Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 29, 1901, Image 4

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Pualt.Haa' Every Tkareday
Maaaalc BalMlag
(One Year, $2.00
J Six Month 1.00
(Three Month, 50
Fell on mi Open Knife.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Mnlkey reached
Willow Katich last Thursday on the
way to their home at lavis Creek, after
nailing l.akeview. While eating lunch
at the Ratwh Mr. Mnlkey .lipped ami
Ml to tlx ground with an open knife in
hi hand. The blade penetrated his left
eide ami made a serious wound. A phy
ician called hastily (mm Xew Pine
Creek, and the result of the wound has
not Wen learned up to the hour ct goin
to press, but it is thought not to be dan-
irerw. Mr. Mnlkey is a school teacher
who recently wedded Miss Pearl (teorge
t f-akevicw.
Going To Leave Lake view.
Judge E. !. Sperry sold his fine resi
lenee property in Lakeview lust week
and will remove with his family within
two 'veeks to Coquille, Coos county, on
the coast. II. C. Whitworth was the
purchaser of the Serry home. Situa
ted as it is in most picturesque spot at
the niourh of Kullard canyon, Mr. and
Mrs. Whitworth now have the most
pleasant home in Iakeview. Judge Sper
ry informs us that lie leaves Lakeview
with many regrets, and his only reason
for making (he change is on account of
his wile's health.
Ayres, Whitworth & Ay res.
We have it from parties interested
that the tirui of Oeii. II. Ayres A Co. will
change its name on the First of Septem
ber to Ayres. Whitworth it Ayres. Mr.
Irvin Ayres, Pacific Coat ManHger of the
American Can Co, becomes t partner, he
is the uncle of Mr. .ieo. Ayres mid mm
of meins. The new firm intends to car
ry a very complete line of general mer
chandise and to sell as che.p s the mar
ket w ill allow.
Returned From Grldl-y.
Will Ileryford, Win. Egan and Alex.
McCulley, who assisted I. N. Castle in
the drive of 1000 head of cattle the latter
bought from Heryford Bros., returned
last week from Girdley, Butte county,
where the cattle were separated. They
all say they wouldn't live at tiirdley for
a fortune. The day they separated the
cattle the thermometer registered 114
and the next day 113 in the shade. The
party was absent a month.
Leonder Bros. Circus.
Leonder Bros, circus showed here three
days during the week to a fairly good
business. Owing to the fact that do
many people are away from Lakeview
and Uoot-e Lake val.ey this company did
not do so well as formerly. All who at
tended the performances were well
pleased. The acrobatic features are
worth the price of admi.sion, and are as
good at can lie seen in any circus ring.
.Leonder Brothers are reliable.
Returned From Ashland.
U. llrimea returned home from Ash
land last Friday, accompanied by Mrs.
t rimes and her pon George Syron. Mra.
0 rimes has Wen visiting for ntne time
at Drain. Mr. Grimes savs It did him
good to see a railroad again, but he saw
no country on his trip that he would ex
change anv part cf I.ake connty for.
Some territory be passed through was
famous for various things some for
snakes and rocks, some for fruit and pro
hibition, and others for baseball clubs.
Urinies ssys Lake county is all right.
At Ashland he talked with A. McCallen,
Pr. llerndon, and (5. W. Stephenson,
the latter at onetime proprietor of the
livery stable here. Pr. llerndon has a
leautifnl home in Ahland, but cannot
live there on account of asthmatic
troubles, lie will either return to Lake
view or go to Burns. The building of
the First National Bank of which Mr.
McCallen is cashier, is a Hne one, and
that gentleman has a fine home. Mr.
Stephenson has been engaged in the
horse business since leaving Lakeview.
Too Much For Lakeview.
A colored minstrel show appeared at
the opera hotie Monday night, and not
withstanding Leonder Bro's firms was
billed for the same night the colored
gents g-t al' the crwd. The show was
about on the average ol interior travel
ing aggregations, and no one who at
tended felt like asking for the return of i
their money at the lsx otbe.e. The;
dancing by "Piccaninny" tieorge was
about the lest part of the performance, j
and the quartette singui: was fairly1
good. Ithas.luavs la-en a wonder to;
us why these traveling nhows don't keep
up to-date in mime and fun. Thev seem .
to think that any old "chestnut." will
do for the interior, ami by so doinit they '
injure other companies that might hap-
h-p. aloti)! with some merit in their!
make-ups. However, the colored mill-
strels di J something while here that the
writer has never heard of In-fore take
thei rowd and leave empty seats in the
. ircus tent. Two such "wonderful" en
tertainments in one night is too much
or Lakeview .
li have mnnv new customers each sea son corn ing to our csttiblishtncnt
''who tell us they always understood thnt we handled good quality of
goods. Our reputation with our customers is not mndehy any par
ticular line of goods we hac, hut hy the general excellence of every article in our
stock. We acknowledge we carry good quality of goods. This refers to our
cheaper goods in just the same degrrec as to those of the very hest ipiality.
In onleiing our goods we give just as particular attention to the durability,
the substantial make and the superior quality of the low priced goods as we do
to the medium and better grades, but our assortment is mainly confined to the
medium and better grades.
The strength of our lines is apparent when yu look at our stock, and for
Sring- and Summer we venture to assert that there is not another stock of goods
in the country that is equal to ours in its wonderful variety, in its great range of
price, in its particular style of everything that we show.
We solicit the business of the jieople of Southeastern Oregon and can readily
convince them that we are the best house to trade with in this entire region.
tailed Meeting: A. F. & A. M.
A called communication of lakeview
lodge 71, A. F. A. A. M., wi'l be held at
Masonic Hall, Saturday evening, Aug
-.'Jlst, at 8 o'clock p. m. for work in the
d Degree.
Visiting Brothers invited to attend.
Here's a Snap.
J have 20 head of yearling Heryford
bulls, all of ihem registered, that I would
ell at f 100 each if taken at once.
E. O. Bunting. 3.5-1 mo
Interview With Manager.
An interview with Vice-President and
Manager Dunaway of the N-C-O who
went over the line last week with one of
the owners, Mr. Moran of New York,
the Heno Gazette says :
It is the intention of the company to
extend the road further north. The six
teen mile extension to the border of Ma
daline plains will be completed in Octo
ber. "We can't get the rails before that
tine, but will make short work of laying
them when they arrive. We have the
grade practically done now. The town
of Madeline will lie oi:r next stopping
place, and we shall make that the end
' f the first division, which of necessity
means repair hops of more or less mag
nitude." He said that he had no doubt that the
road would be extended as far us Lake
view, Oregon, anyway.
flen Wanted.
The Chewaucnn 1-innl A Stuck Com
pany wish to employ a number of men
immediately to work on their ranch in
Chewaucan Valley. There will be plenty
of work until snow lies. :(0 '
Plat to be Filed.
l-aml (lltlw at laksvlrw. Ilrnnn I
Mil if K I rx-rrbr Riven that an approved
IMH-Ial lat of the Kurt Klamath attli'd
Military anil liar Keaervailum. 1 p J.I S. k 7', '
K W III M.-r. Or, K.,n. will hied In i lit. i.rtw
in the '! dar Aiimi.t, lml. (in and afur ,
ald 2?d (Uy ol Aiwiu.i, lunl. application lor
ha entry ol lamia In in lrv tIIhmI Town- '
ship 111 be revived at l)il ofllrf and made if
record. K. M. HHATTA I N, !(. int.-r. ;i it
IIAKKV H.MI.riV, Kix.-clviT
Hereford Stock arm
Drows Volley, Oregon.
F. O. Duntlng, Owner
largest herd of registered
Herefords in Oregon
It) Registered Yearling Bulls
LLlOO, 120 and I GO ouch
New Vegetable
All kinds of lierries, Vegetables &
Fruit carried in season.
Leave orders and what you want
for the day will be delivered at
your door, fresh and sweet.
4 4 r vwAf.(;'r
Tom A. Smith, the vehicle and agri
cultural agent of Baker & Hamilton, who
was ill all last week in Lakeview, re
covered sufficiently to go to the railroad
at Termo last Katurday. His firm upon
learning -i his illness w ired him to go to
liis home at Oakland until he fully re
covered to resume his duties. L. K. C.
Jordan took him as far as Alluras by
private conveyance.
Mr. Ed Ftewart, of Wisconsin, lias
been in Modoc some time purchasing
mules for the Eastern market, says the
IMaindealer. lie has so far succeeded in
purchasing 225, arid left here yesterday
to superintend their shipment. Jle will
return and remain in Alturas and vicin
ity about two months. We understand
he is paying a fair price for two-year-olds
and up,
Whorton & 8mith invite the public to
call and see them in their new quarters
where they have a tine stock of liquors
and cigars, and a commodious club
room and reading room' Nothing but
the best of everything is aerved in their
club room, and courteous treatment is
given to all their patrons. The Whorton
t Hmith establishment is one of the fin
est north of Heno, Nevada. When you
come to Lakeview drop in and eeefieorge
and Kent. 35 1
doing to Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. (ills Schlagel and child,
and Misses Gertrude and Annie St. hi age),
leave to-day for Yreka. Mrs. Schlagel
will remain in Yreka a few days visiting
relatives and friends, and then go to her
old home, (ieueva, Ohio, on an extended
visit to her mother and other relatives.
Mrs. L. P. Clippenger will meet Mrs.
chlagel at Montague and will accom
pany her to Ohio. Mrs. Clippeuger will
vinit her mother at Salcon, Ohio, her
birthplace, which she has not seen for
muriv t'oura Kliu will alusi t'iuit ..ll....
...... .j J - "v, ... irv n, uuirj J
places in Ohio and extend her visit to M
1 ' t!
ew York, rtoth ladies expect to re-! fQ
main Last during the w inter. Mr. Scli
lagel w ill remain in Yreka a couple of
weeks visiting old friends.
IAID0R ALAMO hf? ! pui
...Southern Oregon State Normal Schwl...
Strong Ai'inlniiic course. I'rofcssioniil training of tin liiglieM v. '
letice. Kirst-clasH Training Ib juirtinetit. Well (iiiij.jM il Lnlav ( u
ii'H The tlciniuiil for trained teiicliera excecJ tin- Hi)jly. (irmli 1
fiisily Hfcure good positions;. Ilea 11 ti fill location. Ili-st tlitnnti -the
Const. KxpcnscH from $12." to $l.r) js r yeur. Kali "term lu g:
Septcinbcr Hth. Write for Catalogtie. ''. 3iu
W. M. CLAYTON, lrcsldcnt.
Armstrong at Puyallup,
The Examiner is in receipt of a letter
from Ed. Armstrong, the contractor,!
n.,. .v.. Btuiai IJIUiiiiiQ M$(J KJr
Hfattle. Mr. Armstrong has purchased
a home place at Puyallup, Washington,
nine miles from Tacoma, and says he is
veiy much pleased with the country.
The letter says: "We have done with
out The Examiner just about long
enough havn't seen a copy of your
paper since June 1st so send it along at
once. If the people here treat us as
well as they did in Lakeview we will
have no kick coming. Give my regards
to all friends."
had experienced a
of loves--5uch a
We'd much prefer
St. Mary'a.
Studies will be resumed at St, Mary's
Academy, Jacksonville, Ore., the first
Monday in September. 33 2
Notice of Special Meeting.
4 . S . r N , ). .. ..MtnuH ...... .. . .... ... , .. 1.
-SmUii vlew lua I. o. i. K., that
w.tiw- there will be a .Ductal im-Htliiir !
aid Indue at the I. O. O. V. bail In UkevT.-w.
Oregon, on Welueiay evening, Meiiieinber
111b. lain, at which llinu lion. I. 11. N,-U,m
t.raud Mauler, I. O. 0. K. for the Hlaie of Ore
son will bo prawmt. All member, are reapeet
fully reque.teU to meet with u. on .aid ven.
i. W. M(XJMK,
As if we
they'd be on "your hands."
We're going to "palm" them
off this week. Better have a
"hand" in the deal. Cost
nothing to "see."