Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 07, 1901, Image 1

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Right of Way Across the
Indian Reservation Is
Not Granted.
till t'l il J h i i ;; i I r: i : i .
Special Rates on Several
Lines l:roni the East
for Settlers.
Chlcngo to l.nkcvlrw (or I'orty
l our Dollars N. C. O. Man
ugeiticnt Assisting in Set
tllnjj up the Country
Along it I. inc..
Tin-in. uiiiinn-iit of the Niwnl.i Cult-
luriiiit i iregnu Itailway (ci-m hcnl on iim -
siding H in it hiuit in the op hoild-
int and settlement nl tin' muiilry
llirnuli uliii li i ' h linen run, and the
utiiI'.in tlmt uill In- r.iiinii' I liy it"
rail" in tin- future. We herewith pre -
sent l'i mil reader ii letter rcichcd (ruin
(iclll'lal I'lelght it I 1 Passenger Agent
.1 . II. I ii-n iii-lt , show mg I lie interest that
L'i'litli'iiiaii i taking III tlit advancement
I tin- country :
Hi nii, .''., Jiiniiiiiy '.'.'i, l'.il.
Ill.Aill A .MiMHI(KV, l.KKUKW, t lIK
l.tlN - I KM 1 I.UkS I
I Hill t'lil' I tn advise ymi tlillt
we "in ! 1 iii obtaining through
etUri-' lute mic wiiy Irmii I'hniig'i,
New H ! . .i 1 1 -. M 1 1 1 1 1 1 -, St. I.0111 and
M I '..III I KlM'l 1 1 1 1 n tn Million nil UlIM
Illllrt.lV UK i r l lll Inni il lift.
'l lll" IIIIIV U' llllclislllig ilifnl million ,
lur .nir reader. Any punted infnr
mill I-ill III Irgard In tin' ad aiilngc nl ,
ynur ri uniy I will be pleased tn ills-
tlllillti' lllliolig till' (il'lll'llll I'llnse llpf I'
Agents ill llll lines coveting I In-mil nl I V
bclwccn 1 1 it- I'iiiiiIb in.lii uliil iiml the
Km ky I m ii til i iih, ii i ii I I sincerely trust
i- may gel cnusidi'iuhlc Ui.ctil t r i n i
llii'fe exi-eitniinilly Intv tlimuli rateH In of iln.' entire line. Jl will lnu I l U-cji
mint mi tlie line nf tliln rullwiiy, uml I ! prove tle Having oi lmnilreiln of dollar
I H - tn ii tluil tlie l'n--iiik;i'i l'iarl- annually n many M'ople I y lining a way
ineiit nl earl, mini in innl an tn w ltd Innx of time in iiiimr(aiit einereii
Htn'e rale (i.nii ilehtiiiiilimi mi lliiM rail- eit-n, nii-l w ill rertainly In a treat eoli
wa In jour tnw n. Vi.uih truly, ; venii iu e tn all. ll.ipnl tramil of iiien-
.I. II. r.KNMrrr. Miien lietMi-eii I.nkeview, I'aibli'V ami
Special Scltlcr.H' and llomesceker' j s,lv, r l l,k" "! rnHiu ti.n of im
lajcgi I mrtaiit lniNiiH'Mh over tin- line w ill lie a
Aria. iementM are imvv ,ou,,l, teil f,.r ' -r, l,t "''" " '"""y "" '-
(.'. ial rale, an Imm t l.i.aK'.., I l,r'M'' ,'''';l""''t "f '''
New Hi-lea... Meiiipl.i, St. buii ami
llll .Mll"iilirl KlVIT hiiIIh (II rillUIIIN, llnl
hlniin-'H. Armotriiiiu ami Tt mm. tirketH
tn he colli commem'iiitf Tilecilay , Febru
ary lUlli, ami earh urceeiliinj Tuemliiy
until April .'hi, ltNil, available for ieo-
plu ceekint; new Inline or liM'ut inn. 1 h
rate nt;r. eil upon by the line in iuterent
art- a billow :
SM'i ial rate Irmn
t'liieinn, New I lr
lean, Mi nipliiN,
M biiiiHHiul all
MiHHoiiii Kiver
1'iiiiiln tn
I s - t
, X
s-- ST
I'Iiiiiiiih fll IM)2K Mrf'.M (HI
llnl Spring Hi (HI' ll 27 (H)
A rniMt ronn ;i:t (Hti Hi I Ml1 L'H (HI
Terinn 'M (H)i III fit I L1I IH)
Tn l.akeview aibl Mlae fare, (10.
T. F. Hunuway, Vi ?e rrediileiit ami
iieneral Milliliter of tlie Nevada-Call
loriiia-OreKoii Kailway, arrived from
New York hint week, and lie inform tho
Iieno (ia.etto that lie ha ordered equip
ment fur two paener train complete,
and it 1 the bent money will buy, The
Amerii-an Car and Foundry Company of
St. Charle. Mo., waa awardml the con
tract, but, owing to the ruuli of order,
the builder could nut promice earlier
delivery than July l't. Manaer lun
awHV alwi purcluied a lot of machinery
for the chop. lii'ttardiiiK the location
of tho railroad chop, Mr. Dunaway
Hiiid : " There are reaoii w hy the whop
Hhoiild be located in Iiciio, but from my
iiivcNliiratinn there are more reanoiia why
they Hhoiild not. I am inclined to think
that my company')) intercut would be
heat coiiHcrvod by locating them nearer
the renter of our line, coiitructed and
Mr. iMiiiaway report all rail mill
full of order mid the eiiiliet delivery
he could net promised win Octobor, but
he hope to do better later on,
lfnberl M, Hall ha been appointed
Chief Fuilieer of the N, C. (. and will
in rive in u few day, when u eurvcyiiiK
inn tv w ill be )nit in the lit Id noi lli of
J'eliuo, '
Reported That the People
All Along the Line are
Telephone and Telegraph System
Troni Lakeview to Silver
luike One of the liest
llnterprlses in
the County
W j 1 ! tu i ii 1 1 urvi-y nnl S. I!. "Iminl lt-r ,
j telegraph promoters, i n l'n t starting
ulnng tliii runic fniiii Lakeview to Silver
I .ii In- litt Sunday, but Mire let -r r- J
' frniii venturing mi tin trip w iuu tn the
lutf f 1 1 i -1 1 . r 1 1 1 We understand it is
j (he iiili'titinn nl these gciilli'iiicli In start
on tin- trip iIiim week, tin1 weather per-
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . They II 1 tn Interview llll till-
pi-.iple along tin- mute, who Mill I"' III-ti-n-Hti'il
ill tint Im il'ti Hi nl tin- Lukeview
Silver Lake Telephone uiul 'i t-U-uruj-li
Inn-, Hint to mil nit Muck-taking in the
etilei prise. All ri'MirtH ro.civcd are
very encouraging, a there in scurcely u
iiiiiii mi tlie hue hIhi will refuse to take
(Mime slock, ii in I mail y if tln-in will u c -
1st tin- enterprise liU-rally. Il Ih tn the
interest nl every man nml woman be
tween 1-aki'View ami Silver Lake to as
sist llilH enterprise a liberally Im llieir
iiri'iiiiirtiiii' i-n will permit. We dare
(ay, ailcr tin' line im completed, there
are hiisinc men ami stockmen in Lake
view, Crooked Creek, Chew iiilcan, Pais
ley, Siimmi'r Lake ami Silver 1-ake Kim
wimlil lint In ion I in vi 1 1 tlio line an u con
Veineiiie, ami an imliviilual limney
iiiakiiitc 'i"Hi-itinii in llieir lurctiniil
liiihiin'M aflaii h, Im live limed tlie end
"" -"'"''"", ' .e inuiiiv
Another feature of the proMiilinii in,
when thiM line i I'oiiHtrui'teil il will lie a
i Hiilwtantial one line that win not
i ....
net'eHNitate the Hemhim of a repairer out
every time the wind blow or a few
iui'hcN of enow fall.
It will be to the material advantage of
every man in Lake eo'inty to have thi
telephoiie-teli'tfrapli line built, and The
Kxaniiner lioi- that the t-tock will all
be taken with avidity and looked upon
a a kimmI invcHtiiielit.
A Fine Cnt.rUlnm.nt Hrlilay NlijM For a
Worthy Cum I'atronlza It tverbody.
To-morrow (Friday) evening one of
the moHt iuteretiiiK entertainments ever
given in Lakeview will be witneeed at
(iiinther Hall. The entertainment was
arranged tinder the euperviion of a few
ladie, who are foremost in the move
ment to have the cemetery ground iiu
proved and inudo attractive, and, the
object being a mot worthy one, it i to
be hoped that tho entertainment will
recei' e a very liberal patronage from the
people of Lakeview. Following is the
program to be prewnted :
l'laiin Ki i'llnl Mn. J. 8. Ilrrmlun
(Quartet "hHllltm" Mi'iwn
iii-ii n iiuriuii, iiurioii.AiKH'rkoii ,v
Mlnui'l Kliiht l.ltlle liirU
l'lioiniKraili Hi'cIibI I'rul, K, T. uuihIht
"ITIikiii HeuiH'," II I'rovaliirn Konle 'ohb
Inii't Miiiai'a Juhuaou and Ctilunian
( aku Walk 81 x i'cxi i.l.'u
Quartet Meaar
AniliTMiti, KVHU,(H o niirtun & M.Vt Imrlou
I'lioin k ra)h Ki'vltal CJ u ill Iter
The price of adniiion la 50 and 25
cent. 1 he publio l cordially invited.
South Africa and the Philippines.
On the IM tilt, (ieneral Knox engaged
(eneral IeWet forty niilcH north of
Taganohii, while the latter wan attempt
ing the invasion of Cape Colony, lie-
suit imt known.
Lieut, ilickeu and thirty moo were
attacked near Fieta Han Luca, lnluml
of Cebu by one hundred rillca uud more
boloiuen. Five Anieiieaim were killed.
four wounded aiut two ate initwiug. In
BUigent loss heavy.
Krom (iliuto Ukrn tor tlilt
livery h IuUt Niagara T vUlteil by tlioiiKiunl.H of tourlHtH.
Ice bridge ami the froiten idIhI c lTeftH are edjieclally iM'autlful.
No Change in the
Senatorial Situation.
Special to Lake County Hxa miner
Sai.i:m, Ort''on, l-Vk .". T!
may Ii
No one fan tell
lien tomorrow, or it
Scalp Bounty
Senator Williamson Introduces New
Bill That is (ienerally Acceptable.
Senator Williainxnn, of Ci miU, Klam
alii, l.ake ami V un n, lia i i i r . I i -. -. 1 a
ci'iilp iMiunty bill that i be ieved tn
more tree Irmn nbjrt'tinualile le.itureh
than any yet drawn in thi lineof legila
tinii. The htrnng feature of the bill i that
il make the county cliare the bounty
offered with the tate. This feature of
the bill w ill have a tendency, if it be
come a law , to dincourage caieloBsiiee
and extravagance.
The lull provide for a bounty of 2
uiKin the eculpH of coyote, mountain
lion or cougar, panther, timber wolves
and gray wolve. The party who kill
the anil nil miiMt bring it hcalp to the
Countv Clerk ami make atlidavit that
the calp i from an animal killed by
linn, ami in the county in which it l
preented. If the County Clerk has
any doubt a to the trnthfulne of the
allidavit he i empowered to require the
party preeuting the t-calp to furnih
him with additional testimony to any
extent that may be deemed neceary.
The scalp i turned over to the County
Clerk, who draws a warrant on the
County Treasurer, payable out of the
general fund, to the amount the appli
cant is entitled. The County Clerk re
tains MiaeBion of the scalp, and at
each seion of the County Court pro
duces them, together with a statement
of all warrant druwn, to be checked up
by the County Cunniiioner. If the
scalps tally with the warrants drawn
they are destroyed by burning.
The bill further piovide that on the
1st day of each month the County Clerk
make out a statement of warrants iued
on account of seal pH, and send to the
Secretary of State, w ho i required to
draw a warrant on the State Treasury,
payable out of the general fund, for
two thirds of the amount paid out by
the County, and transmit it to the
County Clerk, from whom theslatement
is received.
It is claimed for tile bill that it pre
vents fiiUo return, and doe away with
the middlemen in the handling of war
rant. The county being reponible
for one-third of the amount pavable on
scalps will alio excrcixo care, through
its proper ollloer, to prevent abuo.
There are four i ue of smallpox re
ported at Indian Crock, Harney county, !
- - - ' ' - I
This year the
ii- Sciiatoi ial voto remains tho
thi'ic will I o a i-han:o. It
mav tint or-cnr for a week
To fleet Here
Indications That the Sumptcr Valley
and N-C-O Railways will Connect
The .-alt I-ake Tribune, an up-to-date
auiboi ity on railroad building, ha an
arciele on the extension of the Sumpter
Valley railroad and the Nevada-Cali-fnruia-oregnn
road, which may explain
the purpos-e of the latter road to reach
Lakeview a ee,tlily as Kible. Jos
eph A. Went, chief engineer and super
intendent of coithtriK'tiou of the Sump
ter Valley railuav, and formerly of the
Ctah A Pacific, was in Salt Lake recent
ly irom linker t'iiy, Oregon. Mr. West
gave the Salt Ijike Tribune some very
interesting fa "t about the extension of
t he Similiter Vallev road, and his ex
planation how that the small road is
tiling to gradually develop into an ioi
oitant ami paying link. This road
will lie pushed southwest to meet the
N.C.O. which is preparing to begin
extension wink from Termo, the preseut
terminus, to Lakeview.
The Suuipter. Valley road purchas
ed at a reasonable figure all the rolling
stock of the Sampler Valley and Utah
Central road as sotn as they were con
verted into broad guage lines, and is
well equipped with rolling stock, having
several humlred cars at its disposal.
The N. C. O. line is also being thorough
ly equipped with modern rolling stock.
When these two roads meet which will
probably be at Lakeview, a new and in
teresting railroad situation will be open
Surveys for Settlers.
Surveyor-General Habersham hag ad
vertised for proKsals for surveying and
marking the limits of 19 full and frac
tional township in the northeast and
southeast sections of the state, ltids
will be opened February 20. The appli
cations for the surveys come from set
tlers. Following is a list of the tracts
tobesurvyed: T. 2 .' U. 9 K. jT.2 N.,
It. 3(1 E. ; T. 2 X., It. 37 E., T. 4 X., It.
7 E.jT. X., It. 43E.JT1 S., It. 20
E. j T. 2 S., Ii. 42E.; T. 3 S., It. 42 E.;
T. 3 S., It. 41 E. : T. 3 S., It. HE.: T. 8
It. 38 E.j T. 10 S., It. 12 E.j T. 10 S
It. 10 E. ; T. 10 S., K. 11 W. j T. 19 S.,
It. 11 W. ; T. 20 S., It. 12 W. ; T. 21 S
If U W. ; T. 22 S., It. 4 W.; T. 33 S.,
It. 15 W. All the township are frac
tional, except live, situated in the
northeast portion of the state.
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Unwilling to Recommend the
Passage of Bill Introduc
by Mr. Tongue at the
Last Session.
A recent dispatch from Washii gton
ay that, in view of an adverse rejmrt
made by the Comiiii oner of Indian
Affairs, the J-eeretary of the Interior and
Sub-Com in it tee of Indian Affair on tho
granting to the Silwr Lake Irrigation
Company a right-of-way across the
Klamath Indian reservation for the con
struction of irrigating reservoir, ditches,
etc., it is difficult to see how that bill
cn pa- at the present session. The
bill was introduced by Mr. Tongue at
the lat session of Congre, arid it has
lieen shifting about in the department
until very recently.
Thi company seek to secure a right-of-way
1U0 feet w ide across the reserva
tion for an irrigating canal commencing
at the north bank of Long Creek, run
ning northerly aero F'oster aud Wick
iup creek, to the north boundary of the
reservation, a w ell as the right to con
struct and maintain dams, flumes,
ditches and other contrivances neces
sary for storing and diverting the water
in such places a the company may see fit.
The privileges sought are, according
to the term ol the bill, to l extended
on conditions the grantee shall furnish
the occupants of such land of the reser
vation as is ausrentible of irrigation
uses, and shall not diminish the volume
of water so a to deprive any of tlie oc
cupants of the land bordering upou the
stream of the benetit and full enjoy
ment of the same. The bill grants au
thority whereby the company may enter
upon the land adjacent to the canal, and
take buch stone and timber as may be
necessary in their construction work,
but lauds belonging to the Indians shall
not be touched.
In view of the facts as brought out by
the special agent, the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs is not willing to recom
mend the passage of the bill, and the
Secretary bases his action upon that of
the Commissioner.
The Silver Lake Irrigation Company is
a Lake county corporation.
HanJIcy & Clendeoea Start Up the Lakeview
Planing Mill With Famous Lcffcl Engine.
Lakeview can now boast of a thor
oughly equipped planing mill and gen
eral manufactory of wood furnishings.
The enterprising owners of this estab
lishment are Messrs. Handley & Clen
denen, two of the best mechanics in
this section. The firm has just put in
place one of those famous Leffel en
gines of eight-horse power, and have all
kinds of machinery to do the work of a
first-class planing mill. Theirs is the
only Leffel engine in operation in this
section. It is a handsome piece of ma
chinery and gives thorough satisfaction.
Handley i Clendenen any the Leffel is
by great odds the best engine they have
ever seen in motion. The firm is pre
pared to do contracting and building of
any description, and have the machinery
to turn out their own furnishings. They
are now manufacturing sash, blinds,
mouldings, window and door casings and
furniture of any description. They also
make beehives to order. This is an in
dustry that Lakeview has long needed.
and The Examiner, predicts much suc
cess for the enterprising firm who es
tablished it. They will soon have on
hand a full supply of dressed lumber
and shingles. Call at the Lakeview
Planing Mill for everything in the build
ing line.
It is reported that L. W. Uruebeck,
former hotel man of Amedoe, has sold
all his holdings in that warm water vil
lage for a huge sum of money, and that
the purchaser, an Oakland capitalist,
w ill erect a large sanitarium at Amedee.