Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 01, 1900, Image 7

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W'"'" .utit.i.ii.iiiiiiAi.ii.i.i.AiA.u.m.u..ujj..u.iiijm.i
i i 1NUVVO, t
iLTrnTtTvmttuoi m- rr t rrvr tttt rrr rrr rrr rn TTrrrr ,
Tin' Examiner prints ranla
amples nf wink on lliiit I'lige.
Coulter A Co. gave their put n iiit'
nun Iitinl) last Friday morning.
Try the itiiHages mi'l Itologuu Ht K. I).
ColllliT A Cll.'h, MIM'IO ll)' till) IHIW
Kcv. I!i. hard I'yuh Marled f. .r hi
home ill l int Kluiiiiitli last riidiiy.
SwcutiTK, fur 1 1 it Hint boys, nl II. C.
Kothe .V Cii.'h.
8. K. Sublette, the . lu.t.iture dcalt-i,
wan Hi'rintmly ill several days IiinI week.
I'.Hrli wire ut II. C. Itolhe A Co.'.
Ir. Easton, wlio formerly piitrti ed
medicine in Itonut.xa, 1m now ii resident
liy t-iii ii nf New I'inc Creek.
El Coinutiihintc cigars mi'l iru cold A
II. C. liter ut 1'c.Kt A Kin'. 23
V.x I'istiict Attorney ('. It. Watson in
in I IoiiIiim iii ii t ' making i"h-c(Iicm fur
tin' Kepiibliciili atHlnliitd hcurcrH.
(Ill .t 1 1 1 1 c . jii lli tiling (or rol.l
anil wet a rii 1 1 if r, ul 1 1 . C. Kul In A ( Vs.
.Iiiiiii'h I '..i ii v , lint M.M.lgroMer, mum in
tow ii week tigging up u "prairie
Thin Ik llui ciioli when i. .oilier" are j
itliiriiiinl m Hrcoiiiit ol tin' croup. It ix i
r n il k! V cured IiV Oni' Minute Cough
('nit', vi I t -1 1 chil.licii 1 1 lin luliiki', Lake- j
View I'ltlg l.o.
Emit; IlUKfill wii" ilt frnm tin- Cotton-
wood sum mill IfiHl wok. lli' in well
pleased with tlm rrv.-ll ,c i'( Hi" milling
iiliiii'M lor tin- fH -on nl ItMl, mill Mill :
prepare I o cut large .put nt I tie uf log - I bin
lull for the liAM run. Ilu Mill timki a
spc. iully of i Ic.r '.iiiiilu r next season.
TurtmilU skill eruptions, In. ins himI
.ores Art' hoot h i'l At oin-e hihI irotnt I v I
healed liv applying I-NVilt'n Ut Ii
lliui-l Salve, ilia Iii'ft known cure for j
pili'M. Kewitrc ( worthless counlcr
fi'tlN. Lfkewew Drug Co.
Tin' Examiner jolt (li'nirtiiii'lit hu j
been rushed Mith work lor tn weoks
iiibI. necessitating tin' constant lulior of
(mo ini'ii. I'or flim Murk Tin' Examiner j
juli ili'i'iitttni'iit t'Hiiiiot be surpassed in.
the slate. While mi iim rushed Miilij
Mork. Mi! are rtUityn ready to ucccpl all :
tlllll CIlUlCS to II".
1'lit best int'tlio'l til demising tin-,
liviT in tllf IIM' of lilt- IlllllO'l lilt lo pills
knoMiiiiH H.'U'itt'B Little Early Kisein.
Euv to luke. Never gripe. Ijiki'vieM-
s. & w.
20cts Can
Schilling's Best Tea
Baking Powder
Flavoring Exts
At San Francisco
Retail Card Prices
1 5cts Can
illt cl.iM'i Ilt II. C
m liiHitit r" for M inliT iifi' on tlie ilim i t
' 1 1. .... t '..
j Kfv. Kolittt Mrl-iiii, firiin-iiy of
I ii.iri-i.cir '1. T. Ii. i of Onvoi. Ihih mi ; nty. l.o for tit.' .ii-l Imo' nitii li1 in I In Cl.ic.iyo
I li t. . In r l.'itli on
.i oil. it pilU run i' hi'WittVi
l.ittlt' Kurlv l;ii-'in for .roniitin'Hf, n-r-,
t.uiitv uii'i rlli. ici.i y. l.uki'vi.'M I 1 1
Ooose Lake Farmers Sell
$70,000 Worth.
iooc jik Vallry I llfcotnlng an Important
I'silar In the Prominence of Southeastern
Oregon ai a Stock Pr.HlncIng Section.
Ic't'trl of
ll ll'l ll loll of till'
jfiiiM Imt Imi i. piiHtor of llif Tliinl It may Iw uiwvl ax un aruuii-nt in
1'mm.U t. i Cl.iir. li of r..rtliui.l. hit- Mippoi t ( tlio tiiipiirtam.'e of (Ioom;
In . ii ii, .int. .1 l.v lli.' Il'-iin- Mi--ion I.u..o Valley, a.t an auxilliary to tl.o
l'..,..t. ,f tin- I'' Cl.iir. li t' rmtivo wialth of Lake county, and a
Ink.' rl.:ii'' .if itn work in tl.f IhIuihI fa,.lor jn i,n coiuli)(f greatncfiii of
of t'tilu. Ili iH a tl.oro.ijili i.uiiinli Sonthi-attTU Ort'L'on. that In this al-
4 " jm lioliir. ;,.y alono, lnd-H:inlnnl of any other
I'rrry Mi ll.u.ii'l r.'t.lrno.l lat Tlnirn- Jf ymi l.itvu Klii-u inut inm . uinI tlie , rich ntork prmJui'lnif auction of tbo
l:iy from liruntH I'.ish, Mliere lit? linn ilortoi a lutve luilfl to . lire you if you ,'ttunty, there, liavu Ix-rn sold this
lu'i'tt on it l.ri.f viMt Milh hit niollier, '"'V "'I'" "".I"'"" 1,rt,k. k''l'. ''V'-r. on BM)ut SKVENTV THOUSAND DOL-
, , , i .i I f totniii-ti trotililt'N, etc'., eiii'lo-c iioctiti'i!
mIio I...-. l'fti M r 1 y ill. t.iinp toT. C. I.ittlf, l.:ikfvie , iir.m, w'"'11' "f lMtf a"J blk calUa.
Hi'W ilt'n Little llurly Kit rn are j for IL'H imyi- l.H.k that m ill tell yni how Thin may Kfin to 1m overdrawn at
prompt, .nlnt;il.l.'. .l.', MiMerlnl. tlm I'.le. lrop.iiHi' cureit Millioiu ine u.e fn ai Bi jrht it doea aoem to bo an over-
of me.iii'iiie. i-i.ti mation of a uln'lo resource la one
The mIii.Iomh have U't'ii .la. ei in the ' ,.,.,K.r of our bife- county but Dgure
bi lintel biiil.liint hii.I the Mork t.f .rt-1 wjt bear us out In tbe assertion.
latt I hiirH.luy. l ive of theau hj.ii.1h ( piirii.ii the llrt ll.n.r for ix-rupancy ..I , Ainonif the aul lorn ia Hientloned one
lippi"! the c.-uleN at ii'., mii ii.Ih. ' ll.e tenunlH in Mug pr.iMftile.1 us rapid- j party whorcxidea jut the other side
ptirtUii.K little juIIh. likevieM l'rit Co.
). I.. M.n.l. y, of New I'ine Cri t k.left
A' t.f line potutot-H nt ihin tillit'i;
lrink notliii.K but .I.'hhh Moore ttl.ixky
and you'll iiluiivn Ih happy. On ultt ut
Wlioi Ion .V l itpiitrirk'a. " .'l.'l-lf
J.nlKe SM'rry iult.'t.diiiK ciri'iiilco.irt
in Khimuth I-'uIIh, coinlintu. the le
fenre in the l.. wilier unit, of Tailor illi.l
UwetiH vh. Ijipham. He will return
Nov. .Vh or nth.
IC.', ) on M ho have not already
ntllnu'riU'd for the llx.iiiiinrr, that the
Hiitiat riplioii prit'f has Ix-. n ri-ii(-ed to
$'-.(M jH-r year, ninl we invite yotl to
join the pr.M'eHHiou.
I'.mt A Kiiiir lo-t a t ir ftoek in the fire
bill they have another iut it tJ.iml. I" 1 1 if
liiplor and t'iar ; A. it. I'. Ieer. I'lider
the op.-ra huii-e. -M
Tl.iH week The I'xaintn.'r pulilihlicn a
Mt'll written paper from the pen nl Mii-H
All. .a Joliifou, read ut the late HeHHioti
of the Tearher' liiHtiltite. It in cini
lieutly worthy of jmtumuI .
Tn prevent eoiiHiiiiii.tion ipiieklv t'uru
Ihioal and Iiiiij troulile with One Mm-1
yte l'niiR'li Cure. I.akeview lni Co.
S. I. ('milter A Co. lire now Hlaunliter
injj Home of the Ilii.'Ml beef ever put on
a blo.'k in l.iikeview'. Thin emii'iany of
butcher luive a I. in baud of thene beef
cattle on hand ready for the pen.
Von enjoy a yoo.l citfar don't you?
Well I'oHi Kinti eurry the best in tow n
the eel. 'brute. I KlComandatite. 1'lit
jjrunt iiud exhilarating. ' 41-tf
StibNcribe for un extra copy nf The
Kxum iner und neml it to it friend or
relative ut it distance. It will in it meas
ure uiiHwcr the purpoHO of it once a-week
letter, un. I will only c.ihI y.m 2.1X) per
Yotl don't want to forget thut l'ont A
Kint, the popular dinpeiiHerH, urn Htill in
it. Tbev me under tbo opera Iioiihu,
Cull and' Hen them. 22
Andrew McCiilleii left l.iikeview last
Saturday for AhIiIuii.1 to spend the win
ter with bis fiimily. lie will return here
next HprinK, and will no doubt bo a fuc
t or in the continued up-building of
ly a poi-eil.le. The room on the north
end is hciiiK arranged for A. ItieUtr,
uiercbunt. Mr. Itieber will have a fine
Klore in it ood locution.
Chtii.) resilience lots for nale. Kn
(julre a'. The Kxamiuer ollleo. 2-lf
After the perforimtnce t.f the Black
Serena. lers lat week, Senator llam.leii
and one of hi c rfonurrH had a little
mix'i.iileretiii.d.i.n reurdii.K money tuut
tera. und the Senator "Hwatled" bis
. I . i h k y employe, a la FHr.immoiiM, for
which be was culled tbe next day to ap
pear in tbe Itecorder's Court to dcnit
a "live spotter" to help the city alui..
The reas ui phyHician uhvay recom
iii. 'lid .Ichkc Moore "AA" wbi-key is be
cause they knuA' of its absolute purity,
tieo. J. sole UK'eut.
K Iward (' lotue, the anii'i'iii.'em.Mit of
whose death appeared in these columns
last week, was born in Marion county,
( irciion, November l?s, JH.Vi. lie whs u
(; man, and united with the
Methodist Kpiscopal church at New
I'ine Creek, in June lS'K. The funeral
was held from the M. K. Church at
New I'ine Creek, Oct. 2Uli, and Kev.
Kiehur.l I'ysli tlelivere A an inipiessivi'
funeral serin. .n over the remainH.
Jesse "A A" whiskey in used ut
all the principal bospituli in the I'nited
States. Why is it? Geo. Jainmcrtbiil
sole UK'elit.
One of Senator Han. den's l'.lack Ken
ttickiuiiH, the same w hom the Senator,
in an unguarded moment forgetting bis
dignity, "swatted" with his deadly
right, brought suit against Mr. and Mrs.
llauiden for back salary lust Thursday
in Justice Itayley'a Court. Attorney
Conn, (or the defense, usked the court
that the plaintiff be compelled to give
an undertaking (or costs ol action, which
the defendant failed to do, and the cause
was dismissed on the following day.
As a tonic, nothing in the world benta
the Jesse Moore "AA" whiskey. Geo.
Jainmerthal sole agent.
The Kiglit l'age "Examiner" 12.00 yr.
of the line, but who makes Lakeviow
his business and banking- point. We
estimate on prices to a certain extent,
but none of them will fall much short
of the actual price.
Heryford Bros., 700 head of beef,
steers and cows, to Gcrher and Swan
son, at about Ml per head,
V. I). I3auers, 75 head to Gerber and
Swanson, at about t'U per bead.
C. C. Pratt, 20 bead to Gerber and
Swanson, at $21).
Henry Lealimuu, 13 head to Gorber
and Swanson, at about $20.
I). II. Hartzog, I")0 head stock caitle
to Mitchell Itros., at (2ii.
F. M. Puke, 50 bend stock cattle to
Mitchell Uros., at 25.
S. J. Sludley, 175 bead stock cattle
eady Made Clothing
Clothing Hade to Orde
Ahlstrom Bro'sThe Monogram
Cottonwood ranch to E. B. Edson, at
about $34 for steers and 932 50 for cows.
Besides these sales tbe local butchers
have bought up a s. to all number, for
(daughter, at good prices.
The Examiner considers this a mat
ter of considerable moment for asingle
valley in tbe county to turn off 70,000
worth of cattle in one year.
"Hilly" Chamberlain, and old friend
of the writer, who has for years courted
Dame Fortune in rarious walks of life
sometimes delving in the bowels of
Mother Earth for precious metals, again
guiding sight-seers and mountain climb
ers over the easiest windings to reach
the summit of grand old Mt. Shasta, and
erstwhile feeder of the hungry at Yreka
town has gone to Montague to manu
facture a French Fry potato cutter, for
'Si From the Cedarvtlle Record
...The Examiner job office prints attractive cards...
iTDrs. (X. H. Ivncr
View and Portrait Photographer
to Mitchell Bros., at 125.
Cordcll Thruston, 150 head stock
cattle to Mitchell Bros., at $25.
Ike Robnelt, 22 head beef to G. W.
Mupes, at $36.
C. M. Oliver, about 30 head beet
driven to market at M'arysvllle, at
about $37.50.
XL Company, 800 head boof from
which lie has a patent and from which
we hope he may make a "barrel of
money." Pass the French frys to The
Examiner, "Cuddy Bill."
For Sale A tract in South Lakeviow,
containing 3 acres ; 2'g acres in alfalfa
fine stand; t acre in various kinds of
(ruit. Owner has first water right from
Deadman Canyon. Fine residence lots.
A bargain. Enquire at this otlice. 38 tf
Dick Cobb and family departed for
Lakeview last Saturday, where they in
tend to reside. Simon Drouillard and
wife will occupy the house vacated by
Frank and Dell Dibble, of Silver Lake,
and Alfred Johnson, of Fife, grand chil
dren of Mrs. M. A. Street, of this place,
arrived here last Sunday on a short visit
and to procure supplies.
Miss I'earl George of Lakeview has
purchased the millinery goods and busi
ness of Miss Nellie Butman, and is now
located one door south of the Golden
Eagle Hotel, where she will be pleased
to serve all' those desiring goods in her
There are now six bands of beef cattle
en route to the railroad, between here
and Ainedee, belonging to James Fee,
Edward Conlan, Hugh McManus, James
Sweeny, Warner Corporation and Peter
Peterson, and they will aggregate some
thing over 2,000 head, we are informed.
Hon. Peter Peterson, of Bidwell, was
here last Sunday with a band of beef
cattle, which he is driving to Aniedee.
There is now only one large band of beef
cattle in this part of the valley, which
belongs to Cressler & Bonner, although
there are quite a number of cattle that
could be picked up at different places.
Just now the beet market is quiet.
William Herron returned from Lake
view last Sunday. He says that he was
at Buld Mountain, and while there he
found an old Springfield rifle that had
apparently lain there for years, and be
lieves that lie is on a hot trail to the
famous "Hoag Ledge," w hieh has for so
long proved a sort of "will-'o-the-wisp.
William Broddus discovered a ledge near
where the rifle was found, and is now
prospecting it, and Bill says that it ia
no "pipe-dream" about ore being there.