of the men working on the Lake
County Telephone line went on a strike
at Paisley last Thursday evening. It is
said that the men struck for 25 cents
more per day, but this the men deny.
Several of the strikers were here this
week and they all aver that the wages
were satisfactory, and they bad no fault
to find with the directors, or super
intendent Kimmel. They do say that
the reason they quit was because the
cook was on a continual debauch ever
since I he crew reached the stage road in
Chewaucan, and that they could not get
their meals regularly and on time, and
were not allowed to sleep owing to the
midnight rebels of the chief, who per
sisted in looking upon the wine when it
was red. They claim that they either
wanted new cook or extra pay for as
sisting in the work of preparing meals.
We understand that extra men have
been sent north to take the places of
the men who quit, and that the work
has not been long delayed owing to the
An Adjourned Meeting: of Circuit
Court Convenes Today; Rcg
nlar Term Opens Mon
dayThe Docket.
Too Circuit Court for Lake county, II .
L. beiisuii, judge, wiil open to-day at 10
a. to. as an adjourned session to dirpoee
of some rases in equity, divorce, and to
make final orders in matters that have
been settled out of court.
On Monday, Oct. 21st, the regular
semi-annual term oi circuit court will
open to try the cases on the docket,
which are as follows :
State of Oregon vs. Fred Venator In
dictment for the larceuy of a steer.
Stale of Oregon vs. Samuel Combs and
Frank Wilso i Indictment for larceny of
a steer.
Slate ol Oregon vs. Wm. Humphrey
Indictment for larceny of a caif.
Mate of Uregou vs. Wm. Ford Bound
over from justice court and indictment
foraaitaull with a dangerous weapon.
Stale of Oregon vs. John Doe Indict
ment for larceuy.
fclate of Oregon vs. John Doe Infor
mation for larceny.
Male of Oregon vs. Andrew J. Neilon
Information, larceny of public money.
A. L. Keames, district attorney, for the
prosecution; C. A. Cogswell and A. S.
Hammond, attorneys for defence.
Slate of Oregon vs. E J ward Laird
Information for la'ceny. A. E. Keames,
district attorney, for ihe prosecution ;
L. It. Webster, L. F. Conn and Lldon
M. Bratlaiu attorneys for defense.
George II, Small vs. Elmer D. I.uta
Action ia ejectment. C. A. Cogswell at
torney for plain tiff; C. B. Watacn and
B. B. Beekmao for defense.
Lakeview Bank vs. W. T. Boyd et-al
Garnishment of N. P. Tonuingsea. L.
F. Conn attorney for plaintiff ; ti perry 4
Hammond for defense.
George II. Bogus vs. R. L. Sherlock
Recovery of money. W. J. Moore, C.
A. Moore and A. . Reames attorneys
for plaintiff; C. A. Cogswell foradefense.
Lake County vs. Andrew J. Neilon
Actiou on bond of tax collector. A. .
Reames, district attorney, prosecuting;
Cogswell and Hammond for defense.
Mary A. Barnes vs. Arthur Barnes- -Suit
for divorce.
Floren.-e V. Boyd vs. John C. Apple
white To determine adverse claims to
real property. Hammond & Sperry at
torneys for plaintiff.
Paisley School District, No. 11 vs. II.
J. Sadler et al M. C. Sadler and Erwin
L. Sadler substituted To establish
boundary lines. L. F. Conn attorney
for plaintiff.
M. D. Hopkins vs. A. McCallen For
specific performance. L. F. Conn at
torney tor plaintiff.
S. P. Moss vs. L. A. Most, Annie
Moss, V. Conn and George Conn For
confirmotion ot sale. W. J. Moore and
C. A. Moore attorneys for plaintiff.
W. II. Dalrymple vs. Helen Dal
rymple Suit for divorce. C. II. Dal
rymple attorney for plaintiff; W. J.
Moore for defendant.
Maggie Tull vs. Charles Tull Suit for
divorce. L. F. Conn attorney for plain
tiff. Annie M. Chase vs. E. E. Chase
Suit for divorce. L. F. Conn attorney
for plaintiff.
Bank of Lakeview vs. Stephen Gay
lord et al Foreclosure of Mortgage. W.
A. Wilshire attorni y for plaintiff.
Only Seven Accepted.
W. Z. Moss returned from Terino last
Monday evening. He bought in Lake
county, broke and drove a band of young
horses numbering 47 head to Ternio for
George 11. Bayley w ho is buying for the
American Government. After insiiec
tion only seven out of the iorty-seven
were accepted by the inspecting ollicers.
They would oniy accept animals of bay
and roau colors. The horses aie to be
used in the artillery. Mr. Moss says
out of a bunch of 300 at Termo, only 811
were accepted. Horses must "look
good" to the American inspecting olli
cers, or they are thrown out. Mr. Moss
sold more out of his bunch than any
olher man.