Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 08, 1900, Image 1

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NO. 44.
..35t! : V;ilp?iJII lilt- 1
: .." D r y. rV ' ' , i0 g- 1 ! oret stock
I r.'A X. ' -.V- V ..-jV . JVX':,. OUTPUT
. ' j.'SAV " T "X. . M. "lull
I -ipi; ami
Contemplate .Some Gigantic Improvc
mcnta in It Plant--Will Pipe the
Water lim Spring to Ijike
vicw Next Year.
S. V. Rolmrt will noon leave (or Cali
fornia and u ill -n I tho w inti-r ln-twoon
Sun Francim-i ami I-h AiwuIch. II'
will return next f J ini when ho hii.I hi
HM-uH'iiitfM ill tin l.nkoviow Water Com
pany will Infill i m provt'iiicn t h in (liu
plant mi nil oMcliMVo mule. Mr. l!o
hart's idea, and c umli rHlaml ho if
hacked up in it liy his iihi-ociatoH, in to
carry water to I.akeicw frmn their
fcprinu in liu- mountain in pipe tiling,
hIiiimI inside Hint nut. Tin; piH' will
In- 7 ami 5 inches nml the intention in to
cither curry the water to a big reservoir
on the (- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i t of tin- high hill on tin'
Houth side of Billiard canyon, or to
Imilil tho reservoir high " in tho can
yon to get a hi'iivv pressure for power as
Well II H lor llollll'Htil' IIHOS.
While ground in yet thiinp in tho early
fpring h force of men w ill l put ut
work diguing ditches and building triiniN
torurry the pi'. Alremly aeonlruet Iihh
lieen ent'ri'il into hy the company w ith
C'liihlem, thu eoiitiai'tor, for lS.tHK)
lent of tiling for pipe to he reaily hy
next hprinK. Tho coiupany will f n r 1 1 i m 1 1
the leiiielit ainl tho pipe will lm ut on
tho lino of the rompany'H ditch at lit
ivntH per fiHit. Ity piping ilirrrt from
tho HpriiiK all tho water will ho mivotl
nml il iH OHtiiiiateil that it Hulllcieut
hlroam of water will Mow through the
l oin pany'H HVHleiu to accommoilato tho
entire town at any seiiHou of tho year,
IichUIoh always having a titorago Htilli
cient for II ro purpoNeH.
In tho djirinx all tho oU wihmIoii piie8
ItelonxinK to tho water company, now
laid ahout tow n, will he taken upmxl ro
placed with tiling. Mr, Kehurt Hiiyn it
ih K(,'K t I'o coiiHiileriihlo money to
inuko tli iH hi improvement, hut hia
company iletcnniiH'il to undertako it
ami give Lakeview a much hotter water
Hyittcm than il Iihh over hefoio hail.
With tho I.ukoviow Water Coiupiiny's
wyHtcm and tho Hytitem now uiulor way
hy tho town, mircly Lakeviow nhoukl
novor Again go dry for want of water.
tat i'-
on .
,i i I I 1 ft I Wi
... . . HcKlfiCr ov
Cattle $450,000; Sheep $i5o,ooo;
Horses and Mules $25. 000--A
! Wonderful Display for One
Stock County In Oregon,
Special to The Examiner., Nov. 7, 6 p. in. Sixty precincts
out of 103 in Nevada, including 12 pro
eincts in WhhIioo given McKiiiloy 810,
Hryan -lOL'H, Forthingtou (for Congrong)
2tmi, Nowlands 38(kl. y
Han ruANcmi'o, Nov. 7, 5 p. 111. Me
Kinley'H plurality in utatu 12, (MX). All
CongroHttman elecUul and returns nearly
TJutc is i)tittln shadow of ilouht now of tho ro-olootion of William McKinley to the
1'rosiiliMioy of tho IJnitcil Statos. Tho Ainoriean jiooplo hayo ap;ain cmphasizoil at the
ballot box thoir iiiioijuivooal faith in tho llopublioan administration, sound money and
irotoi'tioii to Ainoriean industries. They have also said that the President's policy in
tho Philippines is just and riht. They have said that the Flag shall not
be pulled down, and that the Nation's r4v,honor and integrity shall be subserved.
While every man who voted last Tuos yA1 l'av waovor political faith, is to be
respected for upholding his honest co rir.'' mictions and voting according to the
dictates of his conscience, it is significant fliat the great majority of the American people
believe tho Republican principles are right and "just. We are to have four years more
of prosperity and business revival in place of four years of doubt, uncertainty, and possi
ble panic and ruin. Tho battle was fought and won on sound and clean-cut issues.
Follow ing in tho Hummary of tho dis
patches received last Tuesday night up
to midnight, in tho order they were
ticked off:
tireator Now York gives Bryan u plu
rality of 5li,(HK). Tho voto was, 15ryau
222.1KK1 McKinley KXI.IMHI.
New York utato gives McKinley a
plurality of 110.000.
Tho New York World concedes the
election of McKinley and Roosevelt.
In 504 districts, in llostou, McKinley
12,07H; Hryan 10,508.
I11 Chicago, 180 districts out of 1110
gave McKinley 28,480; Hryan 2(5,2118.
Outside of tireater New York 101 dis
tricts out of 2124 gavo McKinley 24,104 ;
Hryan 15,201.
Hryan loses uhout 50 per cent, of voto
outside tireater Now York compared
with voto of 180(1. McKinley has made
largo increase.
Kepublicans claim utato of Nevada hy
over 2,000.
California goea Republican from 12,
000 to 15,000. San Francisco gavo Mc
Kinley about 3000 plurality.
Nebraska in claimed by both parties
and will be close.
New York state pluralities crawling
up as the outlying districts come in.
The Republican plurality will ho any
where from 120,000 to 150,000.
Wednesday 10 a. m. Maryland goe
Republican by 3,000- hy 100.000
California Republican by 10,000
New Jersey Republican by 30,000.
Nevada Republican by 2,000.
Indiana Democratic by 15,000.
Illinois Republican by 5,000.
All Kastoru States and states carried
by McKinley in 1800, carried by him
again, but some of them at reduced
majorities. This must ho an error, as
McKinley carried Indiana in 1800 by
about 18,000. Kn.
Following is tho vote in precincts of
Lake county received up to the hour of
going to press :
North and South I.akoviow gives Mc
Kinley and Roosevelt 120 majority.
North Lakeviow, McKinley 119; Hryan
35; South J-akuviow, McKinley 70;
Hryan 25.
Crooked Creek McKinley, 19, Hryan
Thomas Creek McKinley 28, Bryan
Goose Lake McKinley 34, Bryan 16.
Irews Valley McKinley 16, bryan 1.
Cogswell Creek McKinley 31, Bryan
I Lake county stockriien have sold $70,
; 00O worth of cattle this fall, most of
i them going U the San Frruicisco market.
1 Ashland Tidings.
I The above from our Ashland con-
temporary is misleading. The $70,000
' worth of cattle mentioned is only a drop
! in the bucket of wiiat Lake county has
done iu the cattle business this fall,
j This is only the amount received by the
i farmers and stockmen oi Goose Lake
j Valley, independent of all the other
stock sections of the county. A safe
estimate of the sales of cattle in Lake
county this season is $450,000, and
probably the sheep sales, which are not
so great as they were in 1899, will
amount to $150,000. The horse and
mule sales can safely be estimated at
$25,000 in Lake county for the year 1900.
This makes a grand total of stock sales
for the present year in Lake county,
Oregon, at a conservative estimate, of
dollars ! The Examiner hopes that itn
esteemed Ashland contemporary will
make a note of this, as frequently sales
of stock in this county have amounted
to more than $70,000 in a single week.
People w ho are not aware of the ex
teiiBiveness of the stock industry in
Southeastern Oregon can scarcely rea
lize the enormity of this single industry,
aud the amount of money that changes
hands in Lake county during the selling
season. Our woolgrowers haye probably
turned off $80,000 worth of mutton since
the lambing season commenced.
South Warner McKinley 25, Bryan
Special to The Examiner.
Portland, Not. 7 5 p. in. Oregon
goes for McKinley by a plurality of
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 7 p. ui. Bryan
carries Nebraska by 1,400.
Louisville, Nov. 75 p. ni. Accord
ing to the Democratic State Committee
of Louisville Y'rekes (Republican) is
elected Governor of Kentucky. From
returns from 74 out of 78 counties, the
Democratic headquarters claims the
state for Hryan.
Denver, Col., Nov, 7, 5 p. ni. Re
turns up to noon indicate plurality for
Bryan 35,000.
Seattle, Nov. 7, 5 p. in. Democrats
of Washington concede election of Re
publican electors, and they claim re
election of Governor Rogers.
Chicago, III., Nov. 7, 5 p.m. Ill
inois gives McKinley a majority of
New Y'ork, Nov. 7, 5 p. m. New
York state gives McKinley a majority
of 146,000. Greater New York Rives
Democrats 27,000 majority.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7, Indiana la
safe for Mckinley by a big majority.
Perfect land-slide for McKinley.
Iidianapolis, Nov. 7. Indications
are that Republicans will have 300
votes In the Electoral College,
Charleston, Nov. 7. West Virginia
is Republican by 1,500.
Returns from 213 out of 356 districts
show Republicans have elected 178 Con
gressmen, Democrats 140,olher parties 2.
Altcras, Nov. 7. Modoc county gives,
Bryan 140 majority.