The Mill City enterprise. (Mill City, Or.) 1949-1998, January 10, 1952, Page 6, Image 6

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Due to several inches of snow and
the cold weather here there has been
J_aery little “doing” for the past week.
School was resumed the day after
New Years with a good attendance.
All logging operations are still at a
Stand still and it is reported only a
akeleton crew working at the Detroit
Members of “The Mixing Bowl”,
cooking class of the newly organized
4-H club held election of officers at
the last meeting, which was held at
the school house. Allan Bilyeu wax
chosen president; David Riddle, vice
president; Susan Gorder, secretary;
Carol Ball, news reporter; Vem Miles,
cheer leader and I .ana Harrison, song
leader. The next meeting will be held
>at the home of Mrs. A. T. Barnhardt,
January 12. Mrs. Barnhardt and Mrs.
Glen Hearing are leaders of the group.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. Rosheim
of Lyons were concerned to learn that
they had met with an accident when
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Mill City
(ione* at • P.M.
January 10, 1*52
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i gotta HEftKTBURH
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their car collided with another one
day last week. Mr. Rosheim escaped
injury but Mrs. Roxheim sustained
cuts about the mouth which required
several stitches to close. She was
brought to Mill City where Dr. Jack
Reid cared for her. The car was
badly damaged, The Roxheims were
former residents of Mill City and
Gates. Mrs. Lula Collins is Mrs.
Rosheim’s mother.
Mrs. Mary Champ is back following
the holidays spent in Salem. Mrs.
Champ is primary teacher in the local
grade school.
Cpl. Ernest Keith Kadine was at
the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed. Kadine over the Christmas holi­
days from his station at the Presidio
in San Francisco.
Hollis Turnidge, who with his wife
and daughter, Carolyn, were in Gates
for the Christmas holiday, was taken
suddenly ill and hospitalized for sev­
eral days. Turnidge stopped in Stay­
ton on his way home for a medical
check and became ill while in the
doctors office. He was taken to the
Salem Memorial by ambulance where
he was competed to remain for several
days. Mrs. Turnidge and daughter
returned to Gates until Turnidge was
released. At latest reports, he was
much improved and had returned to
his home in Cutler City.
Mrs. Floyd Völkel and Mrs. Joe
Joaquin were hostesses at the home
of the latter, Thursday evening, com­
plimenting Mrs. Dan Morrison on the
occasion of her birthday anniversary.
Mrs. Morrison was surprised when a
group of friends gathered there with
a Dull Moment
gifts and best wishes for many happy
returns of the day. Following an
evening of games, refreshments were
served by the hostesses to the honored
guest, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. W. S.
Hudson, Mrs. Don Miley, Mrs. Charles
Cooper,, Mrs. Elmer Stewart, Mrs.
Norman Garrison, Mrs. Gerald Gar­
rison, Mrs. Laura Joaquin, Mrs. Dora
Cooper. Mrs. Merit Wood, Mrs. Albert
McMullen, Mrs. A. T. Barnhardt and
Mrs. Glen Hearing.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bonitz who had
spent the holidays in Missouri at the
home of her mother, returned to Gates
Friday. Pauline’s cafe, which Mrs.
Bonitz operates, was open for business
again Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Garrison were
business visitors in Salem, Saturday.
Mrs. Gerald Garrison was in charge of
the Variety store during their absence.
Miss Janet Klecker of Stayton spent
the past week in Gates at the home of
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Laura Joaquin returned home
Wednesday of last week after spend­
ing the holidays in Roseburg at the
home of her daughter and husband,
Mr. and Mrs. Layton Gosnell.
Charles Cooper, of Ashland, who
with his wife and two children have
been guests at the home of his sister,
Mrs. Joe Joaquin was hosp^alized in
Portland at the Veteran’s hospital for
a week, while his family remained in
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Barnhardt,
daughter Marcia, son John, accom­
panied by Allan Vail spent part of ground. The best sliding place in this fix them up.” . . .“Great Scott, your
the holidays in California. They area is located on the Rush property entire town! That sounds like a big
stopped in San Francisco, Monterej and parties of high school boys and order,” said Slats, “Er- how many
and visited at the home of friends, Mr. girls as well as adults, who like bot tickets do you want? . . . “Six would
and Mrs. Arthur Eckhart in Los sledding gather there for the sport. be about right, coach,” said Carey
The past week has been several groups apologetically.” We don’t have to
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Park and there for the fun.
add he got the tickets.”
family were also in Los Angeles dur­
In Monday’s Oregonian was a pic­
(For Mr. Gregory’s and Coach Gill's
ing the holidays and were considering ture of Lt. Norman Carey, son of Mrs. information, might we add that “the
remaining there. The Wilsons were Velma Carey, and a former Gates boy. little town, not far from Mill City”
former residents of Gates but have The article, under a Corvallis date has a population of more than four
made their home in Salem for the ' line, stated that Lt. Carey had been hundred, and that does not include
past year.
I wounded for the second time, in action many living on the Linn county side of
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Stewart of in Korea and was convalescing in the river where „“Norm” was born
Tillamook arrived in Gates Saturday northern Japan at the present' time, and raised. We Sre fcpiit a city. >
[expecting to spend the weekend with That he expected to return to the
--------- —-------
I their daughter and husband, Mr. and mainland about January 22. Lt.
Mrs. Warren Varcoe. Mr. and Mrs. Carey, a veteran of World War II,
Varcoe were not at home, having has been in Korea since August 1950.
L. H. Gregory, sports editor of the j A DAUGHTER—To Mr. and Mrs.
gone away for over Sunday. Mr.
and Mrs. Stewart anil "Impy” the dog, Oregonian, relates an incident, over Marion Lorenz, Lyons, January 9, at
that they are keeping for the Varcoes, which coach Slate Gill, Oregon State, Salem Memorial hospital.
found sanctuary Saturday and Sun- was amused when Lt. Carey a baske-
A SON—To Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J.
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. teer of 1947-48 was a member of the Rockwell, Lyons, January 10, at Salem
I Tex Allen.
O.S.C. team. The article states
Memorial hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Rush and baby “Carey is from a small town not far
A SON —To Mr. and Mrs. Willie
daughter from Salem were over Sun- from Mill City.” In the 1948 season
day guests at the home of his parents, Carey asked for some basketball j Otto, Gates, January 10, at Salem
] Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rush. The tickets with the explanation, “My General hospital.
I Rush home is a most popular gather- entire home town will be here to see |
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