Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 27, 1900, Image 1

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NO. 38
Lakeview Citizen 'Above the Clouds'
will Engage in j to be Presented
the Industry
Here Sept 29.
S. N. Guilliams Makes a New Pine Creek Amateur
Purchase of Land to
Build on Thomas
The Examiner has made a hobby of
the Creamery business ami for a year
past ha agitated the establishment of
such an enterprise in Goose Lake valley.
It now transpires that one of our wide
awake citizens looks Uon the proposi
tion favorably, and is arranging to en
gage in the business.
S. N. Guilliams, who is an exerieneed
dairyman, hart completed ngiiat ion. for
the purchase of a piece of land on
Thomas Creek, 8 miles northwest of
Lakeview, from E. V. Lew is, uon which
he will establish a cheese factory and
later on a creamery with all facilities
for carrying on the business on a large
scale. There is little doubt that such
an enterprise will be a substantial one
and will pay from the start. The
splendid stream of pu-e, cold water,
from the mountains and canyons, known
as Thomas Creek, will flow directly
across the land selected by Mr. Guil
liams, and has fall sufficient to furnish
ample jower for the operation of a plant
such as the promoter has in view.
Mr. Guilliams should receive the
hearty co-operation of all our people,
especially the business men of Lakeview,
in his undertaking, as no more beneficial
industry for the community could be
conceived than the one in which he in
tends to engage. Mr. Guilliams will find
that his business, well managed, will
soon become a very profitable one, and
his products will not have to depend on
the home market entirely to find ready
sale. The railroad is creeping nearer to
this valley each year, and probably by
the time the industry is in good work
ing order this valley will be spanned by
many miles of 6teel rails, upon which
rolling stock will be run to carry the
Jroducts of the creamery and cheese
actory, as well as other products, to
outside markets.
The Examiner intends to keep track
of this creamery plant, and will have
more to say regarding it in the future.
Frank Marshall, the sheepman, will
spend the winter in California. lie
will accompany C. E. Sherlock as camp
tender on his drive to Montague with
the bunch of sheep he recently pur
chased from Mr. Applegate in Klamath
Dramatics to Appear
Assisted By Our
Local Talent.
The New Pine Creek amateur drama
tics, assisted by Lakeview talent, are to
favor Lakeview with their pi esence next
Saturday night, ."epteuiber 29th, in the
thtilling drama, "Above the Clouds."
AlHjutone mouth ago the drama wai
presented at New Pine Creek by this
company of talented young people, who
were rewarded for their labor by a
housecrowiU-d to "standing room only,"
and a reception well worth the play.
r-o well was the drama given that
those from Lakeview, who attended the
i pl-i iormance ai the Mate line town,
j prevailed ujon the management to come
I to Lakeview. The promise w as somewhat
I reluctantly made, owing to the fact that
j thu play was given as a strictly local
church beuehi. However. The Ex
aminer feels assured in saying that
when the amateurs appear in Lakeview
they will meet with a hearty welcome
and a big houe. The drama, "Alove
the Clouds," is full of pathos and has
for a variation a strain of provoking
mirth within its lines.
The performance will be given as a
benutit for the M. E. Church of Lakeview,
aiul should be well patronized, as the
object is a most worthy one. Several
ftell known Lakeview people will take
part in the performance. Mrs. A. J.
Keilon will recite, and all who have had
the pleasure of listening to that lady
heretofore can realize that there is a
treat in store when Mrs. Neilon appeara.
Miss Lillie Walters, the well-known
vocalist, will also appear in song. Fol
lowing is the dramatis persona? :
Hester Thorne Ntttie Vinyard
Craxy Phil Oliver Reynolds
8uie Gay lord tua Vinyard
Amos Gay lord timer Heed
Grace Ingalls Ollie Hart
Lucretia Uerrish Lura Amick
Thus Turtle Charles Oliver
Alfred Thorpe Frank Thompson
Howard Gay lord Dtxter Amick
Curtis Chipman Albert Gallagher
Nat Nayloi Arthur Follett
Remember that the entertainment
will be given for our local M. E.
Church. The price of admission has
been placed at 25 and 15 cents ; reserved
seats, 50 cents. Seats can be reserved
on Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5
o'clock. Competent ushers will be in
Passing of Wm. S
Morley, After a
Brief Illness.
A Distressing Occurrence
Wife and Child are
Dangerously 111
with Fever.
Few people in Lakeview were aware
that W.S. Morley was seriously ill until
the word was passed trom mouth to
mouth last Monday morning that he w as
dead. And few there were, if any, who
knew him in life that were not im
pressed with a feeling of sadness upon
learning of hi death. Th is is the sec
ond death within a month that has been
attended with particularly sorrowful
details. The Morley home is truly one
of sadness and mourning to-dav. The
ile and little son of deceased are each
reclining upou a bed of serious, it not
dangerous illness, and when the cold
hanu of death was laid upon the brow
ol hu0and and lather the faithful phy
sician ana attendants feared to convey
the had intelligence to the wife, lest the
shock might overcome her in her weak
ened condition. Soon, however, she had
to learn the truth, and w hen it was gen
tly whispered to her, the silent, tearless
sorrow, the paled, blanched lace, gave
unmistakable evidence of inward suffer
ing and deep anguish.
Deceased had been ill for a few weeks
preceding his death. He was compelled
to go to bed alter several nights of
watching by the bedside oi his wife and
son. The best medical aid was given
him, but the ravages of fever and other
ailments proved too much ior human
skill, and he passed away quickly after
an hour's apparent surcease from pain,
during which time he conversed with
attendants and seemed better. Death
came at 7:45 o'clock a. m. on Monday,
September 24th.
William Seward Morley was born in
Iowa, August 28, 1863. He was the son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Morley, who
moved from Iowa to Oak Run, Shasta
county, California, in 1874. Deceased
arrived in Lakeview from his Shasta
home twenty years ago, but did not
then make "his home here. He came
here to live five years ago. He leaves
a wife and two young children in Lake
view, mother, father and two sisters in
Shasta county, Cal., and a large circle of
friends to mourn his death. Everybody
who knew Will Morley liked him, and
passing acquaintances had a kind regard
lor him. He was a trusted employe of
the Frankl Company in Lakeview for
about three years, and at the time of
his death held the position of Stock In
spector of Lake county.