Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 31, 1901, Image 2

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gaiic CTotutio (Tiatitmliu-r
Publlthrd Every Thuraday
Vtionk Building
!S?fc;::.!!:Sv c." Teiis school Pat-
("Three Months,. . 50
rons Some Things it
is Well to Note.
ItklVIIH, RIMV, J . at, ItKU.
TUIC CADTO ikfpion rile m K.r. Hakk-h
inli rtrtO riiniiK Am ni y6lri,ls.'
Merchant' KvehKiipe. Sun PrAmisro, t'al.,
where eutrt'i for l vert mill enii be mnile
iw IX.
Tht big lottery scheme which wa9 to
live been lot-tered on the Mate of Ne
vada by a Jot of high elas gamblers
The Parent Should Stand Shoul
der to Shoulder With the
Teacher in the Education
of the Child Off the
I Some one ha. aid that each succeed
I ing generation stand iihiii the should
ers of the one preceding that thechil-
who thought they had liought up a large lllvn ,,taml ,,,, tllt, 1ull.rf, t,f their
enough part of the legislature to insure parents. I think that the pupil stands
the success of the scheme, was knocked will' one foot upon the shoulder of his
out in the Assembly of that state on the ' Then, m the of what
. , I the child mav be in the future, ia it not
z2d inst. The little warrior of Keno, I . . . , . ,
i urgent that the patron and teacher
the Gazette, with its armor always on L,..,.,i 11i1,llli1i..r , ui,,,,,'!.., tl.i
and itn steel burnished fop the fray
against evil, was one of the potential
factors in paving the state of Nevada
from disgrace. The Gazette made a
gallant tijjht for the right, ari tin-M heavy
wills, a-id its si le won. In oomtnent-
matler of education?
The patron visiting and eucourag
itgiiig the si hool by taking an interest
in the manner of advancement made;
the teacher striving to find out and
serve the wishes ami needs of the com
munity. 1 lay stress upon the manner,
ing on the result. Allen C. Bragg, editor 1 Mieve advancement may tend
tlowuwaril as well a upwaiil. Intel
lectual developmei.t without the re-
cf the Gazette, says :
"Now all that remain for the
quired moral development only makes
lature to tlo i to clear ttie legislative sharper rogues, ahd is a means of nmk
desk of the lottery rubbi-li left over, ing our public schools a means of de
from the last session and rid the State bating the ends of law and order.
of a menace thit threatened to sap the
fife blood out of the State's Commercial
arteries, and go on with the
purifyi:u and fumigating the
6 Our Clearance Sale is proving: a success s
Combination Suits
j We still have a limited number of Ladies, Misses
H and Children's Combination Suits which will be 3
gl closed out at 50 cents each. Call early and tfet 3
your size. . . Jb
all realize what a liimlerance it is to
moral growth within the school and
claw here to permit children to see and
hear things upon the street and long i
after ninset that lack a great deal of
having anything elevating or refining 1
aU)Ut them? Intellectual education
work of
from stench left by the mob of lottery
advocates. It would Ih a goM plan to
squirt a little cologne on the presses of
some "f the newspapers in Nevada and
gire their editor a change from Living-' thing to be desired proper moral edu
,,1,,,. i.n,i i canon is a necessity. 1 ne leaelier ex
may be ncii:irel w ithin the public j kul t do more and belt, r work, but you
schools, but moral growth is elsewhere ,iivi. wolked ngain-t them; vmi have
determined. Intellectual education is a ; n,,t onlv rendered vmir school les elli-
eieiit. but you have hampered your chil
', dren bv Voltr thoughtless habit- of keep-
J erts a moral fi.n-e over the pupils, while I j,, tl.em out to work, thinking you
j)erjin most cases it is sullicient to govern j were economizing by so doing. You
I their a;ts while they remain under him. j ,uvt. worked against vmir-elf. We all.
One t, ... .. , .... , :, . . . . . . .
i i ins Miiiiii.a-.cs huh siisiuius eiicn puii U!l niniaii heiligs nave a ilesire to iio
it. But such a force has its .r,l I,, it,,, uorl.l .--i e uln-n it
way from business fell a victim to this ' limit that depends on t he teacher. In;eouns through lho-e who are nearest
osculatorv-inclined individual, w ho ! v'r' f,'w cases, indeed, is that force in i ,i ,V:iret to u our children. It is
ston gin to some
A female "kiser" has made
appearance in Jeifersonville, Ind.
flight re'ently a r.iimln-r of men on their iiat feel
clings alioiit the neck of the victim with
ferocious energy, never desisting until
she has implanted a kiss full in the
mouth. '"Maud, the Kisser," as she is
ailed, is dc-crihed as bring tall, is
well dres.-ml and wears a heavy mourn
ing veil, which she throws aile on
appro idling a victim . As yet the men
attacked have been so thoroughly sur
prioed tliat no effort to detain her has
Seen made. And why sh uld she be
detained in her innocent pastime?
the teacher sutl'.cieiitly strong to pierce j onlv the extremely selfish wh
-, not even allowing
-hare in their glory ;
counteract this force of j ronsciiieiitly, w heueveryoti work again-t
your children you w i k against yourclf,
U-can e they remain to bless or ciu-e
, your name.
As the mind enjoys doing that which
it can do well, the ability to advance by
continually i..!i g belter, thus iiicrca-i' g
The I'nited States revenue cutter
ratit l a-i seized at New Whatcom a
rl'Kift, which was sailed under the Brit
ish ila lecau-e it was violating the
laws of this fount ry bv bringing con
tract Japanese laborers.
the lives aifd hearts of his pupils and only for theinselvc
patrons. The thoughtless patrons by 1 their children to
their seltishni
the leaelier, lienie v, lien Hie eli IM I'oine
back o scli. Mil he does not come readily,
t'onseijiieiitiv, unless he be an excep
tionally bright child, his inteie-t
lags and the teacher, through his
endeavors to bring tin- child up, thus
keeping up class interest, may put on ; t. real pleasure of intellectual pursuit ;
too much force for the child's weakened ' should never be hampered A few da '.
condition. This works another hard- ! at the eml of the term is worth vastly j
ship on h. m and soon he discontinues. more than you may at first have thought.
His lather may be glad of it because ol It means tiiii-hing something or leaving I
his sel.ish interest or he may wonder, j it unfinished. Hum me a man that ever j
but to the teacher everything is pel feet- j amounted to anything who had not the j
lv plain. ability to do what he started out to do.
The class goes on as best it can, per- ' Then should you inculcate such a ruin
haps a few succeed in lini.-hing up the j ous principle in the minds of your boys
grade. They get their promotion cards, ,y actual demonstration whilo they are
then away for a bunny vacation. But young ami eanable of receiving iiiiiues.
what of next year .' 'I he larger part of j sions? 15. I".
th.) class may hrtVe "drop, ed out" be- cowardice of Some I'eoplc.
are I bustle of lore neing proi.oteu. a ie t ney anio. to ; A new s ai,er man w as aske.l t
lish an article roasting a c i t ; 1 1 .
M.iwv j i-t alter the ru
tUN -Year, a man begins to revive lak" "'' "",k their former
, ... , , . clas.. '.' No. TheV hh: assigned work in
the bills for the lin-tinm presents his ,,' ,.
1 the next c. a-s below. I lere their ambi-
wife gave him. Kxtr.uue niode-'y j,re- ti,,,, me, t-another hearties-check. To
vented the merchants from sending in see I hose w ith whom they Were eijual in
the bills earlier. j every le.-pect a year ago, so far ahead
I now is more than iimiiy who are ambi-
lv. A. L. M -line, of West Superior, ; ,i""H ('t" stand. They rally .luring the
.... i- i .1 .i i -i - year or mav drag, through until the de-
YSisCoii-m. died the other dav in his ' ,, , , , .
: tesluble work of the Hellish patron begins
pulpit while conducting services, but T,l(, , ,ulJ welcomes it this time,
other minister w ill regard that as a ,)t., haps ; thi n his intellectual pursuits
warning against preaching. . I are at an end, unless Home fairji traps-
,. ' 1 iorins the whole family. If those ham-
The people of Koho, L'matilla county, I'--red little npiiits hold out a year or
bad a rabbit drive the other day. : two they may eventually linihh a Urade
which 1,20") long ears were killed.
he said
or two.
Barents, do you wonder why ho few of
"That's i.uthii.V compared with the our j,,, especially, ever finiah a pie
Bcribed course? The Hame conditions
aim prevalent throughout tls lan.
West Si.le drives.
the Ivegifclature.
'.SockleHH Jerry" Bimpeon ban bee I What does it mean fpj future genera-.
dropped by the Kansas Populists. Wid t'' tlltJ "" ;nytular
........ , . force once held sway, but not ho now.
Uverrnyer will be the fusion nominee in . . , , . ' , ,
The mmds that receive the culture are
me ,rasHi.opper Mate lor memuer oi , . . r,., ...... tliu ,.rutu fl,r(;e
which hoyN gain hf mut:W work an1 lit
tle study. We must learn lessons of
all the I'oweis liave signed the ,.,., i..UM i.nt it should never be done
Chines jiote, the Kmpress I)owager at the exensu of those elevating and
dhould Jiave no trouble in raisin money Lcivtiliziii agencies. Yet at present rates
..i. it at thelmnk. t,,e .moimy In educaty-oes
mostly to your girls, who win in imiii
assume responsibilities, because they are
titled to do ho, and manage affairs. In
doing this maternal .influence shall Isj
lessened, our homes shall ultimately, be
destroyed and the race become degener
ate because of inequality, an it once was
because of reverse inequality.
You no doubt have had many worthy
teachers who would have been only too
J L'T.en, former prominent I'opu
list, "is on band at the Legislature look
ing after the 'initiative and Itefuren-.lam."
The l'rince of Wales will be King
I'.dward VJI.ut the age of three-score
"Cei lainly,
"what shall I say
lie was furnii-hed an outline of
was wanted ami wrote a seor'her.
"Thatjf splendid," exclaimed the
friend w hen the article was read to him,
"that's right, ttiHt'll make his old hair
"All right, " said th (VrUor.
me nee, what are your i' i'ials?"
"iood heavens!" sr;!d the citizen,
"you are not going to sign my name to
"Why not?" asked the editor.
"I wouldn't have anyone know I had
anything to do with that for the world.
I couldn't afford to get inty i1 Hcrape
with my neighbors."
The editor smiled benevolently and
said: "Why shoubj, I mix up in a
scrape hat does not concern me? Why
shoulijl you expect me to assume the
iTlame for ttt article to which you are
afraid to sign your name?".
The man stopped Ids paper and w'ent
away mad. ,
The Kxaminer gets- there.
Ilavintf a lii real Hun on 4'IiuiiiIh i'IuIii'h
ounli Iteiuedy.
Manager lartiu o I "i ruon drug
store informs us that : .' I l' 'iig a g -at
run on Chamhei lain'M ('oiigu iumiii dy.
tie sells five dottles of that medicine to
one of any other kind, Mid it gives great
Kii - action. In these days ol la grippe
Uicic is nothing like Chambci Iain's
Cough Kelneily to Stop the cough, heal
up the sore throat and lungs and give
relief within a very slmrt time. The
sales are growing, and all wlio try it are
pleased with its prompt action. South
Chicago Daily Calumet. J'or sale by
Lee Beull, druggist.
Our 5 and 10 per cent,
sale has closed, but our
Sale Now On
We are now offering; some
ticles needful this time of
the year, and things that
you have to have to live.
More bargains will fill
this space next week . .
WLAR, per suit 44
BLANK UTS, better grade
WOOL SOCKS, per pair
reduced to 00
I 10
I 25
I 35
I 00
M 15
..Dunlan & Thrustou..
... 1
fliif? u,msm I
Manufacturer of ihs Celebrated
. Recognized as'the best BuccarooSaddle
in the United States-