Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 07, 1901, Image 2

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    ft All e Qloimtu OrJtrttnlufr
PuMUhtd Evry ThurwUy
Maaonlc RuiMIng
Vietouu'" "olieitnde dr tho ned
mother of cur martyred (iarNo'id wr
borne in honored renioinbranoo ty a
multitude of Amorii'iini.
Tl... Ill .1 .......... i...- I... i
.... tin lliilll Ml 1'1-m I- nun rimu.n.i.
i flasA r 111!
TERMS: - Six Months. t 1 .00 , President MoKinloy has boon asked by
(Three Months, 50 the Inreetory of the Federal party in
------ - : tlui riiiliiniu'!t to cstuhlisli n civil
LAfcMIK". .. 7. lHt.
' government.
Tho passi,, of Vietor.a leave thoi j.imi (.,mnlv Wlll),s rt ,., f ,10
youthful Wilholmina the only reigning rtfctlt.i,s eeition of Une .ounty.
Wueen in tlu' world, j A vigorous litfht is on in tl..' Oregon
legislature on this aoeouiit. I.iuii'
Tin llohcmian Nugget says that (Yn
trossnian Toniiiie is tho " right man in
the right plate" and Tin- F.xaminer
"seconds tho motion."
waxes rth and passes ttrtiif ii'iolu-
j tions in mass melting, lt'i a merry
Tho Prim-ess (.juoon of K.iigland is a j
handsome woman, hut tho leat said j
about tho now king in thai respoet tho !
better, although ho is paid to ho a groat
" killer."
A pplt-iul itl hill introduced in tho State
Legislature provides for an imprison
ment of from one to ton years for mis- j 'ho thoroughbred
taking a persi n for an animal ami kill
ing him. The hill sh uld pass.
.1 nl i mi Pyrd, editor of the Unrns
Times-lloralil has gone into the busi
ness of raising ehiekons hy tho iiicuha
tor process in .injunction with the
husiness of conducting a high-class re
ligious weekly newspaper. Houhtless
tho elass of l'.y rds to ho hatched out in
tho Times-Herald "honnorv" will ho
j Mrs. Nation, ho startled tho Nation j
j the other day hy smashing tho interior i
Flori la's eat tie iioids have been ,,.. I of a tray tern pie of P ie. h-n in,
pletod U restock Cuba, which was strip-, in turn, I n slartle.l by the wife J of live stock during -ho war with : 'f tl.e proprietor..! the ile t!M
Spain, and the ranges of the lnited , pala.-e, w ho sought her out ami Imr-e-
States are being seoure.l for liorses to ! " hipped her puhliely.
make up the tremendous mortality
Our Clearance Sale is proving a success
I Combination Suits 1
i . I
We still have a limited number of Ladies, Misses
W, and children's Combination Suits which will be
si closed out at 50 cents each. Call early and get
6 your size. . . . ....
ocai"iio 1 hv war in South Afrio.t.
M rs. Nat i'.n ;
w ill beh.ive her-elt for a few d.ns-at
least until the whiplash bruises disap
pear Inni her saucy fa -e. j
The San Francisco P.ulletin. after tnen
tioiiii the visit of a nuinl erof California
l.ei-i.ilots at san (jueiitiu last week,
nareastieally remarks that, so iar as re
j)rtel, t.ot one of the visitors showed
any too'-'tive familiarity with the
interior of the i.laee.
If the learned l'r..fos-orj of Stanford
eoiitiii ie t'i withdraw from that in-iitu-ti.-n
there wiil be ii"h" loft to do the
work, and others will not aeeept si
tions in an institution wh .. policy is
to th'vHie Flee Speeeli. It was a sorry
day f .r Stanford l iiiversiiy when 1 r t .
Koss h it it.
President t'has. M. Il.iy- of the:
Southern Paeitie railroad has shown a'
far sihtidne-. in his first otli.'ial move
ment, lie has ordered the rates for,
colonists fnuii the Kast to the P.n itie
Coast slashed down to a maximum of
'J" from al! points we-t of the Mi-,,im
river. Tho eoloiii"! rate from Chieao
is tixe I at jpl; from St. l.onis, Mem
phis and Now ti leans fJ7."! ; from I in.i
h i. Kan-.i", and Houston L'-".
Putt of Yamhill ha
lip aaiiist the real
-: 1 1 . -1 1 1 ! v l'.ufe.
thino in h s I. ill t.j i-'ll off all i.-es whieh
are iio.v turned into the eoffeis of the
.s'-eretary of State. I le i l.ums that the
state So -rotary i .-t'::. ri-h -that his
ine.ime roaelu-s 15. mm ani.'ialiy. There
will he "soinethint; doiiik.'" when this
bill comes up f .r si-sae.
T!ie Women ot Kaiisas seem to l.e de
termilied to break Up the saloons.
Spurred on by the daiim; of 'rs. N.i- ,
tioii a ho n- at rested .1 few weeki win
lor .leiiiololiin.' tho haiid-ooii- inter ior
of a saloon in Wiehita. four other wo
inon who M'ok notoriety aio now in jail
at t he -.line pl.n e on a similar charge.
The-e tool i.-li w linen w iil di-e )Ver that
they cannot break up the saloon as n
business. It takes the w hole people ol
a Nation to accomplish that. I'.ut, then,
some women pant for notoriety. I
A bii! w ill bo introduced in the reZoii 1
Legislature, if modesty of 1 he originator j
does not prevent, for the ostabli.-bineiit I
of a horseshoe commission, the princi-;
pal lealute of the proposed law beiiitr j
the payment of fll to the commission!
before a man can pursue the horse
shoeing hu-iliess in Oregon. After hav-
..... ., 'O.l
lli pant this lionus lor llie privilege lie
in; then proi oed to destroy as many j
horses' hoofs as may be taken I) him.
No pn,vi-ioii is made lor exeiiditure of
tho money thus received by the com
mission except hy the commission itmdf,
Cadet Kdward X. Johnston of Oiet?ot) j h""' nu-iiibers may visit at pleasure
will be graduated at the head of the remote regions of tl.e Hate in the
West Point t la-s of He is one of ! prosecution of their olliciul duties and
the brightest men who have been
(graduated from the Military Academy
in years. He w as appointed from this
Jud 'e Kiueaid of the l:'.u'ene .louri al
and some i ther- like him, who are em
phatically out-ide of the Uepubli.-ai.
party in every way, are dointr tli: ir
friends no iiood by undertukii.i.' to dic
tate action to the Pepe.blic. r: legislators
on the Senatorial fpies'i 'ii. And who
ever i- contiolliiig those agencies would
be wise to call them off. Republicans
are nod natnied a:.d h.i,--uf!erii.. but
they d'j u A re!i-h tnlosl.i,i from trait
ors and avowed enemies. (Jiegon .statesman.
state and entered West Point in June,
JS!t". Cadet Johnston is 24 years of
ae and the tallest man in his class.
He will get first i hoice, after reeeiviiiK
liis commission, in the Knineer Corps.
Oregon against the world for bright
boys and pretty girls.
The Pepublicaiis of the Senate in cati
ons have decided not to crowd through
(hi- Nicaragua canal bill until Great
Piiuin has had a fair opstrtunity to
htudy the amendments to the Hay
Pauneofoti: tieatv and decide what to do
about (hem. There is no disposition to
abandon canal legislation for the nes
Hon, but to move forward and in order.
A determination was expressed not to
let the session clone without passing the
pending bill, and it was suggeKted that
thus, at so much per diem, expend the
thousands of dollars exacted from the
horscshoer who desire to do business
in Oregon. This is a graft o tho first
water, and hhou!d la! smothered at once.
Like Dawson Winter.
The Wengler correspondent to the
Redding Free Press tells of a hard trip
over the snow ex perienoed by Mr. and
Mrs. J. II. liuick. They started for
Kedding on hiowsIiooh from the big
wood camp at Wengler, intending to
take their two sons to the Ashland
Normal school. Mr. Jiuick is inex
lericiiced in the art of handling biiow
nhoes and had many thrilling adven
tures going out. He fell over the grade,
the Hiiowshoes would cross each other,
and in lining down some of the hills
would leave him behind sitting flat up
on the snow. The next morning when
Mr. Puiek entered the Montgomery
hotel he went along through tho hall
dragging his feet as if trying to utocr his
miowhIioch, and remarking that lie- felt
rather sore from bin previous day'b ad
venture. Mm. Hniok, however, stood
the Socretarv of State iniirht intimate to
England that only forty days remain. ' the trip finely and did not complain
The Railroads
Kuildin In Oregon lrmie!i to be
Lnu.ually Active Ibis Near.
I he Ireeoniaii teti rs cditoiiaHy to
railroad building in Uni'"ii as follows;
Palli'oad building in Oregon ptoini-cs
to I e unusually atiie in the coming,
mo'it li-. Hot '.i it hstan bng great lallua)
com! i ',; i,.s a l e 1 1 ider of the i!a.
A I noli g be lo -a ill le.- that ate lea -on ably
sure lo have rail connection ii tbe;
outside Woll I belote I'.SK'i are Pi iiicl die,
( 'anyou ( ii y, l.akeview and Klamath
Pall-, III Pastern i, goii, slid I Ilia
mook I'-ay, on the coast. This moans 1
slreti'ini.g a line eii'ireli acio-s thestate
north and s' U'h, with biaia lies to tap
important producing!- tion-. hke lake
county and the I 'par John I'av allei.
The oMeii.-ion of the L!gin btaiich of
the O. II. iV . N . Iifty or sixty miles into
the Wallowa Valley i abeady assnied. .
There I- likely to bo siiine railroad cmi
struction in the Snake Piver Valley to
reach the ote- of the Seven levils
mines, in Idaho, and the gold mines of ,
the Kastoru part of I'liioii county. Tho I
project for building a railroad from j
Pol llaial to Tillamook county due t is i
under way, and theie is no doubt that j
it ill sin coed. Not all the enterpl ises
for building tailioads in Oregon are iol
formulaic I, hut I his is a, field on which (
capital now looks wilh hivor, and it!
Will lie a race, in some cases, lo seel
hull of tm or three projects shall j
get posos.i ,n i, f c.ivelo l territory. It j
is propahle that between I'll I and "SKI
miles ol new railroad will be built in
Oregon in tl.e coming two years.
'The (Jralts."
The Poit land Telegram chaiacterizes
the Scalp lloiinty law as a "graft."
Listen to the editorial u..uiof that bright
religious evening Astoi.i. her :
The scalp-bounty law will he passed,
not because it is a good or a just law,
but to "give Pastern Iregon something,"
so as to gain Pastern Oregon votes for
other appropriations or projects, per
haps more or perhaps less worthy.
Here is an instance wherein a writer
"editorializes" on a subject he knows
nothing about. The old scalp bounty
law, in its crude form, and now asked to
be repealed for a better one, was the
means of saving hundreds of thousands
of dollars to stockmen of Pastern Ore
gon by reason of the killing of protla-
tory animals. Thissee'iou is not in the j
"graft" business, and if it was it would
I ........ ,,;., Ml l..rl
nave a nngoij' D,,"n
When you go to K lamath Palls don't
fail to see C. J). Wilson the popular
caterer at the (Jem saloon. Ile carries
tiie finest Mock in town and will treat
vou right. TheOoin is the 'sipular resort.
Try the Hermitage whisky there. 2'i-tf
"Tie r Ih a clmrm ly sn,, often tolil,
,.!.,. . I lOK Kll II ooclien I llto Kolt ;
I in. ,,i cull wiiillie where'er ') fortune placcil,
( un rem- KHrileii hi the ilesert wuhIo."
The contented people about town are
those w ho enjoy their drinks and smokes
at Post A King's. Mf
Homombor the W. O. W. ball on
Washington's birthday in Lakeview. It
will be great. a
About prices, just as everyone likes
to lead the conversation around
to his strong point or pet argument.
VI; know our prices are lower
than those of competing houses.
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can convince you if you
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