Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 22, 1900, Image 3

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in? X. M. Cblaiucttc.
Anyoim ritlliiitf IiIiiihcIi an Aiiittrii-an
t iti.cii mill nut Ix-inK tlinruiiylily eon
viTNMiit with tlm f ir in mul uini of on r
lnVtTii tiuMi t, in lurking III "lie of the
(iiikIiiiiii'IiIiiI irini'iliN of iMlriiitiniii.
In tin-iKiioratx't nf lint Milieu f tlit
Miltt i (In) Htnu tiirc Mini iilin ol our
( illVITIUIHMlt lil'N till! Illlly lIlltiyiT to till"
Hicr wliicli tlii-y cxcrtiMtt nml Dim
wi'lfum u( our Iri'ii iimtitiitiiinn.
( il I'niir: i IIiitv in no nun licre ln
will ili-ny llmt tln ctiily ol tlu irin'iilcH
of hiIuii hI m ii'iii i' in u luice nary pari
n( m liU rul iMliii'iiliim. Hut Ihtu in tlm
V. H. it in iiinrn tliun Unit j it I a very
iicivKxiuy uirt ( m ciiiiiiniiii m IhmiI olu-
Tlm ilmiKi-r i( I'litriiKiintc tlm xiwcr of
t'lti'tiiiK their o ii Ihm miilu'r nml even
ilt'ti'tiiiiniii I lie fiiiiiliMiii-ntuI r ilit' i t-H
of ( iiivn nii.iilit to llii iiCtKirnnt in plain
ami iIim-h not liiil nf illifatrutiuii in liin
tory. So Imvinx iitiivtral milTriitc
lor ijimmI or evil tliciii in lnit win r
aoiirt'it Inr UN mul tlmt in to cduciilo tlm
lllHMM-n to (fuVl'MI tllUIIIHI Ivck.
A kiiiiu li'li-t ol tin priuriplfii of N'imI
rii'liri1 in inorii nir-aary to un than
tin luiiliornliip ol riiiiih IhmiU, l lie Mni
tioli of tin ili-Ht-rl of Fuliara, tin not tic
iHi'iit lit Juiin'Mto n or tin ircHt't
Cointiiiin iiHnrnf two or iimrit iiuiii
lii'rit Imtmiiku tin' ln n of limn know a
lillli' ol merry mm lint Iiiwd of Nature and
iKiinratirt ol tlm law fxrtlHi no oik.
Kvitry ifiiy vtn iih boiiiii proof tliut
it in it h mi' ol tliix lirain Ii in ulwiiyn
Tliert in no luT'l ol iit(iiiiptin to
initki liiwycrn ol our pupiln; litit h wttiily
of tin' lirnml uimI iuitub!e piiui:ipltn of
our nvhti-m of (civi-rniiiftit in tliu um
mull ai'liooin (-annul fail to I of fWilfiit
Jirartiral iihi to u 1 1 . Tlx dirt Unit no
many punn fad-ly through lifu relying
miTirly on tluir own n-n of wliat
ylioulil Im' in only ii proof of ll.e t-inliiil
jiiMtiro of our nyntctn of jiirifpriuli'iun
ami not an argument in favor ol xliht
iii( tlm ntuily ol rivil Kovi-ruiin'iit nt
an curly uki ami iifa tlinrniii'li wanner.
No out' iilintiniiH tlm polliy ol teneli
ing liinlorv in m'liool yi-t tlii cami, hik)
morn hii'I better ri'iiHoiiH, can In given
(or teiirliing I'ivil government. I'ulilica
tnaku liintory ami llie coimlil itiiin in I lie
foumlalioii ol our -xiliiii'a. The wonder
ful pnwH-rily of our euuiitry up to ISitO
ami tint never alna-k it w itliHtixnl no
well from 'lit to Mm proven I lie Htul'ility
of our coiiMtitiilion ami tint vuluit it in
ito un till pi-rmiiially.
Tliene furtn are all wlf-eviilent and
yet tliin Htudy Iiiih Uuu Hlruii(ffly neg
Iwi'ted in tint common hi'IuioIn ol our
country. Tliu reimou for this liu mainly
in .not Inning it Miitiililit text lunik in
our ni'IiihiIh and the teuelier'a indinponi
tioll to teai'h liny tiling not itrtilally pro
m rilu'd. All honor to thtwe bUtea tlmt
lirencriliv tliu Mludy of civil government
and to tluiNu oiiiH'riiiUiidi'iilN of pulilii
iiiHlrurtinii who iimiMl ou its livinij
taught in their m-liooU.
The maiiiKT ol ti ui liiii) civil tfovern
uient uv Nii.'i;iHtiil liy the Mtatit manual
of Oregon can hardly he improved upon,
except thut it n-Herven the cludy ol it
(or t'o I ati) a period. If no w ait to
tench civil -ovc rmnciit until advuui'd
hintoiy in taken up, wo will minn the
opportunity ol helping uiiinliern of pu
piln, who do not tiuifh their common
ncliool education, to a hotter underHtaud
inn of nomethiiiK that in ol vital interent
to them.
I,ove of country in the renult of appreci
ation, mid appreciation in the renult of
information. M uch w ill depend on the
judgment ami npirit of the teacher, hut
the Huhji'ctri nluiliud alno have a very
important U-arim;.
True patriotinm, from tlm American
point of view, (Iih'H not connint in a
(lourinh of lruni'tH, in hIioiUh of acclaim,
iu profcMhion uf loyalty, nor in national
iMiiihtiuti ; it in rather the renult ol a jutU
uipreciation of w hat our country in in
iu npiiit of freedom, itn inntitutionn, itn
, its ciiHtoiuH, its mmrantei'H, Itn
foiku of Kovcrnmcjit, itn splendid do
main, its natural bcenery, its Htalutt
ainonj,' the uatiomi and its triumphant
onward march. Th? Kcpulilicn educates
primurily (or Hcli-prcHci vation. The
huHinenn of tin common schools in timt
of all to niakti good citizens. Whether
they make great scientists or profound
iimtlicinuticians or expert linguists in a
ucoudary coiitfidciation.
I'ivil government hIiouKI Ikj taught as
Kiipplcnieiitary work in history as booh
as tli ti t hruncli in taken up. C'ommenj
ing hy teaching toe govermnent of the
ncliool district lirst, an that in tho aiiu
pIcHt form of government and comes
w ithin the lower grade pupil'n personal
knowledge. The idea of government in
ulso well illustrated hy general talks on
the mhjert of family govornmunt.
In n ta ten where tho Uiwnnhlp in the
unit of civil government, the rtuily of
tlmt would cnine next hut, in thinntnte,
nliniild receive nmrely Incidental notice.
The county orgHiikcation la tho next to
Im taken up. The different orlicen of,
ml the manner of adinbilntration of
affaim of the county nhould Inj taught
thoroughly ami nyntcmatically, not an
technlcnl fact hut of jM-rnonal interent
to the clann in their own nounty. The
Ntati cornea now an one of the Integral
partn of the nation. Ami at thi tn'riod
of instruction in thin hraiu li. the pupil
lioiild have advanced to tho Nludv of
the complete. History of the I,'. H. 1 he
prim iplcn lain down hy the declaration
of Indepeinlence, that, "all men are ere
ated free and cnnl, and that taxation
without a fair reprenelitntiou ia unjust, "
can Ih explained in ntudying the Itevo
lutiouary War.
The courts nhould Imi thoroughly stud
led an I lxlive the judirul hranch of
our (ioveriimeiit in the leant umlernlood
of alt. The common law of Knglaml
nhould le given nhho attention at thin
Mrioi, and a ntudy ol the Articlen of
Confederation in alio necennary hefon;
the Kevolutionary War in finished and
the ('oliKtitutioii can In taken up. The
ntmly of the ('onntltution itn nuggented
hy the ntato manual in the lctl jMmtiihlc
plan ill teaching thin hranch and it in
well to give cii'icn itn much needed pla c
on the progiam.
If civil goveriiuient in taught in such a
way an to force the student to make in-
iiirien at home, or wherever he -ran get
information, it w ill cause dincutisioua at
home and thus interest parent and
spread tho much needed xnow ledge
farther than if tuught an a mere itate
meut of facts to he i raiii iicd.
In the higher gradei of the grammar
a "hisil the teaching nhould develop pat
riotic neiktimeiit into patriotic principle.
My plan of teaching civic in the gram
mar grade in thin: The clasn resolves
itself into a parlimentary Innly and din
cincen, regularly, the point for. and
against the different government now
exiMing. Then having decided (a they
certainly will) that the Republican form
of government in the ls-st. Then the I
State and 1'. S. Constitution are dis
cussed. In tliene discussion no parti
san political discussion should lie al
lowed, a it ifl certain to cause trouble
and a it is at thin time a knowledge of
the aim and nco'ie of our iovernment
nhould he understood In fort making any
Militical alliliation.
I alternate my civics and history
clanscs thn giving more time for prepar.
at ion in each hranch. The tact that
Political (iovernment has to do with
rivica should not Ut overlooked in the
study of this hranch,
Iu my ideal school the pupiln, with a
high sense of honor, govern themselves,
and the teacher in a fellow student, not
an arbitrary ruler. Thi school would
be a model ol civil government and it
pupiln would go to their world's work,
knowing their own, and acknowledge
ing their fellow citizens' right. And no
would peace and harmony prevail.
Ami iu no better place, than school,
can self a well a civil government be
The Northern
Stage Line.
A. W. BRYAN, Proprietor.
Leave I.akcvk'tv nt 0 a. m.
every day but HutuJay.
Ht'turning, leaves Paisley
at i) :o0 a. in every day but
PaaMtifrrn' lar Sj. Bound trip $
Of TIC 13- C. U. Snldar'i Star, UkiHtw, Or.
',Vt and Jeweler
lucated at Ahlstrom tiros
A w ork in my line fully
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Porterhouse, or an kind of IJecf
Steaks, or Koasta cut from our len
der and juic s tock of prime meats,
fresh and tempting Hams, Bacon,
Lard, Etc. Von will alwa s find us
prompt and obliging in serving ou.
Po you 'viint to run up auainst a gisnl
thing? If you do, call on I'ete A Jonas,
under the opera house. 41-tf
Many people worry liecausc they Iks
lieve they have heart disease. 'The
chances are that their hearts are all
right, but their rtomacliH are unable to
digest fistd. Kodul ysKpsia Cure di
gests what you eat and prevents the
formation ol gan w hich makes the stom
ach press against the heart. It w ill cure
every form of indigestion. Iikeview
!rug Co.
Ii. It. Clark, of Adin, has void all his
stock and beef cattle and has purchased
dairy cowh. TIi4 Adiu treauiery has
proved that tho creamery business in a
a money-maker in Modoc. Cedarvillo
There is no pleasure in life if you
dread going to the table to eat and can't
rest ut night on account of indigestion.
Henry Williams, of lioonville, I ml . ,
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he commenced the use of Kodul Dyspep
sia C'ure, and adds, "Now 1 can eat any
thing 1 like and all 1 want and sleep
soundly every night." Kodol Pynpep
sia Cure w ill (hires t w hat you eat. I-ako-view
liug Co.
rhia nin-nature I" on erery box of Ihe gonulno
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tabieu
hn remedy that nini it colli Id ona day
In tfltU October 28, 11)00.
No. 1.
9:1m a.
II :H a.
1:m p.
6:iu p.
Ar. . .
.HciiK. ...Ar
. I' I ii 1 1 1 oh ,. Ar
. I'lilliiHK ., A r
. Ami'ilev. . Ar
. Tcruiii. . . l.v
Nn. J.
4:40 p. in.
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p. in.
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b :00 a. in.
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I.nki"lw CarMiitr Shop and
Ltiiiiltr Yard.
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All klmli nf C-irprntcr Work promptly llided
to IIuIMIiik ContnicU Taken uul rUUniatra Mwle.
W ill ksrp on hand at all tlnw a Urga U k of dr
driHM.l lumlKrr. Now on hnd low lert iTlllnit aad
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good meat go to the
Htillmmi II eHlnuran t
Two building. North of Oprra Hoots
On Maio Stmt.
V. I'. and U. M.
ti. t1'. and I'. A.
..Vegetable btore..
The only Vegetable Store in
Ikevlew ! locntcd at the
. North end of Water Street.
0 Vegetable., Fruit, Produce;
0 Alto General MerrhandiM,
) Clgari and Tobacco.
) Free Delivery.
Whorton & Barnes
Everything known
to the trade carried
In stock
pise Soaps, Perfumes,
Toilet Goods, Etc.
Frank Smith's
Barber Shop
Hot and Cold Baths
Horseshoeing A Specialty
South and East
Shasta Route.
Tralnn bave Alter for Portland and way ita
tUma at 12:21 a. m. and 11:1)0 p, m.
L Portland , :30am l:Wpm
Aner IKItm :57 p m
Ar Aabland 12::)am 12:06 pm
" Kaeramento 6:00 p ra I llin
' Haa rraoclaco 7:t4pm 8:15 am
" Oaden
" fner ,
' Ktniu Vitj
" Ixm Ancelei
" fcl Cato
" Kort Worth
' City of Mexico,.,
" Houatno
" Sew Orleans....
" WaJhlnirt-io
" New Vork
. S:4A a m
. :00 a m
. 7:25 a in
. T:4A a m
. 1:20 pm
. iMl p m
. I:.llin
. : r6 a m
. 2:35 a m
. 6:25 p m
. 6:42 a m
.12:4J p m
11:45 a ra
ft:40 p m
T: 2Sa nt
: a m
7:00 a m
6:io p m
6:30 a m
10 .' m
6:25 p ra
6:42 a m
12:43 p m
For any on killing or tell
ing ttocft belontcing to the
South Eastern Oregon
' Live Stock Association
Will he given for the rret and conviction of any per
Mn or persons steal ing any atock belonging
to menibera of this Association.
J. M. INXES, President.
'visit DR. JORDAN'S gat
Omm auia aaa kmU J
ThalarfMt Anatomical Uuaeain
In tli Wor t
tnmitt lli-awraM i ths Ciy. A
Wraaaawci. or in v mntwl. .
tha ollwl bparlHlUt ou tb l-aolfla
COaal. JUtabuaitra M fmrm. A
Taiif mam as4 atl44l V
aarl mhm aja aiiflTMrlnv A
from lha aaTaeta W jroutblul India- V
taiMaa scaa it
Pullman and Touriat car on both tralna.
Chair cara 8acrameuto to t(den and El ratio,
and lourlat cara to ''tilcago, tt. Louia, New Or
leaniand Waatiington.
Connprtln-rat Ran Francinco with the ieveral
ateamabip linea for Honolulu, Japan, China,
PhilllDinea, Central and Houth Amerli-a.
bee agent at Acer atation, or addrea
J. U. MAKKHAM. O. P. A ,
Portland, Or.
Stage Lino
S. L. McNAUGHTON, Proprietor
Office. Hotel Llnkville,
Klamath Falls. Or.
Daily from Ager to Klamath HotSpringt,
Keoo. Klamath Falla, Dairy, Banu,
Bly and Lakeviear.
Daily from Lakeriew to Bly, Bonanza,
Dairy, Klamath Falla, Keoo. Klamath Hot
Spring! ami Ager.
klakea connection with all trains at Acer.
Easy Coaches
Excellent Acccmmodations
Paasenger, eipraaa and freight traffia
aol.cileJ. All buiineaa eotruated to na
will be expedited.
General Merchandise,
First-Class Hotel,
, The Plush House,
Tonsorial Parlors.
Plush, Lake County, Oregon.
kim.. uitao lii maturvr A 1 1
.7, (a Haiih4 In .11 liaoumpll- I
rmtlai..! HMrHMUlrk... pa . . M I
raa, rrl, dlv(. rrt.r.r,
t I rlaaitlBs, !. 11 eoaiDiimtloo of 4 KrMimlnllH mr ,,. 9
i Itaaaa imul aia irw.tti.tii. th.t f m hi n..i
only aa.r4 Immnllai rvllrf. but ptrmanaut I
I eure. The Dvotwr doM ant claim to p.ifortu
1 mlraelaa. b.l la wall known tu ba a lair and I
qnnra rhjr-iM-a and Surceon, praniiiiM!
'lr and I
dun door taouth of Opera llouae
I In lila -pecuity Olavavaea t beat.
. IkapnafhlT er.dlr.ted tram
I tb ayaleai wliheut lha UHOin.iruri.
frtUMI flttMl hff -n . r-t
I ear lor R r I m r. A e,uk'k and roitinii A
iurlnr Illa, I'lu.r. and ri-ltalw, br
r. Jardaa'a apeclal palaleaa aualhmla. Jk
ETKBT H AN anelrlna to aa 111 i-aoahra t
our Aonul ufXnloH of Maenmplalnl. A
' H' wlU iwimM IfOtilTlVM CU33t w
, awry nut trt anfrria.
C.n.iiliai.,o KRKK a-a atrtctiy prreaia,
Tra.iuiaut paraoaally or by letter.
Write fir Hook. PIIH.OIorHT
book, fur men.) Cailorwnta
OR. JO-DAN ft CO.. 1061 Market St.8.R
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature ia strengthening and recon
struct log the exhausted digestive or
gan. Itisthelatestdlscovereddigest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Oastralgia Cramps and
all ol her results of imperfect d igestion.
PrleeSOe. and $1. Lartre size contain! SH tlmea
maUaua. JiuokaUabuu.dysptptuaniiiUeUfreD
Preparad by E. C. DeWITT A CO.. Cljlcago.
I.ukeview Drug Company.
J. E. BERNARD & SON, Lakeview, Oregon
mWht-n yuu want toWrvKlMritl
an Aermotor. you dont htr
1 to ito out in th Mstur
vith hlter on one arm
and dih of oata undf
tha other to
catch tha
motiva povH
.r. Toudont
pave to hat
nass t ud
and than ataod
around wmh a
whip in your
hand to keep it
! going. Just
ee mat it to rx-j.
per is wen
filled and
the anndei
urooerlv ad
turn tha Aer
THitor loo&t:
Ihewind 11
uaubIIv on
hand to bean
m u
Tha wind nev-J
ar flats tirad
trtm ovarworKl
Tha wind wouiOl
luat as uon
riet up and MO
to work at thnerl
ckxK in tha morn
mg astoheabadl
tilinina. -e
I he wind never hal
horn late A hours Of
ova r t n - l.i u I aa nee
lha wind Inevar '
makes lanvkick'
fit has I Ito work 1
lata at V-niflht.-
THa AarmoTor doesntl
eat any potatoas. salt
oorh ornam.-t
ma Aermotor doesn't
.hard cidet
it nave
rains too hai
'for an Aarmotoi
t to worn out or
prt never Aeta so dry
fthat an Aarmotor alip
fJnnK anyaaaaard cidatl l
whiskey A A or beer;
but a gal f lion of Aar- 1
finotor oil! Ivvill set is t 'A
'.ta thirat 1 Jioraveroi
a tire on
to mill.
It never
hot thatthd
the shade.
ihe Aermo
tor haa to
'thew out:
wver gets
o sore i
na too ronw
k the wai
I gets so
f Aermrftor
la lame boi.
: or never
because the other ,
makes of mills
ive KnocKe
n Aarmotor will saw
cords of wood in a
.ana gai up rrvan ana
reaay for worK tne
out ine Doy wm
saws one
cord mo
tor will
shell f rvr
gum in a
dav and
laugh at
cant i
t into the
oer feat enouwi
An Aarmotor
will cut a load
of corn fodder
sooromDtlv and that
vou will wonder he
fti all happpnf t
lot orwill t
the Arindetonai
whi le the b-oye are!
it snooting ran
for win i
imp waff Verwnik!
vou ree-dl
n ir-
.been knuwif
.to do a $
day a wori
.when the own n
er was at
kthe moral!
'eaponsib XhtY reateT
upon thef
AnAermol ltordoe&l
imeworfco( fliwofoon I
Lnar)os anaa team of J
loraes and that too wtth J
.out Dad or board, witrvi
.out coaxing or dnvi
in.wtinoui snarK
Line of
. ff-mj