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    February 7. 1952
Derby Shufflers Wins
league Championship
Mill City Dumps
Cascade 57 to 40
Tuesday, February 5, Cascade met
the Mill City Timberwolves on the 1
local floor to be defeated 57 to 40.
Roy Chase drops 17 points in the 1
bucket to lead the scoring of the ■
game. This is the second time this ,
year Mill City defeated the Cascade 1
Union high school. Mill City’s fast
break was in effect all through the
game. Dick Downer controled the ’
backboard for Mill City to lead them 1
to victory.
(40) Cascade
Mill City (57)
Wipper •
Chase (17)
(12) Metcalfe L.
Marttala (5)
(4) Miller
Downer (5)
(10) Dolke E.
Kanoff (5)
(8) Bates
Baltimore (9)
(4) Metcalfe J.
Ward (6)
(2) Chaddick
Gregory (5)
Cascade Javees defeated the Mill
City five 50 to 28. Richard Verbeck
lead the scoring of the game with 9
Mill City will meet St. Paul on
the local floor on February 8. The
last game on the local floor will be
with OSD on Friday February 22.
Word was received today by the
parents of Lyle Evan Yates, that he
has been assigned to San Antonio,
Tex., air base. He enlisted and was
sent by plane to his new assignment.
Young Yates’ address is Flight 193,
3738th Training Sqdn., 3730th Basic
Military Trng. Group, Lackland Air,
Force Base, San Antonio, Tex. Lyle I |
attended Mill City high school as a
Last Tuesday evening the Mill City
walked off with the league champion-
ship when they downed the Maples
cafe and tavern with a score of 177
to 122 to complete their string of
wins. Their total winnirg joints was
1549 against ^94 for the lowers in all
games played during this league
round of play.
The first tie game in the league
play of the Santiam shuffleboard
league was played last Sunday at
Cedars Tavern in Detroit, when the
Meander Inn shufflers traveled to
the upper canyon and tied the Cedars
players at 134 all. This is the first
time in the local league play that a
tie game has resulted.
The Cedars players will play the
Sublimity team Sunday and the
Meander lnners are watching the out­
come of this game eagerly since it
will decide league position. Should
the Cedars win Sunday’s game then
a tie for second nlace will exist in the
league standing between Meander Inn
and Cedars.
The Maples Cafe met Jerry’s
Tavern last Friday evening in their
round on the shuffleboard alley and
took a loss from that strong aggre­
gation. However, the following Sun­
day, the Maples players met the
Canyon club of Detroit and took a win
over the high altitude team of 176 to
The Meander Inn is boasting of a
women’s shuffleboard team and will
challenge all comers to meet them on
the shuffleboard alleys for a test of
skill. Their first game will be played
this Sunday at Meander Inn when |
thev take on the highly touted men’s
The Mill City tavern's shuffleboard
team journeyed to Detroit this
Wednesday evening to defeat to De-
troit women 136 to 134.
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The Mill City Enterprise
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Wright Truck Line
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Timberwolves Scalp Rod and Gun Club
Indians 57 to 48
Dines Pot Luck
The Timberwolves traveled to
Chemawa on Friday, February 1, to
victory over them 57 to 48. Mill City
five worked the fast break all through
the game. This was too much for
the Indians although they did some
good ball playing.
Roy Chase lead the scoring for
Mill City with 16 points. Dick Dow­
ner and Bob Baltimore was trailing
close behind with 14 points each.
Chemawa’s fast break did not work
in the first and second quarter but
was in effect the third and fourth
quarter. Mill City lead the quarter
count 11 to 8; 26 to 20; and 43 to 34.
(49) Chemawa I
Mill City (57)
(4) James
Chase (16)
Marttala (5)
(8) Benallie
Downer (14)
(14) Shillal
Kanoff (6)
(16) Patchpe
Baltimore (14)
(4) Godows!
Ward (2)
(2) Yallup
The Mill City Javees victory over
the Indian 46 to 37. Phil Carey of
Mill City lead the scoring of the
game with 13 points.
Mill City Hi-Lites
The Mill City high school sheet
came out on Friday of this week.
Nothing exceptional about that, ex­
cept that it was probably the most
perfect technically of any issue put
out thus far.
I think Prof. Lecours is a stinker!
Not only did he withhold information
from me about the “slightly used”
daughter he picked up at the hospital,
but he didn't come around with a
box of cigars for the chemistry class.
First thing I knew about the whole
episode was when I walked into the
aforesaid chem class and nearly
dropped dead when they told me I.e-
Cours was in the hospital having a
baby with the aid of his wife. Con­
grats anyway!
Bob Veness, meeting with a com­
mittee of Mill City high school
students, agreed to lower the admis­
sion price for Mill City high school
student body members from the adult
price of sixty cents to a new student
rate of four bits. It was pointed out
in this discussion that a few of the
high school students make a habit of
being boisterous and loud during the
movie, thereby influencing many
adults to curtail seriously their at­
tendance at the theatre.
Those who take advantage of this
lower price are asked to sit quietly
and ask those who are making noises
to likewise sit quietly. The advan­
tages to the student are plain. If
the students show their gratitude as
they should, it will also benefit
Veness by bringing more adults into
Veness also pointed out several rea­
sons why the recent increase in
prices was necessary.
costs and various improvements in
the theatre such as installing a new
furnace or changing the old one for
improved heating, a bunch of new
seats, altering the accoustics. and in­
stalling carpeting in the lobby and
Its the Greatest Car Ever Built
in the low-price field !
• The '52 Ford brings more power, more
comfort, more big-car features into the
low-price field than ever before! Its
longer, stronger body, its sweeping style,
its new all-around visibility, its two new
high-compression power plants, and its
dozens of built-for-keepe features make it
the ablest car on the American road—the
car that meeta the widest range ot
motorists' needs.
Kefs Given Priority
On Federal Lands
A pot-luck dinner was held at
Marion Forks lodge by the Rod and
Gun club last week. Forty-six were
present. , Election of officers was
held. Wayne Woodward was elected
president, and Milo Harris, secretary­
treasurer. It was also a combination
farewell party for Dorian Ray who
was called into the service on Tuesday
of this week. Each man purchased a
dollar ticket which entitled him to a
drawing of the door prize which was
a bag of pop corn. There was $25
collected for the March of Dimes.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Huber
Ray, and his sister and husband from
Grants Pass, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ray,
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Woodward, Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Gordon, Mr. and Mrs.
Dorian Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Scott
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Young, Mr.
and Mrs. Verne Morgan, Mr. and Mrs.
Milo Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Major
Baughn, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stoll,
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Hublow, Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur Chestnut, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Palmerton, Mr. and Mrs. John
Ray, Mrs. Clint Smith, Mr. Ben Bar-
ber, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jacks
and son Terry, Mr. and Mrs. George
Brasmer. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Willis,
and a school-day- friend of Dorian
and Roberta Ray.
Rubber Boot
Full Soles and
Three more land openings compris­
ing a total of 81 farm units are.
scheduled for the immediate future in
the Columbia basin project in Wash­
ington, the Oregon Department of j
Veterans’ Affairs announced today.
Veterans of World War II have prior­
ity in purchasing the farms.
The opening on the first of these
blocks, which comprises nine farms |
near Quincy, has already been an- i
nounced by the Bureau of Reclamation.
Applications for these units must be |
n the Bureau of Reclamation office,
Ephrat a, Washington, by February
Open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.
The second public announcement
will be issued about February 11,
with the veterans’ filing deadline
slated 45 days later. This block con­
sists of 42 farms near Othello.
The final announcement to be issued
by the reclamation bureau in the
Columbia basin project this year will
be made about April 1 and will cover
about 30 farms south of Othello.
While the Oregon veterans depart­
ment expects to have supplies of ap­
plication forms when issued, veterans
were advised to write direct to the
reclamation office at Ephrata, in
order to get on the mailing list for
lat»r announcements.
Drawings to determine winners of
the farm units are ordinarily held
from two to three weeks after the
filing deadline. Winners, to qualify,
must have had honorable service in
World War II, must have had farming
experience, and must have at least
Little Karen Rodich celebrated I her $4500 in cash, assets which can be con­
4th birthday anniversary, Feb. 1st. verted to cash, or farm machinery
Karen is the daughter of Mr. and 1 Mrs. and equipment.
P. W. Rodich.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nelson and
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Hilbert Nel-
son were over Sunday night and Mon­
day Portland visitors. The Nelsons
are here from North Dakota to spend
The perfection in quality of
the winter. They are friends of the
The Manufacturers Life reports
light olympia Beer is due not
Paul Scheiwek family and live in their
alone to premium ingredients,
trailer house at the Scheiwgk place. Business in Force of $1,444 million.!
but to the rare water from our
The new business in 1951 was $181
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Britton and
artesian wells, famed for its
family of Sweet Home have rented
natural purity and brewing
the Clair Humphreys property and the previous year and amounted to
moved here last week. They have a $198 million.
Final touch of perfection is
Payments made to policyholders
boy and girl in grade school and a
the skillful brewing ... a skill
little girl younger. Britton has taken under their contracts totalled $26
handed down through three
the agency for a power saw com­ million and were distributed to bene­
ficiaries and policyholders in death
pany and is opening a shop here.
Mrs. Bill Kergil and son. Harry Don claims, matured endowments, annuity
of Twin Cedars was a Fox Valley payments and other policy benefits,
including $2 million in dividends to
visitor recently.
policyholders. An increased scale of
Mrs. Harley Scott called on Mrs. nolicyholders’ dividends has been de­
J. H. Johnston Thursday afternoon. clared for 1952.
Mrs. Hugh Johnston and daughter,
The Assets of the Company grew
Kathryn, were in Salem Saturday.
to $449 million. Government and
The groundhog didn't get to see
Government guaranteed bonds consti­
his shadow in our vicinity, Feb. 2, so tuted 20 percent of Assets and corpor­
we should get some early spring ation and municipal bonds 39 percent;
weather according to the “old time
mortgages constituted 19 percent of
predictions.’' Anyhow, pansies are
Assets, preferred and common stocks
still blooming and primroses and daf­
11 percent, cash and other assets 11
fodils are budidng.
The rate of interest earned on the
down the aisles. All of these cost Assets was 4.29 percent, an increase
Light Refreshment Bet erage of
sizeable sums of money. And, speak­ over the previous year’s rate of 4.22
ing of seats, some goon or group of percent.
Millions of Temperate People
snooks has made a nasty and idiot­
The mortality experience was fav­
ical habit of slashing seat covers with orable and Contingency Reserve and
’Trad» Markt Reg. U. S. Pal. Off.
a knife or a razor blade, apparently Surplus now amount to $273z million. I
to see what the stuffing looks like.
OfMciOOOak x'x x x;x:x « XManffiCRXVSKWK'X-WX,x XXX’X x'xX«lM'Xx:>®SM
These cost five bucks to repair. So
you see that there are reasons for
things. Word has reached my ear
that some Gates students were some­
what distressed because they were
left out in the cold in this deal. My
advice is to do as we did—send a
committee over to Veness for a
friendly discussion about the matter.
Bob also stated that he would like to
visit the high school and show its
students some pictures and have a
talk with them to bring about a closer
understanding between himself and
the kids.
I am very, very disappainted in
the voters of the Detroit-Idanha
East City Limits on Highway 222
school district, They turned down an
Phone 3215
opportunity both for their own chil­
dren and for the Mill City students
for better education. They destined
their children to an education from a
school with, I believe, three teachers
so that ‘they get more individual in­
struction’’, At any school, regardless
of size, a student who shows an in­
terest in his work will find his
teachers more than willing to heljz
him. The exact count in this election
to decide whether or not to send
Detroit high school students to Mill
City next year when the old school
will be in the middle of the Detroit
dam reservoir can be found in another
nart of this paner.
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