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Till RSDAY. N<1\ I MBER IT, 195.'»
$2.50 A YEAR. 10c
Boosters Club to Meet
At Friendship Hall Tonight
Vandalism May i
Close Pof toff ice i
Lobby at 5P.M.
Firemen to Hold
Annual Benefit
Saturday Night
Cards have been sent out to the
business people of Mill City by Sec­
retary Verne Shaw, giving notice
that there will be a meeting of the
Boosters Club at Friendship hall to-
Everything in the canyon area night, Thursday, at 8 p. m.
stopped or slowed down with the cold
New business to be taken care of
snap and snow. Friday the. snow
came down m sufficient quantities at this meeting, according to the
to stick, then real cold weather hit card includes the election of a
The lobby of the Mill City Post
A good orchestra has been se­
the aTea. The snow blanket has been president and vice president; Christ­
Office may have to be closed at 5
mas decorations for the city, and I cured to furnish music for the dance
o'clock every night in the future if
which is always held in conjunction
snow was falling at the time of go­ door to door mail delivery.
something isn’t done to curb the
with the Firemen’s annual benefit
ing to press, however the tempera­
vandalism, which has been rampant
to be held here Saturday night.
there for the past few weeks.
Ticket .«ales have been good, and
Wednesday morning, George Stew-
firemen are anticipating their usual
The final blow came this week,
I are
was busy helping motorists up
good sized crowd for the event.
when upon coming to the office in
the hill coming out of Mill City,
There will be bingo, and other
the morning, Postmaster Charles I
One accident was reporter!. The mail
forms of amusement, and hams,
Kelly found someone had built a
bus turned crqssway of the road I
tulkeys and other prizes will be
fire in the corner of the lobby. The
Here is the Mill City Student Council in session as they
and Merritt Hamblin was unable to
given out during the evening.
fire was hot enough to scorch the
appeared at the open house at the high school auditor­
■stop and slid into the bus doing con-
This is the Firemen’s big social
paint on the wall. It is believed to
ium recently. This gave parents present an ieda of how
siderabie damage to his auto­
I event of the year, and one which has
be the work of youngsters, and the
a council meeting is conducted. Conducting the meet­
mobile. Art Hedge, driving the
1 the backing of all groups. Residents
police are hot on their tails. The
ing as president is Chuck Kuhlman.
[city truck and Chief of Police Mead-
I from up and down the canyon are
fire was the worst form of vandal­
j er on the end of the shovel soon had
With the Christmas rush about to 1 always on hand to join in the fun.
ism, as the entire block was endang­
I the slick hills covered with sand. descend on the post offices the post­
Money derived from the Iwneflt
ered by this “dumb” stunt.
Most everyone in town had some masters of the area wish to remind is used to improve the fire fighting
Signs have been slashed with
i trouble, either with frozen pipes or rthe patrons that the safety, speed facilities of the department.
Knives also, and other damage done.
frozen oil lines to their heating and certaint}' of the mail delivery I
This type of vandalism is serious,
I plants. There ha* been no power out­ will be improved if users will follow
,nd fooling around with government
age, and telephone service has not ten basic postal points outlined be-
property is a federal offense.
been hindered by the cold snap or low:
The patrons of the office will be
up in arms if and when it is neces­
1. Address mail fully and clearly,
' There was more snow at Salem
sary to close at lobby at 5 o’clock,
write legibly or print plainly, where
than here, according to reports.
but that is just what is going to
I applicable, use zone numbers, avoid
State Senator Mark Hatfield,
happen if the vandalism does not
I using abbreviations which might con- stated in Salem today that he would
! fuse mail distribution.
be a candidate for the Republication
I 2. Always use a return address in nomination for Secretary of State.
The incumbent, Secretary of State
I the upper left hand corner of both
1 letters and packages, when you do so Earl Newbry, is constitutionally in­
| Members of the Mill City Lions i you prevent undelivered mail going to eligible to succeed himself.
Hatfield, who has been a member
' club entertained their wives with a'the “dead letter" office,
the state legislature since 1951,
3. Do not enclose coins or hard
banquet at Fellowship hall
evenim with 33 be- I objects of any kind in letters, without I is dean of students at Willamette
[ I o’clock Monday evening
MEHAMA—The Mehama local of
ing seated at the tables. The dinner | marking the envelope for t
hand I university. •
the Farmers Union met at the Wom­
In making his announcement, Hat­
was prepared and served by the stamping,
~v speed
1 cancelling
The five who were initiated into the Honor Society
an's club house Friday, November
field said that if elected: “It will be
at the open house at Mill City recently are shown above.
11. A pot luck dinner was served
my privilege to insure integrity and
Floyd Fleetwood.
often jam and damage letters.
at 7 o’clock with place settings for
From left to right they are Lahny Podrabsky, Anne
perosnal faithfulness to duty in the
4. Do not mail cash, for safety use administration of the Department of
22. The business meeting followed
Hirte, Bunny Caudle, Ida Mae Barr and Jan Ross.
use Postal Money Orders or checks. I State,” and “to make of the depart-
the dinner. It was voted to contact
ard Means, with Secretary Otto Koe-
’•he State Highway department and
5. 1 Make
.. . . y*lU ment an administrative nifency that
certain carcels.are
neke reading the minutes.
ask for two vapor lights at the two
packed and securely wrapped. Enclose 1 . will earn the confidence of the
The committee for the affair in­ a card with your return address and
junctions into Mehama.
included Charles Kelly, Vernon Todd, recipients address. This precaution i public for the character and friend­
President Jerry Coffman appoint­
and Don W. Moffatt. A vocal permits delivery of your package if liness of its service.”
ed the following committee chair­
trio, including Edna Ross, Lloyd [ wrapper is damaged.
men: agriculture, Luther Stout; Home
Economics, Francis McCarley; Leg­
I The Mari-Linn Parent-Teachers Poole, and Rosamond ReMine, ac­
6. Double check to make
islative, Sam Wizer, and Publicity
I club held their meeting November 8, companied at the piano by Doris your mail has the correct amount of
and News scrapbook, Clara Wizer. A
with “open house” as the main fea- Sheythe, sang “With a Song in My postage. “Postage due” may delay
new scrapbook will be started this
Volumes and values of timber cut |ture. Principal and teachers dia- Heart,” and “I Wish I Wux.” The letters.
and sold in the Pacific Northwest , played the work of the students thus remainder of the evening was spent
7. To speed letters through can-
I with a spelling contest between the
A nursing conference with immun­
Eugene Ware
showed colored region during the first quarter of the far this year.
oelling machines, be «tire stamps
ization will be held November 22 at
slides of the Sky Line Trail and
scenes of interest. Guests of the fiscal year ended September 30 sided over tie short business meet­ I given out by Vernon Todd. The
8. Insure parcels, register letters Mill City high school from 1 to 3 p.m.
evening were: Mr. and Mrs. Bob showed sharp increases over the ing. Mrs. Harley Scott reported on j women won, with Mrs. Lee Bassett of real value. Use Certified mail for Any child in the Gates schoool wish­
McCall, Mrs. Mabella Landers and amounts reported for the correspond­ the success of the Halloween Carni­ | being the last one spelled down.
letters of no intrinsic value where ing immunization will need to I'osw
to the Center at Mill City or to their
Mrs. Saba Van Dyke, who is a house ing three months last year, accord- val and introduced the chairman of
of delivery is required.
Heads March of Dimes proof
commitees as follows: Glen Julian, I
guest of Mrs. Landers’ from Roth­
9. Mail early and often. Earlier family physician.
Hei bert i Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Earl Thayer, Mrs.
Immunization* are being discon­
bury. Mich. The next meeting will
mailings mean earlier deliveries, be­
Hazel Wirth, Mrs. Roy Asmussen,
in schools and are only being
be Thursday, November 15. This Stone.
cause your letters or other mail
Volume of timber reported cut was Mrs. Donna Smith, Mrs. Alvin Palm­
done at the centers, such as Mill
will be the Christmas party and all
catch earlier trains, planes or other
City, Detroit and Stayton for thia
er, and Mrs. Joe Johnson.
members are asked to come and I
transporters; of mail.
part of the county.
bring a friend. Horace McCarley’s 263 million board feet over last
Thanks for the various donations
10. Make sure your corespondents
name was drawn to be in charge of year's first quarter cut. Volume of were given to Ken Golliet, Mill City
have your correct addres.
Be sure
timber sold was 1,050 milion board Theatre, Stayton Theatre, Gene’s
the entertainment at this meeting.
your carrespondents are notified of Three Link Club Plans
feet, an increase of 281 milion board Meat Market, Thiel's Grocery and
any change in address.
feet over last fiscal year’s first Stiffler's Radio and TV. Winning
Dinner for December I 3
quarter sales.
prizes were Mike Schwindt, Mrs. Ed
Temperature Drops to
In value of timber cut and sold Goschie and Omar Goodrich. Prizes
A no-host Christmas dinner party
Zero Tuesday at Detroit
the increases were much greater, were presented to the children for
will be held Tuesday, December 13,
DETROIT—Old man winter and Value of timber cut was $15,450,659. best costumes.
at 7:30 by the Three Link club. Din­
his little helper, "Jack Frost” roared I For timber sold it was $26,383,265.
ner will be followed by a gift ex­
Mr. Burgess reported the Fireman-
up the canyon Friday dumping about These amounts were up $6,474,448 PTC dance a success, half of which
change and revelation of pals of the
m inches of snow in the area. Gale­ and $14,430,068, respectively, “ln- proceeds will be applied on band uni­
past year. Hostesses will be Banche
LYONS—Mrs. Sam Bridge* was Syverson, Eva Duffy, Ruby Brisbin,
like winds accompanied the snow, tense competition for much of the forms. Mrs. Earl Thayer was ap­
making for a real old fashioned timber sold during the quarter is pointed chairman of
and Rachel Olmstead.
Society of the St. Patrick Catholic
reflected in this very large increase treats. There will be no PTC meeting |
A contribution of $5 was given to
church held at her home Thursday the United Fund and a $5 gift to Au­
The highways were fouled up and in value of timber sold,” Mr. Stone in December.
streets of Detroit and Idanha were said.
gusta Fleetwood and Billy Eidler, of
The Advanced band played several
held and various plans made. The the K»OF home in Portland for
Total number of timber sales made selections and Mr. Wright showed a
covered with ice. No accidents were
next meeting will be held at the Christmas. The business meeting was
reported. Some water pipes in the during the quarter was 1,070, of movie on "schools.” Refreshments
hall Sunday, December 18, starting i ' in charge of Eva Duffy.
which 587 were in Oregon. In addi- were served by Mrs. Ed Goschie, I
area were frozen.
N. Thomas Stoddard, Portland
The thermometers have been kick­ 1 tion, 80 sales of other minor forest Mrs. Frank Sherwood, Mrs. Alvin business executive, has been named at 5 p. m. At that time the new of- ,
ficers of the year will be installed,
ed down to some pretty low levels.) products were made in the region.
Palmer, Mrs. M. M. Miley, Mrs. to head the 1956 March of Dimes in
Following are temperature read-1 Leading species weie Douglas fir Ivan Smith, Mrs. Effie Anderson, Oregon, Basil O’Connor, president of They are Katie Wagner, president;
Alice Bouche, vice president; Ber-
mgs as recorded by Mabel Parker, j and ponderosa pine, both in volumes I Mrs. Lottie Grosso and Mrs. Leota
the National Foundation for Infan­ neice Bridges, secretary and Pauline
official recorder in the area. Satur­ cut and sold and in total returns. Of Worden.
tile Paralysis, announced in New Tibbets, treasurer. There will be a
day 26, Sunday 18, Monday 15 and the timber cut average stumpage
York today.
potluck supper at 6, to which the
Tuesday 0.
Stoddard replaces John J. Gurian, families are invited, and at 7 there
Western Electrical Construction
All logging operations are tempor­ $21.75 and the average for ponder­
also of Portland, who resigned the will be a Christinas party for the ,Co., Portland, with an offer of $5,565
arily closed in the area due to ice osa pine was $23.81. Of the tirnbet
state dimes post after accepted a children and a gift exchange for Tuesday, was the only bidder when
sold, the average value of westside
and snow.
position with his firm in New York everyone.
bids were opened by the Portland
Douglas fir jumped to $38.16 and
At the close of the meeting, re-1 District, Corps of Engineers for
ponderosa pine increased to $24.55.
“We are most pleased to announce freshment* were served to Mmes. I modification of 15 jCV switchgear
Sieg, ; and bus at Detroit Dam powerhonse
LY'ONS—Loren Chamberlain a Mr. Stoddatd has agreed to step into Lavern Behrens.
I spry old gentleman and a happy this position of leadership,” O’Conn­ Charles Bouche, Lu Doerfler, Mike on the North Santiam River.
The work also include« m odi fica -
j sort of a fellow, and a friend to or said. “We know the January cam­ Schwindt, Robert Schiewek, Phillip
everyone, observed his 75th birth- paign will continue to have the strong | Pietrok, Truman Tibbets, George I tion <>f switchboard relay* and wir-
Adlai E. Stevenson Tuesday an-
, day anniversary Thursday, Novemb- support it had under Mr. Gurian's VanAgtmael, Ray Adams, I-eo Wag­ I ing at Big Cliff reregulating dam
ounced that he will be a candidate
er 11. He was presented with several guidence”.
ner, Jim Phelps, Mrs. Maud Zim­ I powerhouse. Government estimate
for the 1956 Democratic presidential
O’Connor pointed out that some merman, Mrs. Anne I<echleitner and I fo rthe work was $4,750. Work must
The initiatory degree was put on I birthday cakes, one he was especially
- omination. This comes as no *ur- by the officers of Marilyn Chapter, I proud of, baked by Mrs. Russell 70,000 victims of polio from this the hostess, Mrs. Bridges.
I be completed in 30 calendar days.
rise to the voting public.
No. 145, Order of the Eastern Star, Thiel and Mrs. Ernest Garsjo to and previous years are dependent on
He said “I believe it is important at the lodge hall Monday night for 1 represent his model T Ford which the March of Dimes for assistance in
mat the Democratic party resume the pleasure of Mrs. Lee Bassett j bears a pioneer license. He is proud their fight toward recovery.
Carol Andreassen Chosen
Council Meets to
the executive direction of our na- and Mrs. Bill Hoeye, who became new j of his old car, and it takes he and
Kappa Alpha Pi Sorority
Canvass Vote Returns
tional affairs.”
members of the organization.
Mr*. Chamberlain anywhere they S. P. Railroad Makes
Carol Andreassen, is among 152
Votes cast at the city election on
During “Good of the Order,” Mrs. ! wish to go.
last Tuesday were canvassed at the Linfield college students pledged to
Clyde Storey of Idanha sang a vocal
The Chamberlains live in about the County Tax Payment
Pfc Lloyd Bowers
Southern Pacific has paid $194,- city council meeting last week and membership in one of 10 Greek letter
center of town and he has as his
Mayor social organisations on the Linfield
Stationed in Japan
The brief business meeting wai hobby, flowers, boasting that in the 178.71 for 1955 taxes on ita property were found to be correct. 12...
Pfc. Lloyd J. Bowers, 21, son of under the direction of Mrs. Clara ' summertime he has about any kind in Marion County, it was announced Kimmel will serve for another two campus,
Miss Andreassen pledged Kappa
Norman F. Bowers, Idanha. re- Morri« worthy matron,, and Floyd I of flower you could wish for, also an by H. S. Dowdy, agent for the rail­ year term and Don Jenkins and
Frank Hunter will serve three year Alpha Pi sorority. Preference part­
ently took part in a regimental com­ Johnson worthy patron, As the assortment of bulbs and a variety road here.
oat test by the 1st Cavalry Division letter requesting gifts of canned >f blooming shrubs. He takes great
This is part of the $2,445,332 the terms as councilmen. Both were ies ended a week-long rush period
in Japan.
food* for the Masonic and Eastern ' delight in furnishing many of the tailroad is now paying for grows tax­ present at the meeting. Other coun­ for the freshman and transfer stud­
cilmen present were Bob Hill, Ed ents with rush parties being given
Held at the base of Mount Fuji, Star home at Forest Grove was re- ! flower* for the Sunday decoration* es on its property in Oregon.
the exercise tested the combat ef- ceived so late, it was decided to make at the Lyon* Methodi-t church, of
An additional $132,392 is to be paid Cooke, Russell King and Arlo Tuers. nightly by tlw sororities and fratern­
The council also discussed installa­ al orders.
'ectivenesa of Bowers' unit under a cash donation instead. Small which he is a member.
by Southern Pacific for it* share of
New pledges will take part in
Christmas gifts for the Home are to
- mutated battle conditions.
As well as a good gardner, Mr. | taxes on the following jointly owned tion of drain fields in Lark addition
A member of Heavy Mortar Co., be brought in December.
' Chamberlain i* a good housekeeper, companies: Oregon, California A I to correct a serious drainage prob­ their organisations activities for the
•n the division’s 8th Regiment. Bow­
Refreshments committee for Mon­ I doing all the housework, a* Mr*. Eastern Railway, Northern Pacific lem. Bob Veness, sanitation commis­ remainder of the semester. In Febru­
Company and Pacific sioner will have charge of the pro­ ary they may be initiated into full
ers entered the Army in Augu«t 1953 day night included Opal McRoberts, 1 Chamberlain is confined to a wheel Terminal
membership in their organisation.
Fruit Express Company.
and arrived overseas in August 1954. Dorothy Draper, and Edith Mason. I chair.
Mail Packages
Early Is Advice
Of Postmasters
Mark Hatfield to Run
For Secretary of State
Lions Club Entertain
Wives at Dinner
Mehama Farmers Union
To Hold Christmas Party
Mari-Linn PTC Has
Display of SchoolWork
Nursing Conference
Here November 22
Increase This Quarter
Altar Society Plans
Christmas Party
Portland Firm Low on
Work at Detroit Dam
Seek Democratic Nod
Seek Remocratic Nod Two Initiated Into
Star Monday Night
Loren Chamberlain
Has Birthday Party