Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 06, 1900, Image 1

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NO. 35.
The 1900 Term of Lakeview Public
School Begins Sept. 17th.
Advice From Principal to Parents and Pupils That
Should be Heeded--List of Supplies Needed
In Each Grade--Classification.
The Lakeview public school will open
September 17th.
The Principal will classify all new
scholars except those entering the low
est class. Such scholars -houll bring
their certificates from the school last at
tended and the books studied. Scholars,
of the lowest class will le admitted only
in September and January, at which
times only leginning classes are formed.
Scholars entering the lowest class must
be at least six years of ape.
Non-resident pupils will be admitted
to their proper grades, but mut pay
tuition in advance to the Principal. The
rales are as follows: .First and second
grades, 50 cents per month; third and
fourth grades, 75 cents per month; fifth
and sixth grades, 1 per month ; seventh
and eighth grades, $1.25 per month, and
the high school, $1.50.
The various grades will occupy the
following rooms: High school students,
the south room, upstairs ; seventh and.
eighth grades, the north room, upstairs;
fifth and sixth grades, north room down
stairs ; third and fourth grades, the south
room, down stairs; first and second
grades, the new addition on the west.
Principal, J. H. MeCormack ; seventh
and eighth grades, Mil's Gertrude Ver
non, fifth and sixth grades, Miss Pearl
Hall ; third and iourth grades, Mi9s Etta
Johnson; first and second grades, Miss
Pose P. Coleman.
Students of the upper grades may en
ter at any time, but it is much better to
enter on the first day of the term. The
very best time to enter ia on the first
day of the first term. Those who are a
week or t wo behind in entering have lost
greatly. One whole year faithfully de
voted to study is worth twice as much
as time spent in fragments. Try to be
prompt in entering.
The effort is made to render the work
in the upper grades, as far as possible,
individual. The work of each grade is
divided into sections, through which the
child can progress, by means of home
work, as rapidly as he is able, at tha
same time all reciting together on daily
set work. As each section of work is
completed, it is reviewed, so that thor
oughness and accuracy are assured. The
opxrtunity offered the children to wi;.
promotion to another grade before the
close of the term serve as a stimulus to
the most earnest effort. The evils of
the rigidity of the graded system are
largely overcome by this plan, and the
quicker children are not necessarily re
tarded by the slower ones. All are
stimulated to do their bt. No con
fusion nor serious inconvenience results
in the management of t lie grades.
Below is a list of supplies needed by
each scholar in each grade:
First Grade Fir-t Header, sponge, 12
inch slate with covered frame.
Second Grade Second Header, slate,
sponge, ink tablet (letter size).
Third Grade Second Header, good
pencil tablet, ink tablet (letter size),
rubber eraser, No. 1 Spenserian Copy
Hook (common school course), ink, pen
holder and pens. Work in geography
; will be supplied bv the teacher.
Fourth Grade Third Header, Fish's
Arithmetic No. 1, Maxwell's First Book
! in English Natural Elementarv Geo
graphy, No. 2 Spencerian Copy liook
(common school course), Heed's Word
Lessons, good lead pencil, pencil tablet
(letter size), ink, penholder and pens.
Fifth Grade tourth Header, Max
well's First Book in English, Fish's
Arithmetic No. 1, Heed's Word Lessons,
Natural Elementary Geography, No. 3
Spencerian Copy Hook (common school
course), pencil tablet, ink tablet (letter
ize), ink, penholder and pens.
Sixth Grade Fifth Header, Maxwell's
First Hook in English, Fish's Arith
metic No. 2, Brook's Normal Mental
Aritmetic, Natural Elementary Geo
graphy, Heed's 'Word Lessons, Pocket
Dictionary, Nc. 4 Spencerian Copy Book
(common school course), good pencil
tablet, ink tablet (letter size), ink, pen
holder and pens.
I Seventh Grade Scott's Lady of the
.Lake, Grammar, Maxwell's Introduc
tory Lessons, Fish's Arithmetic No. 2,
Brook's Normal Mental Arithmetic,
Natural Advanced Geography, Heed's
, Word Lessons, Smith's Elementary
Physiology and Hygiene, Barnes' Ele
mentary History, Peterman's Elements
of Civil Goverment, No. 5 Spencerian
Copy Book (common school course.,
Ienciljtablet, ink tablet (letter size),
ink. penholder and pens.
Eighth Grade Longfellow's Evange
line, Maxwell's Introductory Lessons in
Grammar, Fish's Arithmetic No. 2,
Brook's Normal Mental Arithmetic,
Natural Advanced Geography, Heed, a
Word Lessons, Steele's Hygiene and
Physiology, Barnes' Brief U. S. History,
Peterman's Elements of Civil Govern
ment, pencil tablet, ink tablet (letter
size), penholder and pens.
The Board of Directors have ordered
that no classes of less than three pupils
be organized in the high school work.
First Year Maxwell's Advanced Eng
lish Grammar, Electic Physical Geo
graphy, Bobinson's New Elementary
Algebra, Lancaster's Manual of English
Second Year Barnes' General His
tory, Steele's Popular Physics, Waddy's
Composition and Hhetoric, Bobinson's
New Higher Arithmetic.
Third Year Bobinson's Geometry,
Smith's English Literature. Bookkeep
ing will be supplied by teacher. An
nouncement of additional studies will
be made later.
J. H. McCormack, Principal.
Expects to See a Big Addition to the Popula
tion of Crook, Klamath and Lake.
C. X. Scott, of Portland, tells theOre
gonian that the work of constructing
the two main canals of the Deschutes
Consolidated Irrigating Company will
begin at once. Under this system 125,
OOU acres of land known as "desert"
will be reclaimed. The company putting
in this irrigation system does not desire
to obtain control of the land benefited,
and, as the land is mostly in the hands
of the government yet, there is ample
room for both rich and poor to acquire
title to it under homestead or desert
land acts. Mr. Scott says the construc
tion of the Oregon Midland to Klamath
Falls will give this section an outlet to
the south, while the Dalles Southern,
soon to be built up the Deschutes toward
Lakeview, will skirt along its eastern
" I look for a heavy addition to the
population ot Crcok, Klamath and Lake
counties as a result of the successful
termination of this irrigation scheme,"
says Mr. Scott.
"Cold Feet."
Red Bluff. News: "Mr. and Mrs.
Gustav Kraft have returned from their
trip through the northern counties.
Gus says there was frost in Lakeview,
Cedarville and other places nearly every
morning! He says, too, that the cattle
and mule raising business is in a flour
ishing condition there."
Everybody went to weddings and the
fishing poola last Sunday.