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NO. 2.
Transaction of Important
Business This Term.
Lake County llxamlncr Again Des
ignated the County Official Paper
by the County Court Owing
to Ita Big Circulation.
I.akkvikw, Or., Jan. V, 1901.
lie it remembered iIimI a regular term
)( tho ('minty Court fur lliu County of
I.ake, Stale of Oregon, was begun ami
held at the Court House, in Lakeview,
I-ake county, Mate of ( iri'Kon, on tin
Dtti lny ( January, l!"Ol,nt which woru
present Hon. Char If Ton ningM-li. Judge ;
S. J. Trow, ( 'o!niiilHioiiir; II. It. Dun
lii, ShirifT, (! William Gunlher,
Clerk, when tin- following proceedings
were lml, lo w it :
Ordered by tin Court tlntt warrants
lie ilra ii iihiii the Treasurer ill pay
incut of tin' following allowed liilU, to
wit: M H.Uutitap.aiirrifl. aalr aii't atin.. KlU CD
Wm liiinllirr, Kiurk, alr)f n1 alampa Hit .a)
I y. Wlllltm. H li.iul hinH-rliil.'li.1nl. aal
ry ami miii . 1" 1"
If n.-ult, Trraaunr. alry, mini'. aiel
rxrllKlnC.. Wl W
Cliarli-a T'linitnf -i, Ciiumy Julg, aal
rr '
liori. II hi, Mm k liii' lur, al
arj M M
t'r. T. V. Mall. utility I'hyali lull. aalait 'il Ml
rrfl'lln, iirrtiwiiii1 i u , (' lur 'I
ur.r mi'l aliutt' r for aiilt "o u
dla.a .V I rii'lhniiiim'. lunik iut l.lank tit T.'i
lac Oliver, rare ill iii r. iilito wnka . Ml 14
Wiairrti MK" o . fn lKliI on tiilli .. 2 TU
William Vail. I. r, tn 'Hi tin nan. . It Oi
Atilairinii liroa , tati'iiii ry . .. 4"
Cliarlca t' li, lu inf. ul uo4 l..r
Ctllirt llniiax il i
William 1 1 ii t )i it , ilicm'iiary atainl and
t-ali ailvani nt . . '1411
A. fcaatmiul, I ti 111 Ix-r lur Kno l ln(. Nu. :ui U
J. K. Walk. r. Iiauilnu lumlwr !r Koa'l
Mat Nu. II . . T m
R. llrou 11, lir 'i1 luiuli r (nr Lrl.lK-. I'll'.
No. II a
Mr a. Stlllliial', ti .arl lur Mia. Id. Kliowl
wrv.a . . la l
1 n'orKc 1 dm. iiiTi liaii'liM lir Mra. It. J. ami family 11 "9
Mary ('. Itrti, mir-IHK p. nlaml family
4H ilaya tti
Mi Wiiliaiu I'i'itii'. iiuralUK !' nlaml
lamll) V 11 It lit. I" Ui
Mr. Imia-' Jnhtiiiii. 1 1 m rt 1 1 if I'rtilrtiiil
family liik'l.l" ... IU la)
I . M Vi.rk, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1." J'.lni I nr tun, .ail
H-r, .11 ia . . 40 laj
I. Mil, itiirHinie .lulm l'i iiarmii. auH-r,
ll.Uv. . J.. Ol
Miiitli y X IUrn. colli 11 lur Imliati. 1 '1 la)
llalli y .V MulliKlll. 1111 ti liHinllau lr
iiawih rii ittiil ruiiiii) . ... .l'i 10
J. K. Ili-nmnl ,V Hun. Miniliiilll, tank anil
Iiiwit '.'12 '
II. Hi I1111I11. k .V. Sill. r.tiHilia 1 laj
t'otirt inljotiriit'il until II 11. in. to
morrow. 'I'm MHllAV, .Iani'aiiy It).
Court I'otivi'tii"! iiurHtiikiit to H'ljotirn
inent, wlicti tin- following pin 'fciliiiM
with huil, to- it :
Onlcrfil y tin- Court that warrant
w ilriuvit iiion tin' Trt'HRurvr in pay
incut of tin- follow iny alltiwcil Komi .wu
(KTviNor ('Iiiiiiin ami ullicr allowcil cluiuiH,
lo-wit :
rt. (). ri-aai-, Hiiail Hialrlrt Nu. t . 1.1 1(0
Wllllain 1'i'trii 6 flu Wl
i. K. WalkiT, Jn 00
Win I'lu rami, " " "10 II) 00
It. rnwn, 11 U 00
B. II. HnyiliT, ' Vi 117 00
. It. Htilitt-tti attroaa lur jail .. 4 00
Hi'arli A Mrliarn.y, .rintlii( ami til-
llaliliiK 205
Onlcroil liy the Court tliut the rt'Hirl
of K. 11. Snyder, Komi SuiHTvlwir of
JliHtrict No. 12, on money ext'inlt'cl
vli ii'li wan apiiropriuti'il for work in wiid
JltHtrirt No. 12, bo ami tlm mi inn ih lmro
by ajiprovud. '
Now comufi County Clrrk ami (Ilea a
lint of taxpayers taken from the hhmohh
uient roll for tho your 11HK), to 1 10 drawn
hh the jury lint for tliu year 1!K)1, ami
I lio Court, liuviiiK iiirefully esamiiiptl
tliu mono, it 1h hereby ordered that Haiti
IUt, uh returned to the Clerk, he, and
the name id herehy approved.
Court adjourned until to-morrow at tl
11. 111.
I.akkvikw, Or., Jan. 11, ltMX).
Court convened purmuuit to adjourn
iiient; Hiuno oillcerri prenent, when the
followinK l roceediiiKH were had, to-witi
Ordered hy tliu Court that a warrant
he drawn upon tho TreitHurer in pay
ment of the following allowed hill, to
wit :
Oliver .V Irvine, iuliliililliK llot'i'i' $ W
Court atljouined until to-morrow at U
it 111.
Lakkvikw, ttr., Jan. 12, HHK).
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment ( mm olllcern breent, when the
following proeeedinuii were had, to wit!
Wherean, Tlm ljke County Kxaminer
and the Lake County Huatler have filed
linta of iHina fldo auhcrilr within id
county, lo-wit: Lake County Kxaminer,
m; Lake County Kimtler, Ml. Hi
ordered that the an id l.ako County Kx
aminer he awarded tho eolitnii t to puh
liah the Colinly pnn-eedinun for the year
emliuK January I, IH02.
Ilia ordered that the county oflicera
purchaan their neccaaary mippliea with
out contract aKreement, the (knirt re
nerving the right to curtail the name
within former allowed prjcei.
It in ordered that, w hereaa, Smith &
Kleiner, M. !.', have Hied the Ix-at bid
for acrvire aa County I'liyaician, lo-wit:
"To fnniinli profeaaioual wrvie and
medii luea, wiliea, liiiuora and audi other
alimtihiiila may he required; lo at
tend all Coroner' imjueal and exami
nation of inaane for the H'riol of one
year; to attend all pituera within a
dialanre of twenty-one milea of Lake
view, Oregon, for the mini of f'.i.V.l pi-r
mouth ; I aUo aree to attend atieh
other paii'ra aa the Court or any mem
ler thereif may det'lti nei'eaaary oulanie
Haul twenty-oiie miiea' limit, for 11." u
centa er mile traveled ;" that the Maid
Smith A Meiner Ih, and they are herehy
apoiuted County I'liyaician for I-ake
county, Oregon, for one year emling
January 12, l'NI2.
Court adjourned until Monday, Janu
ary 14th, at M o'clock a. m.
I.akkvikw, Dr., Jan. U, l'.Hll.
Court convened purauaiit to adjourn
ment; came olllccra prenent, when the
following proeeedinita were had, to-wil:
It appearing to the Court that Mra.
Uutli l'c nlaml hart lileil the low eat hi J
Concluded oil 1'age 4.
Foreign News
5alt and (Jold.
1'iiit'jd SiHtin j.Renatnr Stewart lint
aeeureil the uo-Kae of a hill extending
the luimiig Iiiwm to aalt landn.
rilipinos Have an Inning.
A Manila dispatch aaya that two aol
ilieii and live native police have U-en
cipturiil near 11. ilea. American rein
forcementH failed to overtake tho party.
Germans Take (iuiis.
The ieruuin expedition, w liich btarted
from Tien Tain at C'h r ihI m iif, returned
to that place on the -ith, and reKrl the
capture of 4.1 Krtlpp guns, 2,Ut0 rillea
and a lare ipiautity of ammunition
from the Chineae.
Inconsiderate lioers.
Lonl Kitchener Iiuh tallied the War
Ollice at Iindon that the lioera have re
appeared along the railway near lthein
oalcr. The wenteru col tun 11 of invaders
ia making toward (ialoiu. The eaateru
party Iiuh lieen broken up.
Bloody Battle In Colombia.
A diapatch from Willematad, Inland
of Curtice, under date of January 10th,
nayu: Under the eyeH ot the Vunezue
lau authoritiea on Oocembcr 14th, a
troop of 2,000 men, com potted of Yene
KiieliiiiH and revolutionary ColombiuiiH,
invaded the territory of Colombia and
attempted an attack on the town of
Cui ula. The invaders were well armed
and had two cannona. They wore rout
ed by the Colombian troops and 150
were killed, :00 wounded aud 250 pris
oners were taken by the government
troops, including 62 women.
Bold Boers.
(ieneral Kitchener dispatches from
Pretoria to London to the effect that on
the night of January Dili the Hours made
simultaneous and determined attacks 011
all Knglish posts at lielfast, Wonder
fontoin, Nooitgudacht and Wiltlonteiii.
IntetiHO fog prevailed, and, taking ad
vantage of thocover it afforded, the lioers
were able to creep up close to the Kng
lish position. A heavy lire continued
until 3:40, when the lioers werediiven
off. One ollicer was killed and 3 were
wounded, while 20 men were killed and
6H wounded. Tho loss to the lioera was
heavy, 24 dead lieing counted. A con
voy taking supplies to (iordon'a brig
ade, north of Kritge rsdorp, w as attacked
hy Meyer's commando yesterday, Tues
day. The Boers were driven off, leaving
11 dead 011 the Held. Knglish casualties
were four slightly wounded.
Couples Hade Happy In
Lake County In 1900.
Important Event That Should Be
Attended liy Much Connubial
lillsi, Through 5unhlne and
Darkneaa, Weal or Woe.
January 2, 1!KK) George A. Nelaon
and Kdith M. Carter, at Lakeview, by
County J mine Charles ToiiniiiKsen.
January 4, 1110(1 Frank liureh and
Mra. Ii'tlie lleineiiway, at lakeview, by
Uev. J. W. Warlield.
January 31, liHKI liuy McKune and
Mia Ixila Held, at 1-aLevicw , by Uev. J.
W. Warlield.
February 23, V.m William II. Kim
ey and Mrs. Lillie Kurd, at I-akeview,
by County Judge Charles Tonningien.
March 13, I'.KHj J. JI. tiow-ly and
Miaa Annie K. Kglie, at Silver I-ake, by
William II. Hayes, Justice of the Peace.
March 22, 1'JOO H. A. D. I'orter and
Miaa Daisy Killredge, at Silver Ijike,
by William II. Hayes, Juatice of the
April 13, I'.KIO John A. McDonald and
Mias Mary C tieorge, at lakeview, by
Uev. J. W. Warlield.
April IS, l'.MX) Joaeph A. Smith and
Mlna 1i.ttie MiKtine, at lakeview, by
Uev. L. A. Meyers.
April 21, 11HJ0 John William Cogg
buru ami Miia Iittie Kthel Myrtle, at
lakeview, by Uev. L. A. Meyers.
June 3, I'.KIO Lldoii Woodcock aud
Miaa Sadie Vineyard, at Lakeview, by
Uev. J. W. Warlield.
June 4, 1U00 diaries I'.aty and Mary
K. Vineyard, at Lakeview, by County
Judge Charles Toimiiiacn.
June 10, mxi John D. Mulkey aud
MifS Clara Kiinaey, at Lakeview, by
Uev. J. W. Warlield.
June 21, 1!KW Kdwin Hartxog and
Mias Lima i-'utik, at lakeview, by Uev.
L. A. .Meyer.
July 1, 19J0 K. M. Uiggs and Sarah
M. Philips, at Plu.-li, by W. K. Itarry,
Juatice of the Peace.
July II, l!n. Ueorge W. Drumm and
Sadie C. Stanley, at Paialey, by Uev.
Israel Putnam.
July 12, I'.KHJ A. K. Cheney ami Miss
Delia Pratt, at Lakeview , by C. I'mbach,
July 22, ISHaj Hiram II. Swaseyand
Mias Uosa Cannon, at lakeview, by
Winslow Uayley, Justice of the Peace.
August S, l'.HK) William Kgau and
Miss Annie Darling, at lakeview, by
Uev. J. W. Warlield.
September 2, l'.KK) Kli Burnum and
Mias Myrtle Simpson, at Crooked Creek,
by County Judge Charles Tonningsen.
September 2, P.KHJ Charles S. Morris
and Miss Ollie S. Moss, at Lakeview, by
County Judge Charles Tonningsen.
September 15, llKH) K.lI.Duy and Miss
Uosa 11. Stanley, at Ijikeyiew, by Uev.
J. W. Warlield.
Septemlier Hi. 1000 G. E. Wible and
Miss Annie Anderson, at Lakeview, by
Hev. C. W. llollomuu.
KeptemlM-r 22, 1SHW-F. K. Kussill and
Miss Annie Kingsley, at Lakeview, by
County Judge Charles Tonningsen.
September 28, 1900 Frank Martin and
Miss Susie Aromsted, at Lakeview, by
County Judge Charles Tonningsen.
Septemlnir 2U, 1900 Peter Poet and
Mra. Mary M. lirown, at Lakeview, by
County Judge Charles Tonningsen.
October 81, 11)00 Fred S. Fisher and
Miss Annie K. Heryford, at Lakeview,
by Uev. C. W. llollouiau.
November 4, 1900 Kugone S. Edo and
Miss lva D.Basey, at Iakeview, by Rev.
C. W. Holloman.
November 7, 1900 L. P. Klippel aud
Miss Florence E. Foster, at Bummer
Lake, by Rev. T. li. Goodpasture.
November 5, 1900 J. AV. A. Janes and
Miss Mallissia Law son, at New Pine
Creek, by Uev. 11. C. Fleming.
November 14, 1900 C. H. Dunlapand
Miss Kstella Duke, at Lakeview, by Rev.
C. W. Holloman.
November 28, 1900 C. E. Vermilliou
and Miss Myrtle II. Robinson, at Lake
view, by Winslow Rayley, Justice of the
December 9, 1900 J. H. Noble and
Julia K. MorriB, at Lakeview, by Wins
low Rayley, Justice of the Peace.
December 24, 1900 Albert VAg&r Han
nister and Miss Ada Stauley, at Paisley,
by Retr. T. H. Goal pasture.
December 31, 1900 Ira It. liradley
ml Mias Ada M. Baaey, at Lakeview,
by Rev. L. A. Meyers.
5pcll tm "Lk. County ExaailiMr."
Salem, Or., Jan 10 2 p.m.
Lake County Examiner,
Lakeview, Oregon: The Sen
ate was 'called to order last
Monday at 11 a. m.t Hon. J.
N. Williamson, Senator from
Crook, Klamath, Lake and
Wnsco.Tt'inporary Chairman.
Tho Senate at once pro
ceeded to permanent organi
zation. Senator Fulton of Clack
amas was elected President
of the Senate, Moorehead
chief clerk.
The House organized at
the same hour, and elected
J. W. I.ccder Speaker; Jen
nings, chief clerk.
The Senatorial situation
remains unchanged. Mc
Bride, Corbett, Hermann,
Fulton and several dark
horses are in the fight, aud it
is hard to tell at this hour
who will win.
F.verytning :s moving along
in the! way.
School Notes.
By J. R. McCornuck, Principal.
The first half of the school term has
passed, examinations aro over and we
have Degua vwork of toe aeijond semistor.
The second semister not only begins w ith
the new year, but also a new century.
Shall we not strive to do even more
this year than tho preceding one, as we
are living in a progressive age, and ad
vancement is being made in all lines? i
the work of the first half year has not
I fen as good as we would wish it had
U-eu, owing to the amount of sickness
during the early fall. The enrollment
for the year is 252. The results of the
examination were very good, and those
w ho fell low will see that they will have
to work hard the remaining portion of
the year so as to make the required work
by the end of the term. some indi
vidual students throughout the building
made excellent grades.
Special mention is made by the teacher
of the Sixth Grade that the papers she
received from that grade, as a class, iu
mental arithmetic, are the best she has
ever received in more than ten years'
The students of the Eighth Grade are
preparing tor the examination to be
given by the County Superintendent
during the last week in February.
Daily grades and the examinations
averaged as follows :
Third Grade average 85 3
Fourth Grade average 81 .5
Average for whole school 83.4
Patrons of the school are cordially in
vited to visit the school at any time.
Fine Road Improvement.
Road Supervisor Fred Snyder has
made a quarter of a mile of excellent
road over the worst part of the thorough
tare in the vicinity of Uie Lime Kiln.
Wagons can pass there easily now, and
in the spring, with another appropria
tion, he can complete the work, and that
part of the public highway will be better
than it has ever been before. This par
ticular piece of road has been for a long
time about the worst in Lake county.
RoadmaBter's Snyder's work there is
appreciated hy the traveling public.
CUT the' paper.
Readers of The Examiner are
reminded that the pages are cut,
and pasted inside, and all that U
necessary is to run a knife or some
sharp instrument through the
crease at the top of the paper
and it will open out like a book.
Do not attempt to unfold and turn
inside out, as the pases are
pasted inside.
Williamson Tells What
Ought to be Done.
Enforcement of Laws Now Existing
of fluch Greater Importance Than
Enactment of New Laws
Coyote Bounty Law.
Hon. J. X. Williamson, joint Senator
for Crook, Klamath, Lake and Wasco,
when asked what bills he would in
troduce or legislation he specially fa
vored at the coming Legislature, said in
part :
"As to what measures I am particu
larly interested in, I w ill say that I am
more interested in the vigorous enforce
ment of a number cf laws we already
have than in the enactment of any more.
I will not be on hand with a very heavy
budget of bills at this session. I doubt
if I will have any. Several matters of
more or less importance, particularly
the latter, have been suggested to me as
matters urgently calling for legislation,
but I have no bill in sight. However, I
may again have something to offer in
reference to the state scalp bounty ques
tion. The present law is not satisfac
tory. The opinion is prevalent that the
law is unconstitutional. To such an ex
tent is this the case that the law is in
operative to a great extent, and an en
tirely new law may be necessary. I
have not determined as yet what course
to pursue in the matter, but will try to
be on hand w ith some remedy for the
defects in the present law. Whatever ia
formulated in this line will be intro
duced iu the House, where alt such
measures must originate.
" I am against the present registration
law and think it should be repealed, at
least, so far as our section of the state is
concerned. From what I have seen of
the workings of the registration law in
Eastern Oregon, I am inclined to look
with disfavor upon the primary election
proposition, although it is quite a popu
lar fad nowadays.
"As a general proposition, I might say
that we need a proper application of
very many laws we already have far
more than we need new laws.
""I am in favor of such an appropri
tion of money for our state schools as ia
needed to conduct them in a manner
becoming the dignity of such institu
tions, but let us have no more of them
now. Enough of anything is plenty.
" I would like to see the present ses
sion undertake to live up to the law en
acted at the last session in reference to
committee clerkships, for the example
there would be in it, if nothing more.
Such a law has been enforced in the
State of California for eight years, and
there is no good reason why it should
not find favor in Oregon. That we have
the power to disobey it is no reason why
we should do bo.
"As to my choice for United States
Senator, there is so much available tim
ber in sight for that position that it ia
difficult to make a selection really dif
ficult. I sometimes w ish we had more
senatorial chairs to warm, so we would
have enough to go around decently."
Senator Williamson, in a letter re
ceived this week by a gentleman in
Lakeview, says : " I want the people in
Lake county to understand that I am at
their service at all hours of the day or
night. I desire that some one write
me at any and all times concerning any
matter that may come up in w hich Lake
county is particularly interested. 1 am
a public servant and am at your service."
Badly Injured.
Frank Farrington of New Pine Creek,
who was seriously injured a few days
before New Year's, was in Lakeview last
Thursday to see Dr. F. E. Smith. Far
rington met with his injury while snak
ing logs out of the canyon, near New
Pine Creek. A heavy log got the start
of him and rolled over his entire body.
He says he was unconscious for three
days and remembers nothing about the
occurrence, and that Dr. Smith says his
injury can never be cured. Farrington
ia a stalwart man, over six feet tall, and
heretofore has been as strong as an ox.
He says he will never be the same man
he was, as he was severely ruptured by
the accident.