Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 31, 1901, Image 1

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A 1
NO. I.
Lakeview to
Silver Lake
Telephone System to be BuiltCor
poration with $5,000 Capital Stock
to Handle the EnterpriseProm
inent Men Interested.
K. Iturkc. tin- telegiaph monitor ami '
telephone nml telegraph i iin ! ttr , visit-
Paislev lift week, ami found tin'
Hlll l'( tlllll Settloll ciitliti.iiistie mi
till' Mlbjeet '( lllllldillg II line II. Jill l.ukc-
view In that tow n. Mr. Unike sii llnil
tin1 hneine-', ii i 1 1 nl I'nicii-y will nil nip
port m it-) i mi inlet ii ie liberally. AltiT
r-t it rtiittt; i Lakeview M r. I'.iii kc inter- i
Viewed f ' I n ol tin- I . f i ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I" 1 1 x U 1 1 1 1 1 '
if I.Hkl'VII'U 1 1 1 1 1 tin Subject, Willi till-
result that t he iniitlrr vi m immediately i
taken ii lirii- Hint hniked liberally.
William 1 1 ii t , l lif Miiiiihit l-ake ami j
l.akevieu capitali-l and sloeklniui, ha '
lnr a long linn' been inletcsted in it
proposil urn In bine quirk mii in ii ii i ii-
tintl bet wren l.nLr iw nml tin' north,
nml tli"'. p'iitli iii:iii nl wire net In work !
put tlic mutter in tangible form. Tin!
result was tlnil Mr. Harvey, S. 11.
t ' 1 1 u tn 1 1 -r , llenlonl liros. ami Charles
A. Kehail lin I nml n r I In subscribe I
f.'MM t-iirli toward tin- ronstrurtinii of ft1
telephone tiinl telegraph system (ruin J
jik.'ii to Silver Lake. Thin II '"m.
Inward tin- ent.rpiise Irmn Imir leading
HtiH'kini'ii i an I'Xi'i'lli'iit start ami in
SureM the sihtci-h of 1 he s stein. Article
if iii('iirMiiitioii I ih vi- already liri'h
tritv) ii up a ii' I signed, iiinl I lie matter of
iiirnriKiiatiiit: will l'i' proceeded with as
soon h one half of tl stork in taken.
The aniens of iiirorMrttlioii, iii lirii'f,
iinviili"i t lull I lie 1 1 n i at inn if I lie cm por
ntinii shall In1 lift) yi'iir; ; tin- purM.seof
the for h it ul i ii is In engage In i inii-trttct
ami )rrati' t 1 1- n i nml telegraphic
lini'H from Lakeview to J-ilvrr Lake, via
Crooked I'n-i k vallry, Paisley, along the
west side i I Summer l-iki', as well as
branch lines tn VaiiuiiN other point in
tlu enmity, In Silver I. like, ami to send
ami receive . ! j . 1 1 . i n ami telegraphic
messages mil I i' ii i in ii ii it'tit ioiiH tliereoii;
ihc principal oilier or plai I' nf business
is. to In Lakeview ; tin' iiinoiliit nf slock
in placed at "i.o'Kl, iliviilfil intii.riK) shares
nl fill per share, ami said i-liareH to In
Ah soon ii m ono-half tliti hloek in taken
a mui'liiiK will Ik' eallml ami tlircetnrH
ami other olli vrn of the rtirMiratinn will
he elerteil. The proponit ion ih to put in
n kihhI huhtuiilial line, ami it in lielieveil
t tint tr,(HKI or leKH will he millieieiit. All
th fariiiern ami Mot kinen, U twcen
l.akcview ami Silver I. like, w ho live off
the main line of lhin nyftein, are ex
jiecteil In put in their own hriwich lines
Id eonneet with the main line, anil all
nt.x'kholilerH will liuvu to put in their
teli'phonti iiiHlruuii'iilH at their ewn ex-
In a nhoit tiinu l ho JiyHiytH men yf
l.akeview will Ub 'eallvd upon to tako
tiK-k in thia enU rprixe, ami it would
nee in to ho to all their inturouta too up-
port thu enterpriHe entluiBlawtically, a
Hie Diet) modt deeply interewtej in the
matter are big patrons of LaAeviewi0'
merchants. And so .it will be all aloug
the line from Lakevie to SilT I-ake '
every rancher and stockman-on and off
tlio line will be called Umiii to take a
certain amount of stock. It is under
stood that V. Conn, lr. WiUiatn, (ieorge
Conn, lnncB BroH., (ieorge M. Jones,
John Cotighlin and other business men
and stockmen of Chcwaucan will sup
tort the enterpriHe liberally, and that
V. M. ChriBiuan, J. C. Coun, Small
l!ro8. and other fiusiness nisii and stock
men of Silver Luke are enthusiastic on
the propohitioii. The matter will lie
thoroughly explained to the people of
the county who are interested in the
system, and The Lxuiniiiur can safely
announce that tlio success of the enter
prise is nlrcaily assured. This'is oiiuHil
the bust and most Important enterprises
Unit was ever sturted in Lake county.
The funeral of Queen Victoria will
J it l I next Saturday.
U. S. Senator.
No Material Change In (lie Itnllotiiig
Since Lamliicr' I. ant Report.
I.atet 5petlal to Ihc Cxaminer:, .Jiiii. ''!). In joint
session today results on I'.
S. Senator wen the hanie as
yesterday. There has lieen
no important chaii;;e since
liallotin' he'iin la.-t week.
Some radical changes are ex
pected yet this week.
State Tax
Raised 1 Mill
SAL KM, Or., Jan. ;$.
William ( i II 111 lll'l",
County Clerk, Lake Co.:
Legislature passed the hill,
........... ...I I ...
u ' null ii l'i mill i i.
to-day, raising State tax one
Lake county's state tax w as
.0O.V7-1O. The additional one
mill will make Lake county's
entire tax this year .020.1 .".
Mrs. Carlysle.
Unfortunate Woman Committed to
the Asylum For the in.iane.
I.iift Sunday Peputy Sheriff Charles
K. Camplicll of l'nihley arrived here,
having in charge Mrs. It. J. Carlyxlo,
the unfortunate woman of whom men
tion was mado in Thu Kxaminer lait
week. Koralong time hIic was a coun
ty charge, ami die ami her family have
reeeived the n t-l care the authiirilies of
Lake county could nive them. AImiiiI
three weeks H;o it heciunti notieeiihle
that the poor woman's mind was giving
way, and she was taken in charge hy
some ot the good jH-oplo. of l'aicley until
word could he sent to County Judge
ToniiingHcn, who ordered that Sheriff
Ihinlap reiiuest his deputy to bring her
to I-akevicw. On Momlny the woman
was examined W County riiysician F.
K. Smith, who adjudged her non couios.
Judge TonningMeii at once committed
Mrs. Carlysle. to the asylum (or the in
sane at Salem, and on Tuesday morning
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Cheeney took charge
llie kti!,,t. B,ld started with her for
the"'aHyluijrS The unfortunate omuii
imagines that she Is soon to be orowued
tjueen, and that certain parties are try
ing to k)ll her. It is learned that her
former husband, a brother and tvfo of
her sons are in the asylum, so the poor
woman's future looks very dark.
Five children acctirupaoied her to
Lakeview. The eldest is a young
woman, aged about Is, the sttcond daughter-is
aged 10, a hoy of -13 Riid two
smaller children. The eldest daughter
has found a, good Inline- with. Mr. and
Mrs. William Harvey in Lakeview, and
the second daughter lias been equally
fortunate in securing a good home with
Mr. and Mrs. I). K. Jones. Judge Ton
tiingsen has taken a great interest in the
case of this unfortunate family, and has
done hs full duty. He is now awaiting
the receipt of a periyit from the state
authorities to place the remaining three
children in the Orphans' Home; in the
meantime they are being rarcd for by
Mrs. Kutli Teulaud.
Ytum rugu..' gilUrjt liulogr.U.
Not for ninny yearn has a kidnaping raxe excited nucu wldenprad atten
tion an that conuei'ted with tlio abduction, ranorn and return of young Ed
ward Cudaliy. win of the Omaha millionaire. The aeanii for Tatrlck Crowe,
the alleifed kidnaper, haa rouned the pcllce authorities of almost every city In
the country. Tlteat two views of the suspected man are from photographs lu
the rogues' fc'ullery at Otnnha.
Wool Market.
Sales Light IWcause Dealer
Not Hake Loncestilons.
it. . .t a.. .m,
ih;.iii. .inn. L'J ilie
Wo-.i and. O'tion Uinr.rtei
II ti
morrow :
It ii a prellv iiioiuit'inuii ntate of af win. n one nmiM in ine i',.i,.n
Wool i iiirket at liret-enl. Two week-
ug.i tin- wool Company ! I it.-" tin.
in o rcoaiings ami took t""'i orderx.
the oilier Iiouhi'H followed with their
overcoating liueh. l'.ut the Wool il.iilers
are a vet not shle to fee any amount of
new htiMiifSN on thin arcoimt. Now
they are wailing for the improvement ol
the heavy-weight lines the tilt-1 part of
r el'rii.iry. A week ago the 1-onilon Baleb
oK iii(l at an advance. Thin, Iik, Iuih
not (aiihed any great Hluouiit of hiu-inefi'
to In- IraiiHiu'ted. A little Jietter tone,
perhaps, liut trade waits this lime to
bee how prices hold in Ixuidon. Trices
are not at all well ami w hatever t he apa
thy of the market may be, however
small the quantity of Miles, the fact re
mains that tiie dealers and farmers
alike are not letting up one hit in their
opinion in the value of their commodity.
That is olio reason w hy sales are so
light, bccaiifo the dealers will not make
The sales of the weefc in Iloston
amounted to 1,1 70, (XXI iiouiids domestic
'and 115, IKK) kjuikIs foreign, niakiag a
total of l,L'H:t,000 pounde, against a total
of 1 ,715,000 pounds for 'the previous
week anif a totaj of 3120,000 pounds for
the corresponding week last year.
The sales since January 1 amount to
0,159,(XK) pounds, against 13,155,600
pounds last year.
West Side Rabbit Drive.
Ira G. Moshier, the West-Side fancier,
was a "spondulix" caller at The Ex
aminer ollhtf this week. Mr. Moshier is
making great improvements on his
ranch near the Union school-house
laying off his land tttto agricultural
tracts and fencing it substantially, tile
is one of the men who believes that tjpe
West Side has a good future. TJie rab
bit drive near.liis' ulace last Sunday was
4t failure, as only forty of the pests were
killed. Moshier say! thet rabbi Is have
taken to the hills in' great numliers.
The nets will be moved this week from
the scene of the recent drives to Drews
Creek, where the rabbits are sajd to be
more numerous. Next Sunday there
will he another big drive, aiJ it is ex
pected that a large crowd will be on
baud to assist. The people of Lakeview
are invited to attend in large numbers.
Lateh: Since the atiove was placed
in type we have been informed that the
Sunday drive has been postponed.
Aini.nii i e n i i i l CS
ip r-rh;
New Railroad
An Engineering Party Reaches Klam
ath Falls From the North.
A party of railroad surveyors from the
jiOJl't flopped here a Iuk days during
the reivnt heavy storm, lays the Klam
aili Ki'pulilican. There were four in
ti e party, which was under charge of
Cliii't Lngineer ilemlerMin. liy a
gentleman w ho interviewed the party"
we are informed that they started from, Ore., some lime in the fall for
the purpose of making a preliminary
ruilioad t-urvey, gathering data, etc.
From Ontario thev ran the line westerly
to Ti ineville, and from thence southerly
along the eaxt side of the Cascade moun
tains. The line touched Fort Klamath
and Klamath Agency and from there
along the east short! oi Big Klamuih
lake to Klamath Falls. From this place
they continued southerly to liald Moun
tain Puss. From there they returned
homeward, but were caught in the. -torn)
and remained here a few days as above
mentioned. They stated that the route
they followed from first to last was ex
cellent and easy to build a road QVer.
l'.ald Mountain Pass is said to lie easy to
get through to the west,. Iu connection
with this, we will mention that the Ore
gonian, under the head of "A New Rail
road Project," mentioned the proposed
extension of the railroad now built from
Montague to Yreka in a southerly di
rection, for the building of which the
money is ready. If that report is cor
rect, then au extension from Montague
northeasterly would strike Paid Moun
tain Pass, and the connection of these
two rouds fems, possible, and indeed
probable. .'
Dr. R. E. Lee Stelner.
From the Polk County Observer,
published at Dallas, this state, we take
the following complimentary notice of
Dr. R. E. Lee Steiner:
Dr R. E. Jee Steiner leaves .today for
Lakeview, OVegon', where' he may de
cide to lej-ate, as flattering inducements
have voerfdfTered him to establish him
self at that place. He will make no de
finite arrangements for leaving Dallas,
however, until he has thoroughly inves
tigated tae. situation In Southeastern
Oregon. It would be with a feeling of
deepest regret that our people would
part wjth Dr. Steiner and his estimable
During trteir three years
denca la 4)allas they, have, endeared
themselves to everyone, and they would
be'greatly missed in our social circles.
The Doctor is a talanted physician and
a skilled surgeon, and' has built up an
extensive practice in Polk county,
w here it is yet hoped that he will de
ride to remain
Lakeview Sport5men Ask
Amendment to Law.
Reports From All Over Lake County
are to the Effect that Mountain
Quail are Plentiful and Sports
men Want to Kill Them.
Some time ago The Kxtininer had oc
casion to call to account certain '"pot
hunters," who were slaughtei ing quail
j in the canyons adjacent to Lakeview,
and the attention of State Game Warden
(2uimhy was called to the fact that these
j birds ere hemic killed in great nuinler,
, despite the fact that the rmte law pro-
htlilted the killing or trapping of quail,
i Word Irtwi every section of the
county that quail are surpas-ii.gly num
erous now, no doubt owing to the
I mild winters of the past ten years.
S.iine t-ople are led to lielieve thai these
j birds have emigrated to the canyons of
Lakeview, so numerous have they be
come in this vicinity. It is thought by
some of our sportsmen (not "pot hun-
ters"j that it would lie well now to have
) an oHn season for quail in Lake county,
j in order to give the true sportsman a
I fair chance with the man who has no
j regard for the law, hut kills these birds
j whenever or wherever he finds them.
I Another good argument in favor of an
j open season in Lake county is the long
. anticipated hard winter in this section,
I w hich is apt to come at any time, and
should a particularly severe winter be
fall us, like the season of 1889-1)0, these
birds would all die of starvation. Dar
ing the mild seasons they propagate very
fast. We understand that in Summer
Lake, Chewaucan, Crooked Creek, New
Pine Creek and Warner sections quail
are very numerous. They are the regu
lar uiouutain quail and are beautiful
birds. As they are King killed anyway
by non-observers of the law, the game
law should be changed so as to make an
oien season in Lake county, iu which
these biids may be killed say from
September 1 to December 1.
Several local sportsmen have inter
ested themselves in the matter, and a
letter has been addressed to represent
ative U. A. Emmitt, requesting him to
have such an amendment made to the
game law.
The Examiner hopes that our Repre
sentative 'will be able to have the amend
ment made to the new game law which
will lie introduced at thi session, and
that when the law takes effect we will
not find anyone in this neighborhood
so reckless and contemptible as to pur
sue and kill these birds wantonly and by
the bagful), just to be killing, but that
airtiunters will observe the rules of , (he
true sportsman, and only' kill a reason
able number at on j shooting.
Ororire P. Clark Secretes Hit noney While
Alert Burglar Watches Through Window
Several weeks ago George P. Clark
left Lakeview for his cabin on Cotton
wood creek, taking with him about $250,
the sum total of his hard-earned savings
for the summer and fall. He placed the
money in the bottom of a barrel which
was filled.with oM rags, in his cabin,
and believing it sate started for the t i tri
be r after a load of wood. Evidently
somebody watched him cache the
money, for upon his return the cabin
door was found broken in and his money
gone. Tracks in the snow at the win
dow was evidence that the robber knew
where to place his hands on the money,
Tlfe facts were in the possession of
The Exanfiner two weeks ago, but were
kept secret to give the oaVicers an oppor
tunity to work on the case. They are
still on a warm trail and may land the
guilty partywt any hour.
Paul Kruger, President of the Trans
vaal Republic, who is on a tour of the
resi.-rEuropeau Countries in the interest of
the Boer against England, and who
expected to visit the United States soon.
is dangerously sick at Paris, and will
probably die. It would, indeed, be s
strange coincidence were Paul Kruger
to so soon follow Qaeen Victoria to the
unknown land each the great central,
figure of a warring nation.