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ID \NH \
My wife and I were among the
music fans of Willamette land who
enjoyed the concert given by William
$2.50 a Year. ]()^ a Copy
Vol. VIII—No. 10
Warfield, noted Negro baritone, who
appeared under the sponsorship of
Willamette university before a capa­
city crowd at Salem high school
auditorium last evening. We felt it
was a real treat and I am sure that '
everyone present felt the same. Mr.1
Warfield responded generously to en-1
.ores and treated his listeners to many I
rare gems of music.
1 • * •
Mill City Cub Scouts mark last Sunday as quite a big day for them.
The Gates Firemen’s benefit dance j
Sunday was their first birthday party day. The affair was held in the Mill
scheduled for every Saturday evening [
City IOOF hall.
A large number of Cubs, their parents and Scouting
has been changed to every other Sat-1
enthusiasts attended the party.
urday instead. A new treat has been j
The Sunday meeting of the Cub Scouts saw parents, relatives and special
arranged by local talent furnishing
visitors honor the Cub Scouts. Clarke l.ethin, area Scout executive, and
the music with an aggregation known
------------------------------------------------- "Mrs. l^thin of Albany, Mrs. James
as the Gates Local Notes. The next
O'Leary. Mill City PTA president. Mr.
dance will be March 15, at the Gates
and Mrs. Vernon Todd of Mill City
■school gym, so please note the change.
and Mrs. Jordan of West Stayton
• * *
were (Jie special guests of the Cults.
We received word this week that
Mrs. Jordon attended the Mill City
Cornelius Bateson, a farmer near
meet in the interests of establishing
Pratum, has filed his candidacy for
George L. Steffy, addressing the Cub Scouting in the Stayton area. The
the house of representatives from
common council of the city of Mill full Cub committee — Eldon Lents,
Marion county on the democratic
City and interested citizens, brought chairman; Ray Steiner, cubmaster;
ticket. Mr. Bateson made an unsuc­
forward a proposal for an amendment Ken Siler, assistant cubmaster; Wm.
cessful race for the state senate two
to the city charter. This amendment Tickle: Harry Dyhrman, Burton Bor­
years ago, losing by a narrow margin.
would stipulate that the mayor, the oughs, Don Jenkins, and Charles Har­
The house of representatives could
judge, and the city recorder be elected man were present as were all the Den
very well use a man of Mr. Bateson’s
by the popular vote, and further, that Mothers and their assistants, Mrs.
calibre and integrity, and he would
these officials must live within the Leo Lemke, Dudley Jones, Frank Dell.
also give representation to the out­
city limits.
Joe McNealy, Eldon Lents, Arlo Tuers,
laying districts outside Salem.
Mill City’s Toastmistress club received its charter from the international speech organization during an im­
It was also brought up by Mr. Park Savage, Wm. Tickle, Bert Pro­
* * *
Steffy that it is mandatory that a vost, Harvey Hautala, and Mrs. O.
This Wednesday while I was listen­ pressive meeting recently in the Mill City Preshytern church recreation hall. Seated from left are Mrs. June
Miley, vice president; Mrs. Edna Hutcheson, president; Mrs. Hazel Loomis, Portland Rose club, Portland, in­ copy of the city charter be filed in Foster.
ing to the 12:15 noon newscast from
ternational director; and Mrs. Gay Savage, treasurer; standing .from left, are Mrs. Gwen Jones, club repre­ the library of the state supreme court. First Year Pins Awarded
a Salem broadcasting station, I was
stunned by a remark made by the I sentative; and Mrs. Sue Mikkelsen, secretary. The M II City Toastmistress officers were officially charged
Various members of the council
First year star pins were awarded
(Photo courte.-y of Capital Journal)
newscaster after he had finished re­ with their respective duties by the club’s official spokesmen.
voiced special approval of popular by Cubmaster Steiner to Thomas
porting the fact that Margaret Tru­
election of the mayor, stating that it Fend, Alan Tuers, Roger Klecker, Bill
man and Secretary of the Treasury
is a rather empty office if elected by Provost, Lee McNeally, Larry Moberg,
Snyder’s daughter had rented a beach
five persons who were in turn elected Dorman Gregory, Thomas Hautala,
cottage at Malibu near Hollywood for |
by a number which was only a small James Meinert, Benny Roten, Dick
a two-week’s vacation, when he added
minority of the eligible voters. This, Dyhrman, Charles Harman, Robert
in a very slurring manner: “Wonder,
said Steffy, would encourage voting Boroughs, Donald Guier, Donald Dell,
who’s paying the bills?”
at elections and also encourage vari­ Jamie Baughman Kenneth Siler, Ray­
The American Legion Auxiliary will
David “Tony” Sample of Stayton
Just how cheap can one be?
serve a spaghetti luncheon at the distinguished himself Friday a week ous people to live here if they felt mond Goodwin, Jerry Foster, Ronnie
It is a well-known fact that Mar­
Presbyterian church recreation hall, ago, but modestly keep the whole that their vote elected the man they Foster, Darrel Jones, James O’Leary,
garet Truman is paying her own bills
wanted to the office.
Michael Lents. Dick Tickle, Dennis
March 13 at 12 noon. The affair cloaked in secrecy.
and is well able to pay her own way 1
A vote to put this proposed amend­ Jenkins, and Edward Anderson.
rescued a drowning five-year-old boy
by her own ability, as witness the
The North Santiam Chamber of
Bear and Wolf badges were awarded
the American Legion hall kitchen. from the cold, rushing waters of the ment on the ballot in the general elec­
signing of long-term contracts by her Commerce annual meet takes place for Mrs.
Mabel Bruder, chairman of the North Santiam river at Little Sweden. tions in November will be considered by their parents to Larry Lemke and
producer, this was only recently pub-1 Wednesday, March 19 at Mill City, luncheon, stated that the spaghetti
at later meetings, and public interest James Donnelly.
according to Pres. J. C. Kimmel. This dinner costs “50c for adults and 25c The boy saved was John Drembler of will be noted.
Piano selections were played by
* * *
meeting is important to the North
children. We hone this luncheon Little Sweden when the episode oc­ Councilman John Muir offered the James Meinert, Michael Lents, and
Is there any wonder that the Presi- | Santiam canyon because nine new di­ for
use of the Legion hall as a meeting­ Ray Steiner, Jr. All Cubs and Lynn
will be well attended, as the money curred.
dent has found it necessary to write 1 rectors must be elected.
place for the next few months, be­ Steiner, a Cub Sister, danced the “Bill
go toward equipping the new
letters to certain people putting them 1 Lindsey Wright, secretary of the will
kitchen being built at the Legion hall.” truck of Charles Morgan in the can­ cause of the lack of convenience at Robinson”.
in their place? I or any father would canyon-wide organization, stated that
Mrs. Bruder expressed the thought, yon area. Even when “Tony” arrived the city hall in seating any number of
l.ethin made Pow Wow awards to
do likewise if we are made of the the present directors in each locality that
"when the Legion boys complete home late after being delayed by his interested citizens. All citizens who Mr. and Mra. Lents, Mr. and Mrs.
stuff that men are made from.
are appointed by the president to act this new addition, Mill City will be
can possibly do so are urged to attend
Perhaps a public apology from this as a nominating committee to nomi­ proud of this community building. It brilliant rescue of the drowning Drem­ these meetings, voice their opinions, Dyhrman and Mr. and Mrs. Steiner
for attending a training meeting at
Salem station would be in order, or nate at least two people for directors. will
serve many in a social and busi­ employer the real reason for his being and vote in the coming elections. The Sweet Home.
The Cub Pack was
perhaps it feels as Fulton Lewis Jr.
council meetings will serve to awarded the "Bells of Liberty” for
Directors whose terms expire this ness way.”
late. The details of Sample’s cold next
does that the President of the United year are L. H. Wright, Alfred Hart- !
if there is sufficient interest ‘Functioning Manpower’, committee
’ swim into the icy river after the indicate
States or his family are not entitled man, Russell Wilson, Jake Myers, W.
our city government that will bring attendance and interest, ‘Quality of
struggling boy came to light when in
to any common decency respect for R. Stevens, J. C. Kimmel, Charles;
out a crowd to make use of their dem­ Program’ and ‘Increased Attendance’.
told to Clyde Golden, proprietor of the ocratic
the office to which he was elected?
right of free speech.
Giebeler, C. R .Hoyt, John Cannon,
Group singing was led by Mrs. Lethin
« * «
Mill City Richfield station, by a Little
and Sam Palmerton.
aired at the council meeting and enjoyed by all after the hearty
The Oregon highway commission
was the views of several businessmen
Wright said, “The government now
The Drembler child reportedly fell in regards to the parking situation repast.
has allowed itself to become negligent has plans for the development of the
Den No. 2 Wins Attendance Award
in a matter, of proper drainage on recreational area around the dam and
Mrs. Floyd Johnson came out second into the river when he was running in town. A committee from the coun­
Chairman Eldon Lents read a poem
the bridge crossing the North San- the lake.
We will have these ex-1 best in a hassle with an electric mixer, blindly away from the scene of a cil, Jim O’Leary and Wm. Hutcheson,
tiam river here at Mill City. We get plained to us at the annual meeting Saturday afternoon. Damage — the snow-ball fight with other children. was appointed to meet with these in­ “What Is a Boy". Mrs. Tuers and
numerous complaints about the stand­ and we are promised some good col­ loss of the second finger on the left The mother of the reesued child dis­ terested businessmen to discuss ways Mrs. Hautala’s Den No. 2 won the
ing pools of water along the edge of ored films taken in the vacation land. hand. When Mrs. Johnson discovered covered the desperate plight of her of relieving the problem in such a attendance plaque with 31 parents and
the roadway next to the sidewalk. Come and see.”
she was being maimed by the mixer child and sought assistance. “Tony” manner that it will be satisfactory to cubs in attendance. Total count was
33 cubs and 98 relatives and guests
These pools when passing motorists
Wright cautioned that 1952 dues are and that her husband was away from I unhesitatingly removed his coat, only, everyone.
drive through them are splashed up now payable.
The North Santiam home, she telephoned for help which and plunged headlong into the swirl­ Chief of Police Kenneth Hunt pre­ present for the affair.
Mrs. Dell was chairman of the serv­
onto pedestrians on the sidewalk. They chamber secretary stated, “If we have came in quantity.
The whole Mill ing waters of the river after the child sented his verbal resignation to the
are impossible to miss by the motor­ enough money we can advertise this City fire department arrived on the and brought him quickly to shore de­ council. It was decided that the res- ing committee; Mrs. Hautala, chair­
spite the swift current. The drown- ignation should be accepted and that man of the decorations; Mrs. Tuers
ist, and likewise pedestrians are un­ area and really draw new people and scene.
ing child fought wildly as he was Hunt should receive his salary as a and family could not act because of
able to avoid the distasteful experi­ business.
The industrial surveys
As is always true, the Mill City ; ' being
returned to the bank of the vacation with pay until March 15.
illness; Mrs. Ix-nts, chairman of the
ence of muddy water being tossed up printed last fall are available for any fire department is there when one is
in their faces and on their clothes.
The council voted to raise Patrol­ food committee; Mrs. Lemke, chair­
and all prospects for new business. in need, so their assistance was called 1 river and safety.
We believe the center of the road­ The chamber has proven its worth in the effort to free Mrs. Johnson’s
man Archie Breneman's salary in view man of the reception committee; and
way could be built up with asphalt in the advertising it has given this hand from the clutches of the mixer.
of the fact that he would be under Mrs. Jones .cleanup committee.
Blue and gold decorations were in
in such a way as to cause the water section of the state.
considerable strain in patrolling the
Even though both fire trucks, fully
to run off through drains located
city without aid.
He would not, the motif in honor of the anniversary
manned, responded to the call, there
along the sides. This matter is very
however, be responsible for maintain­ of Scouting; and the first birthday of
were no proper tools available for re­
distressing to anyone who has to use
ing order when he was off duty. Pa­ Cub Pack No. 84 in Mill City. Yellow
leasing Mrs. Johnson.
this bridge with any hope of getting
trolman Breneman would patrol dur­ birthday cakes high-lighted with blue
Dr. Jack Reid was summoned, and
across without getting their clothing
Last rites for Fred Grimes, 79, ing certain hours and be on call the candles served as table decorations
as an emergency measure amputated
together with daffodils and local
soiled. School children all too often
the finger. Mrs. Johnson’s desperate j were conducted Thursday afternoon, balance of the time.
Ray Steiner
get this treatment as they cross over
It was suggested that, when an-1 greens in blue vases.
plight prompted her telephoning for February 28, in the Mill City First
on their way to and from school. Let
Rev. Noble other officer is hired, the city police was accorded the honor of cutting the
A testing program, approved by the the police, telephone office and fire Presbyterian church.
us hope the commission will have this state department of education, where­ department. Somehow in the excit- Streeter, pastor, officiated. Grimes department should not have a chief birthday cake.
corrected soon.
by any adult over 21 years old and ment the whole manpower of the Mill was fatally stricken by a heart at­ of police, but rather two patrolmen j The food for the big Cub Scout
• • *
nartv was furnished by the Cubs’ fam­
bona fide resident of Oregon may re-1 City volunteer fire department an­ tack in Stewart’s grocery, in Mill City responsible for their shift only.
ilies; tables upon which it was served
The Charles Powelson vs. Mill City ceive a certificate of equivalency in 1 swered the alarm.
Tuesday morning .while enroute to
were loaned by the Mill City Presby­
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Grants Pass for a visit with his twin
lieu of a high school diploma based
terian church; and the chairs used
brother, George.
on completion of the taeneral education 1
U. S. Civil Service Holds
came from the local grade school
development test, is now in opera-1 Tomans Attend Store
Grimes was born in Scio, July 8,
tion, the state education department,
I 1882. Miss Altha Bilyeu became his
The Cub Pack committee expressed
announced Saturday.
bride, June 8, 1910, in Albany. For
Representatives Meet
The U. S. civil service commission their thanks to those who assisted in
The testing program was develop­
American Legion Auxiliary 3d Mon.
a time the couple lived in Scio and today announced an examination for the preparation and carrying out of
ed by the American council of educa-1 The Albert Tomans, proprietors of then moved to Mill City where they inspector (communications and elec­
Lions club meeting.
this happy occasion for the Cub
A.F. 4 A.M. No. 180 stated meet­ tion and received approval of the, Hill Top General Store, attended the have resided for the past 33 years. tronics equipment) for employment Scouts. All who attended feel that
yearly congress of thg Marshall-Wells During his life. Grimes was employed
ing third Monday.
with the Signal Corps at inspection it will be well remembered for a long
stores, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
O.E.S. meeting. 2d Monday month. 18, 1951. Officials said the tests may1 and Thursday at the Columb.a Ath­ in sawmills, and in his last years was offices and contractors’ plants time by all.
be taken at any official testing agen-1
caretaker of the local Presbyterian throughout the United States. The
cy of which there are 14 in the state. letic club in Portland.
church building. He was a member pay is $5,060 and $5,940 a year.
It is reported that there was almost of the Presbyterian congregation.
Women’s club 8 p.m. 1st. 3rd Tues
Passing scores must be 40 on each
To qualify, applicants must have
129-J School B<jard meeting 2d Tues test and an average of 50 on all five a 100% attendance of Marshall-Wells
Daughters and son surviving are
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
tests. Officials said they should be member stores. Some 65 factory rep­ Mrs. Lee Morris, Salem; Mrs. Robert had 5 or 6 years, depending on the
mailed by the agency to the high' resentatives were present for the big Sommer. Scio; and Keith Grimes, Al­ grade of the position for which they
that serves the district in which conclave, who ironed out problems bany. There are six grandchildren. apply, of progressively responsible ex­
Boy Scouts, 7:30, H. S. Recreation
resides. The test scores and disclosed data vital to Marshall- Two brothers of the deceased survive perience in the development, manu­
City council first Wed. 7:30 p.m.
facture, maintenance, repair or in­
Wells dealers.
Idanha Details of the Deanha Par­
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p.m, will than be sent to the state de- ■ The Hill Ton General Store under — George Grimes (twin brother). stallation, or operation of electronic ent-Teacher
association “money rais­
at Mill City fire hall.
the management of Albert and Mary ville, Tenn.; and two sisters — Mrs. or electrical communication equip­ ing project” were ironed out by the
Santiam Rebekah 188 1st and 3rd
Torran have long handled Marshall- Anna Agee. Grants Pass; and Mrs. ment, and in the inspection, design, planning committee, at the meeting
Wed at 8 p.m.
or testing of such equipment. Perti­ Friday night in the Snyder home.
Successful completion of the sward- i Wells products in this area, but only Catherine Munkers, Springfield.
nent study in the physical sciences
Altar Society 3d Wednesday 8 p.m. ing of the certificate may be ac-1 recently have added the trade name
This year’s financial program will
Music for the funeral was provided or
engineering in a school above the be a talent show, called the Deanha
PTA, second Wednesday 8 p.m.
cepted, officials said, as evidence of a to their store front.
by Mrs. Doris Sheythe and members
school level, or in a resident trade Capers, with bingo being played for
certain degree of general education
of the church choir.
The remains high
school may be substituted for part of donated "white elephants” and cakes,
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 2d
winners’ choice. There will be a fish
A drivers license examiner will be orial Park. Albany. Frad Duffy, Ed the experience.
average high school graduate insofar
and 4th Thursdays.
Applications will be accepted by pond and milk bottle game for the
as it can be measured by written tests. on duty in Mill City Thursday. March Bertram» Jim Swan. Albert Toman,
Gates PTA 1st Thursday 8 p m.
The program was designed to pro­ 13, 1962, at the fire hall between the Lee Ross and Charles Doleza) were the Executive Secretary, Board of U. young folks, also refreshments will
American legion 2d and 4th Thurs
S. Civil Service Examiners, Signal he sold during the evening.
an opportunity to obtain an equiv-1 hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., according pallbearers.
Garden club fourth Thursday.
Corps, 225 South 18th street, Phila­
Admission to Talent Capers will he
an announcement received from the
Firemen Auxiliary meets 3d Thurs. alent certificate by those who did to
delphia 3, Pa., until further notice.
25c and 50c, and a door prize will be
Secretary of State's office.
Toastmistress Club. 2d 4 4th, 7 p.m.
Further information and applica­ given for the lucky ticket.
tion and are confronted with the nec- ■ Persons wishing licenses or permits Wolves Win First Game
tion forms may be secured at most
Any talent reported to the commit­
essity of having a high school di-1 to drive are asked to get in touch
I.O.O F meeting
Mill City derisively defeated the first- and second-class post offices, tee, which consists of Mary Gulliford
ploma or certificate of equivalency with the examiner well ahead of the
Mill City IWA meeting last Friday as a requirement for certain types j scheduled closing hour in order to tmity Warriors in their first dis­ from civil service regional offices, or and Reba Snvder in Idanha, and Otis
Farmers Union meeting at Mehama of positions or promotion from cur- j assure completion of their applica­ trict rontest tame on the Willamette from the U. S. Civil Service Commis­ White and Nolan Rasnick in Detroit
sion, Washington, 23, D.C.
will be greatly appreciated.
university floor tonight.
tions with a minimum of delay.
Woman's club, 2nd
rent positions.
Cub Scouts Are Celebrating
First Birthday Anniversary
Steffy Proposes
Charter Change
North Santiam
Chamber Sets
Annual Date
Spaghetti Dinner
Slated Next Thur.
David Tony’ Sample
Rescues Small Boy
Mrs. Johnson Loses
Battle to Her Mixer
Tests Given Adults
For H. S. Diploma
Fred Grimes Rites
Held Thurs. Feb. 28
Coming Events . . .
Deanha PTA Plans
Program For Year