Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 29, 1901, Image 8

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fj iji ajs J; fja js
All kinds of News Notes
Taken on
The Fly
By an
Examiner Representative
A fine stream of water has Ihhmi struck
in the town well.
A few line rf Iju-e Curtains just re-
ceivetl at meter f.
Charlie Linehargcrraiue in from Plush
A. F. DeWitt was over from Plush
with Jeff Parish last wet-It.
The Confectionery sola at bieiier is
Iwavs fresh. New lota are received
eery week.
Bert Nichols arrived from Med ford
Dr. Steiner and family returned yes
terday morning from talent.
Bieber's Agate Ware prices are just a
little below the other fellow, and the
iiuality of the Ware is consideraole bet
ter. A. B. Seal, the "drummer boy" and
J. B. McCullongh, the sheepman of Re
no arrived Tuesday.
L. Ci. Thomas, the woolgrower, came
in from his Sprague river range Monday,
and is spending a few days in town.
Schminck is celling a good many of
those tine ranges. N-e him when you
want a gotd stove or range at a moderate
All the leading brands are to be found
at the Hotel Lakeview cigar stand. Try
the 25 cent cigar there.
Schminck's agateware and glassware
is all the go. Save money and buv of
Schminck. 35-2
Roy Paston returned last week from
Montana, w here he has been residing
for nearly two years.
John SomrneM, advance agent for
Leonder Bros, circus, who was here last
week, once represented Linn county in
the Oregon legislature.
Attorney W. J. Moore and family left
this week for Crater Lake via Ashland.
They will be absent about three or four
The selection of Glassware at B eber'a
is better y far than you will usually
found in Lakeview Htores.
Al McDowell .made a hasty trip from
Fish creek to Lakeview and return list
George II. Ay res returned Monday
evening from San Francisco, having been
absent on business and pleasure com
bined for a month. .
The commodious addition to the Barry
property f the Cottage hotel) is nearing
completion atid adds greatly to the good
appearance of North Water street.
It is understood that tl.e match game
of baseball that was to have been played
in Lakeview between the Stte Line and
Iavis Creek teams has been called off.
John S. Watson, who went north to
buy sheep, has purchased 1800 wethers
at the going price, said to be less than
$2.50, ami will purchase 1000 more before
he, returns,
M. Lauer, member of the big Modoc
firm of M. Lauer & Sons, arrived here
Tuesday evening. Mr. Lauer has many
iriend,-. in Lakeview who are always
glad, to see him.
H. V. Dangberg, of Carson, Nevada,
ha been spending a week in Lakeview.
Mr. Dangberg is a Nevada stockman, and
ii looking for some large purchases of
sheep in this county.
Boh Hunter, the biggest baseball rrank
this side of Milpetas, and the well known
and popular Fireman's Fund Insurance
(.Company agen1, arrived in town Tues
day evening.
Mr Fiich, who has been engaged on
the Rustler for several weeks, will leave
for bin home. Chehali, Washington, on
Moudiy. Mr. Fitch is a good printer
and a pleasant gentleman.
Tow 11 Talk 6ya that great fire in rag
;ng in Awliland canyon, and on the hills
above that town. A vant area of land
ha been covers i by the flames, and the
tow n has been filled almost to suffocation
with suioke.
Several new houses are being erected
in Lakeview. Frank Barnes, Kldon
Woodcock and Clint Linebargur are- just
finishing their tine homes in the north
end and Moe rHriplin has an elegant
two-story residence well on the way
down on West Street.
Miss Etta Johnson arrived fioin New
port last week. She has been sending
a part of her vacation with Prof, and
Mrs. J. It. McCormack at that dt light
ful place, and has returned to again take
up her duties in the Lakeview public
school. Hince leaving here Miss John
win taught several months of a summer
school in Sonoma county, Cal.
M. E. MiHgrove of Montague arrived
here Saturday.
R. O. Rowley of Chicago was at Hotel
lakeview Saturday.
M.-s. Elmer Rinehart and son were in
town Monday from the mill.
James Kistler of Cedarville lias gone
to Pennsylvania, his old home 011 a
II. P. Empiist, the sheepman came in
from camp Monday and remained a few
days. W. D. Puke returned from San Fran
cisco last week, and went to the ZX
A great fire burned several days last
week in the railroad snow sheds near
Mrs Aviranette was ill several days
during the lust week, but is somewhat
U'tter now.
James Ivory, an old and esteemed
citizen of Modoc county, died on the
10th inst.
Roller's selection of Gol? Caps are dif
ferent in pattern than you will hud at
any oilier store. Childrens Tom O'Shant
ters, Yacht Caps and new styles of Hats
Lakeview has Good Little Hoys
But They Can't Play Hall
Tor Shucks.
have arrived.
Wat. h the "For Sale" column in The
Examiner. Some rare bargains are ap
pearing there.
The Bishop-Weblwr place at Cedar
Pass, has been sold to Cressler A Bonner
the Cedarville bankers.
John II. Penland of Cedarville has
purchased the ranch of B. F. Scammon
at Cedar Pass. Price 13,000
Haying is completed in South Warner,
and the Warner Stock Company is gath
ering the beef for the fall drive.
F. T. Gunther went to Paisley Mon
day to do some work on Conn's cash
register and returned Tuesday
Three bath tickets for $1 at Frank
Smith's barber shop. First class in
every respect. Shop one door south of
Hank. ;J0U
Duke Bennett and Ed. Dunnavin, two
substantial citizens of South Warner,
were business visitors in Lakeview M011
J. Early Boone, one of the progressive
young ranchers ami horsemen of the
Plush section, was in Lakeview last Sat
urday on land business.
Dr. Dewey will go back to his old
stand in Alturas on Sept. 10th to put
gold into the mouths of the people ot
that locality.
Bob Paxton and son Walter returned
last week from Sisyon, where they as
sisted Gilford in driving his bands of
mutton sheep.
Harry Glacier returned last Saturday
after enjoying a week's tour of the
towns of Surprise Valley. He rode h is
heel the entire distance.
Wanted Two Oregon girls to work at
a California health resort. Dining room
and chamber work. Good wages the
year round. Enquire at this oflice. 1-2
Ladies, you should read the new ad
vertisement of C. U. Snider in this issue
of The Examiner. Mr. Snider has
something to say of great interest to you
Jeff. Parish, foreman for Mapes in
Warner, was a business visitor here
Monday. Mr. Parish has not yet recov
ered from the injury to his eye, caused
from the recoil of a reata, several weeks
Arthur Follett and Chester Easter of
New Pine Creek passed through here
last Friday enroute to Ashland. They
expect to return in ten days with a big
load of fruit, including peaches, iiears
and grapes.
Senator Fred Cox, of the cattle firm of
Cox & Clark, Sacramento, arrived Sun
day and is looking over the firm's pos
sessions in Lake county this week. Su
perintendent Felix (ireen went to Agur
after the Senator.
George Syron was thrown from a
horse a few miles below Lakeview last
Saturday. The young man fell in a pile
of rocks and was badly cut and bruised
about the face and head. The horse
was a young animal, jiist caught up out
of pasture, and was vicious.
In reporting the return of the hunting
party from Guano creek, last week, we
gave Mr, Hamersley credit for nearly all
the antelope scalps that were taken.
The fact is W. D. Woodcock killed eight
of the eighteen antelope, besides three
fine deer and five coyotes. Little Jack
Woodcock also brought down a fine antelope.
The lst Issue of the Cedarville Reurd
contains the following details of the
Imschall game between I-akeview and
the Surprise Valley team :
I.ait Tuesday evening a Mrtion of the
lakeview baseball club, consisting of
Messrs. Win, Gunther, Fent Smith,
Earnest Brown, Manly Whorton, C.
Easter and Warner Snider, arrived here.
and were Joined by Chan, and "Bogs"
Warner of Alturas to play ball with the
Cedarville club. Being short one man,
U't Paey of this place "took the owl It of
llegiance" ami the lakeview club was
complete. At 2 o'clock Wednesday a
fair sized crowd hail gathered at the lull
ground to witness the con ten I lietwem
the "gladiators of the dia nond." Some
good hall playing was done, hut the
home team was too much for tle visit
ing team and the game came to a close.
with the lat half of the eighth not be
ing played by the victors, as follows:
Lakeview, 0 tl 012 1 0 0 :t-7
Cedarville, 0 8 5 4 10 0 1 14
On Thursday the same tenuis again
faced each other, and up to the 7th in-
niug good ball was playet, the score'
standing ;l to (, when lakeview "let
loo" and Cedarville ran up 7 tul
lies to their i redit. From that time on J
the result was plain, and with half of '
the Dth inning to the Cedarville club's I
credit the score s:od us follows:
I-akeview 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 :t
Cedarville 0 0 3 2 1 0 7 3 HI
Thus giving the game to the home
team. Nme tine plays were made. Ir
win Kit-tier took in some pretty and hot
flys. John Carter made a neck to neck
race with a home run, tint the umpire
ruled him out. "McCormick" made
neat home run tv lauding the hall wav
beyond the lielders. In fact aitood many
neat plays were made by both clubs.
Lakeview has no cause to feel aggriev
ed at her club. They are nice, gentle'
manly young men, a credit to any town,
and had they crossed bats with any
other club north of Sacramento or in
Southern Oregon, they would undoubt
edly have defeated them, but the Cedar
ville boys were too much for them and
won out simply by playing flrt class
ball. They took their defeat cheerfully,
and conducted themselves atove re
proach and made many friends while
The Cedarville hoy a wore iheir honors
with becoming modesty, and we of Ce
darville cannot help but feel proud of
them. The attendance was hardly as
large a could have been desired, owing
k the busy time of the year, the gate
receipts being .(. Thursday v 'ning a
social ball was indulged in and a pleas
ant time was hail by all.
That's Imek of every sale we make. We think,
really, more of that than we tlo of yout money. If
yon are wttisfietl we know we will jjet your money.
So if you have the slightest jjrievenee, tell us of it.
dive us a ehanee to make it rijjht. We will if it's
within our power. We tlon't think of the expense
or trouble in our endeavor to make you satisfied.
That's what we are here f r.
We are tfciiiitf to make this a "BUST STORE"
"YOUR STORLV-yours by choice.
Ladies Summer Vests, 2 for 25c
Lawns reduced from
12 yds to 16 yds for 1.00
Talented People to Come Here.
The Examiner is in receipt of a letter
from Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moore, late of
the Rudewin Company, who are now
teaching a clan in elocution at Klamath
Falls. Tbene talented people express
their delight at the protpectof returning
to Lakeview for the winter and organic
ing a class in elocution, besides giving
some plays for the winter months with
the assistance of local talent. The mat
ter is now in the hands of a few of our
young ladies, who will endeavor to or
ganize a class for Mr. and Mrs. Moore.
There is little doubt that a large class
can be gotten up, and an invitation will
be forwarded to the Moore's to come to
This is Pretty Dry.
Cedarville Record : A. L. Page, who
has just returned from Missouri, says,
substance - that : There have been
times so dry io the western part of that
state you would have to soak a hog over
night before iie would hold swill. There
are places out there where water is wet
only on one side. I know one place
where the owner of a ferry boat hauls
water most of the time to keep his boat
running. Water is so. scarce in some
parts that men won't drink it. Why
they used to have to run a well through
a wringer to get enough water for coffee.
An Eventful Trip.
May Eighty, junior member of this
firm, and Miss Delia Smith left here last
Friday for a short visit to Reno, return
ing Tuesday says the New Era. They
had a pleasant trip, though somewhat
an eventful one, as on their way to Reno
they were delayed half a day by a
w recked train near Doyle, while on their
journey home their train was wrecked
near Aniedee and five cars thrown off
the track. No one was hurt in the first
wreck, but in the second a train hand
was very badly injured, while the ex
press agent was bruised up considerably.
& NEW I'lNli CKtliK
Is rapidly forging; aheud aa.J
V Follett iiimI Ainivk, the Merchant
a tire trotting along at the hal
of the priKH'ttaioM.
? Ila already Imh-ii received anl more
e) new- giHxl 1, re arriving at owe frUwe
v nil the time
1? We have everything ilesiroite in the
A (Jroi nrjr Line. A apecinl lira of Uetita
g Funny Hurts. An-elegant line of
?T (.'atiiitn, Cigars niwl Tobacev. Watch
d for our Iry Good Dieplay.
Is known the world over as affording the most simple, re
liable and economical xer for all pures.
Ten ThousanJ Wheel Now Running
F illing every condition of service in the moet cltivicitt and
satisfactory way.
Electric Fbwer Transmission
I'ELTON WIIK.KIt are the rvruvniu-d standard for oiwrating (ienerators, and
are running tite majority of stations of this character in all parts of the world.
Water Pipe and Transmission Machinery
And all appliances connected with a power Uuit, supplied on the most reasonable
terms. ShittwientH made from Hun Franciw or New York as may afford the
most favorable freight rates. Catalogues, English or Spanish, furnished on appli
cation. Address, leiving conditions of service.
I pay no rents, I pay no clerk, but do my own
work. IT'S EA5Y to see how I can rive you
better bargains th&n any house In the county
On Main Street
- Lake !tw