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Clearance Work
For Power Line
To Begin Mon.
“Neighborhood Plan"
Being Used in Cancer
Drive for First Time
— «. XTFW
*2.50 a Year,
v IM.I
New Church To Be Dedicated Sunday
Mill City Senior Class to
Present \nnual Class ‘lay
The Mill City high school Senior
; class will present, "The Inner ■Villy,"
a corned) by Bettye Knapp, o Wed
nesday and Thursday, May 4 and 5 in
the high school auditorium.
Th«- cast will include: Rnhard An­
derson as Willoughby; Donn Beng-
' ranees
«ton, as the Inner Willy;
Johnson as Aunt Hester;
Steinfelt as Aunt Louise; Sh» >n Gal-
lagher as Aunt Olga; Rich I Ver­
beck as Stanley; Dale Andri sen as
Mike; Regine Brewer as S'
I Gerry Hamblin as Trudy
■ shall,
Frances Brunner as Janet
and Carol Jane Blazek as Ci
I in.
Elton Gregory and Jim
' will be stage managers.
With a unique "neighborhood plan”
in opeiation for the first time, the
' Marion county cancer drive got under
way for a 30-day run through the
i month of April, according to Mark
Hatfield, in his second year as county
I drive chairman.
The Linn-Lane Construction comp­
I The county cential committee met
any of Sweet Home this week has
recently and set *8,000 as this year’s
been building an access road to enable
goal. Funds fiom the drive are used
them to begin the job of clearing the
in research directed as stopping one
right-of-way for the power line from
of the nation's worst killers.
Detroit dam to the substation
j According to the chairman, the
' "neighborhood plan’’ involves the use
According to Floyd Emmert,
of large circulating envelopes to be
charge of the work, not much of the I used in each block of residential areas.
a tual clearing work will be started The envelopes, containing small indi­
until the first of the week. It is ex­ vidual envelopes and literatuie for
pected that about 40 men will be em­ each contributor, are started by drive
ployed on the job, Mr. Emmert said woikers and passed from house to
Tuesday forenoon.
house in each block.
The plan has
Included in this contract are clear­ ' woi ked successfully in other aieas
ing and construction of access roads and permits more thorough coverage,
or. approximately 22 miles between ! according to Hatfield.
Detroit and the Santiam substation
Members of the central committee |
for Bonneville's two high-capacity i beside Hatfield include JohnJoehnke,
Detroit-Santiam transmission lines to treasurer of the American Cancer
be constructed in the near future; in Marion county; Mrs. James Turn-
clearing of approximately 14 miles of i bull, education director; Mrs. Alice
right-of-way on the Santiam-Cheme- i Fisher, secretary; Bernard Morris,
»» 230-kv transmisión line; and publicity director; and Mrs. Winnie
cleanup and reclearing of >sime 15 ! Pettyjohn, county commander.
rriles of right-of-way on the existing
Conduct ng the drive in this area
Detroit-Lyons transmission line.
are Mrs. W. M. Allen and Mrs. I). B
Following completion, the Admin­ Mrs. William Allen and Mrs. D. B
miration plans to start construction Hill.
o* two additional high-voltage trans­
ir, ssion lines between Detioit and the
Santiam substation.
He stated they have 300 days to
complete the clearing of the land for
the power line.
a Co»*
MC Teachers
Accept Jobs
To Work Mon
At M&M Plant
The M 4 M Plywood plant at Lyons
has begun the production of plywood
in the new plant, with the second shift
going to work Monday night.
At the present time about 109 men
are employed, with more being em­
ployed each day. W hen the plant
reaches capacity, it is said that 275
to 300 men will be employed.
The Lyons set-up is one of the most
modern on the west coast.
Seniors of Mill City Invited
To Visit Colleges During
Senior Campus Preview
Seniors of Mill City high school
have been invited to join graduating
students throughout the state as hon­
Instructors in the Mill City high or guests of the state system of
and grade schools, who have accepted higher education during Senior Camp­
teaching contracts for the 1954-55 us Pieview, April 23 and 24. Seniors
school year, include the following: are invited to visit the campus of
High school: Howard Means, princi­ their choice in order to become ac­
pal; Edith Mason, library, home eco­ quainted with the state school they
nomics and English; Button Boroughs, plan to attend.
The annual weekend event will ba
I commercial subjects, and athletic
I coach; Arthur A. LeCours, science and observed simultaneously at the Uni­
art; and Delos Hoeye, industrial arts versity of Oregon, Eugene; Oregon
State College, Corvallis; Oregon Col­
and mathematics.
Grade school: Vernon S. Todd, sup­ lege of Education, Monmouth; South­
In the top photo is pictured the Presbyterian church at Mehama,
erintendent of schools, and grade ern Oregon College of Education, Ash­
which was torn down to make way for the new church, shown in
school principal; Alice M. Smith, phy­ land; and Oiegon Technical Institute,
the lower photo, which »ill he dedicated with special services Sunday.
sical education, music and lit» ary; Klamath Ealls.
Pre-college orientation of campus
Fern E. Sletto, Marion F. Pesheck,
• « a
A falling rock was responsible
Betty \ Baldwin, Zeta A. Prichard, facilities has been arranged and all
Interurban Telephone Co.
an accident on the north Santiam
l.etha Bentley, Sigrun Grimstead, visiting students will have the oppor­
Takes Over Detroit System highway near Detroit Friday after­
Mary A. Loucks, Helen Kliever, Letha tunity of
noon that lesulted in the death of
L. Thoma«. Daron M. Dierks, Dot a B. plans with faculty advisers. Programs
DETROIT—The Interurban Tele- one woman and injuries to three
Rogers, Fail W. Loucks, James R.i of entertainment have been scheduled,
r-none Company of Silverton, pur- | other occupants of the car.
Hale. Robert Thorpe, and Doris M I i including sports events, mixer dances
ased the telephone system of the
Driver of the car was Deputy Sher­
land firesides. Supeivised housing will
- Sheythe.
Detroit Telephone Co., and took pos- ' iff Earl Cummins of Grant county.
A new church is about to be ded­
be arranged in authorized campus fa-
session April 1.
Other occupants included Mis. Orpha
Detroit Market has been retained to clement, 35; her brother, Oscar Hol- year the people of the community
Registration will begin at 7 p.nt.
represent the company in the Idanha- ignj, an<i Mrs. Patricia Elliott, Grant have worked to fulfill their dream now
Friday, April 23, at each campus,
conte.-t for all churches.
Detroit aiea. They v.-ill accept pay-, county matron.
Tavern in Shuffleboard Tie Seniors may obtain further informa-
t ealized.
ment of bills, report telephone and I
An earlier organization had a fa­
The Dedication Day has been set
Holland and Mis. Clement were en
In a well played game Friday night tion from Piincipal Howard M cans,
c< mmunication trouble for the comp-1 loute to the state penitentiary to serve rt iliar dream which was also fulfilled for Palm Sunday, April 11, 1954. Meander Inn defeated Byrons Mill City
Senior Campus Preview is an inter­
teims in connection with a Grant by dedicated effort. The Presbyterian The program for the day will be as Tavern on their own boaid by 30 campus program coordinated by the
The Detroit telephone company,1 county slaying. Mrs. Clement, killed Church of Mehama was originally follows:
points, thiowing the league into an­ h gh school college relations commit­
9:45 A. M. Special Palm Sunday other- «e. Meander Inn carried the tee of genere! eitemion division for
owned and operated by the late Ray in the accident, was under one year organized on November 1«), 189<i.
Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, _*as es­ sentence for manslaughter. Holland rs Then on October 17, 1894, a meefir.g service.
lead all the way, Byron’s cutting it the state system.
was held to consider the bu iding of
10:45 A. M. Sunday school.
tablished in April 1946 when they under life sentence.
to a nine-point lead at one time.
12:30 p. M. Potluck Fellowship i
b. ught the interests of Lowell Biown.l Cummins said he swerved his car to a church, Minutes of that meeting
Les’s had a toughy with Cedars, be­
“It was . . . Dinner.
uno had filed on the system in the | avoid hitting a falling rock with the include this resolution:
ing 17 points behind in the 3rd round.
2:00 P. M. Dedication Service.
old town of Detroit. The system was <esult that he lost control of the ve­ moved and seconded that we build a
They picked up 21 points to win by
Special music will Ire furnished by four points. Spillway defeated Jerrys
forest service owned with a forest hicle which plunged down a 200-foot church, and aftei discussing and duly
service line maintained to Idanha.
by 25 points and the Lake had no
I to build, The chairman was authori- the Men’s Quartet of the Salem Pres­ game.
The Johnsons who came here from
zed to appoint a committee to solicit byterian church, the Mill City Pres­
This week ends league play, unless
Dayton, took over the interests of
The regular covered dish dinner
Masons To Make Trip
funds and material for the erection byterian church choir, and members there ate ties to play off. Jerry’s
Brown and purchased the foiest ser­
of the Mill City Lions club in the
play their last game at The Lake, Fellowship Hall Monday evening was
vice lines including the one long dis­ To Prineville Saturday
At the regular meeting of Masonic, Mulkey, Mrs. McCullogh. Miss Ella «epcial gue-ts of the day will be Dr. Meander goes to the Cedars, and Spill­ i attended by over fifty membeis, wives
tance trunk line to Mill City, thus
L. Welch, R. A. Pratt, Mrs. I). A. G. Henry Green. Synod Executive way come to Byrons. Les’s rave all j
establishing Detroit's first independ­ lodge Monday evening officers and
! and children. Committee serving the
1 members forming the thiid degree Johnson, and G. P. Terrel were ap- for the state of Oregon. Rev. Harvey their games played.
ent Telephone company.
i dinner was made up of Mrs. Homer
pointed such
Schmidt, Moderatoi of the Synod of
League Standings
loiter the Detroit Telephone Co., team perfected their work in anticipa­
Thacker, Mrs. Howard Means, Mis,
note sums up the work of the follow- Oregon and pastor of the Lebanon
Won Lost Frank Hunter and Mrs. Lee Bas­
sold the long distance lines to the Bell tion of going to Prineville Saturday,
Mill City Tavern
Telephone company.
They added April 17, where they will exemplify
from November 9, 1894, to February D. Bulkley, Moderator of the Presby­ Meander Inn
three more long distance circuits con­ : the degree work for that lodge. This
Immediately following the dinner,
4 three contestants tried out for plac­
I is an annual trip and returns the | 18, 1895, the members of the church tery of Willamette and pastor of
The Lake
necting Detroit and Salem direct.
with the building committee worked Federated church of Corvallis.
« es in the coming amateur show which
Cedars Tavern
When the dial system was installed couitesy the Prineville Masons ex-
tirelessly on the building. Mr. James
Everyone is invited to attend.
7 is scheduled for April 29. During the
1 Spillway Tavern
ir. the new town of Detroit a year ago ' tended the local lodge some time ago.
X. Smith and his wife Mehama Smith
9 business meeting announcement was
1 Les’s Tavern
last September, the Bell company About 20 men are planning to make
gave the lot on which to build. Much
9 made that the next Auxiliary meet­
Jerry’s Tavern
added two more long distance circuits. the trip.
After the regular work of the of the material and woik was do-
Mrs. Johnson will continue to make
ing would be held at the Bank Cafe
lodge an hour of entertainment and nated.’’
her home here.
on April 28, at which time an im­
well through
Mehama Girl To Take
fellowship was enjoyed. During that
portant discussion will held concern*
hour, motion pictures on the develop­ the years. Then in Novi
ing the Auxiliary’a coining charter
ment of the “copter" plane was en-
Janet Bellin, Mehama, and former night.
ing the building improvements. In.
Voters of Mill City and the canyon correspondent to The Mill City Enter­
Mrs. Means announced that the
On the agenda for local lodgemen January of 1955 the decision was made area are asked to be sure to register prise will be one of Oregon’s 13 high local Girl Scouts will hold a Court of
are trips to Dallas lodge, where a to build a new church. Through the to enable them to vote in the May 21 school students making a trip in July Award on Thursday, April 15, at
succeeding weeks the plans weie rap­ primary election.
special meeting will la* held, and to
to United Nations headquarters in 7:30 p. m., in the high school rec­
idly materalized. On Easter Sunday
According to Hairy Mattson, Mari­ New York.
reation room. Following the meet­
Fluoridation of the city water,
the last services were held in the on county clerk, all persons must reg­
Janet, who is 16, and a student at ing refreshments will be served by
which was ordered by the City Coun- and the coming month.
old building, with a capacity crowd ister who have become 21 years old
the girls. Everyone is cordially in­
r:. last fall, has been carried out, with
in attendance. The following Tues­ since the last election; have moved Stayton high school, was winner of the
the equipment being installed Monday,
day and Wednesday the building was into the county or within the county final contest Monday night at Odd vited to attend.
Vernon Todd made it known that
April 29. The Mountain States Power
stripped of furnishings, window cas­ in different precincts, or have changed Fellows hall.
Miss Beilin won on an essay writ­ I the polio vacine which is scheduled
Company reports that the purchase
ings, etc. On Friday of that week the their names by marriage. The dead­
ten on the subject. What the United to be given to the second-graders
aid installation of the equipment
building was torn down and burned. line for registration is April 20.
throughout Marion county, upon con­
Nation Means to Me.’’
amounted to approximately $1400. It
On Saturday excavation was begun
Six months residence in Oregon is
sent of the parents, may be made a-
was not necessary to add any new-
for the new building.
required prior to registration. The
valiable to those second-gi aders in
MEHAMA—Plans are underway to
buildings as the original pump house
The new building is a T-shaped con- J only exception is persons who will
Mil) City who reside in Marion coun­
organize a tural cemetery district to struction. The sanctuaiy joins onto I
could be used.
complete their residence requirement
ty, there only being ten of them.
Witnessing the installation nere provide North Santiam communities a fellowship hall across- the
back, or will become 21 years of age dur­
The evening’s program
was in
authorities from the Oregon State with a caretaker to care for the where there are a stage, kitchen,
ing the t'me between the April dead­
charge of Robert Thorpe, who show­
Boaid of Health and executives of the ■ cemeteries.
cloak room, toilets, and fireplace.
line and the date of the primary. Such
ed a colored moving picture, put out
Petition« will soon be circulated to
Mountain States Power company. The
Underneath there is a full basement.
persons may sign up in advance ac-1
MEHAMA—At a meeting of the, by the Oregon State Highway com­
machinery was manufactured by the appeal to the county court to allot I The over-all dimensions of the build-
cording to the county clerk.
parks, fishing
1 some of the tax funds, collected for
Mehama Elkhorn board of directors | mission. showing
Omega Company in the east.
Those wishing to register in Mill
A slight rate of increase of about this purpose, to the Fox Valley ceme-
of the Benton-Lincoln Co-op, it was j streams and many other recreational
City may do so by contacting Mrs.
decided to call for bids on clearing facilities in the state of Oregon.
if’ cents per customer per month is teiy near Lyons and the Fairview Gates and Mill City Boys
Lettie Cline on the Marion county side 'the right-of-way for the long anti-1
scheduled to
or Ramon Roberts on the Linn county
These cemeteries have long de­ Take Part in Training
cipated electric line up the Little, Termite Lumber Co.
month. This is not to reimburse the
side; Mehama, Mrs. Ken
company for the original outlay, but pended upon invididuals for donations Exercise on Iwo Jima
North Fork to Elkhoin.
Resumes Operations
Gates, Richard Parker or
Bids for clearing will be accepted
to cover operating costs and the price ! or work for upkeep. At times it ha«
Two local boys were among those Chance; Detroit, Mrs. Mabie Parker
IDANHA—The Termite Lumber
rf the chemicals used. It takes about been left to individuals to choose lots ' to take part in "Operation
h lag of Idanha, Rilla M. Schaffer. Frank at a public meeting at the Mehama Co., in Idanha, resumed operations
club house Saturday, April 10 at 2 March 30, after being closed for the
two hours each day to carry out this
Hoist,' an amphibious training exer- M. Powell is registrar at Lyons.
If a district is organized it will em­ cise on the island of Iwo Jima.
p.m. About 21*^ miles of right-of- winter months. Ixigs are being re­
way is to be cleared, approximating ceived from the Morgan and Young
The proportion of fluoride in the brace the Mehama. Lyons, Mill City,
Vernon G. Christensen, fireman,
water is .8 of one part per million Detroit and Idanha communities. A USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Corporation To Be Formed about 200 acres of ground in all. Any Logging Co., above Marion Forks.
obstacle over 15 feet in height must be
carts of water, this amount having full time caretaker, it is estimated Christensen of Mill City was on the To Handle legion Hall
Tony Menden and Bob Stuckard, of
neen flowing into the city water can keep the two existing cemeteries heavy cruiser L’SS Rochester and
Sublimity, are owners of the comp­
A meeting of importance to all slashed and burned.
This advertisement of bids culmin­ any. having purchased the interests of
supply since abopt three days follow- in good condition.
Robert L. Lee, seaman, USN, son of American I-egion members of the
Future planning forsees well« dug James A. Lee. Gates, was on the U
ing the installation.
City Post will be held Monday even­ ates almost two years of activity by the other two owners.
at the two places to provide water SS Mount M' Kinley.
ing at 8 o'clock, when final plans will the board of directors. Easements
1 for care of shrubs. flowers and lawn.
The operation
involved be made to form a corporation to take through private property were ob­ Glen Shelton Buy*« Real
Highway Clearing Riuht
thou-ands of Navy and Marine Corps over the l-egon building in Mill City. tained. A right-of-way through O&C
Estate Business Here
personnel, was designed to promote
Of Way in Mill City
The first nomination of officers for timber lands was granted. Timber
Round Table Scout Meet
A deal was completed Saturday
the combat efficiency of all participat­ the coming jear will also be held at
The State Highway department
directors for the Co-op and sold to whereby Glen Shelton, purchased the
ing units. It afforded training m the this time
Wednesday morning began
clear- To Be Held At Lyons
C. E. Coville Real Estate business in
There will he a round table meeting planning and execution of an am­
Regular Saturday night dances are ' logging operators.
*g timber from the strip of land
Many subscribers on the proposed Mill City. Mr. Shelton has worked
joining the highway to the north, Tuesday, April 13, at 8:00 p. m. at phibious landing under realistic com­ being held at the I-egon hall. Music
is furnished by Jim Iholtz, Jack I-ake line have already cleared right-of-way I for the firm for the past two and a
r Mill City, which was purchased last the Mari-Linn school at Lyons, ac­ bat conditions.
The training exercise took place and Johnny Montgomery. Teenage on their own property. Board of di­ I half years. Mr. Coville hat had the
cording to Ken Jury, district scout
nine years after the capture of the dances will be held on Friday nights, rectors, handling the bid« are: Steve ' office here for about eight years.
The strip of land was purchased executive.
Mr. Shelton will also handle insur­
AH units rrf the Lyons district are small Pacific island. Japanese reaist- | but no dance will be held this week Dark. Ray Sischo, Jake Myers, Mel-1
te enable them to widen the high­
| because of the junior-senior prom. I vin Peck and Giles Wagner.
ance ended March 16, 1945.
urged to attend.
way at this point.
Car Accident Near
Detroit Kills One
Mehama Presbyterian Church To
Be Dedicated by Special Sunday Service
Colored Movie
Shown at Lions Meet
Register Now to
XïïrJS Vote at Primaries
Fluoridation Plant
Now in Operation
Plan to Organize
Cemetery District
Benton Lincoln Co-op
To Open Bids Sat.