The Mill City enterprise. (Mill City, Or.) 1949-1998, November 12, 1953, Page 2, Image 2

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Glen Julian while her son and wife
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Julian, with
By Eva Br cooler
whom she makes her home are viait-
Three members from the Lyons Ex­ ing relatives in Missouri.
tension unit, Mrs. Harley Scott, Mrs.
Sam Bridges, who was seriously
Earl Thayer and Mrs. Donald Huber,
went to Albany Thursday where they burned September 3rd in the fire
Attended the preliminary meeting on which destroyed his home, was able
•‘Shirt Making” held at the 4-H club to be brought to his home the last of
fairgrounds, under the supervision of the week, from Good Samaritan hos­
Mary Frances Minette, who also gave pital in Portland. He will have to go
i to Stayton each day for treatment.
Stn interesting talk on materials.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allen returned
Faith Rebekah lodge is making
from a weeks’ visit at Midvale
preparations for their regular meet-
jng of November 11, when the presi­ Idaho, where they were guests at
dent of the Rebekah assembly of the home of her sister and family, Mr.
Oregon will pay her official visit. and Mrs. Jess Fox.
Mrs. Edee Allen from Blue River is
Other lodges of the district are in­
visiting this wek at the Earl Allen
Mrs. E. J. Roye has returned from home. She will also visit at the home
Elgin, Oregon, after spending some of Mrs. Leota Worden and Marjorie.
lime at thA^yine of their son and Mrs. Allen is an aunt of Earl and Le­
daughter-in V*. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn ota.
Mrs. Charles Cruson opened her
Roye and helping care for the new
home Tuesday afternoon for a lovely
Mis. Leo Cruson, with her mother. tea. She was assisted by Mrs. Alice
Mrs. Alice White of St. Regis, Mon­ Huber and Mrs. Donald McWhirk. It
tana, left Friday morning for San was a benefit for the Methodist home.
Francisco, California where they will Bonnie Cruson, small granddaughter
visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. of Mrs. Cruson, favored the group
Harry E. White, a son of Mrs. White with two readings. Pouring at the
serving table were Mrs. Art Baltzer
«nd b other of Mrs. Cruson.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Knox have as and Mrs. Alice Huber.
The first quarterly conference was
their guest, Jim Justice from Valdez,
Alaska. Justice who has been with 1 held Monday evening at the Lyon- |
the ARC there, reports that it was , Methodist church with Dr. George ,
23 below zero when he left. He is en­ Roseberry, district superintendent in
joying the Oregon weather very much. charge.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Christenson,
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Taylor and
Maurice and Jane of Walport spent Duane and Sue from Mohawk were
the wekend with relatives in Lyons. weekend visitors in Lyons. The Christ-1
Mrs. Taylor is a daughter of Mr. and iansons are former residents here.
Mr. and Mrs. George Huffman are
Mrs. R. P. Lyons and sister of Mrs.
Wayne Ransom. Mrs. Taylor and receiving congratulations upon the
children returned home Tuesday birth of their first grandchild, a son,
while he remained for the week to born Sunday November 8 to Mr. and
help Wayne Ransom at the Gas Heat Mrs. Vernon Digerness at Salem.
Don Remmenga who is with the
Monday Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Lyons, Merchant Marines and just come into
Mrs. Keith Taylor and childn i, lau- Seattle spent Sunday at the home of I
ice and Jane and Mrs. Wayne Ransom
»pent the day Marion al me nome
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Geisler, another
daughter of the Lyons. The occasion
honored Mrs. Geisler on her birthday.
Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Naue and Mr.
Sind Mrs. Henry Holzfuss sptnt the
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Roy. Cake and coffee were
terved in honor of the birthday anni­
versary of Mrs. Roy.
Monday evening dinner guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allen
were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Briske of
Falem, and Mrs. Edee Allen. The
llriske's brought Mrs. Allen to Lyons
where she will spend the week.
Mr.and Mrs. E. L. Roye have moved
into their new house just recently
completed. They plan to tear the old
one down soon.
Mrs. Ivan Smith was hostess for
the first of the series of “Morning
Coffee’s” at her home Friday. This is
a project of WSCS and will be car­
ried out through November if not
longer. Partaking of the coffee were
Mmes. Alvin Palmer, Oscar Naue,
Loren Chamberlain, Charles Cruson,
Chester Roy, George Hoffman. Wil­
liam Hargin, Vernon Digerness, Vir­
gil Rogers, Leonard Cruson, and Mrs.
Alice Huber.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walton and
daughters of Salem were Sunday
guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Thiel.
Mr. and Mrs. Murlie Larimer and
children from Molalla were Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Harry I/arimer and
family who live near Jordan.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cruson spent
the weekend in Portland, returning
Bunday evening.
Lawrence Wales who is with the
Eastman Kodak people in Singapore,
visited Monday afternoon at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George Huffman. He
will return to Singapore later this
Mrs. Catherine Julian is at the
home of her grandson, Mr. and Mrs.
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1953 I gift toward a projector fund started
for her by Industry Rebekah lodge
| his parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert at Amity. Miss Prichard will be a
guest at a dinner at the Woodburn
Mrs. White of Portland is visiting lodge Nov. 6 and at the Independence
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. lodge Nov. 12.
Glen Julian.
Mrs. Arthur Olmstead was hostess
Virgil Rogers with his band will for the afternoon card club with her
furnish instrumental music for the i party at the Rebekah hall Wednesday
A one-thirty dessert
morning service at the Methodist afternoon.
church November 13.
luncheon preceeded the playing of
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lyons and son i several tables of 500.
Mrs. Bert
Larry have returned to Lyons for ! Lyons held the high
score, Mrs.
the winter. They have been at Clas- I Oscar Naue second high and Mrs.
skanie and have their trailer house i Bob Carleton low.
Present for the
located at the Wayne Ransom prop­ party were Mesdames Vern Nydegger,
Floyd Bassett, Earl Helemn, Kenneth
Marjorie Prichard, 16, and a junior ' Helemn, Oscar Naue, Albert Bass,
at the Union high school at Stayton, Herman Free, Bob Carleton, Orville
and a Stayton IOOF delegate from Downing, John Kunkle, Leota Worden,
Marion and Polk counties spoke be­ Inez Ring, and the hostess, Mrs. Olm­
fore a crowd at the Methodist church stead.
at Turner Tuesday evening, Nov. 3.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stevens have
She showed colored picture slides of as their guest her parents, Mr. and
her trip through Canada and the 'Mrs. Ivan Kelly from Sheridan, Mon­
United States, to the United Nations tana, who have arrived to spend the
in New York this summer. At the close j winter in Oregon.
of her talk she was presented with a
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bassett and son
Cecil left for Los Angeles, California,
Mrs. Alice White of St. Regis,
Thursday where they will visit at the Montana, is a guest at the home of Mr.
home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bassett, and Mrs. Leo Cruson, Mrs. Cruson is
a daughter of Mrs. White.
another son.
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