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Ml 1.1. CITY
School elections are coming up ir:
the various school districts of the can- j
yon area on Monday evening, June
16th, and it is again the opportunity ' Vol. VIII—N«>. 23
$2.50 a Year.
a Copy
for the local electorate to select men
and women to carry on the important j
and responsible work of school board ■
e*1,*7 4»
Voters eligible to take part are |
those who have been a resident in I
the district for six months and duly
registered for 30 days prior to the |
Monday afternoon will mark the
Detroit-Idanha will hold their elec­
beginning of the new summer 1 ecrea­
tion in new quarters in the new site
tion program, according to Jim Hale,
of Detroit at 8 p.m. standard time. >
recreation program director. The
and we are informed that Noyes Whit­
activities will be limited until equip­
ten's term expires this year. It shall
ment arrives, but in a short time we
be the duty of the voters of that dis­
can expect a full program of activi­
trict to select someone to fill the va­
cancy, either by returning Mr. Whit- ■
Mr. Hale has issued a call for all
ten or replacing him as they see fit.
boys interested in "little league” base­
I do pot know whose term expires
ball to be at the athletic field at 1
m Gates, but they will be holding their 1
p.m. Monday, June 9, Age limits will
election and school meeting on the
be established and teams will be or­ /
same evening at the school auditorium
ganized after the registration. It it
hoped that at least four teams can
In Mill City the term of Chairman
be organized so that a league can be
Ramon Roberts expires this year and
formed. All boys interested in the
he has publicly stated that he is not
summer program are urged to be on
going to be a candidate for re-election
hand Monday afternoon.
to another term.
Children of all ages will be included
Don Jenkins’ name has been men­
in the program as soon as equipment
tioned as a possible candidate for
and facilities are available.
election to the board of district 129-J. j
Whether he will consent to be a can-1
Activities planned for tie summer
didate I do not know. He is well
include: baseball, softball, tennis,
known here, has children in school
archery, badminton, ping pong, horse­
and a local businessman, he should
shoes, arts and crafts, and dancing.
be a good man for the job. Three
Other activities will be offered if
years ago the powers that rule this
there is enough interest.
city successfully defeated him for elec­
Two full time employes of the rec­
tion at that time so in all probability
reation department will be on hand
he is not exceptable to the inner circle t
for instruction and supervision as soon
of this city for a spot on the school
as the program gets in full swing.
Don't forget, boy»! Next Monday
* * *
afternoon at 1 o’clock.
Excitement lan high for a time at
the council chambers this week when
feeling was fanned over the incarcera­
Civil Defense Training
tion of Tom Stocks without the pre­
Session Planned June 11
caution of an attendant on hand in
use of sickness or accident at the
The role of the Oregon State Civil
local jail.
Defense agency as the co-ordinator of
Councilman Hutcheson was con­
civil defense activities between coun­
cerned about the responsibility of the
ties will be stressed at the joint
city when the jail was in Use without I
Marion County-Salem Civil Defense
an attendant on duty to protect the
meeting in the Bush school in Salem
prisoner from possible accident, wjth
Wednesday, June 11 at 8 p.m. it was
;he prisoner having no way of outside
announced by Wallace S. Wharton, di­
contact to seek help.
rector of Marion County Civil Defense.
The meeting will be open to the
new recreation area for fishermen, boating enthusiasts and vacationists.
Councilman O'Leary expressed con­ Detroit dam, nearing completion, towers over the North Santiam River
anyon, ready to serve as flood controller and power producer. Engi­
I he towering—463-foot high from base to top—structure w ill he complete
public and will be the last monthly
cern over the fact that “Tom” was < neers
expect to block the diversion tunnel this week to start water backing
when workmen finish construction of a roadway above the broad spillway
training meeting of the 1951-52 sea­
locked up because he failed to pay a
up in a huge man-made lake. Water stored behind the dam will serve
at center of the dam. Progress of the dam has meant the end of one
Local Civil Defense officials
$250 fine while many others were go­ a three fold purpose—to turn the generators which will produce electricity
canyon town. The death of old Detroit and the birth of new Detroit are
throughout the county also will attend.
ing free and much more able to pay
for Willamette valley cities, to keep the Santiam and Willamette rivers
shown elsewhere in this issue.
Jack Hayes, director of State Civil
a fine, and that fines are on the books from flooding rich farm lands in flood season, and to form an extensive
(Photo courtesy of Oregon Statesman)
Defense will put on the program which
in the amount of over $1200, it is re­
will include Dr. Harold M, Erickson
Livestock Association
the work of the medical depart­
Police Judge Don Sheythe was called
Local Fishermen Show
ment; Miss Loa Howard on the wel­
upon for an explanation and opinion
Picnic Scheduled
fare department; Superintendent of
in the matter. His thought was that
Off Successful Catch
laws should be enforced,or the whole
The Linn County Livestock Associa­
Mr. and Mrs. Tex Blazek, Al Shel­ State Police II. |G. Maison, on the se­
There’s been a
system "would break down.” He said
Spencer T. Moore, district i anger, tion's annual picnic scheduled for the
ton, George Stewart, and Buzz Fleet­ curity department; Oscar Cutler on
that he was “trying out” the jail with Detroit, Ore., has received a citation Mrs. R. C, Burkhart farm in the Ten­
wood journeyed to Crane Prairie on the engineering and rescue depart­
a long term prisoner, but this expe­ from Lyle F. Watts, chief of the U.S. nessee community north of Lebanon
i a fishing trip Wednesday morning ment; David Don on the utilities de­
rience had proved it would not work. Forest Service for outstanding serv­ Sunday, June 8, says Leonard Forster,
equipped with a boat and all the nec­ partment; Robert B. Taylor on the
The opinion prevailed that arrange­ ices in connection with the administra­ Tangent, president.
essary fishing gear and camping out­ fire services department and Tom
Brubeck on public information.
ments would have to be made to board tion of the Detroit Ranger district.
Activities start at 12:30 p.m. day­
fit for an overnight fishing jaunt.
As Americans we nave been given |
"One fundamental objective in put­
prisoners at the Linn county jail where
In commenting on this recognition,
Thursday evening when they re-
attendants are maintained at all hours
Those attending are to bring certain inalienable rights. The right , turned it was with all the pride they ting on the program is to indicate
to take a part in our national, state |
how the functions of the county or­
Tom was released to Henry Bay­
tion of the normal ranger district food and table service. Ice cream, and city governments, and through could show, because they were proud­ ganization fits into the state scheme
less who will take him to Stanfield,
workload necessitates in itself out­ coffee and cold drinks will be fur­ the city government we have the op- I ly showing a beautiful coatch of trout, of operations,” Director Hayes said.
Ore., and take care of him there.
standing ability but that for the past nished by the association. A program portunity to give our greatest voice. the full limit of 50 measuring up to
Director Wharton said the general
It would appear that a better subject
several years, Moore, in addition to of music and short talks will follow Any complaint or idea, no matter how 16 inches, all neatly packed in ice and training meeting will be resumed ia
to “tryout” the jail accommodations
heading up this work, has been con­
small or how large, will be thoroughly cleaned ready for the pan.
the fall. During the summer months
would have been in order. There is
Featuring the afternoon’s program
fronted with extraordinary problems
in the city council. If it 1
the several specialized groups will
a plan being proposed to put pris­
because of the Detroit dam project.
shows any merit or opportunity for the point of circulating a petition and continue their work.
oners to work on a work crew in the
These activities involved not only »ducted by H. A. Lindgren, livestock improvements to the community it will presenting it to the city council.
future, especially those able to work,
clearing the timber and debris in the specialist at Oregon State college. be quickly acted upon. YOUR voice |
Summer Recreation Program
and will be discussed further at future
has done at a benefit to the city far
large basin to be filled by the lake, Forster says that sheep growers want­ is needed to run the community. Dur-1
council sessions.
in excess of the 3% kickback.
but also many miles of road and power
• • •
ing this next month several issues summer recreation activities should
The council withheld a decision until
line clearing. and construction and them to the picnic. A tour of the have come up in the council in which be at the athletic field by 1 p.m. Mon-
another meeting.
The council set June 25th as the other projects all of which increased Burkhart pastures and inspection of
date for voting on the budget for the the forest fire hazard and otherwise the Burkhart’s Corriedale sheep will YOUR voice is needed and which will jay, June 9. Jim Hale will be in
A proposed initiative and referen-
be of value to YOU.
icharge of the registration and boys dum ordinance was read and then
next year. Open discussion will be in-1 complicated ranger district adminis­ conclude the event.
activities, A woman will be selected ,,,,|,.r,.,|
vited before the voting takes place, 1 tration.
Street Improvements
ba. k to the attorney for
Forster is issuing an invitation to
at a later date to be in charge girls’ certain important corrections.
and electors may study the budget,
all persons interested to attend.
which is published elsewhere in this ' Moore has consistently received the
ordinance will greatly simplify legal
in a poor condition especially the dirt activities.
finest co-operation from the other fed­
issue of The Enterprise.
The estimated cost of the entire procedure in securing changes in city
In summer the dust has
eral agencies, permittees, and local to attain the fullest results from all streets.
according toCouncilman Muii government, and giving the people a
residents. This award, Bruckart con­ ranger district personnel working with caused many a housewife concern. 'program
¡is $1,500. It is proposed that $500 be faster method of making changes such
tinued, is also a tribute to his ability Moore.
past has been an expensive job of furnished by each of the following, as making the election of mayor, city
oiling the streets.
This costs the the school district, the city, and other I judge and city recorder possible.
property owner approximately 7 cents interested civic organizations. Bur-
Mra. Gladys Mason appeared before
a foot frontage. The city has never too Boroughs, the glorified bookkeep­ council and requested the waiving of
er for the activities will have to ac­ i city tax as now provided for under
oiled the streets.
Norman Garrison's Variety Store
Now, a waste produce is available count to a triumviate board, Russ ordinances for the telephone company.
has become the property of W. F. and
from Crown Zellerbach in Lebanon Kelly, John Muir, and Don Jenkins.
The council moved to waive such tax
Blanche Struckmeirs.
The Struck-,
which is twice as effective as oil and
Major Issues
until Jan. 1, 1954 in view of the free
meiers purchased the variety store'
costs a third as much, according to
R. L. Stewart of the Mountain service given the city by the telephone
building and the Garrisons,’ stock and (
reports. More information is avail­ States Power Co. brought up the new company receiving and relaying police
home of the Garrisons’ in Gates
able from members of the council.
operating permit.
This new permit , and fire calls.
Henceforth, Gates Variety's name
the opportunity
The T. J. Stocks (a*e
will be "Gates Variety & Hardware", j
school board asked the council
to con- of receiving a 3% kickback instead of
Jim O’Leary asked the council to
The Struckmeiers formerly lived in ;
aider helping to pave SW 4th street the 2*5 we are now getting. Council­ consider releasing city prisoner Tom
Tule Lake, California, just prior to
from Evergreen north at least two man Muir asked if there was not an Stocks, offering the reason that with
their purchace of the Gates Varity. ■
and possibly to the highway, Oregon law permitting a 5*T return, I no attendant the city would be held
Sturckmeier has ilved most of his life 1
the cost to be divided between the to which Mr. Stewart admitted the law liable for anything that might happen
near Scio and Albany.
school district, the ity, and the prop- does permit a 5% kickback.
' to him while loc ked up unattended.
The restaurant portion of the Gates
erty owners along this heavily trav-
This new permit contains a clause
Police Judge Don Sheythe said he
Variety 4 Hardware building will con­
eled street.
allowing cancellation by the city upon’ wanted to test the jail for long term
tinue being leased to others, Struck- ? One of the last homes to be moved from the Detroit reservoir area was
Daylight Time
notice served on the company. The prisoners with Tom Stocks. But, it
meier indicated.
that of Mr. and Mm. John Bryant. Photo shows the house on skids being
Th e daylight time vs. standard time clause allows two years operation had failed so upon the request of the
Before assuming his role as Gates
■nosed up a back road to a new site near Breitenhush river. Mrs. Verry
has been taken off the table and after such notice of termination. Un­ ' council he relea ed him on parole to
Variety A- Hardware proprietor. Johnson and Mm. Bryant may be seen in the windows occupying it on
turned over to the people. Anyone in­ der this clause the city could operate Henry Bayless, pending interdiction
Struckmeier held a position with the I the journey up the hill. < hildren with them are Evelyn Harper, Allen
tere«t>d in daylight time for Mill City its own power company at the end proceeding«. The council would also
department of Agriculture in Cali-1 Johnson and Jane John-on. Deadline for moving was midnight Monday.
(Continued on Pare 4)
should ma ke their wishes known to of two years, the same as Monmouth
(Photo courtesy Capital Journal!
Summer Recreation
Program Starts
Monday Afternoon
Tenny’ Moore Cited
For Performance
Council Meeting
Garrisons Sell Gates
Variety Business